On Her Knees Ch. 07

***All characters are over 18 and are fictional. Any resemblance to any real-life persons is purely coincidental.

Rachel was having a good time at the party. She was there with a couple of friends for a housewarming party for their other friend, Sarah and her life-partner Jessica. The whole house was filled with maybe fifty or more lesbians; some of them are couples, but they mostly were single which is what Rachel was excited for. She had just broken up with her girlfriend; it was mutual because she had an amazing job offer in another state that she couldn’t refuse. They didn’t date that long so it made the break up easier, but that didn’t mean it still didn’t hurt. But after a few weeks of sulking, she felt it was time to get back out there and meet new women. She was looking for a relationship, but she was more than happy to go for a random hookup. There were several beautiful women in the house and it was hard for he to choose.

She was meeting a lot of good women at that party. She danced with a lot of them, drank with others, she even made out with one woman but had to stop when she heard her girlfriend was looking for her. Rachel would never have made out with her if she knew she was here with someone, but it was still a lot of fun and she got a good feel of her tits before she had run off.

Later on, she met up with her friends she came to the party with at the bar and got some beers together. Rachel told them about what happened with the woman she made out with and they had a big laugh. One of her friends Shelly said she knew who that woman was because she hooked up with her a month ago when her girlfriend was out of town. Her other friend, Sandy felt jealous that she never got her shot with that woman, but bragged about how she got two women’s phone numbers while they were there and how both women were models.

“Oh shit,” said Shelly with a surprised look on her face.

“What is it?” Rachel asked.

Shelly pointed to the front door where two women had just come in, one of them was Rachel’s ex-girlfriend from a few years ago, Jenny. She had helped Jenny come out of the closet to her friends and family and dated for almost six months before she broke it off without warning. Rachel wasn’t truly upset by the break up, she was just upset of how it was done because she just completely cut off all contact with her. It took her a week of trying to contact her to figure out she being ghosted.

“It’s ok,” Rachel told her friends. “It was a long time ago.”

“Are you sure?” asked Sandy. “We can take her out back and kick her ass for you.”

“Thanks for the offer, but really, I’m good,” she assured her friends. “It was three years ago and I wasn’t that into her, I just hated the way she broke it off. Other than that, I don’t give a shit.”

Her friends agreed to let it go, but still insisted on making fun of Jenny’s choice of women. She came in with a much older woman, at least fifteen years older than her. Shelly guessed it was a sugar momma situation she was pulling and they all had a laugh at it. Rachel was laughing but she was suddenly filled with emotions about Jenny. She was wearing a tight-fitting red dress and she had cut her long blonde hair to a shorter style since she last saw her; she was still as fit as she was a few years ago with an amazing body. She still remembered how amazing her tits felt in her hand. She tried not to think about it and decided she was just going to continue to have fun at the party.

About twenty minutes later, Rachel found herself chatting up a young college student by the snack table. Rachel was in her mid-thirties; it did feel weird to hit on someone who just got to the age to legal be buying alcohol. But she was looking for a hookup and thought bursa escort a naïve young college student who was very open minded about her sexuality and having casual relationships was just what she needed. She was sure she was at the point where she was going to convince her to come back to her place with her when they were suddenly interrupted.

“Rachel!” said a loud woman’s voice.

Rachel looked over and saw Jenny who was walking up to her and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, hey, Jenny,” was all that Rachel could say. She was surprised at Jenny’s attitude towards her; she was acting like they were still good friends and nothing happened between them.

“It’s been a while,” said Jenny. “We need to catch up. How have you been the last few years?”

“I’m kind of busy here,” said Rachel. She was nodding her head in the direction of the college student, but Jenny wasn’t getting the hint.

“Don’t be like that, let’s talk, I missed you,” she continued. “And you’re looking great by the way, still sexy as ever.”

Rachel herself was only a few years older than Jenny. She had long black hair, a slim figure, and bigger breasts than Jenny’s. People often thought her tits were fake, but surprised them when she revealed they were real. Rachel was wearing a black dress that showed off some cleavage which Jenny couldn’t help looking at. The college student saw how Jenny was behaving with Rachel and decided to walk away. Rachel seeing that she lost her shot with the college student got angry with Jenny.

