New Love

Rai was sitting on the edge of Reno’s bed as she watched Reno bring in the last of her boxes from the truck. Saw the light sheen of sweat on her neck and bare arms. Reno bent down to set the boxes on the floor and Rai couldn’t help but smile at the firm ass under the black jeans. She stood as Reno walked to her, carrying something in her right hand.

Rai saw the hand come up and licked her lips. She smiled as the silver chain and circular pendant with a triangle and a cross in the center was raised and then put over her head and set delicately on her chest.

She grinned at Reno, “Collaring me already?”

Reno smiled, “Maybe. This is protection.”

“Same thing,” Rai retorted and asked, “Protection from what?”

Reno stepped closer, “The Evils of Nature.”

Rai’s nostrils flared, and her voice deepened, “Fuck me, Reno. I know a beautiful dyke like you has a cock.” Rai reached and her hand landed squarely on Reno’s crotch. She used pressure and began rubbing the cock through her jeans.

It was Reno’s turn to flare her nostrils, exhaling noisily as Rai rubbed on her cock.

“Fuck me, daddi,” Rai whispered huskily. “Fuck me ’til I scream and you take possession of my soul.”

Reno growled low and ripped Rai’s shirt open then off. Rai gasped and devoured Reno’s mouth. She exhaled heavily through her nose when Reno began moving her hips, forcing Rai to feel more of that cock. It was large and she wanted it in her pussy that very second.

Slight movement of her hand and she unzipped Reno’s fly, reached in and pulled out the cock…stroking its length, moaning in her throat. She was ready to cum. Her brain telling her that it was 9″ of pure evil love ready to tear her apart.

Reno’s hands reached up, grabbed the wife beater covering herself and ripped it off. Rai pulled her mouth away and looked. In all the time they’d worked out together Rai had never seen Reno’s upper body. Reno was always covered in a wife beater, t-shirt, or a sleeveless t-shirt. She gasped at Reno’s muscular chest and stomach and then her eyes travelled lower, to the 9″ hanging out of her jeans.

“Christ! You’re beautiful!” Rai said and raised her hands to Reno’s shoulders. They were like rocks.

Reno swiftly removed Rai’s shorts and panties in one motion, pushing her back onto the bed. Rai had a better view of her then, and licked her lips, grinning.

Reno moved onto the bed, over her, on top of her. Rai reached up and raked her nails down Reno’s chest and stomach, raising red welts. Reno grinned and growled then leaned down to kiss her hungrily. Rai wrapped her legs around Reno’s waist, pulling them together…grinding her hips, feeling cock against her clit. She moaned in Reno’s mouth, knowing as soon as only half of that cock was in her she was going to cum.

Reno shifted her weight to one side and reached down, setting the head of her cock on Rai’s opening and pushed with her hips. Rai inhaled sharply as soon as she felt the head touch her pussy and screamed in covulsions as she came hard when it entered her and raked her nails down Reno’s back, hoping to hear that animalistic growl again and wasn’t disappointed.

Reno looked into her eyes, growled through clenched teeth and began fucking her hard and fast. Ramming all escort bayan 9″ deep into her. The top of Rai’s head was on the bed, her nails digging into Reno’s shoulders. Her hips matched Reno’s, thrust for thrust. Reno’s cock filled her like no other ever had. She felt it everywhere. It was so thick it pulled her clit down and rubbed against it on every in stroke. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and she stopped breathing for several seconds…her only feeling was that of Reno’s cock pounding her soaked pussy and her juices flowing out around it. Their eyes locked, she screamed Reno’s name and let her take possession of her soul.

Reno could feel Rai’s pussy contract around her cock, hardening and softening, almost pushing her out. Her body felt Rai’s convulse under her. Her hips slowed as she waited for Rai to breathe again.

“Don’t stop,” Rai hissed through clenched teeth.

“Have to baby, gotta go.”

Rai’s hands quickly went to Reno’s hair, grabbing handfuls and pulling harshly, “Don’t stop,” she growled.

Reno growled differently than before and began ramming her cock into her once again. Rai hissed a yes, raked her nails down Reno’s back again then ran her hands inside Reno’s jeans, grabbing her ass. Digging nails in to spur her on.

