Nephew-in-Law’s Filthy Undies Pt. 01


A few summers ago I had my just turned 18yo nephew-in-law stay with us for a couple of weeks, which for us wasn’t unusual as friends and relatives do so a couple of times a year. Normally when we have a woman or a girl staying I’d take the opportunity to go through the dirty basket just before wash day for their dirty underwear to lick out and fill with sperm.

So the thought of having an 18yo staying wasn’t filling me with much excitement, not until the date starting arriving and I had thought about it a lot more. Like most men I had always wondered what it felt like to sniff and taste the inside of a pair of undies which had been tight up against someone else’s cock all day. The fact I enjoyed the smell of my own cum stained underwear told me I’d probably enjoy it. Back then my original thoughts about going through his dirty basket for his underwear felt a little taboo, but I couldn’t get the thought of it out of my head, especially as he was still a virgin. Although he was a virgin I knew it wouldn’t have stopped him masturbating at least once a day, especially as I remember he was about five when his mother kept needing to tell him to take his hand out from inside his pants!

The day before he and his mother arrived I ensured his room didn’t have any tissues as I knew having some would see him using those to soak up any orhangazi escort sperm after playing with himself. Not having any around would mean he’d need to cum inside his own underwear which is what I wanted. Thinking he might one day be tempted to open a few of the storage drawers in his room I strategically scattered a handful of ribbed condoms in one.

So after almost a week of them staying I found myself working from home with nobody else around. I had agreed to do the washing which meant it was a great opportunity to raid his dirty basket and bin and enjoy the contents. The first place I searched was his waste paper bin in the hope he had used one of the sixteen condoms I had left in the drawers. Sadly he hadn’t so I searched the dirty basket.

Given he hadn’t used a condom to catch his loads I was expecting his underwear to be quite dirty and I wasn’t disappointed. I managed to find three pairs of briefs in the basket which I took back to my work desk. Laying all three in a row I could easily see the dark blue were the dirtiest. Picking that pair up I placed the front of the underwear in the palm of my hand and let the rest of the fabric flop to the sides. This left the part of his underwear which had been up against his cock facing up towards me. Even without getting close I could not only nilüfer escort smell the distinctive aroma of cock and sperm coming up from them, but the realisation they were still wet and sticky! For me it was a sure sign this was the pair he was using to soak up anything he spurted from his cock. Looking down it was quite obvious where wasn’t anywhere which didn’t have a white stain from where his sperm had soaked into the fabric and dried.

Just knowing there was a very wet and sticky patch from his morning wanking session had me know this pair alone was going to satisfy my dirtiest of desires. My thick veiny cock was already rock hard by this time and as soon as I lifted the sperm covered underwear a little closer to my nose my cock was well and truly throbbing from side to side.

As keen as I was to get my head deep into his cum stained briefs, I also knew I needed another pair of his underwear to pump my load into. Putting the dark blue pair aside for a moment, I picked up the other two pairs of light grey and black. Looking inside I could see the fabric of both clearly had white sperm stains, although nothing like the first pair.

Having three pairs meant I could smell and lick out the dirtiest whilst wanking into the other two. Finding the dirtiest part of each of his briefs, I placed türbanlı escort the sperm stained fabric each side of my cock and held them in place with my right hand. The feel of the soft sperm stained fabric certainly had me highly aroused as my cock was starting to get wet.

Picking up the wet sticky pair of underwear with my left hand, I exhaled and brought it up towards my nose until the fabric was up tight against my face. I then inhaled and slowly took in the highly arousing smell of his dirty underwear deep into my lungs. It only took a few deep breaths before I found myself inhaling much quicker so as to enjoy as much of the smell as I could.

It didn’t take long before I was curious as to how his freshly pumped sperm tasted as the wet sticky fabric holding it was already touching my lips. Sticking my tongue out I touched the middle of the sticky spot and quickly brought it back into my mouth to taste. It’s hard to express the feeling except to say it didn’t take long before my tongue was back out licking up the rest of his salty sperm. By the time I pumped my warm load into his underwear I had had virtually every part of his underwear inside my mouth where I had wetted and sucked out all of his impregnated juices.

Not only did I wash his underwear afterwards, I too needed a shower because just having his underwear up against my face left a very strong smell of his sperm on me. Somehow I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day, although finding out a few days later that he had used one of the things I had placed in drawer took it to another level!

You’ll need to wait for Part 2 to read about that.

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