My Father’s Office


“You’ve got the job. You start tomorrow at 8am. Please don’t be late.” Said the voice on the answering machine.

Cindy screamed! She was so happy. This would be her first real job at a real company. No more serving pizza at the local shop. The best part of all though, was that it was her daddy’s company. He had no idea that she was going to be working with him. She hoped that he would be happy.

Cindy was 21, tall, well built, and was a very sexy woman. She had large breasts with big nipples, a thin waist, flat stomach, and nice full hips. She had died her hair blonde but was very conservative. The next morning, Cindy threw on her coat and headed out to her first day of work. She parked her Toyota in the parking lot and walked into the building.

Cindy gave her name to the receptionist and took a seat in the waiting area. It wasn’t long before a very busty redhead came in and introduced herself as Millie. “Honey, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Follow me.” Millie was tall with Thick, curly, red hair and breasts the size of melons. Cindy followed the sexy redhead obediently.

Millie’s office suite was small with only two rooms, but she kept it fairly well decorated. Cindy looked around and had a seat across from Millie. “Am I going to be working for you?” She asked.

“Oh no honey. I’m afraid you are going to be working in the sales department. I’m just going to help you with some paperwork and I wanted to give you some advice also.” Millie offered.

“Some of those old dogs in the sales department can be very rough on the new girls. They end up scaring all of them away actually.” Millie told her. “If you ever feel uncomfortable or need to talk you can always come down to see me or call my extension.” She offered. “I see on your resume that you are a pro. You look a bit inexperienced to me but we’ll see.”

After fifteen minutes or so, Cindy had finished her paperwork and was ready to head to the dreaded sales department. Millie had scared her a little bit, but Cindy was determined to do what ever it took to keep this job even if it meant working for a mean boss. Cindy wondered if Millie considered her dad a sales dog. He ran the whole sales department after all!


As Cindy rode up the elevator to the sales department, she looked over to the mirrored wall and was surprised at the image reflecting back at her. Her v-neck top was a bit too tight and really accentuated her amazing cleavage. Her skirt was very short and tight also. She wondered if she had gone a bit too far in trying to dress sexy this morning. “This should soften those old dogs a bit.” Cindy said out loud.

Cindy exited the elevator and turned down the hall. She was looking for Bill Smith’s office. He was going to be her direct supervisor. Bill’s office was the third door on the left. She knocked on the door but there was no answer. Cindy decided to just open the door. She walked inside Bill’s spacious office and over to his desk.

“You are one sexy bitch,” said a deep voice behind her. The door slammed shut.

The voice startled Cindy and she jumped with fright. A big mean-looking man was standing just inside the doorway holding a clipboard. He had dark skin under a thick mop of gray hair and a large scar from his left cheek to his chin. He wasn’t very handsome, but the scar gave him a dangerous look that she found exciting. Underneath a cheap suit was what looked like a very muscular body.

Cindy looked around for another way out. She felt very self-conscious before this stranger. She grabbed a notebook off the desk and held it over her chest.

The man laughed and grabbed the notebook out of her hands, tossing it aside. “Why so shy Cindy?” he asked. “It’s not like your hiding anything I haven’t seen before. Besides, you know what I want.”

Cindy gulped and stood up straight. “No,” she said, she had no idea what he was talking about. Standing before this large man with her massive chest practically straining to escape her top had her feeling strange. Her nipples were rock hard and she could feel herself getting moist.

“Ok,” said the man taking off his blazer. “You were hired for one reason. That reason is employee moral.” He walked up to her and rested his hands on her shoulders. “Time to make me feel good about my job.” Bill said as he began pushing down with increasing strength until Cindy fell to her knees before him. She was staring right at his zipper.

He reached down and unbuckled his belt, pulling it through the loops. “You do the rest,” he said.

The man wanted her to take down his pants, but what on earth for? Cindy kneeled in shock, until the man ordered her to hurry up. His hands were still on her shoulders and his grip started tightening.

Cindy swallowed nervously and then reached out and unbuttoned his trousers. Her hands were shaking as she grabbed his zipper and slowly pulled it down, holding her hands out to avoid contact with his crotch.

When the flaps of his pants were hanging open, she pulled down bursa escort his trousers. As her eyes traveled back up his hairy legs, and they opened wide when she got to his crotch.

