My Wet Neighbour Ch. 7

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* * * * *

I decided not to return to the shop for a few days. Firstly because I had by now ordered a large strap-on dildo and two vibrators from an internet site and I wanted to have the dildo with me when I returned. Secondly I wanted Lisa to have plenty of time to think about the challenge she had thrown down; so when I returned to the shop she would be sure of what she was doing.

When I did finally decide to go, I again left it late in the day. I wanted Lisa’s mother to be able to close the shop, if things went the way I planned. I told my husband I was going to the gym with Anne and set off for the boutique to arrive around 5 o’clock again.

As I entered, it was Lisa who was in the shop, adjusting and tidying clothes on the rails. When she saw me she beamed a huge smile and walking towards me, took my hand in hers, gave me a little kiss on the cheek and said, “It’s great to see you again Mary.”

“Good to see you again too,” I said, “are you still on for some more fun with me?”

“Absolutely!” she exclaimed.

“Is it just you here. I was hoping that maybe your mother would be here too,” I said.

“Why? Are you going to go for my little bet? Are you going to try and seduce her.”

“She is here then?” I asked.

“Yes she’s in the back room. Oh god, this is so exciting!”

Wait a minute Lisa,” I said, “calm down. Are you really sure about this? Are you absolutely sure that you want this and more to the point that your mother might. If she takes offence all hell could break lose. Do you understand?”

Lisa calmed herself and replied, “yes I understand and believe me mum’s up for this. I told you I have seen her being very intimate with one or two customers in the past. I just know she sometimes gets turned on when clients play up to her sexually.”

“Okay Lisa,” I said, “then you go into the stock room and leave it to your mother to come and serve m and remember, you’ve got to be patient. I’ve got to get the situation right but keep an eye out and we will see if your mum’s really into getting it on with a customer. I’ll leave it to you to make your presence known when you think the moment is right and whether your tell her about my previous visit. Just be sure of one thing Lisa, if we pull this off, I’m not messy around. If I have my way I’m going to fuck your mother right in front of you, so are you definitely sure you want this to happen? Last chance to back out!”

Lisa thought for a few seconds, smiled and said simply, “go for it Mary” before turning and walking into the back of the shop.

I continued to browse for a few moments and selected a pair of really skin-tight trousers. They would be perfect for my plan. Then I waited a few minutes more before Lisa’s mother came into the sales area.

“Oh hello again,” she said, “aren’t you the lady from the other day?”

“Yes, I couldn’t make up my mind then, but decided I must come back. You have such lovely clothes here,” I said adding, “it’s Mary by the way.”

“Glad you like our stuff Mary. My name’s Claire. Have you seen anything you like this time?”

“Well actually I have. These trousers are just great, do you think I could try them on?” Before she answered I added, “I know I’m late again and that you close soon, but I promise not to keep you.”

Claire assured me that the time was not an issue and showed me to the changing room. She opened the curtain for me and offered her assistance should I need it.

I entered the cubicle and hanging my bag on the peg, sat down on the corner stool. The mental images of Lisa and I together in the cubicle a few days before came flooding back to me and I felt my pussy getting moist. I was absolutely in the mood for some more of the same and felt certain I would be able to make Claire a willing partner. I proceeded to remove the jeans I was wearing and then struggling bursa escort bayan with the tightness, hauled myself into the stretch lycra trousers I had selected. They were perfect; so tight that you could see the outline of my pussy lips straining against the material.

I called, “Do you have a moment Claire?”

Within a few seconds she appeared at the curtain and pulling it back stood in the doorway of the changing room. “Everything okay?” she asked.

“I think so,” I said, “I think these are really nice but I wanted a second opinion. What do you think?”

Claire looked at me closely and I saw her notice how tight they were around my crotch and arse, before saying, “I think they look great on you but you seem just a little unsure is there a problem.”

“To be honest,” I said, “I don’t like the panty line that shows through on the backside.”

Claire replied, “What would you normally wear with them, a string?”

