Naked Day with My MIL

Anal Porn

This is the next chapter to a story about my MIL. The first chapter is called ‘Almost Naked With MIL’ This picks up on that theme, and there is more nudity.

A few weeks after my last experience with Linda, my Mother in law, my wife told me that since she did not get to keep me naked for the entire day, I was going to be naked for an entire weekend from Friday after work to Monday before work and she was going to make sure that I did not have any clothes.

When I got home Friday, she greeted me at the door and said, ‘Welcome home my love. I need your clothes please.’

I took off my clothes and handed them to her. She said, ‘I will be back in a few minutes, I am taking these to the storage unit.’

I did not know we had a storage unit. After she left I walked to my closet and there was nothing. None of my clothes. No shirts, no pants. I went over to the dresser and no underwear, no socks, nothing. She had taken all of my clothes and I guessed that she took them to the storage unit. She was serious about making sure I was naked all weekend. I said to myself, well I guess we are not going out all weekend and decided that I would just relax and enjoy the weekend. I went into the living room and started watching TV. Rebecca, my wife came back and saw me sitting there and smiled. She said, ‘Thank you for doing this for me my love.’

I said, ‘Of course my darling. However, you did not have to take everything out of the closet, I would do this for you anyway. ‘

She said, ‘I know, but I wanted to make sure you did not back out for any reason.’

She came over, grabbed my balls and started massaging them. She was trying to get my horny which worked. I tried to concentrate on my show but it was difficult with her squeezing and massaging my balls. Once she was happy that I was sufficiently aroused she stopped and said that she wanted dinner. I was horny so I made soup, It is quick and easy and I was horny.

After dinner, I grabbed Rebecca and carried her to the bedroom. I was very horny so I almost tore her clothes off of her. She was getting into it and playfully said, ‘Don’t mess up my hair, I just fixed it.’

I pulled her pants and panties off and did not waste time. I kissed her clit but I was ready to get my dick in there. I slid my dick in, slowly and only half way at first. I started pulling out, sliding it across her clit and putting it back in just a bit which drives her crazy. She had an orgasm just from the light insertions. It was a quiet orgasm so I pushed the rest of my dick into her. We have learned to work well together and I have learned how to give her vaginal orgasms. It did not take me long to be ready to explode so I looked her in the eyes and said, ‘Can I cum in your pussy?’

She shivered when I said it and said, ‘Yes, please cum in my pussy.’

I was ready to cum and it only took a couple of pushes until I came into her pussy. I collapsed and rolled onto my side of the bed. I rolled back over to tell her how lucky I was and she is an amazing woman. I got up to clean up and then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and thought maybe all of last night was a dream but when I went to my closet I realized nope, I was still not getting my clothes. I went to read a book until she woke up. When she came out of the bedroom I greeted her dick first saying, is this what you want all weekend?

She grabbed my dick and said, ‘Yep, that is my favorite part.’

She smiled a loving smile that I knew she was playing and then said, ‘Now we need breakfast.’

We made a simple breakfast and enjoyed it in the back yard. I stayed out there to take care of a little work. When I came in Rebecca had a smirk on her face. I asked her what was up, thinking that she had been watching which made me horny again, and she said that she had a surprise for me. I said, sex? She said we might have sex later this evening.

The rest of the morning was uneventful except that every time she would sit down, I would walk around the back of the chair and plop my dick on her head or shoulder. It was fun, she would grab it a stroke me a few times and then let go. It was enough to keep me horny and semi hard.

I put an apron on and started cooking lunch when the doorbell rang. I sent her to the door because I was not dressed for that. I heard her say hello and then I saw my Mother in law, Linda, walk in. Oh no, all I have is an apron. She came around and gave me a tight hug. When she hugged me she grabbed my butt and said thank you for allowing me to stay this weekend. When she broke the embrace she blatantly reached her hand under my apron and grabbed my dick.

I looked at my wife and said, ‘Did you know your mom was coming up?’

She said ‘Surprise.’

I said, ‘Mom, I am sorry, but we had planned to have a naked weekend and all I have is this apron.’

She said, ‘You don’t need that, I crocheted something for you to wear while I was here this weekend.’