She looked into Reno’s eyes, “Yes, daddi, fuck me! Fuck me deep and hard. Make me cum again, all over your cock.” She saw something light Reno’s eyes from within and felt Reno’s cock slam into her without fail, without slowing….like a machine…’Or an animal,’ came a fleeting thought and then it went away. Reno’s mouth was on her breast, sucking the nipple hard. Rai sucked air through her teeth and felt another orgasm rise from the depths. Her eyes closed as stars exploded behind them. Her soul shook and tears filled her eyes.

She opened her eyes to see Reno’s face above her, smiling as only a boi could.

“I love you, daddi.”

Reno’s eyes closed as her chest filled with warmth, she sighed contentedly, “I love you, too, baby.” She opened them again, looking into Rai’s tear-filled ones and whispered, “You’re mine now.” Rai smiled lazily, “Yes, I am. I have been since the instant I laid eyes on you.”

Reno grinned, “We have to go.”

Rai groaned, “Fuck me again, daddi.”

Reno chuckled and gently eased out of her. Rai gasped at the sensation of movement and felt empty when her cock slipped fully out.

“Gotta go baby.”
“Gotta suck your cock daddi.”

Reno growled sexily, wanting that, to see those red lips around her cock, the look of control in Rai’s eyes when she would look up, KNOWING she would look up to see her face and eyes. She said, “Really have to get going.”

Rai groaned in protest and lightly ran her fingertips over the fresh wounds on Reno’s back. Reno hissed and slowly stood up, hiking her jeans back up around her waist. Rai shot straight up on the edge of the bed and had Reno’s cock in her mouth, tasting herself. She heard a growl that reverberated throughout her soul and felt 2 hands on either side of her head. She sighed and looked up at Reno, swirling her tongue around the head of her cock. Reno was smiling and Rai’s heart filled with more love than she thought was possible.

Reno’s soft, deep voice filled her ears, bursa vip escort “How much do you know about collaring? About ‘daddi’?”

Rai stopped momentarily, “Enough to know I’m your possession, Mastyr. As for ‘daddi’, daddi,” she smirked and continued, “I read alot.”

Reno’s grin made Rai light-headed. She raised up, wrapped her arms around Reno’s neck and kissed her deeply. Reno tasted Rai and her base animal urge took over. She ran her hands down Rai’s back, to her ass and raised her enough to slide her cock back into her pussy. A gasp from Rai broke the kiss and Reno’s hips bucked forward. Rai raised one leg and matched Reno’s rhythm. They stayed like that for nearly 5 minutes, exploring bodies with hands and mouths with tongues. Rai was going weak in the knees, even though Reno was holding her weight with her arms. She was amazed at how Reno’s cock felt in her pussy, in her mouth, in her hands.

Reno moved and pushed Rai onto the bed. Reno merely grunted and Rai turned over on her hands and knees, looking back at her, into the lust-filled, animal eyes of the love of her life.

“Fuck your bitch, daddi.”

Reno’s toothy grin went from ear to ear and she rammed her cock into Rai roughly. Deep, hard and all at once, then began fucking her in earnest. Rai gasped and her grin matched Reno’s. Rai, normally vocal, was silent. She only felt Reno. Nothing else existed. She could hear moans, groans, and grunts but didn’t know who they were coming from.

Reno’s nails scraped down her back. She moaned and arched into the pain. She felt the heel of Reno’s hand slide up her back, to her neck, felt fingers entwine in her hair and grip it firmly, pulling her head back. She gasped. Reno’s other hand slid down and around to her left breast, gripping it just as firmly and pinching her nipple. Her fingers clenched the bed spread. She felt Reno’s hot breath in her ear. Heard the growled, “Cum all over my cock, bitch.” and exploded.

Her pussy and clit were on fire. She was screaming. Moaning. Bucking. Muscles everywhere tensed to almost cramping. Reno growled again and stood back up, not stopping. Sweat dripped off both of them. Tears fell from Rai’s eyes.

“Stop,” Rai said.


“Please, stop,” she sobbed.

