Original Angels Ch. 51


All characters are over the age of eighteen.


I awoke to a ray of sunshine in the tiny window of my cabin. I was lying on my back with my arm stretched out and Tracy’s head nestled into my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her young body and pulled her close to me. She began to stir and I watched her eyes open. They didn’t have that tired early morning look but rather they sparkled. They seemed to capture the sunshine and her smile warmed my heart.

‘Good morning sweetheart.’

‘Mmm, good morning Rob. Now I know how Mom feels when she gets to wake up in your arms every morning.’

‘Mmm, and now I’ve realized a dream that I’ve been having for so long. Did you sleep well?’

‘Like a baby. Like your baby. I don’t know if I’ll ever love a man as much as I love you.’

She began to crawl up on top of me.

‘Oh Tracy you’ll fall in love one day and I’ll just be an old memory. And some man will be even luckier than I am, because he’ll have you for the rest of your lives. But right now I am treasuring this moment.’

Tracy was straddling me now and her warm pussy was teasing my morning woody. She wiggled her ass and he slipped inside.

‘Mmm Rob now I really know how Mom feels every morning. A girl could get addicted to this! Ha, no pun intended.’

I was doing what came naturally, pumping Mr. Woody up into Tracy’s hot womanhood. And Tracy was responding in her natural way. Our mutual pleasure was growing as if we had been sharing these moments forever. In fact, it was a first time for us both. She leaned down and we kissed. I felt her delicate nipples touch my chest and I hugged her closely. The momentary distraction calmed my cock and allowed our pleasure to build even longer. I caressed her backside and my hand found its way down to her ass. She moaned as my finger wandered dangerously close to her anus. My digit continued its search and found its target. I maneuvered it down to where my dick was penetrating Tracy’s vaginal opening and allowed it to bathe in our combined juices, enough that when I returned to her anal opening it slipped right in.

‘Oh yeah Rob, that feels good. Fill me. Oh god yes!’

I felt the rush of warm cum wash over my finger in her asshole and then the walls of her cunt throbbing as her orgasm began. Tracy’s tongue was all over mine and our mouths were open wide, imitating the opening of her love holes with my cock and my finger driving hard and exploring her depths. I could no longer control my own desires and I felt my cum boiling. I let it go and felt myself throbbing inside of my little girl as I shot ropes of my seed deep into her belly.

The silence in the cabin was only disturbed by our mutual sighs and moans. No words were needed to convey the love and joy that we were sharing. We held each other quietly as the excitement waned.

‘Oh Rob you feel so good inside of me. I’m beginning to understand what it means to be a woman and how it feels to be loved. I wish I could keep you inside of me like this all the time.’

‘The feeling is mutual Trace. I’d love to have you wrapped around me like this forever. You’re an amazing lover.’

She blushed. ‘Why thank you Rob. I’m glad to know that I can please you. I’ve always figured that my mom is one of the prettiest and sexiest women in the world. I’ve even felt a little jealous. Do you think I’m as good as she is?’

‘Tracy your mom is an incredible woman. But you are truly her daughter and you have so many of her amazing qualities. You’ve been blessed with her youthful beauty, her exciting body and a natural ability to give and receive sexual pleasure. And there’s no one more fortunate than I am to be able to share and care for you both.’

‘I love the way you care for me, and for Mom, and for Teri. We’re the lucky ones, that Mom found you and that you fell in love. You made our family complete and our lives perfect.’

I felt a tear in my eye as I listened to Tracy professing her love for me and for her mother and her sister. It’s hard to imagine a family any more in touch with itself than ours. I silently said a prayer of thanks for us all.

There was a knock at the door.

‘C’mon in.’ I called out, not even concerned about who it might be.

The door opened and it was Teri followed by Carol, our wedding planner. They were both nude but they looked as if they had just finished a morning freshen up. Carol appeared to be a little uncomfortable when she realized that Tracy and I were copulating. Teri, on the other hand, noticed but wasn’t bothered in the least. In fact she jumped on the bed and put her face right down into Tracey’s ass to get a bird’s eye view of my dick that was stuffed into her big sister.

‘Ewe, you guys have been fucking! I can see the cum running out of you Trace!’

I felt her warm breath on my dick and it was followed by her tongue as she licked our love juice off of my shaft. It made me twitch and Tracey wiggled her hips in response. I looked up at Carol who was now standing beside gaziantep yabancı escort us.

