Our Honeymoon Cruise Ch. 05


I stood and watched as Pete and Mike helped the customs boat to shove off. Their visit had gone well. Rita had prepared us and made certain that we all had the proper documents. The two officers, a Bahamian man and woman, had done a routine check of our IDs and thanked us for cooperating. It appeared that they knew Capt Mike and the crew from previous trips and so everything went smoothly.

As we all began to move about on the boat again we also were shedding our clothes. Soon we were all nude and got back to our sunning and conversing. I noticed that even Mike had stripped down. Apparently he was confident that the customs people were satisfied and would not be returning. And since the only other boats that we could see were some distance away, he wasn’t worried about having to deal with any nearby traffic.

I was in the main salon helping myself to a fresh bottle of water when I felt a hand stroking my backside. I turned to find Wendy standing behind me, naked and grinning. I stood up straight to get a good look at her. Her body was exquisite. Her skin was smooth and tan and totally shaved. Her breasts hung proudly and her smallish pink areoles were perfectly round and capped by firm nipples. Her long legs framed her smooth vagina and left a space that was just wide enough for my hand. I resisted placing my paw on her smooth lips. But Wendy was a little more forward. She cupped my balls and then gently held my cock as it grew in her hand.

‘Ooo, I like the way you feel. I love men who shave their genitals. It’s always so nice to have such a smooth hard cock to touch and lick. I have some free time before we have to prepare for dinner tonight and our travel tomorrow. Would you like to join me in my quarters?’

I put my hand on her ribs and let my thumb brush under her breast. She moved closer and I felt her warm breath near my mouth. I wanted to kiss her and take her right there, but I decided that it might be better if we retired to her bunk.

‘Yes, I’d like that very much. You lead the way.’ I dropped my hand. Slowly, almost reluctantly, Wendy let go of my dick and turned to take me down the steps to the forward cabins. I followed closely with my cock standing straight out. As we reached her cabin door I failed to stop far enough away, and my dick bumped up against her ass. She wiggled her hips just enough to allow it to settle right into her crack. She turned her head and winked at me as she opened the door and we stepped inside.

Her quarters were compact, but she had her own shower and toilet, and her bunk was rather large. It was built into the bow of the ship and so it was curved, but much wider than a normal bed. Wendy sat down on the mattress and patted it for me to join her.

I knelt on my knee and leaned forward to kiss her. Wendy leaned back just enough to cause my mouth to find her breast and I sucked it eagerly. She held it in her hand and fed it to me.

‘Oh yeah Rob, that feels nice. Mmm, bite my nipple. Oh yes, do it!’

I went crazy on her tit. Wendy was so encouraging I just wanted to please her. Gradually I inched my way down her stomach. She was fit and her belly was taught. She laid back and I moved between her legs. She was slick already. I used my tongue to part her lips and taste her slime. As I exposed her inner labia the flavor became stronger. I jammed my tongue in her hole to slurp her juices. She held my head in her hands and directed me.

‘Oh Rob! That’s it, suck on my clit. Mmm, use your teeth!’

I did as she asked and in a few short minutes she began to shake and buck into my face. Her orgasm was intense and so wet! Her juices were running down her crack towards her ass and I was busy licking it all. The more I licked the more she came. Finally she pushed my face away and I watched her pussy while she breathed heavily and recovered from my tongue lashing.

‘Wow! You sure know how to eat a pussy! Where did you learn to do that?’

I grinned and searched for an answer. ‘I always seem to do the things I enjoy the most the best. And I try to practice a lot too!’

‘Well baby you can practice on me all you want! That was incredible! But now it’s my turn. Come up here and kiss me and then I want to suck that smooth cock of yours.’

I slowly crawled up the length of her body until our mouths met and I opened mine to let her wipe all of her remaining cum from inside with her tongue. Then she kissed and licked all over my face. She obviously loves the taste of her own cum.

Wendy continued to kiss and lick her way down my neck and chest. She sucked on my nipple and bit it lightly the way she likes it. Then it was on down to my waiting cock. She grasped it in her fist and stared at the tip for a moment before she began a series of quick licks. Watching her play with my pee hole and feeling her wet tongue on my dick head was really getting to me. I reached my arm out to touch her body and she began to move around allowing me to stroke her leg and soon she was sitting on my face. I inhaled the sweet aroma and renewed my slurping of her vaginal kahramanmaraş escort nectar. My nose settled into her anal hole and I relished the pungent fragrance mixed with the slick cum that coated the inner surface of her ass cheeks. I licked them and then drove my tongue into her tight brown hole. Wendy moaned as she took the full length of my penile projection down her throat.