“Thanks a lot,” said Rachel very angrily. “Didn’t you see what I was doing with her? Did you have to stare at my tits while talking to me in front of her like that.”

“Oh, come on, don’t be mad,” said Jenny. “She was too young for you anyway.”

“I don’t care, I wasn’t going to date her I just wanted to fuck her,” said Rachel. “And don’t talk to me like we’re old friends. You didn’t want to talk to me any more three years ago so you ghosted me, so don’t act like its all ok between us.”

“I’m sorry,” said Jenny looking very upset with how she was handling things. “I thought you might’ve gotten over it.”

“I have gotten over it, it’s not what I’m really upset about,” Rachel revealed to her.

“Then what are you upset about?”

Not wanting to say any more, Rachel just walked away from her. Jenny tried to say something but Rachel just ignored her. There was something more about why she was upset with Jenny, but she didn’t want to reveal it to her. She just wanted to ignore her and move on.

She went to get another drink and sought out her friends; each one was talking to another woman they had met and she didn’t want to interrupt them in case they were about to get lucky themselves. She looked for the college student she was talking to, hoping she could get a second chance with her but saw she was leaving the house with another woman from the party. Even the woman she made out with earlier was still hanging around her girlfriend pretending she was being faithful to her. Rachel was hoping that there still might be someone she could meet at the party, but the pickings were getting slim. For the single women that came to the party, they had either already left or on the verge of leaving with someone.

Rachel went upstairs to the upstairs bathroom. She didn’t have to use the toilet just wanted to freshen up her makeup and have some alone time. As soon as she entered the bathroom, Jenny suddenly pushed her way in with her and locked the door behind them.

“I’m sorry for ghosting you,” said Jenny. “It was a shitty thing to do. If I wanted to all it off, I should have just talked to you about it. And I should not have acted as if everything bursa escort bayan was ok between us.

“Yes, it was bad,” replied Rachel. “I’m glad you see that now.”

“But you said that’s not why you’re mad at me,” said Jenny. “If that’s not the reason, then why are you mad at me?”

“It’s stupid,” said Rachel. “Let’s just forget about it.”

“No, obviously this is upsetting you and I want to be able to make it up to you, so just tell me what it is.”

Rachel braced herself for what she was going to tell Jenny because she knew it was going to sound completely ridiculous.

“You never went down on me,” Rachel told her.

“What?” said Jenn looking very perplexed.

Rachel began to tell her how throughout their relationship, she was the one that always performed oral sex on her and never received it in return. Sure, Jenny was great at playing with Rachel’s tits and was a master and fingering her, but she never went down on her. Every time she tried to get Jenny to do it, she would get nervous saying she wasn’t ready to do it. Rachel was forgiving because she knew that Jenny had just come out as being gay and she was new to lesbian sex, so she let it go, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t frustrating for her. So, throughout the time they were together Rachel just managed to let it all go.

Then all of the sudden, out of nowhere, Jenny broke it off by cutting off all contact. Rachel was a little upset that that was the way Jenny broke it off with her but she let that go. And she was going to let go of the fact that Jenny went down on her pussy, but then later Rachel found out that Jenny was giving head to the very next woman she was dating and that she was amazing at it.

“So, I’m upset after all that time, you never went down on my pussy, but you got down on your knees for the next bitch that comes your way,” said Rachel. “But over time I thought that was a ridiculous thing to be upset about so I tried to let it go.”

“Wow,” said Jenny. “Ok, I understand, and it’s not a ridiculous thing.”

Rachel was surprised that she said that, even she thought that being more upset about not getting her pussy licked than someone ghosting her was just stupid. She was sure that Jenny was going to think there was something wrong with her, but she seemed to be very understanding.

Jenny told her that throughout their time together she really wanted to go down on her, but always lost her nerve because she was afraid that she was going to do a bad job for her. Rachel was her first girlfriend, she made her comfortable with being an open lesbian, so she was afraid that she couldn’t perform well for her. She was good at kissing and breast play, and she got good with fingering, but going down on another woman meant you needed some good skills and she felt that she was going to be good enough for her and would only end up disappointing her. So, she took the cowardly way out and cut off all contact with her. The only reason she did go down on the next woman she dated was because she was less nervous with her than she was with Rachel.

