My morning with Sharon


This happened a long time ago. I was assistant manager in a fast food restaurant in rural Ohio; Sharon was just one of our hostesses and just of high school. I was maybe 28 years old. We were both unhappy. Our employees were all just kids. Some in high school, others in college, and a few were out of school, working class kids with no skills. Sharon had just started college, but went part time. Most of the kids knew her, having gone to school with her. She was a gawky kid with glasses and a large nose, and socially she was the odd one out. Our employees divided themselves in three groups. There was Sharon who was an odd duck, then there were the kids who had taunted her in school, and who continued to make fun of her. Then there were the rest of us, the minority who took no part in the fun and games. For myself, I was a complete Sex hikayeleri outsider. An over-educated guy from the east who ended up in Ohio and needed a job. So Sharon had been a plain girl. Actually, she had a decent figure with large breasts, and her plain face wasn’t half bad. And she clearly noticed the effect her figure had on men, and so she started to experiment with more provocative clothes and makeup. Since her breasts were he best asset, she wore tops which showed a lot of cleavage; she also would wear filmy tops, and would wear them with a dark brassiere that also showed off her breasts. Of course, the kids didn’t notice, but I did. Regardless of her attractiveness (and for men, breasts generally win our attention) I would have treated her well anyway. With her loneliness and figure, it was natural Sikiş hikayeleri that we would cling to each other. I didn’t plan to have an affair, but I was in a sexless marriage, so it was inevitable. Our affair was brief; it ended when I was transferred to another store. I didn’t keep in touch. Sharon sent me a card once, and my wife took it badly, but that was that. So what did we do? At first we flirted. At least Sharon did. I was a pretty awkward young man and didn’t recognize flirting for what it was. Still, I paid attention, and Sharon enjoyed it. Working in close quarters, we bumped into each other more and more. Bumping into someone is inevitable in a fast food environment as you rush around reaching for this or that, as you pack orders. At the time, I didn’t understand that Sharon was allowing Erotik hikaye me to bump into her, in fact making herself available. It was intentional, but I didn’t realize that till now. As for her breasts, they were noticeable. Reasonably large, and since she was young, they didn’t sag – and when she moved, they bounced noticeably bouncy. Her work uniform may have been modest, but she came to work in street clothes and left the same way (and changed in the stock room). So even while she was in uniform, I held the image of her in her street clothes. I’m sure she noticed. Not that my penis was sticking straight out, but I’m sure she could tell that it had grown in my pants. This was another thing I didn’t know at the time. Girls pay attention to our penises. At least if they don’t hate us. I believe she was flattered by my penis’s approval. Ok, the affair. As I said, it was brief, and here is how it started. One Saturday morning, Sharon was the morning hostess (we were a small store, and for most of the time is was just the manager and a hostess, with an extra host and cook for dinner hour.

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