We continued this probing and sucking until I feared I was about to cum. Sensing it too, Wendy sat up and slid down my chest. I watched her ass closely as she raised herself up and inserted my rocket in her wet hole. She sat down hard and I was sunk in deep. She began to rock and I could feel the tip of my dick touching her innermost walls. I reached my hand out and grabbed her ass. When she rocked forward again a jammed my index finger into her anus. She immediately rocked back and I found my finger buried to my knuckle. I curled my finger inside her butt and she shivered with orgasmic delight.

As Wendy drove herself down hard on my crotch, I wondered if she might break my finger, but the excitement of the moment was too great and I erupted with strong spurts of cum shooting high up into her tight box. Wendy was still fondling my balls as she descended from her orgasmic high. I was tender but remained hard and deep inside her.

Wendy turned her head and grinned at me. Then she lifted herself and I popped out of her hot pussy. My finger slid out of her asshole and she turned herself around to face me and lie on top. She shimmied back down and my cock slid back into her warm hole. She smiled again and then kissed me. Our tongues danced together she resumed a humping motion. Wendy was so sexy, she kept me hard as a rock, and we fucked like this for the next fifteen minutes or so. She was all over me and our hands were wandering all over each other. I wasn’t sure how long I could last, but I was resisting the urge to cum again, while I was just trying to maintain my body strength. I was nearing exhaustion! Our breathing and heaving coupled with sounds of our bodies slapping together were the only sounds in the cabin. But Wendy broke the unspoken silence.

‘Rob, I want to feel you cum inside of me! I want it now! I’m cumming Rob!’

I felt her pussy drawing me even deeper inside and convulsing around my cock and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I began to shoot gobs of hot semen up into her belly as she ground her pelvis down onto mine. We came together until Wendy finally collapsed onto my chest. Our sweaty bodies were slick and warm. She kissed me again and we shared all of the wetness on our faces and in our mouths. It was a sexy scene of total abandonment. We were lost there together in our own little world in the confines of Wendy’s cabin. Her bunk was a mess and we didn’t care. It just felt good!

We were startled back into reality by a knock on the door.

‘Mmm who is it?’ Wendy called out.

‘It’s me sweety.’ We heard Pat’s voice on the other side of the door. I glanced at Wendy thinking we had been caught. I suddenly felt vulnerable and afraid that we were about to be exposed. Wendy giggled and called out.

‘C’mon in.’

I felt that shot of fear once more as the door opened and Pat stepped inside. She looked around and smiled.

‘Ooo, it’s kind of crowded in here.’ She said sarcastically. I didn’t know you had company. I was coming to see if you wanted a nap buddy. I thought I’d try to catch some zzs before I have to start dinner.’

Wendy patted the small space beside us on her bed.

‘We can make a little room for you here. And after the workout Rob just gave me, I think we could all use a little rest. Come here love.’ Wendy reached out to Pat and pulled her to the bed.

Pat knelt on the edge of the bunk and kissed Wendy on her lips. It was clear that these two had shared their beds before. I just watched and took advantage of the moment to admire Pat’s petite figure. She really does have a ‘little girlish’ figure. Her limbs are small, her hips almost straight they’re so slim. Her titties are totally flat, but she does have womanly nipples about the size of a quarter with little bumps on the areoles and eraser size nipples. Her skin is tan and smooth like Wendy’s and her pubic area is completely hairless. The more I stared at her, the more I felt like I was looking at a twelve year old child.

But her actions betrayed her maturity. She kissed Wendy like a mature lover. When she turned to look at me, her eyes were filled with a lust that can only be found in someone who has experience in the ways of love and sexuality. As they broke their kiss Pat looked down at me and then back up at Wendy.

‘So how does it feel having Rob’s rod inside of you? He didn’t hurt you did he? Do you need to have me kiss it where it’s sore?’

Wendy raised herself up and off of me. My wet dick flopped out and Pat surveyed the scene.

‘Oh my God, look at you! You’re gushing!’

