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Thank you to those who find my stories entertaining.


Kaylee hated living in Bradenton. It was a small town, perfect for middle-aged married people and folks settling into their golden years. She wasn’t ready for either of those things. And after yet another argument with her mother—where she had threatened to run away and never return—her very strict very churchly parent had finally agreed to allow her to visit her Aunt Bernice and Uncle Derrick in the big city. Her mother had said it would only be for the summer, but if Kaylee liked it there—and she probably would—then she planned to stay as long as her aunt and uncle would have her.

Kaylee got off the Greyhound at the Dallas bus station. Her father had reluctantly agreed to let her leave, but in his typical cheap fashion refused to pay for an airline ticket. As soon as she entered the building she saw her aunt and uncle in the waiting area. She hurried to them with a big smile and open arms.

“Oh my god Kaylee-girl, you’re all growed up,” her aunt teased throwing her arms around the petite blonde and hugging her hard. She held her at arm’s length, beaming. “Look at her Derrick, our little Kaylee has grown into a beautiful young lady.”

“Yes she has,” he agreed with a bright smile. His niece barely cleared five feet and had the same hair and skin color as his wife—she was perfect. He opened his arms wide and Kaylee went into them a little shyly. Her Uncle Derrick was so handsome. She closed her eyes and inhaled his wonderful masculine scent. Her heart gave a little flutter; she had been carrying a tender for him since he married her aunt when she was ten years old. He was one reason she hadn’t did a lot of dating in high school—no boy ever seemed to measure up to the fantasy of her Uncle Derrick.

He gave her one final squeeze and stepped back. Kaylee didn’t show it by so much as a flicker, but she was reluctant to let him go. She liked being held by him, it made her feel all warm and tingly.

“Let’s get your bags,” he said in that relaxed way he had of speaking. She imagined a particular gleam in his eyes, then told herself she was being fanciful as they strolled to the baggage claim area.

They made their way outside the bus terminal directly into to the parking garage. When Kaylee got her first look at the vehicle her aunt and uncle were driving, she grinned ear to ear with excitement. “Oh my gosh! Is this your car?” she exclaimed in a high pitched squeal, eyes agog as her uncle unlocked the expensive luxury car. Husband and wife exchanged grins at their niece’s excitement. Bernice was particularly amused—her sister and brother-in-law would never allow their offspring to take the Lord’s name in vain. “Here, why don’t you sit in the front with us,” she offered as Derrick stowed Kaylee’s bags in the trunk.

Kaylee happily got in first and slid to the middle as her uncle got behind the wheel. “Jeez, it even smells expensive in here,” she murmured to herself. Her eyes lit up at the extravagant interior and high-quality deluxe features. She was feeling too much exhilaration to relax against the posh cushions of the front seat. Her head swiveled this way and that as she gleefully absorbed the glittering sights of the bustling metropolis. Her uncle maneuvered through the city traffic quite impressively, Haylee didn’t think she had ever seen so many cars in motion at one time. Her aunt asked her if she was hungry and offered to stop for something to eat. Kaylee said thank you, but declined, explaining that she had eaten during the last rest stop before the bus had arrived in Dallas.

She was surprised to learn that her aunt and uncle actually lived one of the many small subdivision twenty minutes outside city limits. They drove through an affluent neighborhood and pulled into a long driveway lined with low shrubbery and a three-car garage at the end.

“Oh my!” Kaylee whispered in wonder. The house was a spectacular two-story glass and stone contemporary. It was as sleek and luxurious as the expensive cars that were parked inside the garage. “I can’t believe you live here! Mom and dad said you were loaded, but I never dreamed…” Realizing what she was saying, her hand flew to her mouth in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. That was so rude of me. I didn’t mean—”

Her Aunt Bernice waved her words away and hugged her again. “Don’t be embarrassed. Your uncle and I do very well, we’re not shy about that.” She held Kaylee’s hand and followed Derrick into the house through the kitchen entry. “You will have the best guest bedroom in the house.” As they followed her uncle through the house and up the stairs, Kaylee looked all about her, blown away by the splendor of the place.