‘Did you have a good night?’ I inquired.

Carol smiled. ‘This youngster of yours is an amazing lover. She certainly found all of my hot spots! And she wore me out early so I slept like a baby.’

I reached my hand out and lightly stroked Carol’s thigh and up to her hip. She responded by moving closer and my arm encircled her ass. I was aware of its fullness compared to the slim pubescent shapes of Tracy and Teri. I suddenly felt an urge to have her sit on my face. I pulled on Carol’s leg and she understood. She lifted her leg and knelt on the bed moving herself over my head and facing Tracy. Tracy slipped back to allow her a little more room and Carol gently sat down on my face.

I was right about the morning freshen up. She tasted clean and sweet, but I had her juices flowing in no time. I placed my hands on her thighs and stroked them over her hips and held the cheeks of her ass. Again I marveled at the mature fullness of her body compared to the youthfulness of my stepdaughters. Carol was grinding her pussy into my face and I was loving every moment of it. I forced my head up enough so that I could maneuver my tongue from her clit to her asshole and I jammed it as deep as I could wherever it went.

‘Oh yeah Tracy, pinch my nipples.’ I heard her moan.

Then I felt Teri’s tongue licking my cock again, then Tracy encouraging her.

‘Mmm yeah Teri, lick my ass. Oh yeah, put your finger in.’

I felt Teri’s hand as she manipulated her way into her sister’s brown hole. With her other hand she cupped my balls and sucked them into her mouth.

The feeling was incredible.

‘Oh yes Rob! Make me cum.’ Carol was nearing her orgasm. I pressed a finger into her butt hole and she sat down hard on it. In seconds I felt the warm flush of her cum flowing into my hand and all over my face.

I lapped it up. I craved the sweet flavor of her love juice and licked her entire ass making sure to get it all. This just extended the length of her orgasmic pleasure and increased the pressure of her body on my face. But it was pure bliss.

‘Oh god Rob, that feels fantastic. I guess you’re part of the reason why Teri is such a sensual lover. If you’ve made her feel this good before, then she knows how to pass it on.’

She raised herself up onto her knees and freed my head from the vice grip that she had held me in. Looking down at my smile, inverted in her view, she grinned and thanked me again.

‘How could I resist? You know I would never pass up a chance to give pleasure to a beautiful woman. And having three of you here in bed with me is a dream come true.’

Teri snickered. ‘Rob you live in a dream world! What man wouldn’t love to have your life? I mean here we are on a yacht in the Caribbean ocean, soaking up sun everyday, having sex with everybody on board, and heading for our own private island today, to relax, play, and forget about the rest of the world. Could it be any better?’

Tracy dismounted me so that I could make eye contact with Teri.

‘No honey, I guess you’re right. We all have it pretty good. Did you say we were headed for a private island?’

‘Yeah, Pete said that we’d be there this morning. We’ll anchor off shore and use the little boat to carry everything we need to cook lunch and even dinner if we want to stay that long. He said the snorkeling there is awesome! I wanna catch a starfish!’

‘Well that sounds like fun. I was wondering how long it would be before we got to put our feet on solid ground again. Did you girls know that was the plan for today?’ I looked at Tracy and Carol.

‘I didn’t until Teri just told us.’ Tracy admitted.

‘Teri told me last night.’ Carol said, ‘I’m looking forward to snorkeling too, but I think I’d most like to fall asleep in a hammock. Teri kept me up late last night and I need a little rest.’

‘I wonder if they have a volley ball set on the boat? It would be fun to get up a game on the beach.’

‘Ooo yeah,’ Tracy spoke up, ‘that sounds like a great idea! I know that Ms Landers and Jill will play. We can have a really good game!’

‘Then I guess we better get ourselves out of bed.’ I told them. ‘The day is waiting. I wonder who else is up and about already.’

We rolled out of bed and shared a four way hug before we turned and headed in two directions. Carol and Teri left through the cabin door and Tracy and I squeezed into the bathroom together. I took a quick shower while Tracy splashed water on her face. When I got out of the shower Tracy kissed me and said, ‘I gotta go back to my room. I left my toothbrush there. I loved being here with you last night. It might have been the best night of my life. I love you Rob. I’ll see you upstairs.’

‘I love you too Trace. I’ll remember last night for the rest of my life. But I’m sure we’ll have more.’

