My Nerdy Cousin


I have challenged myself to write this one from the man’s perspective.

All the characters in this story are over eighteen.

I was mowing the lawn in the back yard when I heard the phone ring. A few minutes later my mother stuck her head out and said, “That was Julie. She had a request for you. It’s a bit of a story so I’ll tell you when you are done out there. Would you like a coffee?”

“That would be fine. Thanks Mum.”

I’m Jack Tripper. No, not the TV character. It’s just my name. I’ll be twenty-three in October, and I just finished my third year at college. The ‘Julie’ my mum referred to is her sister, my Aunt Julie.

Over coffee my mum gave me the story. Julie and her husband, Jack, (yes, another Jack. There are three of us in the immediate family. Of course, his last name is different.) are booked to go on a Caribbean cruise for a week leaving this weekend. Two nights ago, they came home from a concert to find someone had broken into their home.

The intruder had broken some things and emptied clothes from their drawers on to the floor. They had set off a fire extinguisher and taken a dump on the kitchen floor. As far as they could tell nothing was stolen. They called the police, of course, but they were fairly sure it was a troubled teen whose family live across the street.

“Do they want me to go over and help clean up?” I interrupted my mother.

“No, they got some professional cleaners in as soon as the police were done, but I don’t know if you realize what a horrible feeling of violation a thing like that can cause. Someone has gone through your personal things and vandalized your space.”

“Yes, that must be horrible. Have the police charged the kid?”

“They talked to the parents, his foster parents actually. They have said they will pay for any loss or damages. Jack and Julie haven’t pressed charges. If they did, I guess the kid would go to some detention centre and supposedly he’s already pretty messed up.”

“Boy, that must have been a tough decision.”

“Yes. Anyway, to get to the point they wondered if you would go over and stay with Marcie for the week. Otherwise, they feel they will have to cancel their trip and at this late date that will cost them.”

“Sure, I could do that. I’m kind off at a loose end anyway. She’s a cute kid.”

“She’s just finished her first year at Haverford. She’s only two and a half years younger than you, but she, like them, is understandably nervous. The police have not figured out how the intruder got in. There was no apparent damage to doors or windows.”

“That’s spooky.”

“Mind you, Julie thinks they may have left the patio door unlocked. But if so, this kid must have locked it before he left. The side door is self-locking. Look, if you are sure, you can do it, I’ll call Julie right back.”


That’s how I have ended up driving over to my cousin’s place. It’s almost a three-hour drive from our house and I probably only had ten minutes to go. I had been thinking about Marcie on the drive. A thin beanpole with thick framed glasses and a serious, studious manner. She was just learning to drive when I last saw her. I’ve always liked Marcie. She’s naturally very shy, but we used to have long chats when she would really open up and tell me her thoughts and plans for her life: a lot of high-minded ambitions to help humanity. No wonder she got a scholarship to a school like Haverford.

I’d only been twice before after they moved to this house four years ago. It’s a nice house, larger than my parent’s place. The ground floor is open plan with lots of natural light. I liked the way you could move from hall to sitting room to dining area to kitchen without obstruction. Only a mudroom and toilet by the side door were enclosed.

It stands on a large, treed lot, a bit apart from the other houses, which probably made it easy for the intruder to get in unobserved. They have a pool and I had been given some instructions for looking after it as Jack said Marcie was not always the best at remembering to take care of that kind of thing.

I pulled into the driveway and parked. Her parents would have left early for the airport and were no doubt already in the air on their way to catch their cruise. No one answered when I rang the bell and I wondered if Marcie had gone shopping.

After a few minutes I went round the side and noticed the gate was off the latch. I was careful to shut it properly after I went through to the back yard. It had been almost three years since I last saw her, and I was in for a shock. The cute but gawky sixteen-year-old I remembered had blossomed into a stunning nineteen-year-old. At least I found her stunning and the transformation miraculous. I had a moment to observe her as she was not aware of my presence. There were two loungers on the lawn and a magazine was lying open on one of them.

Marcie was standing by the side of the pool wrapped in a towel looking towards the sliding doors at the back of the house. I approached her nurdağı escort silently wondering if she had heard the bell. I was about to move forward when she shook her head. Clearly, she decided it was nothing. She dropped the towel and dove into the pool and, just for a second, I could have sworn she was naked. I just had this flash of her back as she vanished beneath the surface with barely a splash.