At the top of the stairs her aunt danced ahead and opened a set of large double doors at the very end of the hall. “This is our room.” She stood aside as Kaylee looked in, once again her jaw dropped. “And that is your room.” She pointed to a room closer to the stairs. They strolled back in that direction to see that her uncle karataş escort had sat her bags on the bed. He smiled at his wife, winked at Kaylee and left. “It’s late and you must be tired. Unpack, shower and rest. In the morning we’ll have breakfast and then I’ll give you a tour of the house.”

Kaylee threw her arms around her aunt, her eyes shining with joy and anticipation of all the new experiences she was sure to have. “Thank you so much Aunt Bernice. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you talking mom into letting me to come for a visit.”

“That’s what family is for, kiddo.”

They said their good-nights and Kaylee was left to happily explore her beautiful new bedroom, decked out in pinks, grays and white. There was a vanity, writing desk, matching bookshelves, large flatscreen TV and entertainment center, walk-in closet and her very own bathroom. She had never been in a room, let alone a house, so grand.

Back in Bradenton, they had an average three bedroom home. In an average neighborhood on an average street. Everything about her family was average. She had enjoyed having a simple uncomplicated life when she was younger. But something happened…something that would forever change how she saw herself and her existence in the world.

When she was fifteen she overheard her parents arguing. Her father wanted to tell her she was adopted, but her mother was worried it would be too difficult for her to handle. Her mother had won and it wasn’t mentioned again. She never told her parents that she knew. Her mother had been right…she didn’t want to deal with it. In the three years that followed Kaylee’s burning need to get out of Bradenton and see more of the world had only gotten stronger. She no longer wanted to be an average person living an average life.

********** **********

In the blink of an eye her summer vacation was over and words could not describe how devastated Kaylee felt. Her aunt and uncle had done so much to make her feel as if she was theirs. They bought posters for her wall and other accessories that made the bedroom feel like it was truly hers. They barbequed and swam in the big pool in the backyard, or simply laid on the chaise lounges sunbathing. Kaylee loved making homemade ice cream and cooking meals with her Aunt Bernice and Uncle Derrick; they were very playful with one another and often included her. They took her to their club for rounds of tennis and golf—she was horrible at both but she enjoyed herself. They visited museums and tourists attractions, went to concerts and played Frisbee in the park. She liked doing it all, but mostly she liked family time together playing board games and watching TV.

Now, it would all be over in a matter of days. Kaylee had cried herself to sleep at the thought of having to give it all up and return to her dreary existence in smalltown USA.


The day before Kaylee was to return home, her aunt found her in the little room they called the reading room quietly crying. “Kaylee-girl, what’s wrong?!” she exclaimed, pulling the girl into her arms. Kaylee tucked her head against her aunt’s shoulder and cried as if her world was coming to an end. It took some coaxing, but Bernice was finally able to get the girl to tell her what had caused her such unhappiness. “Oh sweetheart, we have enjoyed having you with us; so much so, that we were going to ask if you wanted to stay.”

Kaylee blinked at her with wide shimmering eyes, “What?” she croaked doubting what she had just heard.

“Your uncle and I love you very much. We’ve never had children of our own, and having you here has been such a wonderful experience for us. We would love for you to stay with us for however long you want to be here.”

“You’re serious, you want me to stay?”

“Yes Kaylee, that’s what I’ve been saying,” he aunt assured her with love shining in her eyes.

“Oh Aunt!” she cried hugging her aunt as hard as she could. “I love you and Uncle so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

By the time Kaylee dried her tears she had another worry. “I don’t think Mom and Dad will let me stay,” she said beginning to fret again. Bernice patted her and promised she would handle everything.

They called Kaylee’s parents, who had been predictably reluctant. But Bernice reminded them that Kaylee was an adult and could do whatever she wanted and they couldn’t stop her. She softened the blow by assuring them that she and Derrick would keep a very close eye on the girl and making sure she continued to call home twice a week. Bernice was a hero in Kaylee’s eyes and her love for her knew no bounds.

********** **********

“Good morning sweetie,” Bernice greeted with a smile at her niece as she entered the kitchen. Kaylee noticed that the smile didn’t quite reach her aunt’s eyes. But then she thought that maybe her aunt was just tired or something and didn’t think much of it. She had now lived with her aunt and uncle for three glorious months and had already karkamış escort applied to attend one of the community colleges in the area. She wasn’t really looking forward to more school as she struggled academically and always had. But her aunt and uncle had encouraged her to take at least a class or two, and because she wanted to do anything she could to please them she had agreed—though she did warn them that she was not a good student. They were not troubled by that and promised to help her themselves or get her a tutor if necessary.

