Natalia Ch. 01


Birthday Sex

I was so nervous about this semester. It was my second year of college and I was officially on my own. I was rooming with a girl that I’d met my freshman year and become lightly acquainted with. She was a beautiful girl. She was the exact same height as me at five foot ten. The only difference was that she was a beautiful shade of light caramel and I was a deeper shade of mocha brown. She had sparkling green eyes and dark brown/blonde hair. Her body was the thing I remember best. She was built like a video vixen. Her breasts were large, round, and supple and her ass was similar to that of Kim Kardashian. Her stomach was flat and lightly toned while her long shapely legs made her almost float instead of walk.

Today we were supposed to move into our small, two-bedroom apartment but as usual she was late. “Where is she?” I tapped my foot on the floor of the office. I checked my watch again; she was supposed to be here an hour ago.

“Sorry I was late Melanie .But, Marcus was begging for more and I couldn’t disappoint.” We were in our kitchen shuffling through boxes so we could begin decorating.

“Whatever. I can’t believe you were late to move in because of some whack ass dick.”

“Hey! Marcus can put it down on a sister like you wouldn’t believe. His dick is like a fucking anaconda or something.” I had to laugh. Her boyfriend, Marcus, and my boyfriend were the same size, about five foot six. It’s hard to believe he puts it down, let alone believe that he has an anaconda dick.

“Ugh, I’m jealous. Since Tye went home for the summer I haven’t had ANY sex.”

“What? I can’t go two days, let alone two months.”

“I know. Ugh. But lately Tye been hounding me about sex. He always wants me to have phone sex with him and he wants to hear me use my vibe on the phone.”

“Really? I think Mark knows better.”

“Ha! You think. Tye told me that Mark came to him and said that he wanted to see if he would mind you asking me to have a threesome with yall.” She almost dropped the canister she was cleaning.

“What? Where the fuck did that come from? When did this happen?”

“He just mentioned it the other day. Thing is though, ever since then all he wants to do is talk about threesomes, girl-on-girl, and things like that.”

“Ew, where does he get these ideas? Does he think you’re a lesbian or something?”

“I doubt it. But, we do watch lesbian flicks sometimes to get the mood right.”

“Really?” My clit twitched when I heard the twinge of excitement in her voice.

“Yeah, you and Mark should try that. It really works.” We finished unpacking and chit chatting. After we got the bigger items situated I was officially tired.

“I’m getting a nap in, I’m pooped.”

“No problem. I’ll be decorating lame ass.” I laughed and went to take a long, well deserved nap.

A nap turned into sleep and I woke up around twelve-thirty the next afternoon. I grabbed a cami and some boyshort undies.

“Tali,” I said knocking on her door, “I’m hopping in the shower. Knock if you need me.” Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort As I walked down the hall I thought I heard music coming from the bathroom. I walked down a little further and realized that the music was being accompanied by some very erotic noises.

“Uh …. Damn … oh … yes …” The buzzing that accompanied these moans was no stranger to me. We had bought some matching vibes for our birthdays (which are one week apart) as a joke and they turned out to be quite useful.

I woke up at eleven. Lame ass Mel was still sleep and so I decided to do some more unpacking. About an hour into the unpacking I ran across the gag gifts we’d bought last month for our birthdays. They were dark brown, seven inch, flesh looking vibrators. Mine was really vein-y and a bit thicker than Mel’s. I decided to end my morning cleaning here and go take a nice relaxing bath. I ran some warm water and turned on a nice slow mix cd on low. I stripped down to nothing and slid down into the tub. I soaked for about ten minutes before the vibe started calling out to me. I couldn’t help it. I had to try it just a little. I put it on the lowest setting and let it tease my clit a little. It felt so good. The soft buzz caused the water to stir around my sensitive button and I couldn’t help but moan. I let it stay there and I used my free hand to play with my needy hole.

“Uh …. Damn … oh … yes …” I couldn’t hold my moans in. After three solid minutes I came all over my fingers and I threw the vibe back onto my towel. I quickly got out the tub and dried off.

“I hope Mel isn’t awake.” I said as I pulled on a pink Victoria Secret bra and thong set. I wrapped the towel around my waist and opened the door and rushing out.

“Damn Tali watch it!” I ran right into Mel as I walked out the bathroom door. She was clothed in only a bra and some cheer shorts. My light brown 34C breasts were mashed up against her 36Bs and we lingered. She put her arm around my waist and a single manicured nail pressed into my skin.

“What the fuck are you doing you lesbian?” I asked while trying to understand why my pussy was twitching.

“I was coming to take a shower when you ran me over, goofball.”

“Oh. Well, hurry up, we have stuff to do.” I quickly ran into my room and put on a tank top and some short shorts.

I almost did it. I almost pressed my luck. I showered quickly, trying to wash away the feeling of her body pressed up against me. It didn’t work. I finished showering and got dressed. We spent about four hours out shopping and looking for items to decorate our apartment with. We finally returned home and were both exhausted from all the shopping and driving.

“I’m so thirsty. It’s like seven million degrees outside.” I said. I took off my shirt and unbuckled my jeans.

“I know,” Natalia said, “I hate the summer. I’m getting out of these clothes.” On the way to her room she stripped off her shirt and shorts and lounged around in her underwear.

