My Hot Neighbours Ch. 02

Big Tits

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Dani is the narrator in all my stories. Dani’s thoughts.

In this story I have skipped ahead two years. Everyone in this story is 18 and over.

The weekend was here and Jake was in control. Jake has a big surprise for us this weekend, he has a girlfriend.

Jake’s girlfriend’s name is Tanya; she has brown hair and DD breasts. Jake goes and answers the door and asks Tanya to undress, then they walk out to the pool where all us girls are swimming in the pool.

Mom looks up in shock, “My boy has a girlfriend!”

“Are you going to introduce us Jake?” Sam asked.

“This is my girlfriend Tanya and she will be spending the weekend with us. As it happens this will be a long weekend. Tanya is also bisexual.

Tanya and Jake jump into the pool and group hug everyone. The hug turned into a threesome between Tanya, Jane and I. Tanya licked our pussies and sucked on our boobs. She gave Jane and I orgasms right there in the pool

“I have never seen Jane’s nipples so erect.”

Jane and I pushed Tanya up against the side of the pool and went down on her together until she came; that Jake made sure landed on his chest for Tanya to eat off him.

Meanwhile Gaziantep Yabancı Escort Sam was having her way with Kim, Meg and Jill. As the four of them rubbed their boobs together and dived down into the pool to eat each other’s pussies.

Crystal had Mom lying down in her favorite chair and Mom watched us have sex, while Crystal was giving her orgasm after orgasm.

Tanya drove Jane wild, as she got out of the pool wiggling her butt in front of Jane.

Jane said, “Babe I would even have a threesome with Jake if it meant having sex with you regularly.”

That is big for Jane, as she has no interest in boys fucking her.

That had Jake’s full attention.

Tanya went too lay beside Jake, on her back, of course, with her legs spread, fingering herself.

“Jane would you mind rubbing your boobs on my pussy?” Tanya asked.

Mom and Crystal were a bit surprised by how forward Tanya is.

“Sure thing,” Jane replied.

It made Jake as hard as a rock watching Jane pleasure Tanya.

I wanted in on the action and rubbed my pussy against Jane’s ass and started to finger her.

Kim saw how hard Jake was and gave him a blowjob, than rubbed her boobs on Jakes cock.

Jake said, “Ok ladies, it is time for some face sitting! We need to thank Kim and Jane.”

Jane wasted no time and sat on Tanya’s face.

Tanya gave Jane the pussy eating of her life and got covered with Jane’s juices.

Kim sat on Jakes face and Jake slowly licked and kissed Kim’s pussy.

Jake also had both of Kim’s hands wrapped around his cock and she gave him a hand job, Jake had stream after stream of his cum landing all over Kim.

That drove Tanya wild to see Kim covered in her man’s cum and while covered with Jane’s pussy juice, Tanya sucked and kissed Jake’s cum off her body.

As I looked around I saw the effect Tanya was having on everybody. I wondered what had got into them.

Jane and I went and fisted each other in the shower, watching the action through the big glass door.

Watching all that sex and hot wet naked bodies out by the pool made Jane and I hungry.

“I could not believe how wet it made my pussy to see my own family not only naked but having sex.”

“I was even jealous of Crystal fucking Mom!”

“What has gotten into me?”

Jane and I covered each other with chocolate sauce and bought food back out to the pool for everyone.

Tanya licked her lips. “Chocolate my favorite.”

Tanya said, “Kim you fuck Dani! Jane promised Jake and Me a threesome. Where is the CHOCOLATE SAUCE!”

I had never had sex with Kim before.

Kim asked me to relax in her chair and she softly ran her slender fingers over my slit, then put two fingers inside my pussy.

“Wow your wet, Dani!” Kim said.

Then she collected some of the chocolaty mess from around my pussy and licked her fingers while they were covered with my wetness and chocolate sauce. Kim then lowered her tongue between my legs and worked her way up and down my body and kissed and sucked all of the chocolate sauce on my body.

Meanwhile Tanya come back with the bottle of chocolate sauce and asked Jill to help cover her with chocolate sauce while she watched her man eating Jane’s pussy.

“God this is hot,” Tanya said, “My man is having his way with a lesbian.”

Jill rolled her fingers over Tanya’s nipples as she felt her nipples becoming harder and harder, while Tanya was completely covered with chocolate sauce.

Tanya said, “Thank you Jill, I am ready for my threesome.”

Tanya lowered her wet juicy pussy onto Jane’s boobs and watched closely as her man ate Jane’s pussy. Than Jake licked and kissed all of the Chocolate sauce off both Tanya and Jane. After a while they changed rolls and Jane sat on Tanya’s boobs and grinded her wet pussy on Tanya’s tits and covered Tanya with her pussy juice, while Jake bought Tanya to an orgasm.

After Tanya had her orgasm, it was finally time for lunch.

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