One and One Make Three Ch. 02


It was late when they did return, past eleven. They had been gone for hours, and they found her on the sofa, watching TV, wearing nothing more than a black bra and panties.

“Hi,” Brad said, with his eyes on her bare legs.

“Hi. Where are all the guys?” Pam asked.

“What guys?” Ethan said.

“All the guys you promised to bring back.”

“We only brought ourselves. What do you want?”

“Never mind.”

They had a case of beer with them. Ethan took it to the kitchen and Brad sat beside Pam. She flipped channels. Ethan returned from the kitchen with three cans of beer and set two of them on the table. Brad took one.

Pam left the third one. She was not in the mood to get drunk. She was in the mood to get laid. She had been promised a roomful of guys when they came back, and there were only the two of them. She had imagined herself being mounted and dismounted again and again by tall, muscular men with thick cocks. She had imagined herself screwed by as many as three men at the same time, with a cock in her ass, one in her mouth, and another long, thick, hard one in her cunt. It had all been fantasy, all that cum inside her and all over her. She was disappointed, to say the least.

Ethan propped his feet on the foot rest of the reclining chair and set his beer on the table beside the chair. Pam reached for the last can of beer. It was cold and the beer tasted good. She handed the remote control to Brad and he switched to a basketball game. Pam watched the game for a few minutes, then got up.

“I’m going upstairs,” she said.

“Ok,” Ethan said.

Pam went upstairs to her room, hoping the guys would follow, but neither did. She closed her door and flopped onto her bed, horny as hell, and they weren’t going to help her out. She picked up her book and read a page and a half, but that didn’t do anything for her. Her body was anxious for humping and it wouldn’t let her forget it. Her nipples tingled, itching to be touched and licked. Her thighs ached to be spread and rubbed and the steady drip of juice from her slit had long ago stained her panties until she was sure both guys could smell it all the way across the room. It was the smell of a woman in heat. How could they turn her down?

She put the book down and slid a couple of fingers under the band of her panties. Her pussy hair was damp with her juices. She pulled her fingers out to lick them clean and put her hand back in her panties and slipped two fingers past her lips. She rubbed in and out, but that wasn’t going to do it for her. There had to be something more satisfying, something solid, and preferable attached to a warm body. With a heavy sigh, she sank back onto the bed and crossed her legs to try and force an orgasm from herself.

She licked her lips, imagining again a long line of tall, handsome, muscular men leading from her door, down the stairs and out to the street, all with their shirts off and their long, erect penises hanging from their pants, all waiting for her to call them into her room.

She was aching with desire, and had to have a man even if she had to go back downstairs to tell them to come up and fuck her. Just as she was about to roll out of bed and head back downstairs, someone knocked on her door.

“Come in,” she said.

Brad came in. He looked at her and around her room at the newspaper articles and cutout pictures taped to the walls, the old stuffed rag doll in the chair, and the reflection of himself in her full length mirror on the back of the closet door. He sat on the edge of the bed, raised his left hand to her cheek and placed his warm lips on hers. They laid back on the bed and Pam wrapped her arms around gaziantep escortları him. Brad lowered his hand to her breast, but his lips never left her lips and his tongue swirled about her tongue.

His hand squeezed her breast and Pam moaned. He unsnapped the front of her bra and let it fall away from her pale skin. Against her bare thigh she felt the hard lump of his cock in his jeans. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up his back. She wanted to feel his bare chest against her bare chest and she wanted to touch his muscles. The shirt came off over his head, ruffling up his hair, and she tossed it on the floor. His lips went back to hers and they closed their eyes.

Pam moaned again. He pushed his knee between her thighs and rubbed his leg against her warm mound. She sank her fingers into his muscled back. Her juices stained his jeans. He squeezed her breast once more and she couldn’t stand it any longer. She pushed him away and spread her legs.

“Mount me, Brad,” she said in a hoarse whisper.

He grinned and climbed off the bed. He unbuttoned of his jeans, pulled down the zipper and dropped them to the floor. Pam stared at his cock and the image of the line of horny guys returned. With a grin, she slipped het wet panties off, dangled them over the edge of the bed and dropped them to the floor. Her swollen breasts, partially covered by the bra which hung from her shoulders like a tiny vest, heaved when she breathed. Resting back on her elbows, she spread her legs again.

