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Photography has been my hobby since childhood. The first item purchased from my first salary was a classical Isoly camera. While I graduated to a more intellectual profession, my obsession to photography remained. I used to take a lot of care in family photography trying out different light schemes and so on. In party gatherings my mind used to visualize every good face or body from the angle of how it would look in a particular photograph.

A beautiful girl usually made me fantasize her in nude form. During one such party I was lost in thought seeing a shapely girl talking to a friend of mine. I was introduced to her and my friend moved to greet other friends since he arranged the party. This girl, Lisa, had just moved to the town and was working in a bank.

Her first question after being introduced to me was, “What were you thinking as you looked lost for a moment as I was being introduced to you?”

I hesitated to reply but she egged me on so I said, “I was thinking about how you would look in a photograph.”

“So you are a photographer,’ she said.

I corrected her and informed her that it was just a hobby.

“Any time you want to photograph me, I am available,” she said. I did not respond so she asked why I was hesitating.

I said, ” A body like yours should be available for admiration by all photography lovers. I would like to photograph you in the nude.” She did not show any shock on hearing my ungentlemanly comment.

As I continued to look her in her eyes, she added, “I would love that. I have always fantasized about it but was unable to share the thought with anybody.”

We were called out for dinner so the conversation was abruptly closed. Just as she was leaving with the family of my friend, with whom she was staying, she gave a chit indicating her mobile number.

Next Friday evening I called her up to inform that I was going to my farm-house for the weekend and asked her aydın escort if she could join me. She said she would let me know after she talked to the wife of my friend as they may have some other program. An hour later she confirmed about her joining me for the trip. I told her to be ready next morning at 7.

The farmhouse was an hour’s drive and was situated in an orchard of guava and a field of sugarcane. It was a small house with a sitting room, a bedroom, a bath and open verandah on all sides. There was a small pool next to the house and a very small rock garden. I had taken with me sufficient stock of food articles, fruits, milk etc. Non-perishable items were already stocked there itself. I had arrangements for cooking.

We had breakfast and started our first photo session soon after. In this I concentrated on her face. I had arranged lights in the sitting room and took photographs of her face in different moods like laughing, crying, brooding, angry and sad. I also took her photograph drying her wet hair, blowing a kiss, cuddling a puppy and so on.

For most of these photograph I had to be only a few feet away. I so much wanted to hold her face and kiss her but I controlled myself for the time being.

I next chose to take glamorous pictures where her physical assets were only partially displayed to make the observers sexually excited. I asked her to wear low cut tops and take poses that showed her breasts almost to the nipples in various poses. I took these photographs both from front, top as well as from below when she extended her hands up and the breasts peeped from below her top.

In spite of the fact that I was totally immersed in the technical aspects of photography, the effect of her display made my cock rise almost to its pole position. All my efforts to hide it were useless.

I continued photographing her wearing shorts that hardly hid her bums and pussy. Since she was still wearing her panties, the crack of her ass or the cunt was not yet visible.

After a break for lunch, we continued our photo session. This time I wanted her to get wet in different outfits. First I concentrated to show her twin globes through thin cotton tops, tee shirts, scarf’s loosely hung over them, bras of different shapes and sizes, all totally drenched to leave nothing to imagination.

Next I repeated this for her body below naval and above thighs. The shorts, skirts, panties etc were all of thin material to show every rising or depression in full glory through them when wet.

In both these cases I had to adjust the dresses to pronounce the effect. As I was adjusting her bra with straps partly pulled down, I could not control myself and brushed her nipples in a deliberate movement of my hand. The result was a shiver through her, a sigh and my holding her face and giving a long soft kiss on her lips. She had closed her eyes to fully savor the feeling of our first kiss.

Similarly while adjusting her pose when she rested her palms and feet on the ground and raised her middle to show every line of her pussy, I bent down to kiss her pussy through the thin material. In a similar pose, this time to prominently show her ass, I pressed the twin globes and ran my finger through her panty material over her crack. Her moan reverberated throughout the room.

We were so much aroused that I decided to differ the next session of photographing her fully nude, to the next day. As she was still quite wet, I pulled out a large terry towel and first wiped her face and hair. I then removed her bra and took my time to dry every part of her torso with utmost care. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying the caress until I just could not resist taking one of the nipples in my mouth.

The instantaneous effect was her holding my head and pressing it to her breasts. I sucked the nipples one by one and kissed her repeatedly in the mouth, neck and around the globes. Next I slowly peeled down her panty to expose her pussy in all its glory.

I minutely examined both by my fingers as well as by my lips every part of her glorious cunt. I sucked her clit to add to her arousal resulting in her climaxing on my face. I continued to play with inner and outer lips of her vagina, clit and also pushed in my tongue inside her cunt, making her cum again.

My cock was straining through my shorts and I was almost going to cum because of this contact with her most private parts. I just peeled off the shorts. The shirt had already come off during the photo session. I was not wearing any underwear. The two aroused people admired each other’s body for some time. She sat down and took my cock in her mouth and started to lick its mouth. She soon observed that I was just not able to control any more and so lay down on the carpet and pulled me over her.

I needed no further invitation and soon my cock was embarked in its wonderful journey inside her already lubricated cunt. The feeling was heavenly to both. I commenced the slow in and out motion of my cock in her cunt increasing the pressure inside her in every push in. She was literally screaming with delight while I was enjoying every moment of the wonderful feeling that cannot be described properly in words. I had not had a woman for a long time and wanted to preserve in memory this experience for long time.

Eventually I indicated through increased speed that I could not hold any longer. She pressed my hips to ensure that my cock was as much inside her as possible when I cum. As the ejaculation started, it felt like it will go on forever. She squeezed her cunt to give more pleasure to me. Finally as I spent fully inside her making her vagina overflow, I moved to her side holding her face in my arm and holding one of her breast in my other hand. I kissed her deeply and we both closed our eyes and dosed off without bothering, for the moment, about the overflowing cunt with cum or the still dripping cock.

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