The man was wearing green briefs. They were tight and bulging out obscenely. She could see the outline of a very impressive looking cock and two large balls under his underwear. She looked away from his crotch in confusion. The man looked a lot bigger then any of her boyfriends in college.

“Come on Cindy,” said the man impatiently. “What are you waiting for? Don’t act shy now. You knew what the job entailed when you applied didn’t you?”

Cindy actually had no idea what he was talking about or what she had missed during her interview processes.

Cindy reached up with both hands and grabbed the waistband of his briefs. The man’s large cock twitched as she pulled his underwear out and then swiftly yanked them down.

The fattest cock she could have imagined jumped out of his underwear. It wasn’t fully erect, but it was a little swollen as it hung at half-mast before her face. As she stared at it, the thing grew a little more until it stood straight out pointing at her face. Bill’s cock was impossibly thick. The head of the man’s cock was as big as a golf ball.

“What are you waiting for Cindy? Suck my cock.” Bill commanded.

His shout startled her and she jumped. The man’s harsh language frightened her. Cindy hadn’t even imagined performing such a disgusting sexual act. Where these the kind of men her dad worked with?

She was about to stop this from going any further and calling Millie, when the man roughly grabbed the back of her head and pulled her forward into his crotch. The man’s large penis slid along her cheek until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. He smelled of sweat, but it wasn’t offensive, it made him smell manly.

“Come on Cindy, kiss my cock.”

Cindy felt a shiver travel up her spine. She had never been treated like this by anyone and it excited her. She puckered her lips and kissed the base of his penis. She had never done anything like this; she hadn’t even touched her last boyfriend’s penis except to guide it inside her during sex.

She kissed it again and the man relaxed his grip so that she could kiss her way up his penis, her mind screaming no, but her body responding to this strange situation. Cindy was sopping wet between her legs. She decided to go through with it. She kissed her way up to the tip of his cock and then she felt moisture on her lips when she kissed the slit on the tip. The thing was oozing precum. She kissed the tip again and held her lips on the head as she stared up at the man. He grinned down at her, a triumphant smirk on his face and said, “Now lick it.”

Cindy slipped her tongue out between her lips and flicked it across the tip of his cock. Bill’s cock jerked at her touch and he groaned. She licked out again this time circling the head of his penis. She moved her lips down his shaft, licking out and touching every inch. He helped her by lifting it up so that she could lick down the underside of his shaft.

“Lick my balls slut,” he said.

Cindy only hesitated a split second before obeying him. She held her tongue out and ran it over his hairy balls. They were also a lot bigger then any of her previous boyfriends, they hung heavy and low, filled with cum.

“Enough, now suck it.” He commanded.

Cindy moved her mouth up the shaft and kissed the head again. This time she pushed forwards, her lips parting as she swallowed the fat head into her mouth.

Cindy pushed several inches into her mouth and sucked on the tip like a lollipop. This really wasn’t too bad. It was fun even.

Cindy pushed another inch into her mouth. She felt the head poking at her throat and she gagged.

Cindy suppressed her gag reflex and swallowed again, this time taking more then half his throbbing cock in her mouth. The head entered her throat, the flared ridge scraping along the top as she swallowed even more of his large shaft.

She felt the need to come up for air and slid his cock out of her throat, gasping for air. Her hand automatically began stroking his cock to keep him aroused and hard.

She took a deep breath and swallowed the Bill’s cock again. This time she began breathing steadily through her nose as she focused on swallowing the whole thing. She didn’t know what he meant by being a pro, but she wasn’t going to disappoint he boss on her first day of work.

She pushed down feeling the head once again penetrate her throat. This time she didn’t stop at six inches, instead she took a deep breath through her nose and fell forward until his pubic hair tickled her nose.

“That’s better slut, now suck that big cock.”

Cindy began bobbing her head along his shaft. She increased her speed, as her throat grew accustomed to the large invader. Bill groaned from time to time and he began bucking his hips. His penis seemed to grow altıparmak escort even bigger in her throat. Cindy suddenly realized the man was about to orgasm. He was actually about to shoot his seed into her mouth. She hadn’t thought that far ahead. The thought horrified her, but as she reluctantly slid her mouth off the man’s penis, he grabbed the back of her head and held it still as he came in her mouth.