“To tell the truth I wouldn’t normally wear any undies with them but I appreciate I can’t try them on like that.”

Claire thought for a moment and said, “Can I be honest with you. They are actually an end of line item. If you don’t have them I will probably move them into ‘old stock’ anyway so if your buying them depends on trying them without underwear, please feel free, Mary.” “Are you sure that’s okay?”

“Yes,” she said, “no problem.”

I didn’t give Claire the chance to walk away before I undid the button, pulled down the zipper and started to try and get them off. They were so tight they would hardly move. I just couldn’t stretch them enough to get them over my backside and was practically falling over trying to do so. I started to laugh at my own predicament and Claire started to giggle with me.

“Let me help you,” she said, “before you do yourself an injury. Here, sit on the stool.”

I fell onto the stool and lent against the cubicle wall as Claire knelt down in front of me. As she did so I saw Lisa now watching quietly from the door of the stock room. Claire lifted my feet from the floor and grabbed the bottom of each leg of the trousers. She then started to pull. “Lift you bottom then!” she said.

I did as instructed but not until Claire was pulling hard. As I lifted my backside the trousers started to come off and I made sure my panties would go with them. Before she realised, the trousers were around the top of my thighs together with my underwear and Claire was looking me straight in the pussy.

“God, I’m sorry,” she said, “I didn’t see your knickers were coming too.” And then she paused, staring just a little too long at my mound before looking me in the eye.

I smiled and said, “Don’t worry, they were coming off anyway and I’m sure you seen enough nudity in your changing room over the years, not to be embarrassed. Now if you could just pull them the rest of the way off and don’t worry about my panties.”

Claire resumed pulling at the trousers, which came down my legs and completely off taking the panties with them. I was now sat before her with my pussy fully exposed and with the opportunity to open my legs a little before she stood up. I didn’t miss the chance and exposed more of myself to her gaze to see if I would get a reaction. I did! Claire looked long and hard at my crotch before starting to stand.

“Please don’t go yet,” I said, “I think I’ll need help getting them back on and will certainly like your opinion.”

I stood up and started to put the trousers back on. Once upto my thighs I asked Claire to help pull them the rest of the way. She stood close to me. Close enough that I could feel her body warmth. She put her hands into the waistband at the back whilst I pulled at the front. The felling of her hands against by buttocks was fantastic and I felt a twinge of excitement in my pussy. As the trousers went on Claire stepped back and sat on the stool herself, in order to see what I looked like. I pulled up the zipper and buttoned them up then turned to show her. I could feel the material so tight that it was parting my pussy lips and pressing hard against my clit. Claire immediately noticed and said they looked just great on me but then seemed to hesitate.

“What is it?” I asked, “something not right with them?”

“Well it just that they look a little tight here.” And with that bought her hand up between my legs, onto the crotch of the trousers and against my pussy. “Are they too tight here?” she said and pressed a little harder with her hand.

“To be honest Claire, they are wonderfully tight. I like to feel sexy when I wear trousers like this.”

She didn’t move her hand away, “and do you? Do you feel sexy in them?”

“Oh yes,” I said, “but that could be your hand of course.” I waited for her reaction to my flirting.

Again she kept her hand against my crotch and said jokingly, “well I always try to please my customers in what ever way I can.”

“And just how far will you go to please a customer,” I said, looking at her bursa anal yapan escort straight in the eye and with the most lustful expression I could muster. At the same time I deliberately moved my hips to rub myself against her hand.

Claire stood, positioned herself as close to me as she could reasonably get, still with her hand in place, and whispered, “all the way, if necessary.”

We both knew at that moment that we had passed the divide. We had decided that we were attracted to each other and where going to act upon it.

I lent forward, kissed her gently and said quietly, “all the way would be just fine by me.” As I said it I looked over her shoulder to see Lisa still peering at us from the stock room door and I smiled knowingly at her before saying to Claire, “what about your daughter?”

She seemed to suddenly remember where we were and said, “Oh yes!, Umm…”

I stopped her talking and pulling the curtain closed on the cubicle said, “lets just do it quietly. She’ll never even know and think how sexy it will be, with the risk of being caught.”

