Nicole’s First Desire


All of her teen and adult life Nicole has sought that one special relationship. No one had been able to give her what she needed, given that even she did not know what it was that she wanted. She had an idea but could not put it into any clear thought or word. The boys during high school had been eager and ready to try and please, for the most part. The men in her life since then has been, well just men. Nothing that lasted even though each had started out well. The fire had been there, the love and passion but it all soon just became, well just sex.

Nicole lay in bed thinking about her life and loves trying to figure out what she was missing, or if not missing at least not getting enough of. She closed her eyes and thought back to the previous night and a smile crossed her lips. I finally lost the last of my virginity she thought. She had crossed that line having slept with a woman. She could not believe the intensity of the passion she had felt. The way her skin tingled as Susan slowly kissed and licked her way exploring and pleasuring each and every inch of Nicole’s body. Nicole’s nipples were hardening as she relived the previous night. She unconsciously reached down and pinched and pulled her nipples, enjoying the way they felt. The softness of Susan’s skin as it slid over hers, the poignant sharpness of her fragrance as Nicole inhaled her before slipping her tongue deep inside of her hot wet pussy. There was nothing that could compare to the way that she felt last night.

Nicole moaned as she slipped two fingers inside of her own wetness, twisting and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Never before had she felt herself climax so hard and long. Her juices gushing out flooding Susan’s face as she sucked her cunt. Nicole felt her stomach tighten, her body shaking as she rolled through a climax, thrusting her fingers in and out looking for the next. She remembered the way she had made Susan scream out as she ate her, sucking her clit so hard and so long as she fingered her thrusting in and out so fast and hard. The very thought was enough to push her over the edge, a second climax rocking through her. As she calmed down she thought that even though it was more than she had experienced before, it still was not enough. Something was missing.

Later in the day Nicole sat in the coffeehouse sipping a cup of New Orleans style coffee chatting with a friend about the night’s activity.

“I know it was the greatest I have ever had, but I still feel like something is missing. I cannot put my finger on it but I still crave something.”

“What do you mean Nicole, from what you just told me you have it all, multiple orgasms, great luck with your various lovers. What else do you want?

“I don’t know I just do not know, but I do know that when I find it I will know. Anyway I have to run and get ready for tonight. I am meeting a new guy tonight at the club and from what Brenda told me he is something special, if you know what I mean,” holding her hands about twelve inches apart. Both women started to laugh, giggling at the very idea of what special was. Nicole hurried home and took a shower and got ready. Selecting a very revealing outfit she slowly dressed. An ultra short mini skirt with a small side slit Betturkey to show off her tan, tube top red sequins over white stretch material to show off her breasts and white Greek sandals. She was ready for the night and all that it may have in store for her, or so she thought. Little did she know that she would find what she had been searching for and more?

Nicole arrived at the club a little early and stood at the bar watching the patrons shake and shimmy on the dance floor her own body swaying to the music. She closed her eyes and just stood the music coursing through her as she sipped her drink. It was almost like fingers stroking her bare skin. Goose bumps on her skin, warmness growing between her legs. The bass notes pounding in her head also seemed to vibrate her clit as she moved closer to the amplifiers by the stage. Pressing her pelvis against one of the amplifiers, vibrations stimulating her she stood and just held her breath as she caught the edge of the amp between her legs and held it there. She swore she could almost see colors as she stood there, eyes shut, quietly and softly humping the amplifier. Suddenly her climax hit. No warning or anything, she cried out, as it did, not aware of anything except her own pleasure. She was lucky that no one paid her any attention and the band drowned her cries. Just as she remembered where she felt a pair of hands cover her eyes and a lusty voice whispering in her ear.

“Looking to go around the world? Guess who and see if we can go.”

Before she could answer Nicole found her mouth covered with a pair of hot lips and an even hotter tongue forcing its way into her mouth. Relaxing in to her assailant’s arms she gave herself over to her passions. Nicole felt herself being guided around to the back of the stage area, hands roaming over her body as she sucked on the tongue exploring her mouth. With one fluid motion her top was pulled down and the mouth that was covering hers clamped itself onto her breast, sucking on her nipple, teeth grazing the tip. Nicole moaned, trying to push as much as possible into the mouth of her lover. Teeth closing over her nipple rolling it back and forth. Teasing her, taunting her making her whimper in lustful pleasure. Nicole sucked in deeply as she felt a finger slipping pass her thong and in between her swollen lips, the wetness easing its entry. Slowly stroking in and out Nicole, not fully down from her previous orgasm, felt the tremor of another starting between her legs and working it’s way through out her body. Clamping her legs tight she cried out as she came, her juices flowing down her legs for the second time in less than 20 minutes. Just as she reached her peak she almost fell as her knees buckled and the finger was replaced with a wet tongue, licking up and down, pushing itself deep into her wet pussy. Grabbing the head in front of hers she pushed her hips forward drawing as much of the tongue as possible into her. Bucking against her mouth that was pleasuring her she cried out over and over as she continued to climax.

“Oh my God yessssss, lick me, fuck me with your tongue.”

“Yesssss, deeper, deeper I am cumming again, oohhhhh.”

Unable to contain her passion she humped the face Betturkey Giriş between her legs, flooding it with her juices. She grabbed out steadying herself as the final tremors rocked through her. She reached down and pulled her lovers face up to her and smiled. Looking into the deep blue eyes, stroking the blond head she whispered, ” Nice to see you again Brenda, thought you may have forgot about me.”