I watched to see Wendy’s and my cum flowing from her kapalı gaziantep escort vaginal lips down into my pelvis. Pat wasted no time and reached down to scoop up a gob of our stuff in the palm of her hand. She held it up and looked at it. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked it. She scooped up some more and held it up for Wendy to taste. Then she did it one more time and brought her hand to my face. I eagerly lapped up the cum from the palm of her hand. Pat held her hand to my mouth and allowed me to lick it all over. It was very erotic and I continued to lick my way up her arm.

‘Ooo Wendy, he’s so oral! And I think he likes me. Do you think we should rest, or can I let Rob give me a total tongue bath?’

Wendy moved around and laid down on the edge of the mattress against the bow of the boat. That allowed me to shift enough to make room for Pat to lie down next to me. With our bodies side by side and face to face I looked into her eyes and we kissed.

Wendy was cuddling into my backside and observing us. I felt her arm drape across my hip and saw her hand softly stroking Pat.

‘Mmm, Pat darling, don’t you love the way he kisses? How long do you suppose we could keep him here? Do you suppose his bride would miss him if we tied him up and kept him here to service us for the rest of the cruise?’

Pat and I giggled as we continued to kiss and touch each other.

‘I want to fuck him, but I want to catch him when he’s fresh. I’m afraid that you’ve worn him out for a while here Wendy. Rob, how long will it take for you to recover? Should we rest here for a while and then give it a try, or can we make a date? Will you promise me that you’ll find some time to give me what you’ve been giving to my girl friend here?’

She reached down and held my cock in her hand as she was speaking. I felt a bit of desire, but I really was beat!

‘Mmm Pat I would love to spend an afternoon with you and I promise you that we’ll hook up. But I guess you can tell, Wendy has done me in! I hope I can recover by the time I go to bed with Trish tonight!’

‘Oh I’m sure you will. Just lie here and rest with us. I think we could all benefit from a nice nap.’

Pat kissed me again. Wendy wiggled a little tighter, and I smiled inside as I realized how nice it was to be the meat in such a hot sandwich! I closed my eyes and in moments I was in dreamland.

I guess it was about an hour later. I felt a stirring and the girls were moving around on the bed. I had my arm around Pat and as she removed it she turned back and took my cock in her hand. Then she moved down and took it in her mouth. I relished her warm wet tongue and the way she brought me back to life. Wendy was climbing over us and stood behind Pat watching closely. When I reached a nice firm state Pat let go of me. She too stood back and admired her work.

‘Oh yeah, I want to have that inside of me! But it’ll have to wait. Here Rob, have a little taste of me.’

She straddled my face and I lifted my head to lap at her smooth lips. I parted them and tasted her salty nectar. I wanted more. But she pulled away as quickly as she started.

‘That’s all for now. But let’s get back together real soon. In the mean while, you can just imagine what we’ll be able to do. That should keep you on the stiff side. I’ll be watching you. And I hope you’ll be watching me too.’

She was standing before me now and Wendy took my hand and pulled me up to my feet. We all stood there sharing a hug and a three way kiss. I had a hand on both of their asses and they in turn were stroking my penis. It was nice. When we broke and turned to leave, I followed them out the door. I was hoping that my hard on would soften a bit before I ran into any of our other friends.

I bid Pat and Wendy farewell and they disappeared into the galley. As I approached the bridge I noticed that Pete was up front pulling the anchor. I arrived at the bridge and observed Capt Mike preparing to get the ship underway. I faintly felt the rumble of the engines. We were in calm water, but there was movement around the boat. Mike was speaking but I wasn’t sure to whom. As I rounded the corner I found Trish and Rhonda seated behind Mike and watching him closely. They were both naked. Mike had on just a pair of shorts. He was explaining everything to the girls and they seemed anxious to hear it all. They smiled when they saw me.

‘Hey Rob. Where have you been? You disappeared a while ago.’

I hung my head sheepishly. ‘I got kidnapped. Didn’t you get the ransom note?’ ‘Ha! I can just imagine what kind of torture your captors must have put you through! But I’m glad you escaped. I would hate to have paid a bogus ransom if you escaped all on your own!’

Trish stepped over and kissed me.

‘Mike’s been showing us all about driving this boat. Do you think I could handle it?’

‘I think we should let him do the driving. He’s being well paid to keep us all safe.’

We all laughed together.

Trish winked kaliteli gaziantep escort an eye and motioned for me to join her around the corner. We stepped outside the bridge area and she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. I was a little surprised and sensed that something was up.

‘Honey I have to ask you something.’ She said cautiously. I was wondering if she was upset because I had spent so much time MIA with Wendy and Pat.