Not believing my eyes I moved closer as she turned and swam the length of the pool without resurfacing. The sun was dazzling my eyes, but I had just reached the conclusion that she was indeed naked as she surfaced in the shallow end only fifteen feet from me. I gasped. She was gorgeous. Five foot ten with an athletic body and small breasts I could only describe as pert. She must have heard me for she looked straight at me.

“Jack is that you?” She was standing with the water barely up to her hips. Apart from the breasts I could not help noticing a hint of pubic hair. “Sorry I don’t have my contacts in,” she continued, “I wasn’t expecting you until noon.”

“It’s 11:47.”

“Is it? My goodness, where did the morning go? Would you hand me a towel, I think you have seen quite enough of me already,” and she turned and swam to the pool ladder. I was enthralled by the sight of a tautly muscled naked butt in the water.

I retrieved her towel from where she had dropped it earlier and laid it by the ladder.

“Now look away, please. I’m naked if you haven’t guessed.”

I did look away mostly, but I admit I stole a glance or two as she climbed out. Hard not to and I wondered if she really minded. Had I been ambushed?

“Do you swim naked often?” I asked, as she stood wrapped in the towel, and I could look at her.

“Only when I’m alone. No one can see into this area of the yard. Wait out here while I slip a dress on, and I’ll bring you a beer.”

In less than five minutes she reappeared wearing a sundress with her hair wrapped in a towel. She was carrying two beers and handed me one. The front of the dress was damp in places, and I was fairly sure she had not bothered to put on a bra as I could make out the faint outline of her nipples against the thin fabric.

I wasn’t about to complain. I was still blown away by the transformation from the heavily bespectacled nerd I had known to this bewitching creature. When relaxed and alone with me she had always been an outgoing and engaging conversationalist. Aunt Julie used to whisper to me that only I could get her ‘to come out of her shell.’ I had always been pleased by that, but nothing prepared me for this.

We talked about our respective schools, and she asked if I had a steady girl friend. I told her no, not presently. It seemed appropriate to ask her the same thing and she just smiled and asked if I’d like another beer. Sitting there in the sunshine I was getting rather hot, and I said yes. She went inside and emerged with two more beers. She sat down and tipped up her can. I watched as she literally poured the beer down her throat in one steady stream and put the empty can upside down on her head.

“Your turn, “she said.

“I can’t do that. I would barf,” I said, but I did chug about half.

She laughed, “I don’t have a gag reflex. Pretty handy for drinking games.”

“Maybe before I drink this, I should go get my stuff from the car,” I said.

“Relax, there’s no rush. Maybe you’d like a swim.”

“My suit is in my suitcase,” I said. She had got up and gone over to what I assumed was a changing hut. She emerged carrying towels.

“I can go and get it. It’ll only take a couple of minutes.”

“Don’t be silly. I won’t look if you don’t want me to,” she said, “but I’m ready to cool off. Come on I dare you.”

That word ‘dare’ has always been a trigger for me. Although I knew we were just cousins fooling around I felt a twitch in my cock as she turned her back to me and pulled the sundress off over her head. I was right no bra, no panties either, and I was looking at that enchanting butt again as she took two steps and dived in.

Just her head reappeared in the deep end. “Don’t say you’re too shy,” she said, “I was always the shy one.”

“Just finishing my beer,” and I did.

I had never had an experience like this but if nudity did not bother her who was I to complain. I pulled my golf shirt over my head and unbuckled my belt. I quickly slid my pants and underwear to my ankles and that’s when I thought it might have been smart to take my shoes and socks of first. Pity I hadn’t worn sandals.

“Not so cool,” I thought as I sat on a lounger to remove them. By the time I stood up I knew I was showing a degree of arousal even though I was trying not to think of this as anything but simple fun. I realized that despite saying she would not look Marcie had been watching my every move. I wondered if she had her contacts in. I got up from the chair standing sideways on to her so she must have had an excellent view of my nurdağı escort bayan slightly tumescent cock. At least it was still hanging down rather than out, so maybe she might think it was flaccid.