Reno stopped but her cock stayed put, “Tell me.”

“This is the only way Harvey would…..” she couldn’t continue, couldn’t look at Reno.


Rai nodded and Reno slowly pulled out her, carefully kneeling up behind her on the bed, between her still spread legs. She leaned forward, wrapped her right arm around Rai’s chest, pulling her up to a kneeling position. Until they were spooned that way. Made to fit that way. She reached down and slid her cock back into her, slowly. Rai groaned.

She watched Reno’s strong hands caress her thighs, felt them. Felt Reno’s muscular front against her back. Felt love and tenderness. She sniffed and let her head fall back on Reno’s shoulder. Reno’s hands continued caressing her skin and she sighed. A soft growl in her ear and she smiled, rolling her hips slightly, moving that beautiful cock around. Reno’s hips matched the soft roll and her hands gently massaged Rai’s breasts, rolling nipples on her chest. Hip movement bursa elit escort increased, to some unheard song in their minds.

Reno kissed her shoulder and bit it lightly, “Did he love you like this?”

Rai’s arms raised and her hands rested on the back of Reno’s head, fingers running through her soft, thick, black hair. She smiled, “No, daddi.”

Reno smiled and whispered, “Good girl. Now fuck daddi’s cock, you have more balance than I do.”

Rai moaned in her throat and began moving up and down.

“Mmmm…daddi like this?”

Reno’s hands made their way to Rai’s hips. Not moving, just resting.

“Yessssss,” she hissed. Reno’s breathing changed to something familiar, Rai knew what the sound was.

“I want to turn around, daddi, to see you.”

Reno simply removed her hands and Rai quickly turned around, sucking Reno’s cock back into her pussy. Arms around her neck, Reno’s hands back on her hips. Rai rolled her hips, moving the cock against Reno. Reno’s eyes closed.

“Is daddi gonna cum for me?”
Reno grinned without opening her eyes, “Oh yeah baby.”

Rai increased her hip movement and ran her fingernails over Reno’s scalp. Reno growled and began thrusting her own hips. Rai ran her fingers thru Reno’s hair then gripped it tightly, pulling her head back. She leaned forward and ran her tongue up Reno’s throat, then chin then devoured her mouth, circling her hips faster. Reno gasped into her mouth. Rai smiled into her open mouth then moved her mouth to Reno’s ear, lightly licking around the outside of it then sucking on the lobe, all the while softly breathing in Reno’s ear. Reno growled and her breathing increased, catching here and there. Rai moaned in her ear, “Daddi?”


She breathed in her ear again, very sexually, then growled, “Cum for me.”

Reno growled, “Nails.”

“Yes daddi,” Rai replied and raked her nails up Reno’s back. Reno arched into it and began to scream one long, low note as her hips bucked wildly and her body jerked uncontrollably. Her nails dug into Rai’s hips and Rai raked her nails down Reno’s back and smiled as the response was deep, content growls and another orgasm. Rai continued moving her hips, watching Reno’s face, feeling her muscles contract against her body. Reno moved slightly, in a different way and Rai was off in a different plane of existence, into another powerful orgasm.

Neither of them moved for many minutes. Eyes closed. Catching their breath. Sweat trickling and tickling in the way that only trickling sweat can. Fresh wounds stinging in the sweat.

Rai’s head was resting on Reno’s shoulder. Her hot breath beating on Reno’s neck, “Daddi,” she purred softly, “I want some more.”

Reno chuckled deeply, “So do I, baby, but we have to go.”

“What is so important?”

Reno gently lifted her off her cock, and slowly stood up, thighs and knees a bit stiff. She looked down at the front of her jeans and smiled, then began emptying pockets.

“My sister’s getting married and I said I’d be there,” she answered and stripped off the jeans, throwing them onto a pile and going into the closet for another pair.

“But….” she watched Reno slide into the clean jeans and tuck that piece of pure evil love back into her jeans.

Reno looked at her and zipped up, “You’re welcome to stay here by yourself but I’ll be gone for several weeks.”

Rai jumped up and began unpacking a couple of suitcases and repacking them, then quickly changed clothes. Reno watched with a smile, amused.

To be continued….

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