“How are you liking it here?”

“Oh, what is there not to love about the city, this house, my awesome bedroom? Kaylee gushed. “My gosh, I may never go home!” she laughed half joking, half serious. “Would you like some breakfast?” Kaylee moved to get up from the kitchen table.

“No, please don’t get up. You are not here to serve us, so don’t feel as if we expect it.”

“I really don’t mind. I want to make you and Uncle happy. You’ve both been absolutely divine.” Kaylee shined with gratitude as she took a bite of her waffle.

“Thank you sweetheart, we love you too,” Bernice said with a smile, that once again, Kaylee noticed seemed a little sad. She brought her cup of coffee to the table and sat with a small sigh.

“What’s the matter Aunt? Is there anything I can help you with?” Kaylee could not see the calculating gleam in Bernice’s eyes just before she fixed her expression and turned to her niece. “It’s your Uncle Derrick,” she began, looking for all the world as if she were about to reveal some very troubling news. Kaylee reached out and took her aunt’s hand, giving her an encouraging squeeze. “You can tell me Aunt. And I will try to help you whatever it is, however I can.” Bernice made her eyes water and even managed to produce a few tears. The girl was turning out to be every bit as sweet and naive as she and Derrick had hoped when they began hatching their plan.

“You can tell me anything Aunt.” Kaylee watched her aunt with great concern.

“I may as well tell you because you will find out sooner or later,” Bernice began hesitantly. “Have you heard of noctambulism?” When Kaylee shook her head no Bernice continued. “It is a behavior disorder that occurs during deep sleep. People who suffer from it do things they are unaware of while they are in deep sleep.”

“Do you mean like sleepwalking?” Kaylee spoke in a hushed whisper.

“Yes. Derrick has the condition, and although we have sought various medical advice and remedies, he has episodes from time to time.”

“What does Uncle Derrick do when he sleepwalks?” Kaylee asked, hiding a tiny grin at the thought of her six-three strapping uncle walking into a wall with his eyes closed.

“He takes things out of the frig, he wanders into any of the bedrooms and takes a shower, sometimes he even cooks. But the more stress he’s under the more dangerous the episodes. Like driving…he’s been in two accidents because he was driving while semi-conscious. One of the accidents occurred while he was taking a nap during the middle of the day. He just got up, grab the keys and took off. He didn’t get far before he crashed the car into a light pole. After the second incident, we agreed that it’s best if I hide the car keys as soon as he gets home.”

“Wow, that’s so incredibly serious.” Now she felt guilty for thinking anything about her uncle’s condition was funny. Her aunt must be constantly worried that she would wake up and find the house on fire or her husband had killed himself or someone else in a car accident.

“I’m afraid that’s not all.” Bernice made her voice quiver quite convincingly.

“Oh my gosh there’s more?!” Kaylee exclaimed wondering how in the world it could get any worse. But when Bernice hesitated as if she weren’t going to say more, Kaylee patted her hand, her expression filled with encouragement and genuine compassion. “Please Aunt, you can trust me,” she coaxed, determined to know everything.

“I don’t want you to think badly of us…” the other woman hedged, producing more tears.

“I promise whatever you say will remain between the two of us.”

Kaylee watched as her aunt dashed into the living room and came back carrying a bible. “I wouldn’t dare ask you to…if it weren’t so very important…” Bernice placed the bible on the table and without hesitation Kaylee pulled it close and placed her hand on it. “I swear on the holy bible that I will never tell a living soul what you share with me. I will never betray your trust!” she vowed with innocent sincerity, just as Bernice knew she would.

“Your uncle also suffers from a form of sleepwalking called parasomnia.”

“Parasomnia…what’s that?” Kaylee whispered as if she was saying the word cancer.

“It’s another kind of sleep disorder, but with parasomnia a person engages in…” Bernice stopped and took a deep breath, “…a person engages in…well…sexual activities while asleep,” she finally got the words out. “The part of their kilis escort mind that’s supposed to stop them from moving when they’re dreaming doesn’t work and they act out their dreams,” Bernice finished in a rush watching as the girl’s eyes grew as round as saucers and she swallowed hard. “What kind of sexual activities does Uncle Derrick engage in?” Kaylee whispered so low Bernice had to lean close to hear the question.