“Mel!” She shouted from her room. I slowly got up and made my way down the hall. “MEL!” She yelled as soon as I turned the corner into her room. She was standing in the doorway and we accidently met and ended up lip locked. Her lips stayed connected to mine and neither one of us moved. I went in for the kill and slipped my tongue in-between her glossed up pink lips.

“Um … Mel, what are we doing?” She asked as I put my hands around her waist and pulled my face back a little.

“We’re kissing crazy girl what does it look like?” She frowned up a little and sighed.

“For the record, I’m not a lesbian.” I didn’t respond as I leaned back in and planted another kiss on her soft lips. I unfastened the hooks on her bra and her breasts barely bounced. Her perky tits just sat there and it seemed as if her sweet pink nipples were looking at me. I moved down, kissing her chin, neck, and chest and stopped at her left breast to gently suck on the skin. Her breasts were so soft they reminded me of caramel cotton candy. I moved my way down to her perky pink nipples. I sucked on the left one and almost came right then. Not only did it feel so good in my mouth, but when I flicked my tongue across it her soft moans and sighs just turned me on even harder. I neglected the right breast as I moved down her tight stomach. I made sure to suck, lick, or kiss every inch of skin I could see in my path. When I got down to her underwear I looked at her.

“Are you sure you want me to do this Natalia?”

“Yes Melanie, please don’t stop!”We didn’t even leave the hallway. I quickly removed her underwear. Underneath was a nice bald pink pussy waiting for me to dine. I got between her legs and placed her feet on my shoulders. I opened her pussy lips and smiled at what I saw. Her beautiful pink insides were dripping with juice and her clit was exposing itself. I blew on it and licked it softly until it extended to a full inch. I put the throbbing nub in-between my lips and suckled the fleshy nub until she started scratching at my back. I was in ecstasy.

“Are you trying to mark me up you stupid trick?” I shouted as she dug another manicured claw into my back.

“If it’ll keep you from stopping, then hell yeah!” I finally left her clit alone and moved my tongue over to her juicy hole. I poked my tongue inside and it tasted sweeter than anything I’d ever tasted before.

“Damn Tali,” I moaned, “you taste good as hell.” She smirked and let another loud moan pop out as I stuck three fingers into her hole without warning. She immediately came on my fingers and her pussy contracted all over my fingers.

“Ah! Damn Mel … stop please, stop!” I got worried that I’d hurt her and pulled back from her without haste.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“I have to return the favors … I can’t let you have all the fun.” I laughed stood in front of her. I took off my bra and let her lick on my nipples. She seemed to be enjoying it so I didn’t stop her while I removed my underwear and let my fingers prep my pussy for her. When she was finished she instructed me to lie on my back. I complied and she climbed on top of me. I got a whiff of her heady scent as she placed her sweet, dripping hole over my mouth. I licked slowly at first while she ravished on my pussy. I tried to tease her a little but the pleasure she was giving me made me want to go buck wild. I darted my tongue in and out of her as fast as I could while rubbing and tapping on her fat, juicy clit.

Mel was doing the fool on my pussy. I couldn’t resist the pleasure she was giving me. For some reason I felt the need to taste her as well. When she opened her legs and I was given a look at the pretty pussy I almost choked trying to slurp on those thick, sweet juices. I took my time licking, fingering, and spanking her fat pussy. I loved the way her dark chocolate lips sat up and hid her sweet, small, nubby clit.

“Mel,” I asked between slurps, “I want to try something.” She stopped pleasuring me and I got off her. I ran to my room and got my surprise. Little did Melanie know, I’d purchased a thick, veiny, dark chocolate, nine inch dildo and the accompanying strap.

“Mel, come in here.” She walked in and I could tell she was shocked by my appearance.

“You have s trap?”

“Lay down bitch; stop all that fucking talking too. The only thing I wanna hear is your moans, got it?” She complied and I raised both of her legs. I placed them on my shoulder and guided my strap to her waiting hole. I pushed the head in slowly. She closed her eyes and a slow sweet groan escaped her lips. I leaned in to kiss her as I let the head play with her pussy.

“I hope you enjoyed the break.” I said before thrusting the rest into her pussy. Her eyes shot open and she screamed so loud I know the rest of the people in the apartment complex heard her. I continued to slam her pussy while she scratched my arms, bit my skin, and moaned like a madwoman.

“Turn over.” She turned and got on all fours and without warning I put it in her from the back. She bucked back on my dick like no other.

“Take that dick. You like when I fuck you from the back huh?”


“Say my name, bitch.”

“NAT!” She screamed as I slammed the dick in her hard.

“Yeah, you like when I fuck you hard huh? You like when I get mad and punish that pussy huh?” She simply moaned louder and louder with each thrust. I smacked her fat, black ass and watched it jiggle on my dick. Damn … she started playing with her pussy. I felt a wave coming over me and I guess she did too. She threw that ass back on me faster and harder than anyone I’d ever seen. We both climaxed in a wave of moans and juices. She fell forward on the bed and the dick fell out of her hole with a nice pop.

“Damn, that was good …” I said looking at her ass. I smacked it again and kissed it softly before laying beside her, dick and all.

“What the fuck is this?” I opened my eyes and saw Natalia’s boyfriend, Marcus, standing in the doorway.

“Uh, Mark, calm down.” Nat said jumping out of the bed and running to him.

“A strap? Y’all nasty hoes been fucking without daddy?” He smirked and Nat looked back at me.

“You should punish us papi!” I said pulling the covers back and walking over towards him and Natalia.

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