By this time we were both committed and she kissed me deeply and started to rub her hand harder against my crotch saying, “okay Mary, lets do it, but please keep quiet as possible.”

“Of course,” I whispered, knowing full well that Lisa knew the game was on and that she would no doubt be opening the curtain a little to keep a view of proceedings. I made sure Claire’s back remained towards the curtain to make things easier for Lisa and started to respond to Claire’s attentions. I rubbed my crotch hard against her hand and bought my hands up to her breasts. She felt gorgeous; firm and much larger than they appeared when you looked at her.

For her part Claire continued to rub my crotch and nestling her head on my shoulder whispered to me in the most submissive tone, “what do you want me to do?”

I really liked the fact that she was happy for me to lead and replied to her forcefully, “first pass me my bag.”

She turned, grabbed my bag and passed it to me. I opened it, reached in and drew out the strap-on dildo I had recently purchased.

“Good God!” she exclaimed, “why have you got that?”

“Why do you think Claire. To fuck you with of course,” I said.

Before she did so she said, “Are you saying you came here intending to make a pass at me? How did you know…?”

She stopped in mid-sentence realising that that was exactly what I had intended. Her next remark would confirm whether she was going to accept the situation and I was so greatly pleased when she continued her previous offer, “so, what do you want me to do?”

“Kneel down on your hands and knees,” I said.

Claire kissed me once more and then slowly sank to her knees, turned away from me and lent forward onto her hands. There she remained, obediently waiting for me to act.

I took off my top and bra before pulling the trousers off again. Then I stepped into the dildo straps and lubricated the end with spit before kneeling behind this beautiful woman. Once in position I lifted her skirt up over her bottom and then roughly pulled her knickers to one side to expose her pussy. She sighed loudly and bought her hand up between her legs to rub herself briefly.

“Don’t forget Claire, you had better keep quiet or your daughter will her you and I’m sure you wouldn’t want her to know that you’re no more than a common slut, offering yourself to me right under her nose.”

“Sorry Mary, I promise I will be quiet but please fuck me, get on and fuck me, please.” She begged, “I want you to do me so bad. I want to be fucked, I haven’t had it for so long.”

I didn’t need to be asked anymore and positioning the head of the dildo against her lips, I sunk into her. She yelped with delight before realising her noise and raised one hand to her mouth in an attempt to mask the noise. For myself I bought both my hands down underneath her and started to massage her tits as I fucked her as hard as I could with the dildo. I was determined to make her scream out as mush as she wanted to stay quiet.

As I lent forward onto her back I whispered into her ear, “Come on Claire, fuck like the dirty bitch you are. Fuck against my cock Claire, ride it, ride my cock hard.” As I spoke I fucked her faster and faster. So fast that I was almost breathless but it was having the effect.

Claire was losing her control and having dropped from resting on her hands to resting on her elbows she started to pant, “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, please god fuck me with your cock Mary! Please make me cum, please.”

This was Lisa’s queue. I knew she must have been watching as best she could threw the side of the curtain and she now realise that her mother had reached the point of no return. Lisa threw back the curtain in mock surprise and shouted, “For Christ sake! What’s going on?”

Claire was mortified but too far gone to stop. She looked up at Lisa at the same time bursa rus escort as continuing to push herself hard onto my ‘cock’. “Sorry, god I’m so sorry Lisa, I couldn’t help it, please forgive me Lisa, please forgive me, god I’m sorry, god I’m so sorry Lisa…”. As she spoke she still fucked the dildo as hard as she could almost as if determined to reach her orgasm so that she could bring a halt to the situation.

Lisa smiled at me, a lustful, wanton smile of satisfaction at the sight before her. “Don’t worry Mum, I know how good it feels. I know how good Mary is!”

By this time Claire’s orgasm had peaked and as she started to calm down reality dawned, “what…what do you mean…you know Mary?”

“Sure Mum I know Mary from her last visit. She had me too and the I challenged her to see if she could do the same to you.”