“Excellent, not a disappointment!” she said, “Are you going to swim or just stand there?

I was trying to interpret her remark as I jumped in rather than diving. My dives tend to create quite a splash.

The water was cooler than I expected and for a moment I thought that was a good thing. For some reason, perhaps because it made me think of it, I found that far from shrinking I was well on the way to developing a full on hard. When I’m truly flaccid I’m about four and a half inches. When she saw me, I must have been closer to six. I grow a lot. Now I was probably seven and not done; this was embarrassing. I would just need to swim around and hope it went down.

I felt slightly awkward now we were both in the water. We were too old to splash or dunk each other, and I was anxious to keep my distance as I felt risking showing my incipient boner would be totally inappropriate. I sensed she felt the awkwardness too as only a few minutes later she said,

“I’m feeling kind of hungry. Shall we go get some lunch?”

“Sure, I’m always ready to eat something.” I blushed as I realized she might think that had a double meaning.

I don’t think she noticed as she was already climbing on to the side of the pool and standing up. I thought I heard a doorbell but wasn’t sure. Marcie looked right at me as she rubbed her body with her towel making no particular effort to cover up. She turned her head and looked towards the house as the doorbell rang again but continued drying.

Seeing her full frontal as she took the towel across her back reignited my scarcely diminishing erection. Her nipples were standing as erect as I was, and I wondered if that was arousal or coincidental. Her mons was neatly trimmed, and her labia protruded slightly between her legs.

“Up here, perv,” she said, pointing to her eyes, “Don’t get too hungry.”

I blushed like a teenager.

“Come on I can’t wait all day,” she continued as she turned away to drop the sundress over her head.

I had been moving discretely towards my clothes and felt this was my best chance to get out unobserved, but I wasn’t sure how to manage it. Luckily for me that was when a phone rang. It was the house phone and she hurried through the sliding doors to answer it. I was out of the pool and had pulled on my tighty-whiteys and pants over my wet body by the time she came out.

“There is a delivery van out front and your car’s in the middle of the driveway. I’ll open the garage so you can drive in.”

By the time I had parked the car, closed the garage, and walked with my suitcase to the front I saw the delivery man standing on the porch. The house door was open and with the daylight streaming through behind her I could clearly see Marcie’s nakedness through the thin floral print of her dress. She was bending over the package to sign a receipt and I saw the delivery man rise on tiptoe. He must have a close-up view of most, if not all, of her boobs and possibly right down her dress to her crotch.

She stood up and it was a second until he dropped his heels to the ground. She handed him the receipt and smiled. He was smiling too and shaking his head as if he hadn’t believed his eyes as he walked by me.

“Did she know what she was doing?” I wondered. I was beginning to think my innocent cousin had a clear exhibitionist streak. I left my suitcase at the bottom of the stairs.

She pulled a prepared salad, some slices of melon and some cold cuts from the fridge and put them on the counter. I noted the table was already laid with cutlery and paper napkins. Apparently, the morning had not passed without some forethought for my arrival. Then she pulled out a chilled bottle of rosé.

“Would you do the honors?” she asked, passing me a corkscrew. I poured us each a glass as she filled an ice bucket and put it on a mat in the centre of the table.

“Help yourself, Jack,” she said indicating the food.

After we had sat down, we continued to talk about what we had each done since we had last met. It was a very normal conversation with no reference to our brief nudity in the pool. Normal that is except I could not help thinking of the fact that she was sitting there in nothing but a thin sundress. I could not keep the images of her naked body far from my thoughts and found myself still in a state of mild arousal.

“Thank you for coming by the way,” she said, “My parents were in such a state and did not want to leave me. They were going to cancel when I suggested you might be free.”

“My pleasure. The break-in must have been disturbing.”

“It was, very. It’s a horrible feeling.”

“I gather nothing was taken.”

“Not quite true. She’d taken two of my thongs and one of Mum’s. Hers are a lot slinkier than mine.”

“She? escort nurdağı The intruder was a girl?”