She pulled out a crocheted bikini bottom. I looked at it and realized that she used the micro bikini my özbek gaziantep escort wife made we wear last time I saw her as a template. I thanked her and walked into the bathroom to put it on. My wife grabbed my apron to make sure I had no other choice but wear the crocheted bikini.

I put it on and she left wide gaps in the knitting so I was exposed but I had to wear it. I walked out and my MIL and my wife both whistled at me. Linda came up and under the pretense that she needed to make sure it fit properly she pulled and tugged on it. This caused one of my balls to fall out so she casually pushed it back in and said, ‘Oops, sorry son, here let me put your balls back in.’

Then she pulled on the straps which caused it to pull forward and down which made the tip of my dick to pop out. She said ”I am so sorry’ and pushed the head of my dick back down into the bikini.

She turned and looked at me and said, ‘Well, I am sorry, but this is not going to work, I will probably need to work on it all weekend. Can you take it off?’

I asked my wife, ‘Can I please have the apron?’

She told me, ‘No, you are not allowed to have clothes this weekend. If that was not something mom made, I would not even let you wear it. Now, take that off and let her work on it.’

I protested, ‘You let me wear the apron to cook.’

She replied sternly, ‘Yes, but that was for cooking because I did not want things popping on you. I have plans for that dick and balls later.’

I just hung my head and decided that I would take it off.

I slowly slid it down and handed it back to her. There I was naked in front of Linda. This had been planned and I knew it. Crochet is not a fast process so I knew I was going to end up naked the rest of the weekend in front of my wife and MIL. I decided that there was no option and that I would not get embarrassed and instead, just go with it. I went back to working on lunch and since I protested, I would not get the apron back. I finished preparing lunch while they set the table so we could eat. It was surprising casual which allowed my erection to subside.

After lunch we decided to go out into the back yard. Linda pulled hers and my wife’s chairs next to mine so that I was in the middle of them. I had started to guess where this was going but I tried to ignore it and just closed my eyes to tried to remain comfortable. After a few minutes of enjoying the warmth of the sun I felt a hand on my leg. It came from the side my MIL was on so ignored it thinking that it was just a slip. At first it was a light touch almost innocently and fleeting. Then a minute later it happened again but this time it was a longer brush and it was no accident. She swept her hand up my leg and let it rest on my thigh only inches away from my crotch. I opened my eyes to look at her and we stared at each other for just a few seconds when I closed my eyes.

Soon my wife said that she was going to get some drinks and asked if we wanted anything. I told her I wanted wine and my MIL said she wanted some wine also. My wife stood up, no doubt seeing Linda’s hand perched so close to my crotch and without a word walked inside. Linda took that as her cue and brushed her hand across my balls saying, I already pushed all of this back into the bikini so its okay. Again, I tried to ignore it but I was starting to get an erection. She then lightly traced up my dick to the frenulum and back down to the ball sack. She just traced back and forth causing my dick to stand at full attention.

I heard the door open and my wife come out, which I assumed meant she would put an end to this but she did not. She just gave her the drink and said, ‘Mom, are you getting acquainted with my husband?’

I replied, ‘She is getting very acquainted with me, but I am not getting acquainted with her.’

By that, I meant that I was naked and her hands were all over me but I was not touching back. However, it was taken by her that I wanted to touch back to which she told her mom, ‘Mom, you are having all the fun? How about you let him have some fun?’

My eyes opened wide and I bolted up and looked at my wife and said, ‘That is not what I meant. I just meant that I was the only one here getting groped.’

That is not the way I had intended it to come out either but she said, ‘You are right’ and proceeded to start removing her clothes. First came the light green shirt she was wearing which caused my already hard dick to twitch. Then came the very light green bra that was sexy but not too revealing. Seeing that caused my dick to bounce in anticipation. Then came the pants. When my wife stood there in just her underwear I wanted to grab her and bend her over whatever is near and just take her right there. She stood there in just her panties for a minute and let me look at her. Then she grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and off and hung them on my dick. There she was in all her glory, shaved neck to toe with me starting to leak.