“No, no Lisa, you can’t have set me up.” She pleaded.

“Sure mum. I’ve seen how you get turned on my some of the customers. I even saw you feeling one up once and I just got so turned on I wanted to see you go further. I wanted to see just how far you would take it with a stranger. And now look at you mum, kneeling on the floor, a dildo up your cunt, just begging to be fucked my a woman you only just met and all in front of your dear little daughter. Mum, you were excellent!”

With that Lisa dropped her jeans to the floor, pulled her knickers down and sat on the floor in front of her mother’s face. Claire tried to get up a little but I, still with my dildo inside her, lent on her back and held her in position.

“Now I want you to lick me mum,” said Lisa, “I want us all to have some more fun together.”

As she said this, I started to push the dildo in and out of Claire again and she started to instantly respond. Lisa pushed her hips forward so that her pussy was right in her mothers face and Claire, for her part, reached with her hands to Lisa’s pussy lips, parted them and plunged her tongue deep into her daughter’s cunt. The she started to lick and suck frantically as we also started to moan in excitement.

“Do you like this Claire, do you like to be fucked in front of Lisa?” I asked.

“Oh yes!” she said.

“Yes what bitch?” I shouted.

“Yes please. Yes please Mary, I liked to be fucked.”

Lisa was now beginning to get very excited and was humping her mother’s face with her cunt. “Fuck her Mary, fuck mummy hard, make her cum Mary.”

I started once again to plunge the dildo into Claire as deep as I could.

“Fuck her arse Mary, fuck her arse,” Lisa cried out.

“No, no not my arse, please,” said Claire looking at Lisa.

Lisa looked back at her, then at me and quite deliberately instructed me, “fuck her in the arse Mary!”

It was an order and I was glad to oblige. I pulled the dildo out of Mary and spiting on it again placed it against Claire’s arsehole.

“Do it Mary, fuck her in the arse!” Lisa said.

“No please,” said Claire but very half-heartedly, as though she thought it only proper to object to such a thing.

I pushed the dildo against her arse and then it sank in, slowly but surely.

“Oh God!” Claire cried out as the dildo sank home.

“Yes, yes, do it to her Mary,” encouraged Lisa, “Make her cum again.” She said as she pulled back a foot or so from her mother’s face and bought her hands down onto her own pussy to start frantically masturbating to the scene before her.

I continued to fuck Claire’s arse when Lisa spoke again, “are you enjoying it mum? Do you want to see something else that Mary does.?”

She didn’t give Claire a chance to reply. She looked at me and I knew what she meant. I pulled the dildo out of Claire and standing up dropped it to the floor. Both Lisa and I then started to pee. I onto Claire’s arse and back and Lisa into her face and hair. She was obviously shocked but didn’t object. The dirtiness of what we were doing together bought Claire over the edge and she thrust a hand between her legs and started to grab at her pussy, to bring herself off.

As she came she rolled into a sitting position and grabbing my leg moaned, “Thank you, thank you Mary.” Then, having regained some composure, she turned to Lisa and said, “now your turn!” She grabbed the dildo from the floor and instructed her daughter to lean over the stool. Claire instantly obliged her mother and positioned herself ready to receive the large plastic cock.

Claire didn’t bother to put it on, but rather just thrust it into Lisa’ cunt with her hand and then with both hands started to fuck her with it. This time it was Lisa’s turn to cum which she did after only a minute or two.

We all sat on the floor looking at each other and not quite knowing what to say as the lust between us subsided. I broke the silence by saying, “so what about me. I haven’t cum yet.”

Claire and Lisa looked at each other, smiled and then looked at me. Claire spoke, “oh we haven’t forgotten you! Lisa lock the door! Mary call your husband and tell him you won’t be home for a while.”

I knew it was my turn to be used and gave myself willingly to these two beautiful sexy women. As I sank back to the floor in anticipation of what I was about to receive I thought how far I had come in the two weeks since I had first seen Anne peeing herself at her doorway.

* * * * *

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