My Mature Mom Ch. 02


As we sat at the kitchen table naked having dinner I asked her more questions about my dad and their sex life and did she like how he had treated her and was he a good husband. She explained that she had enjoyed their sexual adventures and sometimes she would pick out who she wanted to have sex with. It excited her to know that my dad enjoyed watching her while she was having sex with men and women.

Mom told how one of dad’s friends would fuck her pussy, while another of his friends would fuck her ass at the same time, she went on to tell me how much she had loved having two cocks inside her at the same time and sometimes she would suck someone’s cock as the two men fucked her.

“Jeff you have to understand I loved being the center of attention,” she told me.

I said. “Mom I wished I had got a chance to watch you with others too.”

“Oh really.” was her reply, then she asked me. “Did you have anyone in mind?”

“No not really.” I told her.

“Jeff would you like me to bring someone home to fuck while you watched us?” mom asked.

“Would you really like to do that?” I asked her.

“Yes if you want me too.” was her reply.

“Mom do you still like other woman.” I asked.

“Yes I do but it’s been years.” she told me.

Just then my mobile phone rang, it was my wife Debbie, and she asked. “Jeff, how is your mother, how are you two getting along with each other.”

“Mom is fine and were getting on great, were talking about the old days,” I told my wife as I smiled at mom.

After, I finished my phone with my wife, mom asked. “Are you going to tell Debbie all about what has happened today?”

“Yes I will mom; I will tell her everything we have done.” I told her.

“Won’t she be upset?” Mom asked.

“Not at all, in fact Debbie will be excited with what has happened.” I explained and went on to tell her, “We have swinged with others before, and have others we regularly fuck.”

I reached out and kissed my mother and squeezed her breasts and run my hand down over her now bald slit and said. “Mom your pussy is soaking wet.”

“Yes our talk as brought a lot of wonderful memories back to me,” said my mother.

“Let’s go back to the bedroom,” I said taking her by her hand.

After I had fucked my mother again, and she had given me another incredible head job and I ate and licked her cum filled pussy, giving her another orgasm we both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning as mom was in the kitchen making us a coffee, I sent a text message to Debbie telling her to come straight over to my mother’s place and come in without knocking. I received a text back saying she will be there in thirty minutes.

After taking a shower I entered the kitchen still naked, Mom bursa anal yapan escort had showered earlier and had wrapped a towel around her body. We sat there having our coffee and chatted some more about what we both liked sexually.

Our chat had caused my cock to become hard and mom started playing with my hard cock. After I removed the towel from around her body, I took her into the lounge and began to kiss and fondling her breasts, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and gave it a bite making her squeal. I sat down on the couch and had her straddle my thighs and she lower herself onto my hard cock with her back resting against my chest.

With my cock inside her she began to bounce up and down on my cock trying to make my cock go deeper, I reached around her and squeeze and pinch her nipples with one hand while my other hand’s fingers rubbed the top of her slit and over her clit making her moan louder and louder. I could feel her juices running out her and all over my cock as she began to bounce up and down on my cock faster as she screamed that she was cumming.

I heard a noise and looked up to see my wife Debbie standing there watching us, holding her dress up with one hand and her other hand inside her panties fingering herself, when my mother saw Debbie approaching us at first she was shocked, then when she saw the smile on Debbie’s face and watched as Debbie’s dress dropped to the floor and Debbie remove her bra. My mother smiled as gazed upon her daughter-in-law’s small breasts. After Debbie had lowered her panties down around her ankles and had kicked them off, she stood there naked in front of my mother.

Mom reached out to hold of my wife’s hands and pulled her closer and gave her a passionate kiss, mom just sat there still impaled on my hard cock. It was only after I started to rock my hips, that mom remember that I was fucking her and she started to bounce up and down again and pushed my wife down to her knees.

Debbie knew what was expected and began licking her mother in law’s wet pussy as I continued fucking my mother. My mother squealed as my wife’s tongue flicked over her clit, and I started to shoot another of load of cum into my mother’s pussy. My mother screams that she is having another orgasm and her juices mixed with my cum squirt all over my wife’s face.

Debbie stood up and lifted my mother of my flaccid cock, and they embraced like long-lost friends, they kissed and roamed their hands all over each other’s bodies. My mother took one of my wife’s nipples into her mouth and began to suck and bite on it; Debbie started to moan as my mother’s fingers began fingering her pussy, sending her over the edge. My wife started to orgasm as she was being fucked hard by my bursa eskort mother’s fingers, after her orgasm my wife collapsed down beside me.

“Surprise,” I said as I reached over and gave her a kiss.

