My Name Is Sally


My name is Sally, I am forty six. I have twin sons still at home even though they are both in college. What I am about to impart to you is something I am not proud of but I am not sorry it happened either. I am tall five foot ten and weight nearly two hundred pounds. I work out with my son’s weights and am in great shape for my age. I am a widow of some five years and up until a few months ago did not miss my husband or the marriage bed.

However that changed when I came home one afternoon and much to my surprise my sons were up stairs in Don’s bedroom with our maid.

Ethel is nearly my age and has been with the family for ten years. Ethel is as tall as I am a little slimmer and one of the most beautiful mulatto ladies I have ever seen. Don was behind Ethel with David in front. All were naked and fully engaged in a sexual threesome. I have read of such things while never being part of one myself.

My husband did over the course of our marriage get involved once or twice in affairs. To my own surprise it did not seem to bother me at all. I found I was not the jealous wife and as long as he was discreet and it was only a short affair I did not mind.

The first time I did feel it was only fair that I get equal times out in the world of sexual enjoyment so to speak. We own a charter bus company and have many employees. There are the drivers, office staff and the maintenance staff. Plus a few general hands to clean up. Just before I found out Roger was screwing one of the drives wives one of the mechanics made a few remarks to me. It was said in such a way as not to be too bold but yet he let me know he thought I was a very sexy and a beautiful lady. I let it pass the first time. But later maybe a week he saw me in the shop bay and he looked me right in the eye and took hold of himself. Guys are always feels their privates as if one needed to check to make sure it is still there. I could see he was well endowed but again I let it pass as if I did not notice. It was as if he and I were playing some kind of game.

After I had a talk with Roger: my husband about his affair I was not a happy camper as they say.

So I let Rick know I noticed him noticing me. I asked him to work late one night. After all the others were gone I invited him up to the office. I simple told him I noticed him and I thought I should see just what it was he had to show me. Rick was not a man to fool around. He quickly pulled off the overalls and I saw he was naked under them. Almost before I could take a good look at his weapon of choice

He had me on the sofa, my jeans were down and I was feeling a very hard erection probing for my wet spot. He was very hard but he was not larger than Roger. He slipped it in me easily and he did screw me very hard and fast. Maybe it was the fact that I was doing a no-no or maybe I was just horny. Either way I reached a climax very fast. But so did Rick. It did feel good and I was excited by his enthusiasm.

I thought “Oh, well that is that.” But I was wrong, Rick never went soft after he came, he did pull his erection from me and moved to where it was obvious he wanted me to suck him. I looked at his very hard thick very black cock and thought why not. I sat up while Rick stood in front of me and I let him fuck my mouth till he came the second time.

His sperm was very thick and salty. Roger’s is smoother and some what sweeter. But I was so excited by Rick cumming for the second time I managed to drink all he had for me. But he was still fully erect. He jerked me up and turned me around I thought at first he was going to try to invade my rectal cavity. But he was happy with screwing me again. I was still dripping his sperm from the first time and this made it easy for him to ram into me again hard and fast. I reacted as I did the first time and climaxed quickly. My second climax was like I had not been screwed in a month. I came like the flood gates from hell were opened. I screamed and pushed back into him as hard as I could. I wanted more and more of him. He finely climaxed and once again filled me with a stream of red hot molten lava.

I thought he would bursa escort bayan never stop. But I also hoped he would not stop. How we managed to pull ourselves apart I really don’t remember. But I told him to leave and he did.

It took me twenty minutes before I could walk. He may not have been any large than Roger but Oh, my God how he knew just what to do and how he lasted. That was my first and only trip to wonderland with a black man and I am sure I will never forget it.

This all came back to mind as I watched Ethel take on both my sons at the same time. Of course I was also taken by surprise when I focused on their manhood’s. Both boys were larger than their father was and I found it most exciting to watch them at work. After a few minutes David pulled free of her mouth and the boys traded places. As they moved around I really got a good look at their erections. Oh these boys were very well hung and I got aroused as I watched their heavy erections bouncing like great weapons of war. Canons pointing upward ready to fill the sky with the load of rapture and delight. It never occurred to me that this may have been going on for a long time. Ethel was enjoying them as she let out cries of joy as they both rammed back into her again.

I caught my self gasping for air as I felt what Ethel was feeling. My cavity of life was pulsating in time with their movements. Before I knew what I was doing I had a finger slipped past the crotch of my panties and into my very wet cunt. I was finger fucking myself while watching my sons ram Ethel from both ends.