The strength and amount of his cum caught her off guard. First the head seemed to swell and then it jerked as her mouth filled with his eruption of cum. She tried to spit it out, but her new boss held her head still until she was forced to swallow it to make room for his second load. She swallowed three mouthfuls of sperm before the he finally released her head. However, instead of backing off, she held her lips over the tip and tried to suck out even more sperm. She continued to suck on his cock until he pulled it out of her mouth.

“That was good baby, I think we’re going to keep you around.” Bill said pulling her to her feet. He began running his hands over her breasts, hips, and down her belly. “God you have a hot body. The boss is gonna love you.”

Cindy was still in a daze about sucking off this man she just met and finding that she enjoyed it, even enjoyed swallowing his sperm. Now she was wondering what her father would think if he found out about this. She was actually aroused by the thought.

Cindy stared at Bill adoringly as the man stood up and pulled up his pants. Bill returned her loving stare with an arrogant sneer as he reached in his pocket and tossed a small book beside her. This is your appointment book, now you’d better be at Big Jim’s office in 15 minutes.” Then he walked out the door.

Cindy couldn’t take her eyes off him until he was gone Bill had given Cindy her first load of cum, and she loved it.

After sucking off her new Bill, Cindy had gone to the restroom and freshened up.

Cindy frantically ran around the big sales department looking for Big Jim’s office. She finally found his office with one minute to spare. Cindy clenched her fist and knocked lightly. “Who is it?” yelled a voice from the office.

“It’s Cindy the new girl,” said Cindy.

The door was yanked open and Cindy found herself staring at a greasy little Italian guy. He was probably her height, though she was taller in her heels. The man was probably about fifty with silver streaks in his hair. He had a huge beer belly and his shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a very hairy chest and several large gold chains.

“Well, well, well,” said Big Jim. “I didn’t expect to see someone so young and pretty here. I thought we ran off all the college girls.” he chuckled before pulling her into his office

“It’s time to get to work.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Come suck my cock.”

Cindy didn’t like that idea too much, but for some reason the thought of blowing two strangers in one day had her pussy gushing.

“Come on baby we don’t have all day,” said Jim. “Are you repulsed by me?”

“No.” said Cindy as she slowly walked towards the man. Her inhibitions were disappearing as she fell to her knees between the spread legs of Big Jim.

Cindy smiled. An impressive bulge was growing under the man’s slacks. Her hands were shaking as she unbuckled his belt and pulled it out through the loops. She then unbuttoned his pants and slowly pulled the zipper down.

The man raised his hips long enough for her to pull his pants down around his ankles. When she looked up the tip of a very long cock was sticking out of his boxers. Her eyes widened when she saw it and his boxers quickly joined his pants around his ankles.

His cock stood out proudly from his crotch. It was about ten inches long, even bigger then the man earlier, though Jim wasn’t nearly as thick.

“What do you think? Big enough for you?” He asked.

“It’s beautiful,” she said staring at it. Cindy grabbed the base. Her fingers barely touched as they encircled it. She brought her head forward and kissed the tip before licking around the head of the man’s cock.

Cindy wrapped her lips around the head. She wondered what her dad would think if he were to walk in now.

“Well your lips sure look good wrapped around my big dick,” he said as he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off.

Cindy’s lips were busy slurping on the head of his cock so she didn’t answer, she just nodded, which resulted in her bobbing her head over several inches of cock and Big Jim groaned with delight.

She relaxed her throat and began swallowing his cock. The guy earlier had been good practice for her and she easily swallowed eight inches. Jim’s ten-inch cock provided her with a new challenge and with a little extra effort she pushed down until her nose touched his hairy crotch.

Cindy began bobbing her head rapidly up and down his cock. She tightened her lips and was rewarded by a big groan from görükle escort Jim as he began bucking his hips, ramming his cock into her mouth. From time to time his large, sweaty belly would rub the top of her head. That just made Cindy more aroused.

She heard another groan of satisfaction and was surprised to find that it was coming from deep in her own throat. Why did she enjoy giving blowjobs so much? Why did she enjoy being treated like a whore? Why was her belly growling at the thought of swallowing his hot sperm?