Brenda smiled and leaned against the wall as she watched Nicole slip down, feeling her skirt being pulled apart. ” Oh yes baby, make me feel good” she told Nicole who looked up at her watching her face as she shoved two fingers into the Brenda’s soaking wet slit. Brenda smiled as she felt the pressure inside of her, the pressure of the fingers stroking her inner walls. Squirming she moaned as Nicole worked her fingers in and out, stroking and playing rubbing Brenda’s clit with her thumb.

“Oh yes, work it baby make me cum.” Brenda cried out.

She kept rocking her hips against Nicole’s fingers. Just as she started to climax, Nicole shoved her tongue deep inside of Brenda making her scream as her climax surged through her. Nicole sucked and lapped up Brenda’s juices as fast as she could sucking on Brenda’s clit as she did making her climax stretch out longer and stronger.

Standing back up Nicole kissed Brenda deeply and with passion. Making sure that she knew just how much she had enjoyed her. After going to the restroom to clean up both girls returned to the bar where Brenda introduced Nicole to Michael.

“So this is the one who is so special huh?” asked Nicole, as she looked him over admiring his easy looks and soft smile.

“Yes it is, Michael is special in many different ways.”

“Well let’s see how special he is on the dance floor.”

Nicole took Michael by the hand and led him to the dance floor. As they danced together Michael pressed himself against Nicole who took note of the erection he was sporting. During some of the slower dances Nicole would grind her pelvis against Michael’s hard on almost like a standing lap dance. Nicole could not but notice the fire in his eyes as the night wore on. Michael also felt the heat coming from Nicole as they danced and talked. An hour before the bar closed Michael suggested that they leave and go back to his place. Nicole agreed and they left hand in hand. Just as they reached his car Michael took Nicole into his arms and kissed her long and deep, with lusty passion spilling over into the kiss. Their tongues snaking into each other’s mouth, dancing a dance of desire. Pulling Michael close Nicole rubbed herself along the length of his erection as they kissed, trapping him between her legs she dry humped in riding him up and down.

“You had better stop before you make a mess here”, Michael said as he held Nicole by the ass, caressing her. Nicole answered by moving faster and faster riding his hard on feeling it between her legs. Moaning Michael pulled her tighter as she brought herself to orgasm. Nicole smiled and slid into the seat beside Michael, reaching down between her legs she brought out a cum wet finger rubbing it on Michael’s lower lip before kissing him again savoring her taste on his lips. Pushing Betturkey Güncel Giriş the door open to his apartment Michael wrapped Nicole in his arms, unzipping she skirt as he kissed her. Nicole fumbled with Michael’s belt, trying to pull it off, but was so distracted by Michael’s hands that it was all she could do to stand. Michael lifted Nicole and took her to the bedroom laying her across the bed he slipped off her tube top before kneeling between her legs looking at her stroking her bare skin with his finger tips. Leaning forward Michael kissed Nicole’s neck, licking along the edge of her jaw, nibbling her ears. Moaning Nicole could only whisper encouragement to Michael as he continued to explore her body. Lower and lower Michael moved, leaving a trail of kisses and nibbles across her shoulders and her breasts. Sucking her nipples hard Nicole twisted back and forth guttural sounds coming from deep inside of her. Michael increased the pressure on her nipples while squeezing her breast. Nicole could only moan louder, tossing her head back and forth. Down across her stomach to her navel Michael moved, savoring the taste of her faint saltiness while watching her face as she allowed herself to feel everything thing that he was doing. Michael could smell her scent, her excitement as he teased her with is fingers and mouth. Nicole started to cry.

“Oh Michael, it feels so good. I want you. I want you in me now!”

Michael reached up and spread her outer lips, stroking up and down as he kissed and nibbled her thighs. Goose bumps on her skin as he pleasured her. Her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Rolling her hips up against his hand matching her own rhythm to his as he fingered her. As she rolled upward she felt Michael shove his tongue deep inside of her causing her groan from the pleasure it unleashed. Michael licked her deep and hard as he teased her button, pulling it and rolling it between his lips. Nicole’s breathing became more rapid as her skin became hot and flushed. She could feel her climax and it seemed to start in her feet and head, moving up and down towards her sensitive pussy. Stroking in and out faster and faster, twisting his fingers bringing her closer and closer to her climax, Michael knew that she was ready. Bouncing about on the bed her hands wrapped around his head Nicole was ready to climax. Ready to release all that energy she had pent up inside.

Michael seeing this kept building her up pushing her to the edge. When he was finally ready he tweaked her clit making her cum, over and over. Her cum coating his face he had to hold her down as she thrashed about, screaming out her pleasure. Suddenly he turned her over pulling her up on her knees Michael spread her cheeks pushing a finger into her anus. Nicole, having never experiencing anal sex screamed in pain. Michael ignoring her took out this finger and thrust it between her legs, getting his fingers wet he used that to lubricate her tight little asshole. As Nicole begged for him to stop, Michael just ignored her cries and pleas as he guided his member towards her ass shoving it deep inside of her. Nicole was surprised to find herself climaxing harder than ever before as she was filled with the searing pain of Michael forcibly taking her virgin asshole.

This is it; this is what had been missing. Pain, simple pain, sweet pleasurable pain. Wave after wave of pleasure sweeping through her as she came over and over. Never had she climaxed so hard, so long. This was what she needed. This is what she desired.

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