My English Lilly Ch. 07


Waking up, hearing my phone going nuts ringing and ringing my alert tone for my unit. I groggily answered to hear that I was need back early. They told me there was a briefing at 1400 the next day meaning I had to change my departure time to this night instead of in the morning.

So, on the phone to check departure times and availability, really hoping I could keep a sleeper berth for the trip as Lilly had decided to ride back with me and get an early start for her School the next day.

Fortunately, we were able to book the 1 a.m. train and same sleeper berth.

We spent the day taking one last stroll and tourist tour of parts of the city less toured, having a nice lunch, and an ale or 3.

Then back to the flat to make sure we both had packed properly after laying out clothes for the trip and clothes for the evening.

As we finished up we found ourselves wrapped up in each other’s arms on the sofa, kissing, petting, and just enjoying our time and closeness. I’m sure she like me was reflecting on the past few days and the orgasmic wonders we had.

Of course, the kissing and petting evolved into passion, and we ended up making love on the sofa hot fast passionate love.

Our bodies intertwined tongues exploring all the places we had already explored many times over as if the first time.

I was nibbling sucking on one of her breasts as she sunk her fingernails into my back, humping hard against one another.

We made our way to the bed, passion taking us over realizing this was the last time here in her Flat for a little while, as I had ti be back at base and her back at school.

Once in the bed first me laying half on top kissing her mouth, her neck nibbling her ear lobe. Not the hard abandoned sex we had been having several times a day but slow passionate caring sex as the future was unclear.

She was caressing my chest arching up to meet my tender yet passionate mouth, her hands running fingers and nails down my back.

Groans and Moans filling the room, passion slowly building as we enjoyed each other as we explored.

Me stroking deep inside her long, deep strokes stretching her wide, so wet, so tight the quivering and clenching feeling somewhat zayıf gaziantep escort different.

Our Eyes locked on each other’s as we made love possibly the first time we had been making love instead of just having pure carnal sex we had been enjoying.

Somehow something had changed in us over the last few days, and the knowledge that we would see each other less causing us to want to really feel each other.

With a deep, deep moan, she began cumming all over my thickness, clenching and quivering tightly around me, suddenly unable to hold back I began the orgasmic explosion into her.

We collapsed together our bodies melted together in one beautiful pile and slept an hr or so.

Waking up we quickly went and showered being careful not excite each other so we wouldn’t be late for the train.

Grabbing our bags, we rushed to the train showing our tickets and heading down the aisle to the sleeper we had reserved, stowing out luggage, looking around the berth seeing how the bed laid down. Settling onto the bench cuddling, kissing waiting for the inevitable knock on the door as tickets were double checked and the slow begin of the wheels beginning the clickity clacking on the rails.

We talked about different Cafe’s and Diners Pubs near the absence she liked, and how close to base her dorm was and the nearby Hotels and BnB’s. Our thoughts on different things in the future and that as soon as I could, I would text and call, but unsure when I would be able to.

The conductor came by, that inevitable knock we knew would come. Our tickets now checked, we settled down on the fold down bench/bed kisses coming tenderly, knowing this might be the last we saw each other for a while.

Our hands wandering along each other’s flesh, feeling teasing each other’s most sensitive spots, we had learned over the past days. Slowly passion filled touches, kisses and removal of each other’s clothing.

Our mouths, tongues intertwining tasting each other.

Finally, our desire taking over she pushed me down, hand on my thickening cock, stroking teasing me.

A knowing look on her face and jn her eyes, her mouth gaziantep zayıf escort lowered onto the tip, then sunk down taking my cock into her mouth, tongue licking teasing the underside of it.

I arched up to meet her mouth feeling the wonderful pleasures she was driving me to.

I reached pulling her till she was straddling my face, placing us in the wonderful 69 position that meant so much pleasure.

The click clack, and sway of the train filling our senses, intensifying the pleasure we were filling.

My tongue now twisting twirling inside her honey pot, teasing her clit then going deep, tongue fucking her tight walls. Hands spreading her, enabling my tongue to get ever so deep and work her pleasure points fully.

Her mouth now taking my thick cock deep into her throat slobber enveloping it covering it and dribbling from her lips. She would Bob deep onto it then back off expertly driving me to ecstasy. Her fingers cupping, squeezing and teasing my swollen balls.

The sensations taking over us both, my mouth tasting her sweet honey, tongue delving so deep. My thumbs now spreading her juices along her Crack and I to her rosebud, bringing shudders, quivers and clenches from her.

Feeling ever so close to orgasming, I pressed my thumb deep I side her tight ass, as my tongue kept working her clit and tight recesses of her pussy. With very little warning I moaned out loudly filling the berth and begin to shoot stream after stream of hot thick sticky cum deep down her throat. As I did, I felt her hands cupping squeezing my ass pulling me deeper I to her throat as she swallowed each stream milking as much as possible from me.

As I began my orgasmic bliss, I drove my tongue deeper inside her, lapping her walls trying to put her over the edge. And did she go over the edge squirting cum all over my tongue and face, with such orgasmic force, I was drenched in her sweet honey. Collapsing together a short while to catch our breath, my semi erect cock laying their, her hot breath on it lips touching it in a light kiss, my tired tongue still tasting licking up all the honey I could.

Moans had filled the gaziantep zayıf escort bayan room, now silence outside the panting for breathes, we could her people in the next berth, or out in the aisle way, wasn’t sure which so I knew they had to have heard us. I laughed.

As we both slowly regained our breath Lilly sat up and kissed my cheek, then bent and took a nipple into her mouth, as her hand began playing with my balls and cock willing it back hard.

The excitement of what we had just done, and her new touch bringing me to a new thickness.

I laid her back spread her legs wide kneeling in the floor, I placed my cock along her tight wetness still dripping with her juices, ramming it on fast hard and deep. Her walls encircling and quivering tightly around me. Her legs up in the air high ass spread as I began the stroking rhythm and pace, we both had come to naturally hit over the last several days, balls slapping her ass with each inward stroke filling her stretching her ever so much around my cock.

Letting the sway of the train guide us and drive us, the sounds of the click clack envelope our senses we rutted hard against each other hands finding their way around our bodies deftly knowing the places that would set each other afire.

My love and lust for her building more and more as we enjoyed the carnal pleasures, on our way back to the base and surrounding town. She returning to school and me to my career in the military, holding on for dear life the wonderment we had found in each other.

Fucking her harder and harder deeper and faster, her pussy clenching pulsating around my pulsing cock with each stroke, milking my cock trying to pull all its seed from me.

“Oh Lilly, I think we are star crossed and reunited from past lives the way we fit together, and somehow find the pleasure spots in each other over and over.” I grunted out as my cock stroked deep inside her as if it was entering its natural sheath.

Moans filling the sleeper, I’m sure filling the hall and neighboring berths but not caring. We fucked each other hard until we fell asleep me still inside her sweetness, totally happy and contented.

Waking up shortly before the train rolled into our station, cleaning each other up best we could without causing passion to lead into more lust filled endeavors, we dressed and spoke more of where we would meet up when time allowed and how much we would miss our time together.

A sadness, mixed with happiness filled us both. Both of us lost in thought of what would come in our futures, happy of the time we had spent together.

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