David let fly first and filling her pussy with his sweet cream. This seemed to set off a chain reaction. Don started to jerk wildly forcing his most handsome cock even deeper into Ethel’s mouth. I had never seen another girl take a cock in her mouth before and it was both strange and exciting to watch. I have of course enjoyed oral sex but I fear never like that. Don’s heavy balls were hanging down below her chin. Ethel was moaning and wiggling her fine plump ass in time to both boys’ rhythms. All three came to a slow halt collapsing on the bed in a heap.

What took place then I am not sure? Either I scream from my own climax or they simply saw me at the door. But before I could move off to my bedroom David and Don were there by my side. With one son on either side of me guiding me toward the bed. As if I were in a trance I walked with their help and sat on the bed next to a very sweaty sexy Ethel. Both boys stood in front of me still naked and still very erect. I was thinking of my one affair and how he had stayed hard for three goes at me. Almost with out thinking I reached up and took each erection in my hands. Ethel was now reaching around me and unbuttoning my blouse.

In my state of total arousal I was unaware of my surroundings or of what I was doing. I milked each cock slowly working the foreskins back and forth over the lovely pointed cock heads. Ethel was urging me to suck their cocks. It was as if I were listing to a subliminal message from some kind of dream. Pulling them closer I took one cock and then the other into my mouth. In my dream state I heard the boys say. “Well all right Mom; suck our fucking cocks.” Ethel said, “Suck my pussy juice off those wonderful cocks.” Ethel said to the boys “Now you’re going to see just how much your mommy loves you boys. My; my; she does know how to suck a cock. Yes I would say your momma is one fine cocksucker.”

Don lifted me to my feet and both boys worked to remove my clothing. I stood naked next to my sons and it felt wonderful. I sat back down and David laid me back on the bed spreading my legs as he did. David kissed my thighs working his way up to my wet crotch. He pulled my pussy wide to let his tongue fine its way deep into my love canal.

Ethel was beside me now sucking on one my nipple while Don sucked on the other. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever envision myself doing such a thing. The extreme joy was pure heaven. I was talking and mumbling out words that made no sense as all. There was joyful babblings coming out of me beyond belief. gorukle escort Where ever this was going or where ever it was going to lead I was in for the long haul as we say. I let out a few moans telling the world that I was about to climax.

I erupted letting go with a flow of juices that more that filled David’s mouth. Don moved down and took over as David let his brother enjoy the taste of his mothers’ passion. I felt like it would never stop. Again and again I convulsed a shot of sweet fluid from my body.

That is when Ethel pushed Don out of the way and quickly covered my dripping pussy with her generous mouth. Her tongue ran like a bolt of lighting through me lapping up ever last drop of my passion. This love from all the members of my family and I include Ethel in that statement. Was more than I could stand I passed out to awaked much later in my own bed alone.

The sun had gone down and the only light was the reflection from a small night light in my bathroom. Getting up I walked on unsteady legs to the shower. Fifteen minutes later I made my way down the hall and looked in Don’s room. He was asleep on his side still naked. I smiled as I remembered patting that little butt that was now mooning me. Moving along I looked in on David he also was sleeping with a sheet over his nakedness. Ethel had her rooms down stairs off the kitchen. I did not feel like going down stairs. Returning to my bedroom I fell asleep till morning.

I woke to a call from my door way. It was Ethel smiling at me telling me breakfast was ready and the boys were already down having coffee. I got up dressed in a silk gown with matching rob. As I made my way to the bottom of the stairs I started to feel ill at ease. My feet started to slow down as I thought of facing my sons. But I knew it had to happen sooner of later.

Don and David were sitting in the booth seats out in the sunroom. Each was smiling at me and in unison they said “Hi Mom” I returned there greeting and smile. David got up came to me and guided me to his side of the booth. Ethel sat a cup of coffee in front of me. Both boys were dressed in t-shirts and shorts. Don reached a cross the table and took my hand. “Mom we love you.” David hugged me and said “We have been talking and just wanted you to know we all are so happy that you joined in our little game of love making.

I sipped my coffee and listened to the boys go on about how wonderful everything was and how much they enjoyed making love to me. I said very little till after the boys went out. Ethel sat down across from me and asked. “I never planed to let your boys make love to me it just happened one day. Then I found I enjoyed them making love to me and it has been going on for over a year. I hope you don’t think I am a bad woman for loving your boys as if they are my own?”

“Ethel it happened to me too. I was so surprised at first but once I got involved I loved every minute of it. The boys are so, well so, you know hung.” Ethel and I laughed and cried till we were almost sick. Ethel came around and hugged me. I hugged her back and then she kissed me full on the mouth.