Now both of us gaziantep özbek escort are naked and Linda is still sitting on her lounger acting like this is normal. I tell Linda that I am sorry, but I have to excuse myself and Rebecca because I need to go have sex with her right now or I will explode all other the place. She said that she understood and got up to walk inside. She started to follow us and I thought she would just sit in the living room but she followed us all the way to the bedroom and sat on a chair near the bed. I turned to her and said, ‘Are you sure you want to be here? I am going to have sex with your daughter.’

She just laughed and said, ‘I have already seen both of you naked so why not. I think it would be fun.’

I gently placed my wife on the bed and started to go down on her. I was not sure if she would be into this with her mom there but I had to try. She squirmed around the bed while I was downstairs having a great time on her pussy. She is not normally a squirmer so I thought it was odd but I quickly realized that she was moving around until she could get her head to the edge of the bed where she could lean back and look at her mom. Damn, what a turn on. Once I was able to bring her to an orgasm I lifted my head from her crotch and she said, ‘I want you to cum inside me, now.’

I hoped on top of her and penetrated her. She was wet and loose by this point so going in was easy enough. I started a slow rhythm to get her going. I pulled her away from the edge of the bed so she would not fall off when she slid with each thrust and started to pick up speed. I would speed up and slow down because I wanted to make sure it lasted as long as possible and I was desperate to give her a vaginal orgasm is possible. After a few minutes of thrusting I could hear the signs that she was starting to get there. This time instead of slowing down I start to speed up. Once I get to a point there is not turning and I knew that we were going to cum together or I was going to cum very soon after her. It rose and rose and when she finally orgasmed she went limp. I was just a few strokes away from my orgasm. Normally I look directly into her eyes when I orgasm but this time I looked up and stared at Linda and exploded into my wife.

It was such an intense orgasm that I collapsed onto my wife and just laid there for a minute until I heard a voice from behind us say, okay get up, you need to clean up. My wife tapped me which is the signal to get off so she can clean up. I rolled over and just laid there for a second when Linda took a towel and proceeded to start to clean me up. I jumped up, grabbed the towel from her and made my way to another bathroom to clean up.

I cleaned up and came back out into the living room and stopped. There was Linda standing naked in my living room. She was sporting a nicely trimmed landing strip. My wife walked out and said, ‘Looking good mom.’ And patted her on the butt.

Then she turned to me and said, ‘Don’t you think she looks good?’

I said, ‘Yeah, looking good mom.’

She said, ‘Well, don’t just stand there, come over and take a look, get a feel for everything.’

I replied, ‘Are you sure?’ still thinking this was a trap somehow.

She said, ‘I am sure. You are my husband and I can do what I want with you, for now I am loaning you to mom.’

I walked over and started looking at her tits, not that I was not already staring at them. I touched one nipple and immediately blushed. It was the idea that this was my Mother in law and therefore taboo. She said, ‘I don’t mind you touching them.’ and took my other hand and placed it on her other tit saying, ‘I enjoyed watching you have sex and now I think I need to get myself off.’

Not being sure where this was going, I took one hand off her tit and reached down to her pussy. She had a landing strip so I played with her pubic hair for a minute and then reached down to touch her clitoris. I could feel that she was dribbling a bit, I said, ‘Well, you are wet, You should go take care of that.’

She asked if she could borrow one of my wife’s dildos and my wife said sure, they are in the top drawer.

She proceeded to go into the bedroom and pull out a dildo, hop on the bed I just had sex on and start to get herself off.

She did not close the bedroom door so I walked over to the door to close it but instead she said, ‘Come in and close the door. Your wife loaned you to me.’ I did and she told me that she wanted me to stand next to the bed so she could look at me and fantasize. I watched as she expertly made the dildo disappear. While pounding herself with the dildo she rubbed her clit with her free hand to help her achieve an orgasm. After only a few minutes of watching I was already dripping precum but I kept my hands to my side since this was her fantasy. I watched her eyes roll back in her head, and she started bucking so I knew she was getting close. She started making whimpers and then soft moans. The moans got a little louder but gaziantep özbek escort bayan she was not a screamer. When she came she collapsed and it reminded me of when her daughter cums. She popped the dildo out of her pussy and handed it to me and said, please clean this for me. I took it over to the sink and carefully cleaned it up then placed it back in the drawer.

