My Husband’s Best Friend


For years, I had been in a great marriage with my husband and two kids. I had everything I wanted and needed, at least from an outside perspective. What nobody seemed to notice was that I was often lonely with my husband consumed by his job and my kids involved in a variety of extracurricular activities. There was nobody I could complain to, I had it better than most, and didn’t want to seem ungrateful.More than the loneliness, it was my unfulfilled sexual desires that frustrated me and made me wish for a different life. Before getting knocked up by my husband, I had been very outgoing and even promiscuous. I wasn’t built for the housewife role. It made me feel like a bird trapped in a cage.I spent my days tidying up the house, running the usual errands, working out and milking several orgasms out of my clitoris when the frustration pent up. I owned a drawer full of sex toys, so I could use a different one every time, but it just wasn’t the same as having real sex.It wasn’t until my thirty-fourth birthday that things changed when Dan brought me a gift on behalf of my husband. I greeted him sınırsız gaziantep escort at the door after showering, with only a towel wrapped around my body.”Happy birthday. Just dropping this off,” he said, handing me the gift box.He was my husband’s best friend, who I had just happened to fuck back in college during a drunken night and who still gave me lascivious looks. The odd time we were alone with each other, he never failed to sprinkle flirting and compliments into our conversations.”Thank you, Dan,” I said.”I, er, got time for a coffee,” he said.”Look at me, I’m not even dressed, but nice try,” I said, flashing a smile.”You got too much on if I’m honest,” he said, placing his hand on the door frame.The good wife in me had been in control of years but my depraved side saw an opportunity and seized it, leaving me at the mercy of my carnal desires.”Come in, I got something for you,” I said, biting my lower lip as the last bit of hesitation disappeared.I longed for attention and excitement in my life and was too gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan weak to turn him away this time. I let him in and dropped my towel as I bent over to place my husband’s gift on the living room table.He eagerly pinned me down on the couch, alternating his mouth on my nipples and kissing his way down until his breath was directly over my swollen labia. He spread my legs open and teased me by kissing around my pussy. once he saw my juices drool out, he buried his face between my thighs. He licked, flicked and swirled his tongue all around my hotness, moaning as he savored my taste. I closed my eyes and used his tongue like a sex toy, pressing on the back of his head when I wanted a certain spot stimulated.He pressed his flat tongue against my sphincter and licked all the way up to my engorged clitoris. He traced circles around it, then sucked on it, flooding his mouth with my nectar. This was his way of giving my convulsing pussy a break while continuing to pleasure me.He stood up, reached gaziantep sınırsız escort forward to align his mouth with mine. I opened wide and stuck my tongue out, inviting him to spit my own sex juices into my mouth. He did just that, allowing me to taste the fruit of my depravity.”I can tell he doesn’t eat your pussy,” he said, returning to his position.I swallowed the result of my lustfulness and asked, “Yeah, how would you know?””You wouldn’t be this fucking wet,” he said.He was right, my husband wasn’t the type to go down and satisfy my cravings. In fact, while he made me feel loved, he didn’t make me feel desired.I held my legs open for him this time, which freed up his hands to fondle my breasts and pinch my erect nipples. He continued edging me with his tongue until I was squirming and begging for more.Suddenly, the stimulation stopped. I looked down between my legs, clenching my holes as I watched him remove his clothes and spring his cock free.He positioned himself between my legs and placed his length on top of my abdomen to show me how deep it would go.”You remember what it feels like?” he asked, simulating a fucking motion that made his tip graze my belly button.Before I could respond, my pussy did so for me, contracting and letting out another stream of juices.He ran his tip along the length of my slit and tapped it over my clit. He repeated that several times, making me squirm with anticipation. I dug my fingernails into my thighs and urged him by spreading my legs wider.

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