I welcomed her tongue as it passed my lips. I sucked it into my mouth and I kissed Ethel back as she cupped my breast in her hand. I was feeling the heat of her kiss as we moved out of the kitchen and back up the stairs to my bedroom.

We were still kissing as we pulled feverishly at our clothing. I found her breasts soft and the nipples long. We fell together on the bed and Ethel rolled over on top of me. Her leg came down between my legs applying pressure to my clitoris. She squeezed my breasts hard and pulled on the nipples till they hurt. But it was a good hurt. I had never enjoyed this kind of pain before and I found it very erotic and arousing.

Ethel sat up and asked me to roll over on my stomach. I did so with out question. She sat on her knees with her legs inside my open legs so that I could not close them. She started to rub the cheeks of my ass. Then she spanked me first on one cheek and then the other. She at the same time wiggled a finger into bursa merkez escort bayan my wet pussy. Still spanking me and increasing the power with each spank. I started to feel the pain of it. But I also felt her insert a finger into my ass. It was her thumb in my ass and two fingers in my pussy and the other hand’s flat palm beating me harder. It was the strangest feeling of erotic passion and pain I had ever incurred.

My climax came on so quickly I did not know I was ready till the wetness flow from me. I was cumming and cumming like I had not done in a long time. Even more so then when my sons had screwed me last night. When I fell limp; Ethel rolled over and lay at my side. Neither of us moved for a long time. We got up and together moved to the shower.

The water was beating down on us as we kissed. I welcomed her kisses and would have been disappointed if she had not anticipated my desire for her to hug me and kiss me. I wanted to feel her ample body pressed to mine. Her tits were nearly the size of my own and we rubbed our breasts together. It was almost like an electric shock when once again she wiggled a finger up into my ass. She said “You like that don’t you?” I told her it was exciting to feel her finger in me. She laughed and said “Wait till the boys fine your tiny ass with those wonderful cock they have. You’ll love the feel of a long hard cock fucking your ass.” I thought it only proper to return the pleasure so I poked a soapy finger into her ass. She wiggled and told me to use two fingers so I did. I worked two fingers up into her tight ass and fucked her to a climax with my fingers. I also had another climax. Both of us were still dripping wet as we stumbled our way back to my bed. We were hugging and laughing when the boys came in.

Both were naked and both were sporting long hard cocks. David said “Wow, you girls have been having a ball with out us it looks like.” Don stood on my side of the bed and said “I Think it is time for me to give Mom a real treat.” Don turned me around and pulled me till my knees were off the bed. So there I was my knees on the floor my upper body still on the bed. Don got behind me on his knees and took a good grip on my hips. He pulled my cheeks so wide I felt cool air enter me.

The head of his cock was slippery and it felt wet. He had already applied a generous amount of K-Y jelly to his cock head. I was still feeling the effects of Ethel’s finger in my ass when Don pushed forward and the head of his cock slipped into my anal passage.

I had been fucked in the ass before but it had been a long time ago. This was a sensation that was all new and all arousing.

Ethel moved in front of me so her legs were open with her red pussy gapping wide ready for my mouth to cover it. David also moved into a position so Ethel could take his cock in her mouth while I eagerly licked her very juicy cunt. Don was working his cock deeper into my ass with every blow. Before long his cock was up to his balls in my ass and I was screaming with delight. Ethel started to wiggle her ass and soon gave up a climax for me to lick away. Don unloaded in my ass and David filed Ethel’s mouth.

Ethel fixed dinner and we all ate together. The boys helped clean up the kitchen. I retired to my room and soon fell asleep on my rumpled bed.

I was pretty worn out and I admit sore as hell. So for the next three days I abstained from any more sexual encounters.

Saturday morning the boys came into my room. I thought at first we were going to have a little party which I would have welcomed. But it as gong to be. They told me they were going up to our cabin at the lake.

They said they each had dates and there were three other couples joining them for the weekend. So all together there would be five couples screwing there brains out up at he cabin. I was never jealous when my husband had screwed around but I was feeling a little pang of jealousy as the boys left the house with out me.

Ethel and I stood at the back door as the boys drove out leaving us alone. Ethel patted me on the butt and said “Sally how would you like to go for a little ride?” I asked where to and she told me She wanted to go visit her brother and though t I just might enjoy meeting her family. There was a twinkle in her eye that said “We will have some fun.” I thought “God I hope her brother’s name is Rick.”

SallyForth to become part of a new family…

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