I went back to tell Rebecca thank you and Linda came out of the bathroom fully dressed and said, ‘Thank you for allowing me to watch you have sex and for watching me masturbate. I know you are both naked right now but I am not comfortable with it yet. So, if you do not mind I will stay dressed.’

To which we replied, ‘It is okay. You do whatever makes you comfortable.’

I am not sure if this is what Rebecca meant, but she said thank you and walked over to me, grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times to see if she could get it hard. It was starting to get hard again and my wife said, ‘Really, is that thing always ready for more sex?’

I said, ‘Yeah, pretty much. Especially when I have two very attractive women around me.’

Rebecca came up to me and started kissing me while my dick was still in Linda’s embrace. She told her mom to stop stroking for just a second and bent down to kiss the tip. Then she said, ‘You can stroke it again but please don’t make him cum on the carpet.’

They both laughed and she took her hand off my dick. Rebecca excused herself and went to get dressed so I was the only one left naked.

It was about dinner time so I started cooking again. By this time there was no pretext, they were both grabbing my butt when I would walk by or grabbing my crotch. They were doing it in front of each other but never enough to get me off. I could tell the idea was to keep me horny and frustrated the rest of the weekend.

I asked for help and the women came into the kitchen to help but all they did was touch something and then say that they need to wash their hands. They would wash with cold water and then use me to dry their hands off. Naturally the cold made my dick shrink but the touching made it grow. They laughed about it while they helped me cook.

We sat down to a nice salad, a good steak, corn and other vegetables. It was comfortable since I was shielded by the table which allowed my dick time to go down and stay down for a while. I started to clean up dinner when it was over and I heard them talking at the table.

Mom said, ‘How did you get him to do all of this for you? Wear that bikini the other day, stay naked all weekend, and most of all let me play with him?’

Rebecca said, ‘Last Valentines Day he gave me a box of boyfriend cards that he had made up. Each one has something that he will do, or we can do together. I use them often to have fun. He gave them to me so I feel like I can use them whenever I want.’

Mom said, ‘What all is on those cards?

She said, ‘There is a lot of mundane stuff like long kisses and movie nights but there are levels and it goes all the way up to very kinky stuff.’

Mom said, ‘Can you just use them anytime?’

She said, ‘Yeah. He does not want to get arrested. But otherwise, I can use them just about any time. Like this weekend, the card said that he would be naked. It did not say, I would not invite you over.’

I had finished cleaning up and so I walked back acting like I had not heard the conversation and said, ‘What were you ladies talking about?’

Rebecca said, ‘Mom was asking how I got you to do all of this and I told her about the cards.’

I said, ‘Well, I enjoy doing things with you and would do just about anything for you my love, that is why I made up those cards.’

Mom said, ‘What if I ask?’

I replied, ‘Well, she loaned me to you so I guess if she is okay with it, I would do just about anything for you.’

She said, ‘Okay, Can I kiss your dick?’

I looked over at my wife and said, ‘Are you okay with it?’

She said, ‘Well, yes. She has already been stroking you so what is another kiss?’

I turned back and said, ‘Okay.’

She reached over and kissed the tip of it. She took her tongue and swirled it around the tip of my dick which caused me to drip a bit. She licked it off and said, ‘Well, okay then. Thank you for the lick. I might be needing your later.’

When we decided it was bed time, I made a bold statement and said, ‘We should all sleep in the same bed tonight, after all I have not made the other bedrooms up since I did not know we were having company. ‘

They thought that was fine and although I was the only naked one, I was in the middle of a sandwich with two very attractive women so it was hard to sleep.

When morning arrived I realized that I had been cuddling my Linda and I quickly rolled over to grab my wife. She woke up and said, ‘I have morning breath so no kissing, but I have been horny all night so go down on me please.’ I dove under the covers and started kissing my wife’s pussy. She normally needs time to wake up but this morning she was ready quickly. I kept kissing and lightly licking her when I saw her mom move from the other side of the king sized bed. I was not sure how this was going to play out so I just kept kissing and licking my wife My focus was on her but Linda I think wanted something from me. She rolled over onto her back and opened her legs. I just ignored it and just focused on making my wife cum which I was able to do.

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