“God damn I knew you would be good,” said Big Jim grabbing the sides of her head and fucking her mouth.

Jim’s cock was swelling rapidly and with a jerk that she felt in her mouth, he shot his first load against the back of her throat. She wanted to taste it, so she pulled her head up and caught his second wad in her mouth, rolling his hot seed around on her tongue before swallowing it. When Jim was finished cumming, he pulled her to her feet and flicked up her top so that he could play with her breasts.

“My god those are huge,” said Jim just before he bent down and sucked a nipple into her mouth. It grew to the size of a pencil eraser as he bit and sucked on it.

Cindy moaned and grabbed the back of his head as he sucked on her nipples. One skillful hand was working its way under her skirt, pushing aside her panties, and fingering her slit until she started humping his hand.

Cindy moaned with frustration when he suddenly stood up and spun her around. Jim roughly forced her down over his desk, mashing her breasts against the wood and her ass was thrust up above her arched back. Cindy felt his cock pushing against her labia and with one powerful push; he thrust his entire cock deep into her pussy where no man had ever gone before. Cindy screamed as his cock triggered a large orgasm.

“Fuck me good,” she cried pushing her ass back into his cock. “I love your big cock. Fuck my pussy.”

“You’ll have to wait another time for that., ” He said pulling his cock out. “I’m just lubricating my dick up so I can fuck your ass.”

Cindy’s eyes opened wide and as she felt his cock sliding between her ass cheeks, she thought, ‘Oh no.”

Cindy felt Jim slide his long cock down her crack until the head was touching her rectum. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined people did this sort of thing. If she had she would have been thoroughly disgusted with the idea, now she wanted to do whatever would please Big Jim. As the head began pushing against her ass, she knew one thing, she was glad he wasn’t as thick as Bill.

Her sphincter seemed reluctant at first, and then it slowly opened for the invader. Cindy gritted her teeth and grabbed the edge of the desk as her ass hole stretched open to accommodate his girth, then thankfully slowly closed around the head of his cock.

“God damn you’re tight,” said Jim. “This is harder then I thought. You’d better hang on.”

Big Jim put his hands on her cheeks and spread her wide open as he began pushing more of his cock in. Cindy had never felt so full and he was only half in. Jim continued his relentless advance deep into her ass and she was surprised to find that her ass was growing accustomed to his cock even before she felt his balls gently slap against her thighs as he buried it to the hilt.

She was breathing heavily from the pressure and Jim gave her a minute to get used to it. Jim began slowly withdrawing his cock until just the head was in, then he pushed it back in. He began a long leisurely fuck of her ass.

“This is the best anal sex I ever had Cindy,” said Jim sighing with pleasure. “Your ass is like a vice.”

“You like my big cock don’t you?” asked Jim picking up speed.

“Yes, god yes,” moaned Cindy. “I love your cock. Fuck my ass.” She was squirming around his cock wishing she could get a hand between her legs to finger her pussy.

“Ugh ugh,” she grunted. Jim was fucking her ass hard now. It seemed to last forever, probably because he had come earlier. Finally, Jim gave a hard thrust and she felt his cock spurt cum deep into her ass. The cock spasmed and spit out another large wad and then a third. It was still oozing sperm as it began to shrivel in her ass and he slowly pulled it out.

“Hurry up and get yourself back together. You only got a few minutes till you meet the boss.”

Cindy sighed and stood up, feeling semen squish around in her ass. She didn’t know what he was talking about, but she quickly got dressed. As she was heading out the door he called, “I’ll be expecting to see you again later this week.”

“No problem,” she replied with a smile. Cindy was starting to think that she was going to like working here.

Cindy left Big Jim’s office and wandered down the hall. Suddenly, a giant black guy emerged from a side room stuffing a monstrous cock in his pants. He smiled at Cindy as he looked her up and down and headed past her down the hall.

Cindy wondered what that was about when she saw Millie emerge a few moments later from the same room. “Hi Millie.” Said Cindy.

“Hi girl.” Millie countered as she resituated her giant melons and scooped an errant strand of cum off of her face with her index finger. “Are you having as much fun as me today?” She asked. “From the glow on your face I would say you are!”

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