Bernice made a show of ringing her hands and wiping at her eyes before she answered. “Sometimes he…he masturbates himself… or fondles me,” she whispered just as softly. “Sometimes he has…he has intercourse with me… Whether I want him to or not.”

Kaylee’s eyes grew even rounder and her lips formed a silent oh. It was a long few seconds before she could think of something to say. One the one hand she felt so grown up and honored that her aunt trusted her enough to share her secret. But on the other hand, she was shocked and a bit dismayed by this thing she had never heard of before.

Kaylee said the first thing that finally came to mind. “Can’t you sleep downstairs Aunt Bernice?”

“I’ve tried that, but it can happen anywhere…it’s like even when he’s sleep he senses where I am and comes to me.”

“What about locking yourself in one of other rooms?”

“It doesn’t help because I never know when he’s going to have an episode. And the one time I did that he became so violent…” her voice faded and more tears fell.

“What happened?!” Kaylee asked anxious and curious all at once as she gripped her aunt’s hand.

“He broke the door down and…and he beat me and forced himself on me,” Bernice answered, her voice hushed with feigned fear.

“He raped you?!” Kaylee was appalled and it showed.

“No!” Her aunt snatched her hand away, jumped up and pointed an angry finger at her. “Your uncle loves me as much as I love him!” she yelled through her tears, “He can’t control what happens, it’s a part of his disorder. So, don’t you ever say that again!”

Kaylee was out of her chair in a flash, crying. She threw her arms around her aunt. “I’m so sorry Aunt Bernice…I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you. I love you and Uncle Derrick…I know he’s a good man and it’s not his fault.” They held each other until their tears subsided and all was forgiven.

“Does he remember what he did when he wakes up?” Kaylee asked, her fine blonde brows puckered as she concentrated on her aunt’s response. They were once again seated at the table.

“Sometimes. And he’s always remorseful when something dreadful occurs.”

“Oh Aunt, I’m sorry you and Uncle are dealing with this.”

“I suppose it’s not as bad as it could be. Although Derrick has not had an episode in months, he has been under a great deal of stress at the office and I felt it best to make you aware.”

“Thank you, Aunt. I truly appreciate you confiding in me. But what do I do if Uncle Derrick has an episode?”

“If it happens, under no circumstances are you to attempt to wake him. If you are able, come get me. If not, try to quietly get out of his way.”

Kaylee was too embarrassed to ask if she should be worried about her uncle having a sleep-sex episode, so she thanked her again for her trust. “I will do my best to help you with Uncle Derrick and anything else you need.”

She meant every word. Her aunt and uncle were giving her a chance to escape the boredom of small town life and experience exciting new things. She was loving it and she loved them all the more for it.

“I knew I could rely on you to be such a mature, understanding, compassionate young woman. You are a godsend Kaylee.” Bernice hugged the unsuspecting girl. Yes, she and Derrick were using their niece, but they needed her. She was perfect for their plans.

********** **********

Kaylee grinned at her aunt. They had just left yet another swanky store inside the mall and their arms were loaded with bags full of trendy clothes, high-end shoes, makeup and expensive perfume…all for her. When she had asked her aunt why she wasn’t buying anything for herself, her Aunt Bernice had said it was her special day. She had encouraged Kaylee to get whatever she wanted—the sky was the limit. Although Kaylee felt a twinge of guilt she took full advantage of her aunt and uncle’s generosity.

The mall was the biggest mall she had ever seen—with three levels and escalators everywhere for convenience. There were at least a dozen food courts throughout—unlike the measly two like back in her hometown mall. And there were tons of smiling employees waving and trying to entice shoppers inside their shops. They even had a shuttle that took them from the expansive parking lot to the mall’s main entrance. It was absolutely fantastic, and Kaylee was having the time of her young life.

When they left the mall, her aunt parked her little red sports car in front of a salon. “We are going to have a girls’ spa day…the full treatment.” Her aunt’s grin was infectious as she opened the salon door and waved Kaylee ahead of her. Kaylee thought the full treatment meant getting a pedi and manicure, which she was all on board for. But when the technician confirmed that they were getting waxed, Kaylee balked. No one had seen her buck naked since she was a little kid. Her Aunt Bernice coaxed and wheedled but Kaylee stubbornly refused.

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