“Yes, she’s only a year younger than me. She had taken out most of our underwear, put it in a pile on the kitchen floor and taken a shit on it. What kind of person does that? It was only when we had it cleaned that we realized she’d taken the thongs. When we told the police, they visited her parents again and found she had them. She’d taken them from the laundry bin and said she liked to sniff them. What kind of pervert does that? When everything was cleaned, we gave the whole lot away. We couldn’t imagine wearing them.”

“But she’s not going to juvie?”

“It wouldn’t be juvie. She’s eighteen for God’s sake. If she got a jail sentence it would be jail not juvie.”

“So, your parents did not prosecute?”

“Right. I would have. I don’t imagine she would have got jail time for a first offence, but her record would be in the system, and I think it should be.”

I said nothing for a moment.

“On a different subject, do your parents know you sunbathe and swim nude?”

“Yes, they’ve visited nude beaches and sometimes do themselves. We tried it together a couple of times here in the yard. But Mum did not like Dad ogling me, and he did ogle even though he tried not to. Bless him. I thought it was hilarious watching his cock and I did watch so I was equally guilty, because he knew I was watching, and he would get hard despite himself.”

“That was cruel,”

“Yes, but it was fun. We all enjoyed it up to a point, but Mum decided it was thoroughly inappropriate and of course she’s right. It’s not like they are swingers or anything. They still swim nude when I’m not here and have no problem with me doing it when I’m on my own.”

“What about when I’m here?”

“The subject did not come up. I don’t think they thought about it, but I did.”

“I think you ambushed me.”

She giggled.

“I heard the bell and figured it was you. I left the gate unlatched and then when I saw your reflection as you approached it was time to get naked.”

“You are quite the exhibitionist.”

“Come on you loved it. You were practically drooling.”

“I thought you didn’t have your contacts in.”

“I just said that so I could watch you watching me. It was fun.”

“I bet.”

“I hear you are still playing soccer, Jack,” she said refilling my glass.

“Yes, but I’m mostly on the bench. Of course, I attend all the practices so that keeps me in shape. Talking of which you look in great shape yourself.”

“Don’t forget I play soccer too. You used to teach me sometimes.”

“That’s right. I did, but that was years ago. I’d forgotten.”

“Well, you taught me well. I’m on the first squad at Haverford. I attended the freshman trials and ta da! University team centre back in my first year. Maybe we should kick a ball around later.”

“Wow, I’m impressed I had no idea. No wonder you have become so self-confident.”

I sat looking at her and drinking my wine.

“I need to pee,” I said.

“It’s through the door to the mudroom.”

“I remember, thanks. Won’t be long.”

“Take your time. Are you finished?”

“Yes, thanks.”

I came back to see a lemon meringue pie on the counter. Marcie was putting the leftovers back in the fridge.

“This used to be your favorite,” she said indicating the pie.

“Still is.”

She cut me a slice and I noticed both our glasses were refilled and the empty bottle was on the counter. I had a feeling I was a glass ahead of her. I should be careful, but I had nowhere to go. We went on talking and as we finished our wine, she seemed to be feeling no pain. At some point without my being aware four buttons on the front of her dress had become undone. I realized that although she had pulled it on and off over her head it did in fact have buttons all the way down. I could see the sides of her boobs quite clearly and the outline of her pointy nipples.

My cock was letting me know it was receiving the message too. As if she had just become aware she did up the lowest button and that was enough to corral the puppies but sharpened the outline of the jutting nipples. She rose from the table saying, “Let me show you your room.”

I picked up my suitcase and we went upstairs.

“This is the guest room,” she said showing me a smallish room that I remembered with a double bed. I put my suitcase down. The guest bathroom is over there, and she pointed two doors away.

“At present I’m using the next one as a study and mum uses the other for her sewing and textile work. I don’t think you’ve stayed the night here. Have you ever seen around this floor?” She crossed the corridor to the front of the house. I had stayed one night with my Aunt and Uncle a year ago but not when she was home.

“This is the master bedroom, and this is my room when I’m here. Dad uses it as his changing room the rest of the time. I share the ensuite with my parents, which can be awkward at times.”

She was leading me through the ensuite to her room.

“Wait here, I just need to use the ensuite,” she said.

I heard the toilet flush, and the taps run and them she reappeared holding her sundress close to her body. Without any preamble she removed it. Clearly, she had fully unbuttoned it already. She walked over to me.

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