Tracy left and I found myself gaziantep genç escort alone to ponder the previous night and the joy that we shared. I oiled my face and shaved. Just as I was finishing the door opened and Trish walked in. She was smiling and I noticed a spring in her gait.

‘Good morning lover.’ She kissed me. ‘Did you have a good night with Tracy?’

‘Yes we had a fantastic night. And how was your night with Rhonda and Capt Mike?’

‘Well you can see that I’m smiling. I’m not sure how long it will take for Mike to lose his grin. We gave him a night to remember, that’s for sure! Have you seen anyone else this morning?’

‘Teri and Carol stopped by to wake us up. Teri says we’re going to anchor at a private island today. Did Mike tell you about it?’

‘Yeah, he says it’s a small island that he uses sometimes. There’s rarely anyone else there, but on a few occasions he’s bumped into other couples who come there to get naked and play. He says we can stay as long as we want, even camp out on the beach if we want to.’

‘Sounds nice, I’m looking forward to stepping on ground again. I didn’t realize what it would be like to be at sea like this for so long.’

‘You’re not uncomfortable, are you?’ Trish was concerned.

‘Oh no, I guess I’m just used to being on ground. Don’t worry about me. How’s Rhonda this morning?’

‘Oh I’m sure she’s fine. We took turns last night with Mike, so we both got plenty of rest. He’s pretty worn out, but he was up to it!’

I laughed at her comment. I’m sure he had a night to remember. And I’m sure he appreciated it.

Trish and I traded places at the sink. I watched her ass wiggle as she bent forward to brush her teeth. I sat on the bed and waited while she washed up. She checked her face in the mirror and when she was satisfied that she looked just right, she turned and smiled at me.

“You’re so beautiful!’ I told her as she stepped into my arms and we kissed.

‘I’m so lucky to have you.’ She replied. ‘Thanks for setting me free last night. You know I’ll always come back to you.’

‘I know. And I have to tell you, it was good for Tracy and for me. I’m sure she’ll tell you all about it, but thank you too.’

‘Let’s go have some breakfast. I’m really hungry this morning! I wonder if Mike and Rhonda are as hungry as I am.’

We kissed again as we walked out of the cabin and up the steps to join the others.

Breakfast was a moving experience. That is, everybody was moving in and out, coming and going, but gradually we got to see everyone and confirm that they all had a good night and were enjoying the cruise. And the prospect of spending a day on an island and the beach was exciting us all.

Trish was right. Capt Mike was happy as a lark, but dragging like a beached whale. I winked at him when our eyes met and he smiled back as if to thank me for loaning him my wife for the night. Then he rolled his eyes in a way that I took to mean, ‘What a night!’ I just grinned back.

But Mike knew we were all anxious to get on with the day so he moved the ship at full speed until we spotted a small deserted island. He slowed us down and Pete dropped the anchor about a hundred yards offshore. They dropped the smaller boat into the water and began ferrying passengers to the beach, along with diving gear and hammocks and baskets of food and drinks. Everyone pitched in to help organize the beachfront area. We set up a kitchen, and a volleyball court. Hammocks were tied to trees that had obviously served the same purpose in days gone by, and chaises were opened at the water’s edge. I took a seat in one of the loungers and watched all of the activity around me.

All of the youngsters wanted to use the snorkeling gear and go diving. Jill and Sue wanted to join them as well. At that point Pete volunteered to go along as a guide and lifeguard. Watching him showing everyone how to put on and adjust the gear, I thought I noticed his cock growing just a bit. He was standing in the middle of the group of girls that included, Teri and Tracy, Amy, Tammi, Sue Landers and Jill. How could he not be at least a little excited? They moved out into the surf and put on their fins and dove into the waves. In the next few minutes all I could see were snorkel tubes and bare asses on top of the water. It would have made a great snapshot.

Joe and Tom came over to join me and commented on the sight in the water. We all laughed and made jokes about the views here in the islands as opposed to Sedona. We were so focused on the divers that we didn’t even hear our wives sneak up on us from behind. But suddenly we all felt arms around our waists and warm soft bodies pressing into our backsides.

‘So would you rather be out there chasing fish or here in my arms on the beach?’ Rhonda asked Joe a she hugged him.

‘Oh, are those fish that Pete is chasing?’ Dawn joked while she grabbed Tom’s long rod firmly in her grasp.

Trish laughed gaziantep gerçek resimli escort and then added ‘I think there may be a punch line in there somewhere about the bait!’

