My New Castle Ch. 4

As Rebecca left David’s office, she went to her car and drove immediately to Kat’s studio. She and Kat went back a long way. They had shared a dorm room in college and they had stayed best friends. Kat had a photography studio, a very popular one. Rebecca suddenly knew what David would like best, a lovely picture of her. Not just a picture, but a boudoir picture, one of her in her lovely lingerie, looking sexy and loving.

Kat was just finishing up her work for the day. She listened to Rebecca’s request and smiled, assuring her they could make a lovely set of pictures for David to enjoy. She opened a bottle of wine and poured some in glasses. Rebecca sipped hers while telling Kat all about David and how wonderful he was.

Kat began with pictures of Rebecca fully clothed. She posed in the short black skirt and red satin blouse, doing various activities in the studio. Kat directed her to open a few of the buttons, slightly exposing her luscious, full breasts. The music was pounding and the studio smelled of vanilla candles. Rebecca began to relax, enjoy the posing, thinking of David when he saw the pictures. She danced to the music, letting her hips sway and her eyes close, totally absorbed in the beat. She straddled a chair, her legs open and her lovely white thighs exposed as her skirt rode up. She danced, letting the skirt swirl around her, exposing her soft curlies. As she began to enjoy posing, she even bent over the desk, pulling her skirt up, exposing her tight ass and her curly pussy, the site that had so aroused David earlier.

Kat continued to direct her, talking softly and lovingly to her, encouraging her as she shed the outer clothes. Soon, she was dancing in her red demi-bra and garter belt, her legs sheathed in the sheer black stockings. She removed her shoes and just allowed herself to move with the music. Her hair was long and curly, brushing her bare shoulders and causing her to shiver bursa escort with delight. Kat came to her and arranged her hair while whispering to her.

She reminded Rebecca of their college days when they had no boyfriends and had turned to each other for relief. Rebecca blushed at the memory, remembering all the wild things she and Kat had done in the name of desire. They had learned so much together, taught each other so much. Rebecca’s upbringing had been strict and she had never dated. In college, the boys had seemed very overbearing and scary. Sensing Rebecca’s fear, Kat had decided to teach her about sex and help her learn to love it. They had spent the first year of college as lovers, living together and pleasuring each other.

During the sophomore year, Rebecca had met Scott and fallen in love. Her need for Kat lessened and their relationship as lovers ceased. But the friendship remained. Rebecca and Scott stayed together until graduate school, when suddenly the differences in their life views were just too much to accept.

It was after the breakup that she and Kat had packed up and moved here, to this northern town with no memories for either of them.

Now, Rebecca was posing for Kat and thinking back to their days of loving and being together. The wine had mellowed her and made her feel softly out of focus. She found herself wondering if Kat was the same, if they would be as good together as they once were. Her body was reacting on its own, moving and posing, swaying with the music, enjoying the feeling of being watched by a snapping camera.

Kat approached Rebecca, cupping her hands over the delectable breasts nearly exposed by the red satin bra. She ran her fingers over the soft skin, squeezing the nipples and making them harden. She pulled lightly on the bra cup, causing both nipples to pop into view. Kat slowly leaned toward Rebecca, her lips wet and her tongue bursa escort bayan extended. She licked first one, then the other nipple, causing them to pucker and become bumply. She pulled away and photographed the nipples just as they were, wet, shining and hard. She took a picture of Rebecca’s face, her eyes nearly closed and looking so pleased.

As she circled Becca, Kat took various shots of her body; her long, elegant back, the curve of her neck, her delicate fingers, her softly rounded tummy. She put down the camera and began petting Becca. Her hands slid softly and expertly over all the exposed skin, making Becca moan deep in her throat. Kat refilled their wine glasses and sipped hers while watching Becca sway. She reached behind Becca and unhooked the bra, letting it fall to the floor. She took a picture of this, the woman with the wine, looking at her bra on the floor as if amazed it was there. Becca’s breasts were lovely, full and soft, with the prettiest dark brown nipples. Nipples just made for sucking and nuzzling. Kat could not stop herself. She moved forward and buried her face in those tantalizing breasts. She licked and sucked, nipped and nibbled. Rebecca stood perfectly still, enjoying the sensation of Kat’s mouth on her aching nipples. Her hands came up and circled Kat’s back, running up and down her spine, lingering on her ass. Rebecca’s hips were thrusting toward her friend, asking for some sort of release. When Kat stopped sucking, Becca’s nipples were hard and puffy, looking so very desirable. Kat grabbed her camera, and snapped repeatedly, catching every angle of light on the lovely dark nipples.

Now Rebecca wore only the garter belt and black hose, her lovely curlies framed by the red satin. Kat had her lie on a couch, her legs spread, her curls so inviting. She stood by Rebecca, watching her as she reached down and finger-combed the curls. bursa merkez escort Kat placed some baby oil on Becca’s palm, so the curls became all shiny and soft. Kat got another camera and began shooting pictures of Rebecca, as she touched herself. Her face was so beautiful and she looked so happy, touching and soothing the curls, making them shine and gleam. As she took pictures, she asked Rebecca more about David, asked her to describe him. Rebecca’s whole face lit up as she talked of her lover. She began to gently rub her finger up and down her slit, remembering how David touched her. Her own little fingers slid through the curls and found the swollen open slit. She thought of David and touched herself as he would. Her fingers moved deeper into her hot pinkness, searching for the release she now needed. Kat put down the camera and joined her on the couch, leaning over her and watching as she pleasured herself. Rebecca was moving toward orgasm, but needed something to help her.

She turned to Kat and said, “Please?”. Kat nodded and moved her fingers into the slit, finding Rebecca’s clit, the shy little clit she knew so well. She began to gently circle it, moving her fingers one way and then the other. She strummed over it, flicking it like a light switch, feeling it harden. She moved her fingertip to just the base and started circling, knowing what she was going to find. Rebecca had a little “moat” that appeared at the base of her clit when she was very excited. This moat filled with liquid and allowed a finger to circle the clit with speed and sensuality.

Kat had never met another woman with this body quirk. She felt her finger dipping into it, felt the hot liquid as it coated her fingertip, and couldn’t resist moving quickly around the tiny clit, knowing she would cause Rebecca to come. As she felt the spasms starting, Kat moved back and began shooting pictures of Rebecca as she climaxed. A series of pictures, of Becca’s face tight with pleasure, her mouth opened to cry out and release her joy, of her nipples hardening even more with the throbs of her inner being. They were the sexiest pictures Kat had ever taken. She was sure this would be a Christmas gift that David would never forget.

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