“Mount me,” she said again.

Brad climbed onto the bed between her long legs and hovered over her. Pam stared at the pole moving towards her hole and let it glide into her open hand. The tip made contact with her pussy. He lowered his hips and the thick shaft sunk into her body. She grabbed his ass and pulled until he was entirely inside her, then she held him still, and their lips came together again. His hips began to grind in slow, deep circles. Pam sunk her fingers into the hard flesh of his ass.

The door to her room opened with a soft creak and Ethan poked his head in. She smiled at him. He pushed the door open and stood there for a minute or two, watching while she writhed slowly under Brad. Then he unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock and approached the bed.

“Oh yes, Ethan. Put it in my mouth,” she said, reaching for it.

It fell into her open hand and she pulled it to her lips. It touched her tongue and slid to the back of her mouth. She held it there and bobbed her head as much as she could, moaning and gasping.

She looked up at Brad. She smiled at him, but it was difficult when her mouth was stuffed with her brother’s cock. She took it out of her mouth, laid it against her cheek, brought it down across her chin, up the other cheek and back into her mouth, leaving a gleaming trail of saliva down her flushed cheek.

“I want you in my ass,” she said, looking up at Brad. He stopped thrusting with his hips. Her eyes flickered up to Ethan. “I want both of you inside me.”

Ethan looked at Brad, who shrugged with a confused frown. Pam released him from the grip of her legs and he got off the bed. Ethan laid on the bed beside her and she rolled on top of him, placing her cunt over his cock.

“Are you sure you want to do it this way?” he said, and held her by her waist.

“Definitely. Don’t you wanna do it this way?”

“It’s ok with me.”

She looked over her shoulder at Brad, who shrugged.

“Sure. What do you want me to do?” he said.

Pam parted her pussy lips. Ethan’s cock pierced her and she settled onto it. She opened gaziantep eskort the top drawer of her nightstand and got the tube of grease.

“I want you to fuck my ass.”

She squeezed a gob of the grease on her fingers and spread it up and down his cock.

“I’ve sucked you off and you’ve balled me twice, so now I wanna feel you in here.”

She spread another thick glob onto her asshole and bent over her brother.

“Do it.”

Brad placed his hand on Pam’s hip, lining up his cock with her tiny hole.

“I don’t think it’s gonna fit,” he said.

“It’ll fit. Ethan’s fits. Just put it in,” Pam said.

She looked back over her shoulder, squirming with anticipation. She already had one stiff cock inside her and couldn’t wait to feel the second. Her face was warm and she was panting. Finally, the cold, greasy head of Brad’s cock touched her tender hole and she gasped. It sank into her slowly and easily.

The corners of her mouth turned up in a satisfied smile. She was wedged between two hot, sweaty male bodies and their long, hard cocks were lodged in her holes. Her breasts were squashed on Ethan’s chest and their hands were on her body, feeling her up. Even stranger was the feeling of both cocks pressed together, separated only by a thin membrane.

However, they seemed a little reluctant to get something going. She started to move her hips, cranking in a circle at first, but still they wouldn’t get started. She tried a little back and forth movement to get them to work their cocks in and out, but that didn’t work, either. One or the other would start something, then stop as if they were very uncomfortable about the whole thing.

She let out a deep breath and wiped her long hair out of her eyes.

“Ok guys. You’re not helping. This could work really good. Both of you are a little too uptight about this whole thing. It’s not gonna kill you if your balls touch. I know you’re uncomfortable about it, but you have no choice. It’s pretty fucking good for me and both of you are gonna make me cum. So figure it out.”

“Ok,” Ethan said.

“Brad?” Pam said, looking over her shoulder.

“Sure,” he said.

“Good. Now start fucking me and make it count.”

Brad started to move his hips back and forth.

His hands were on Pam’s ass. Ethan put his hands around her waist. His hips moved up and down. Pam fought to keep a straight face. She didn’t want to show the exquisite pain she was feeling. She was afraid that if the guys thought they were hurting her they would stop, and she didn’t want that, especially after what it had taken to get them started. She would put up with the pain of being stretched open because the payoff at the end would be worth much more than the effort.