She kissed me back and said. “Jeff, what a lovely surprise, I wasn’t expecting this when you told me to come straight over.”

My mother wanted more of my wife’s juices and she dropped to her knees and began licking her daughter-in-law’s pussy sucking up the juices that flowed out of her. Debbie pleaded that she had enough, mom didn’t listen she just kept licking and flicking her tongue over Debbie’s clit, and it was as if she was making up for lost time.

I pulled my wife’s head towards my cock, and pushed my cock into her mouth, she tried to suck my cock but my mother was making it difficult as she kept licking her pussy. Debbie let my cock fall out her mouth as her body started to shake, she was having another massive orgasm and my mother just continued to drive my wife to another climax. Debbie tried to lift my mother’s mouth of her pussy but mom just kept licking and flicking her tongue over my wife’s love bud. Finally, mom stopped and laid back against the couch exhausted and gasping for breath.

I still wasn’t finished my cock was still hard and I had the perfect place for it, I lifted my mom up onto her feet I laid her over the couch armrest, her ass was sticking up in the air. I had a tube of lube I had gotten from my wife’s hand bag and as I spread it all over and around my mother’s anus she knew what was about to happen, and she parted her legs far apart. I my lubed up my finger and pushed it into her tight asshole and gave it a wiggle and a few pumps, a minute later I added another finger and was fucking my mother’s asshole with two of my fingers, then I added another finger, now I was finger fucking my mother’s asshole with three of my fingers.

As soon as my mother’s asshole was loose enough I pressed my fat cock head against her puckered hole and with a little pressure my cock popped inside her ass. I pushed my cock further in and could immediately feel mom’s ass muscles tightening around my cock. When my cock was fully inside my mother’s ass, I left it there deep in her ass for a moment, then I withdrew and thrust my cock back inside her ass, in and out, again and again I drove my cock into her ass.

Mom screamed. “Oh Jeff that feels fucking great, it’s just like how your father fucked my ass, I have missed having my ass fucked, Jeff fuck your mother’s ass harder.”

I slammed my cock into her ass as hard as I could over and over, my balls were slapping against the cheeks of her ass and it wasn’t long before my cock erupted and started to fill my mother’s bowels with my hot sticky bursa escort kızlar cum. I looked over Debbie and gave her a smile as I watched her furiously fingering herself as she watched me.

My wife suddenly screamed loudly as she started to have an orgasm, my mother turned her head and we watched as my wife squirted a stream of her juices all over the carpet. After I had slipped my limp cock from my mother’s ass there was a mixture of fluids flowing out of her asshole, I grabbed a towel and wiped my cock clean and then wiped around my mother’s asshole letting the mixture of fluids run into the towel.

Debbie took my mother’s hand and said. “Let’s get you cleaned up,” and led my mother into the bathroom to have a shower.

I heard them both giggling like teens and as they both washed each other. When they came back into the lounge they were holding each other’s hand like lovers, I watched as Debbie sat my mother down and pushed her thighs apart, she reached into her handbag and pulled out a large rubber dildo and pushed it into my mother’s pussy, she then began pumping the dildo in and out of my mother making my mother scream out and moan with pleasure.

After a few minutes my wife removed the dildo from my mother and pushed the dildo deep into her own pussy. I moved down to between my mother’s open thighs and licked my mother’s bald slit from top to bottom over and over, when her clit popped out from under its hood I flicked it with my tongue several times then sucked my mother’s love bud into my mouth causing my mother’s body to shake and for her to start squealing. My mother grabbed my head and pushed my mouth harder against her pussy as her juices again started to flow.

Debbie still using the dildo on herself and pulled my mother’s mouth onto her small breast my mother took Debbie’s nipple into her mouth and began suckling on my wife’s breast like a newborn baby, when my mother bit my wife’s nipple, Debbie squealed loudly and pressed down on my mother’s head.

I sat up and watched as they kissed and cuddled each other as if they were lovers, their hands roamed over each other’s bodies and down over each other, they fingered each other as they kissed passionately and wrestling with each other’s tongue in their mouths. I knew my wife loved being with other females and it was easy to tell that my mother did too. My cock wasn’t getting any harder, I had worn it out, and there was no way that I could keep up with these two sex crazed females, the two women I loved.

I would need help to satisfy them both and as I watched them move into a 69 position on the floor in front of me and begin licking and eating each other. Even watching them enjoying each other wasn’t enough to stir my cock and no matter how much I stroked my cock it wasn’t about to become hard anytime soon.

It was then that I remember that my wife and I had been invited to a party with our friends tonight, it was a swingers party and I was sure that my mother would enjoy going with us, after all she did tell me she was loved being the center of attention and I knew our friends would enjoy having her there.

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