I settled down into the red fabric seats of my school auditorium to what promised to be a dull presentation; you know the typical start of the year thing. It was my freshman year at college and I was apathetic as always about school in general. Our school as usual was miserable place to be, this time because the college hadn’t yet approved the air conditioning. Needless to say, I was glad of my deodorant because the seats didn’t have arms and we were packed together tightly. I wasn’t sitting next to anyone really, I’ve never been that eager about making new friends.

My one side was empty I was in a relatively dark corner of the building, however on my other side sat two girls. They weren’t typical high school girls the one furthest from me had a black shirt restraining large breast along with a denim skirt that showed off her creamy thighs and long legs, her dark brown hair went almost to her ass which was also quite gorgeous. The girl’s dark eyeliner and pink lipstick stood stark against her pale serious face.

The one closest to me, on the other hand, had on white spandex leggings with gray boy shorts and a red boat necked shirt, the loose shirt was mostly to conceal the fact that her breast were small but her body was really in shape. Her dark brown eyes dirty blonde hair in a short pony tail and full lips completed her gorgeous image. Her muscles weren’t too defined but were imposing as sweat made her small lithe body sparkle.

This was all very registered almost subconsciously because the first thing I had noticed about them was they lacked the deodorant I bursa eskort was so glad of. You’d have thought that they would have better hygiene being girls but they had a raw smell and I was having trouble not gasping for clean air. Their scents mixed but the brunette was distinguishable when she stretched and raised her arms, I could see her armpits were secreting sweat onto her already distinguished underarm stains, I almost fainted it was really musky. The blonde had an oddly piercing odor that was sharper and more subtle. I admit I was still interested in them and began trying to eavesdrop nonchalantly.

I could hear them holding a murmured conversation. I tried to eavesdrop but it was difficult in the heat. The blonde looked uncomfortable and cast several cutting glances over at me. I attempted to not appear that I was staring or offended by their odor. I really wanted to move but I felt that would’ve been impolite. My decision was made for me when the Dean started talking about expectations and other scholastic concerns. I was paying half-hearted attention and eventually I fell into the rhythm of the speech. His words were at least taking my mind off the smell. I started to doze off when I when I sensed movement beside me followed by a smell of vinegar that made my eyes water.

I looked over and realized that the two girls had taken off their shoes and were lying on their spread of three chairs what’s worse it seemed they never had socks on so their bare feet had been in, I looked, leather boots for the brunette and tennis shoes for the blonde. Despite the bursa bayan escort smell there was something sexy about the sight. The brunette’s lanker body was twined around the smaller girl. The small blondes’ head came to the brunettes’ stomach just below the brunettes’ large chest. The brunette who was still sitting up slightly had her arm gracefully flung over the blondes’ shoulder and neck with the hand lying between the blonde’s two small mounds. The brunettes’ left leg wrapped around the blonde and rested on the blondes’ exposed stomach some of the sweat had slid off her feet with their long toes and black glossy nails and onto the blondes’ flesh. The brunettes’ right leg was bent up almost even with the blondes’ breast. She seemed so possessive of the sprawled out blond whose small feet and pedicure were almost encroaching on my seat making my brain melt from the intense aroma of sweat and female odor.

I tried to go back to listening to the lecture but the odor was far too intense and whenever I looked over I felt a twinge down there too, the sight was oddly erotic. I mean I can understand smelling bad, but why would you get so close to someone when you obviously had body odor. It wasn’t even like they were ignoring it. I swear I saw the blonde turn her head to the side and lean down a bit in order to sniff the brunettes’ slick feet. She grinned a little and blushed with an odd satisfaction when she saw me looking.. Despite my repulsion at the cheesy smell of the girls soaked bodies I was becoming aroused.

I noticed bursa ucuz escort the brunette begin to toy with the blondes hair she stroked the smaller girls head caressing it gently. At first I didn’t understand the action until I hear a small squeak escape the blonde. The brunettes’ heel was pushed against the tight fabric of the blondes’ crotch, it rose and fell letting out a quiet scraping sound. I couldn’t believe they were doing this right in front of me. The blonde girl began thrashing her legs and body with pleasure which wafted the scent of her feet into my nose. Her bangs cut the air as her head whipped back and forth in pleasure until the brunette pushed her other putrid foot to the girls face the big toe traced the enraptured girls’ mouth. The blonde let out her small pink tongue and pushed it through the brunettes’ toes seeming to savor the flavor as she covered the dominating woman’s foot in spittle. The brunettes’ heel began to increase its pace causing the blonde to open her mouth with a wet pop and a moan. I saw the moisture begin to spread from between blondes legs, the wetness seemed to allow the heel of the brunettes foot to move even faster against the blondes’ hidden mound. The blonde then began to wrap her lips around the girls’ foot sucking it into her eager mouth. The brunettes face was beginning to flush either from the heat of the blondes’ horny body or the pleasure of having her smelly foot sucked. Salvia escaped the smaller girls lips as her chest back arched in a powerful orgasm. The sudden rush of womanly aroma mixed with the two girls now drenched bodies. It almost made me cream my skirt.

My mind was in a haze from the overpowering odors and the sexual exhibition I had just enjoyed but the voice cut through it like a knife. “Did you enjoy that?” the brunette said knowingly as she ran her over the physically spent blondes’ small breast.

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