We all laughed and turned around to enjoy some hugs.

‘How do you think we should spend our day?’ Joe asked.

‘Anybody feel like exploring the island?’

‘That’s a good idea. We really should take advantage of the chance to walk. Being on the boat is nice and relaxing, but I know I could use the exercise!’

‘What about the others? Should we ask them to join us?’

‘Do you think it’s OK to just let the kids float away out there?’

There were lots of questions and concerns. We held hands as we walked back up the beach to where Candi, Sue Fine, Rita and Carol were all helping Wendy, Pat and Mike with the kitchen duties. They had set up a table and were organizing food for a lunch later on. As we approached them we heard Sue say to them, just loud enough for us to hear, ‘Ssshhh! Here come the old married folks!’

That made us all laugh as we gathered around the table.

‘We’re going to take a walk and explore. Which way do you think we should go?’ Trish asked.

‘Oh, I need some coconuts for later if you find some good ones.’ Pat told us.

Wendy pointed to her right and said, ‘There’s a great beach for shelling up this way. The island isn’t that big, it’s only about two miles if you walk all the way around it, but you might run into some rocks down this way depending on the tide. It shouldn’t be bad though. Just wear your water shoes. And don’t worry about clothes. There’s probably no one else on the island, and even if there is, they won’t mind.’

‘So do any of you want to come with us?’ I asked.

‘I’ll stay here and keep an eye on the divers and the boats.’ Mike said.

The girls all nodded that they wanted to come along, except for Pat, who told us she was going to tend to her kitchen duties. She gave us a couple of mesh bags to take along in case we found any coconuts or shells that we wanted to bring back. And off we went.

As we walked there was lots of chatter. There were several conversations going on at once and we would jump from one to another. Soon we were walking in smaller clusters spread out over about fifty yards but all remaining within eyesight and almost all within earshot. The groups kept changing and I loved watching the dynamics of our friendships.

Candi and Carol and Joe had dropped back a ways. Sue was telling Trish, Rhonda and Dawn how remarkable it was to see all of the youngsters getting along so well together and with the adults. There was an absence of defined age barriers or distinctions. I agreed that it was refreshing to see everyone getting along so well.

Tom was walking with Rita and Wendy. Rita was expounding on how much she was enjoying her first nude vacation. As a travel agent she said there was always something new to learn and experience. Wendy confirmed that there was indeed a demand for nude cruises and that she was thrilled to be able to make a good living in the business. Then she said something that made my ears perk up.

‘But in all of the years that I’ve been doing this, and all of the people I’ve met, I’ve never seen a penis as long as yours, Tom!’

I turned to see Tom grin and hang his head. I looked at Dawn. She had heard it too and she winked at me with a touch of pride and a nod that she knew Tom had something that the ladies all crave. We kept walking while Tom and Wendy and Rita slowed down. A little further down the beach we turned to see that they had stopped and Wendy was on her knees with Tom’s monster cock in her mouth. Rita was standing at his side and they were kissing.

‘Poor Tom,’ Dawn said, ‘he’s just got to let all of the girls try it. They’re all fascinated by his cock. I don’t blame them. I was the same way. Actually it scared me the first time I saw it. Then I just had to have it. Now I’m so glad that we met you guys and learned how to share without jealousy. You’ve changed our lives for the better. And I feel so good about how Amy has grown up in the last year. I know that she can handle herself and I don’t worry that when she goes away to college someday she’ll be overwhelmed and out of control.’

In the distance we could hear Wendy moaning and gagging in her pleasure.

‘You know we really are an unusual bunch,’ said Sue, ‘I mean here we are watching your husband getting a blow job while we’re casually strolling down the beach. I know Rob and I have freaked out a lot of people at the golf club, just on account of our friendship. A lot of the men are afraid of me because they know their wives don’t approve of some of the things that I do. But they always try to sneak a peek if I happen to let one slip.’

‘And we couldn’t enjoy all of these things,’ I added, ‘if we didn’t all have a love and respect for each other, and a tolerance for each others’ acts. I never thought I could live like this until I met Trish. You’re the best honey!’

‘I agree!’ She said. ‘How about a group kiss?’

We all gathered together and wrapped our arms around each other as we kissed and licked and probed each others’ mouths with our tongues. I looked back down the beach. Tom was now getting serviced by both Wendy and Rita. He has plenty of cock for them to share. Farther back, Joe and Carol and Candi were playing in the surf.

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