The best drug in the world was the cum that they would soon fill her body with, and the best part of it was the instruments they used to deliver it. One stiff cock was infinitely better than the tiny prick of a syringe needle. Two at the same time blew her mind. Three of them at the same time would be different. If she could have a third penis right then, a long, thick one, sliding down her throat, she would probably be as close to heaven as she could ever get without being dead first. One day she would make that fantasy happen.

She lowered her head to kiss her brother. Her tongue flirted with his tongue in his mouth. He moved his hands up her sides and rubbed the fleshy sides of her breasts. Brad had better leverage from his position, and his thrusts rocked her back and forth enough to make it difficult for them to maintain contact with their lips. One second Pam was gaziantep eskort bayan sucking Ethan’s tongue, the next it was his nose. They could hear Brad grunting with each plunge. He may have been reluctant to start, but it didn’t take him long to seriously get into the job.

Pam’s head reeled. Her body was on the verge of a terrific orgasm and she could hardly control her body enough to hold her head up. She was too weak to hold herself up with her arms. Her legs tingled and she couldn’t feel her toes. She knew her mouth was hanging open. She just hoped she wasn’t drooling all over Ethan.

“Oh God … I’m cumming,” she said with a moan.

Her cunt was spasming, her mind was exploding, and she could feel both cocks throbbing and spurting cum into her at the same time. What an intense sensation. She should have done this a long time ago. She was definitely going to have to do this again.

Brad let out a deep breath. Pam’s backside was all sweaty. His hands were all sweaty. He rubbed her warm ass. She was no longer heaving back and forth, just slowly rocking and breathing hard.

He drew his penis out slowly and carefully. Pam raised her head and looked back over her shoulder. She was propped up over Ethan on both arms, her breasts jiggling just over his face, and craned her head around in an awkward position, but she wanted to see Brad work. She could tell he was an expert at ass fucking, even if he said he didn’t have much experience with girls. His dick felt just as good coming out of her asshole as it did going in. He knew something he wasn’t telling her and she wanted to know what it was.

She could see his cock out of the corner of her eye. It was gorgeous all covered with cum. It was thick and hard, a deep red and purplish, and ridged with swollen veins. A few drops of cum fell onto her warm ass. The rest of it was sloshing inside her and leaking from her asshole, which felt stretched and loose.

“Don’t go away,” Pam said, reaching out for him.

“What?” Brad said, putting his hand in hers.

She pulled him toward her.

“I’m not finished with you yet. I wanna lick you clean,” she said. Her eyes followed his organ as it bobbed toward her face.

“Ok,” Brad said.

He stepped closer to the bed, bringing his hanging dick closer to her face. Pam twisted over Ethan to the edge of the bed, her mouth open and her tongue out. She took his cock over her tongue to the back of her mouth. Ethan slid his hands down over her damp sides to her ass to hold it while he moved her up and down.

“Are you fucking her again?” Brad said.

Pam’s eyes turned up to his face. His hands combed through her tangled, messy hair and his cock was deep in her mouth.

“I guess so,” Ethan said with a grunt.

“How many times can you cum in one day?”

Pam slurped Brad’s cock out of her mouth.

“We have yet to find out,” she said.

Brad stepped back to watch. His penis was quickly shrinking away. She had cleaned up all the cum and left it shiny with her saliva, which quickly evaporated. Ethan was bouncing her up and down like a bull in a rodeo, then rolled on top of her, pulled his cock out of her pussy and laid it on her belly. A huge gush of pearly, white cum followed from her slit. His cock was still huge and throbbing, spurting out a last gasp of cum into her belly button. Pam stroked it.

“I need another beer,” Brad said.

“Me too. I need to wash the cum out of my mouth before Mom smells it on my breath,” Pam said.

Brad stopped to pick up his jeans.

“You’re gonna reek of cum for days. It’ll be coming out of your pores.”

“You think so?” Pam said.

“I’m sure of it.”

“Maybe that’s why some of the girls look at me funny in school.”

Ethan crawled up over her and dangled his penis in her face.

“That and the fact that you glow doesn’t hide the fact that you’ve just got fucked.”

Pam licked the fat head of his cock while he spoke.

“Oh God. They probably think I’m a slut,” she said.

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