“I didn’t care,” said Rachel. “I just liked being with you.”

“And I liked being with you too, so I’m very sorry.”

They hugged each other, holding each other very tightly. They apologize to each other and then laughed at the whole situation. Jenny even apologized to Rachel for getting in her way with that college student shew as talking to earlier and Rachel laughed and forgave her for that. After it was over, Jenny leaned in and kissed Rachel on the lips. They began kissing passionately with their hands roaming each other’s bodies. Jenny guided Rachel to the edge of the counter of the bathroom vanity; she bursa merkez escort let go of the kiss and got down on her knees.

“What are you doing?” asked Rachel.

“Finally giving you what you deserve,” Jenny replied. “And you don’t have to worry about doing it for me afterwards, this is all just for you right now.”

Rachel hiked up her dress and folded it in a way to keep it from falling back down. Jenny grabbed Rachel’s panties and pulled it off revealing her shaved pussy to her. Jenny began rubbing Rachels clit, getting her warmed up and excited. She looked up at Rachel as she did this and smiled as she started putting her fingers into her pussy. Rachel was gripping the countertop tightly as she began moaning; she remembered Jenny being good with her fingers before, but she has gotten much better since the last time they were together.

When she was sure that Rachel was warmed up, Jenny opened her mouth and dipped her tongue into her pussy. She began moving around in a variety of ways that she had developed over the last few years, making Rachel’s body shake. She began to move her tongue on to Rachel’s clit and began sucking on it as she stuck two of her fingers back into her pussy. An orgasm ripped through Rachel’s body, causing her to convulse a few times. She cried out expletives and blasphemous things she never thought she’d say. She was afraid her convulsion was going to hurt Jenny, but she looked down and saw that she was Ok as she knew it was coming and was ready for it.

Rachel’s pussy was getting wetter by the second, so much so that Jenny’s face was beginning to be covered in her juices. But she kept going, she wanted to give Rachel everything she deserved. She kept going, showing off her skills that she had learned from being with other women to give Rachel this pleasure. Jenny was getting turned on herself and was sticking her free hand under her dress and began fingering herself as she was going down on Rachel. Rachel, of course, saw this happening and was getting excited about it herself.

Jenny began sucking on her clit faster and harder, and fingering her pussy with vigorously. She was working hard to make Rachel cum again, she wanted to taste more that juice that was flowing out of her, it tasted better than any other woman she had been with. Rachel came again, but the orgasm was much bigger as she let out a loud scream. She quickly covered her mouth one hand to make sure she wouldn’t scream so no one would hear them. She had to bite her finger as a distraction as again, another orgasm shot through her body.

After making her cum so many times, and making herself cum from fingering herself, Jenny stopped and took her mouth off of Rachel’s pussy then stood up. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw how much of her face was wet and how it messed up her makeup. She showed Rachel what she did to her makeup and they both had a good laugh at it. Rachel put her panties back on and wiped up her legs from the streaks of vaginal juices that went down her leg. Jenny washed up her face and found some makeup in the cabinet to touch up her makeup.

“Are you happy now?” Jenny asked.

“Very happy,” said Rachel.

Jenny leaned in close and kissed Rachel hard on the mouth.

“You still have my number, call me, ok,” said Jenny.

“I don’t want to ruin this moment, but what about that woman you came here with?” asked Rachel.

“Oh her,” Jenny laughed. “She’s just a friend, I’m just here to help make an ex-girlfriend of hers jealous.”

They laughed, and when Rachel told her that Shelly thought she was her sugar momma, they laughed even harder. They kissed a little more then agreed they had to get back to the party. Jenny saw that the woman she came with was gone, someone told her she left with another woman and from her description she knew it was the ex-girlfriend that she told Rachel about. Since she was now alone, Rachel suggested they got back to her place and Jenny happily agreed with her. They got their coats and left the party.


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