‘Rhonda and I were sunning this afternoon and talking about Mike. She’s really got the hots for him. I told her that she should go for it and take him to bed.’

‘That makes sense.’ I told her, ‘I thought I saw her watching him earlier.’

‘But she wants me to seduce him with her. She says it will be more fun if I’m there too, and I think she figures Joe won’t mind so much. He’s been flirting with Sue and Jill all day. I think he’d like to sleep with them tonight if Rhonda goes with Mike and me. Would you mind…?’

I thought about it for a moment. How could I possibly refuse? Maybe I could hook up with Pat tonight.

‘Trish you can do whatever you want to do. You know I’m not a jealous husband.’ (It sounded funny saying that word.) ‘Besides, it’ll give you a chance to knock off one of the big names on the boat, like you were talking about today.’ I grinned at her as I gave her my blessing. ‘I know.’ She said with a wink, ‘It’s just that we’ve only been married for two days and I didn’t want you to be mad.’

‘I think we’re probably going to be married long enough that we’ll be able to make up for one missed night together. Don’t worry.’

‘But I don’t want you to have to sleep all by yourself.’

I rolled my eyes back as if I was trying to imagine a possible bed partner. ‘Oh I suppose I could use the rest… or maybe I’ll find someone who’s lonely and feels sorry for me.’ I put on my sad puppy eyes.

Trish giggled and slapped my ass playfully. ‘Yeah right buddy! Like you couldn’t have your pick of anyone on this boat! But I do know somebody who’d love to have a one on one tonight with you.’

I raised my eyes and quietly waited for Trish to tell me who that could be.

‘You promised your daughter Tracy that this would be a honeymoon for her too. I bet that she would be thrilled to have you just wrap her in your arms.’

My thoughts about Pat disappeared. Trish was right. And suddenly all I wanted was to be able to cuddle with Tracy all night long. I smiled longingly. Trish understood.

‘I’ll tell her that you could use the company tonight.’ Trish winked again. ‘And thank you honey. I love you.’

She gave me another long wet passionate teasing kiss.

‘I love you too.’

We returned to the bridge. Trish winked at Rhonda and Rhonda smiled back at me. Now I was anxious and excited about the night ahead. I stayed on the bridge for a few minutes but I felt like a fifth wheel since I knew that Rhonda and Trish had designs on Capt Mike, so after a short while I excused myself and headed down to my cabin to rest and freshen up.

As I lay on my bed I thought about Wendy and Pat. I was touching myself and felt a familiar twinge as the blood was flowing into my shaft. Then I thought about Tracy and suddenly I was rock solid. I was tempted to masturbate, but then I decided I’d rather save it for Tracy.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew, Trish was touching me and waking me gently.

‘Mmm, you must have really gotten worked over by your captors today! You’ve been sleeping pretty soundly. But Pat just rang the dinner bell and it smells like she’s got something special cooked up for us tonight.’

I rubbed my eyes and looked up to see her smiling at me. I pulled myself up and splashed some water in my face. I felt refreshed and as we climbed up to the dining room I asked Trish how things looked for tonight with Mike. She assured me that they had him primed and ready.

The conversations at dinner were lively. It was the first time that we had all been gathered together and it was apparent that everyone had enjoyed the day. We all had an extra glow from the sun too, but with our Arizona tan bases; no one was in danger of getting burned. And it was gratifying to look around and see all of the healthy smiling faces.

After dinner we adjourned to the aft deck to watch the sun set into the ocean. Pete brought out a guitar and began to serenade us. The mood was magical and the atmosphere was just perfect. Rita got up and started to dance. Soon the twins were swaying with her. Tom and Dawn were chatting with Teri and Amy. Candi and Sue were giggling with Tracy and Tammi and Carol.

Rhonda was talking to Joe until he stood up to ask Jill and Sue to dance. Trish gave me a kiss and left to join Rhonda.

Having finished with cleaning up, Mike and Pat and Wendy soon joined us. They began to sing along with Pete’s guitar and gradually we all joined in. The tunes were mostly familiar. Plenty of Jimmy Buffet and traditional island reggae.

I watched as the dynamics of the evening began to evolve. Tracy came and sat in my lap. I put my arm around her waist and held her as we sang along and laughed and clapped our hands to the music. We were all lost here in our own little world. The goings on around the globe meant nothing to us. We were happy to be together without any cares, surrounded by our ocean paradise and the setting sun gave way to the evening stars.

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