My Daughter’s Wedding Night


The morning sun seemed as intense as fiery fingers of lightening. It filled my bedroom with its overpowering light. I turned away from the brilliant stream that shone through my window and pulled a pillow over my head to shield my eyes from its relentless intensity. As I laid there, my foggy mind rolled slowly back to last night and the bachelor party for my daughter’s fiancé.

The music was loud and the attendees were boisterous. Jason, my daughter Jennifer’s fiancé, was hitting the bottle hard, one of those few times where his tendency to drink too much could be excused, or at least overlooked. I seldom have more than one or two drinks, but the occasion called for the anaesthetizing effect that only several white Russians could provide. I didn’t particularly care for Jason. He tended to have an uncouth and awkward social presence that I found disconcerting. My daughter tended to overlook his obvious shortcomings and I couldn’t understand why. I’d often pondered her choice of him for a husband, a partner for the rest of her life, and on one occasion, I’d even asked her what it was that she found attractive about him. She looked at me, disbelief on her face, and asked, “What’s wrong with Jason Daddy?

I immediately regretted questioning her choice for a spouse and never brought up my concerns again. It’s unlikely that my discontent with her choice would have had anything other than a negative effect on her and I didn’t want to risk alienating my little girl and only child. We’d been living together her entire life and when she went off to university, I missed her smiling face each and every day. Her mother, my wife of 20 years, was killed in an automobile accident during her sophomore year and it took all of the emotional courage she could muster to avoid flunking out.

When she finished university, she returned home and landed a job with the local board of education as an elementary school teacher. With her mother gone, we grew even closer and spent several of her days off taking road trips and seeking out the sort of entertainment that we both enjoyed. We found pleasure in many of the same pursuits and loved spending time with each other.

Our lives were closely intertwined and very comfortable. Then, one day, about a year ago, Jennifer met Jason when she and a girlfriend were driving to a conference. They had a flat tire and were haplessly attempting to change it along the side of the road. Their rescuer quickly changed the tire and led the way to a restaurant where they could wash up and get a cup of coffee. For some reason Jennifer was attracted to him and agreed to a date. Four months later, she came home and excitedly informed me that Jason had asked her to marry him.

“What did you say?” I asked, my heart in my mouth. She sat on my knee and slid her arms around my neck. “Oh, I told him I would marry him of course daddy. I’m 25 years old and still living at home. It’s time for me to get married and become a wife, a mother, and the female head of a family. I know I’ve been holding you back daddy. You feel obligated to take me places with you and keep me entertained since mom died. It’s time for me to let go and allow you to live your own life. You know how much I love you and want what’s right for you.” Then she kissed me softly and buried her face against my shoulder.

“Baby.” I whispered, putting my arms around her perfect figure and pulling her close. “I know your heart’s in the right place, but you’ve never held me back in your entire life. I love living with you and taking you with me everywhere I go. I love having you beside me all the time. But, I’ve always understood that someday you’d want to spread your wings and fly away to start a new life as a wife and mother. Frankly, I hoped against hope that that day would never come, but down deep, I knew I’d have to lose you eventually.” I put my hand under her chin and kissed her gently, loving the feel of her body and her lips against mine”

Then, she got to her feet and leaned down, kissing me again. “Daddy,” she whispered in her soft and loving voice, “you’re such a handsome and intelligent man. I know there are several women who’ve wanted to get to know you better and become a fixture in your life, but you’ve never opened the door to let them in because you felt obligated to give me all of your love and attention. With me married and out of your hair, you’re finally going to get the chance to begin your own life and do what you please without having to constantly worry about me.”

With that, she walked off to her bedroom, her hips swaying softly from side to side. I watched, my heart heavy, as she walked up the stairs and wondered if my life was going to change in any positive way. I knew that I’d miss her each and every day after she got married and moved hundreds of miles away.

The days and weeks and months passed quickly, and before I knew it, it was the day before Jennifer’s wedding. I was sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee and trying to come to grips with the realization orhangazi escort that tomorrow, she’d be leaving the home where her mother and I had raised her. . Just then I heard her calling excitedly, “Daddy! Daddy! I need your help.”

I put my coffee down and rushed upstairs to her room. She was standing in front of her full length mirror, her back turned and looking over her shoulder. “Oh daddy,” she said in a worried voice, “My gown won’t zip up. I must’ve gained weight. Can you help me get the zipper up?”

I laughed softly, not sharing her dread filled concern about the tight fitting gown. “I’m sure it’s going to fit just fine honey. I walked over behind her and put one hand on her shoulder and with the other, gripped the pull of the zipper. I pulled on it, hard and steady and realized that the metal teeth were not allowing the pull to slide as easily as it should. “Just stand where you are sweetheart. This will be simple to fix.” I went and got a candle from the hall closet and ran the base of it up and down the length of the zipper. When I grabbed the pull, the waxed zipper slid easier and I had little difficulty getting it all the way up.

“There you are baby. All set to get married tomorrow.” I chuckled softly. She turned and looked up at me, her large blue eyes melting my heart.

“Daddy, what am I going to do without you?” she asked with a smile. “I’ve always depended on you and you’ve never let me down… ever. I just don’t know how I’m going to survive if I don’t get to see you every day.” She put her arms around my neck and pressed her face into the curve of my neck. The feel of her lips against my neck and her arms around me, felt so perfect and natural. I put my arms around her tiny waist and pressed my face into her silky hair. She pulled back and looked up at me, her beautiful blue eyes full of emotion. She tugged hard on my neck, pulling my face down to hers, kissing me lovingly. I kissed her back, not the sort of kiss that a father and daughter share, but the kiss of a man and woman who share an intense love for each other. I’m momentarily caught up in the passion of the moment but come to my senses after only a few seconds have passed. I pull away gently, almost lifting her off the floor as she doesn’t appear to want the moment to slip away.

“Is there anything else you need baby?” I ask softly. Acting as if the kiss we’ve just shared meant nothing and had no special meaning for me.

Her face looks a little sad for a second or two as she obviously hoped that I was as caught up in the moment as she was. Then, recovering quickly, she asked “What do you think of my gown daddy?” She spun in a graceful circle, letting me see her wedding dress from every angle.

I watch as she whirls, her tiny body fitting perfectly into the gown, filling it decorously with her sensually delicious figure. “Sweetheart.” I say, my breath catching in my throat, “You look fantastic. Jason is a lucky guy to be starting his married life with such a beautiful young woman. I couldn’t be any prouder of you baby.”

She smiled happily, just as she always has since she was a little girl, seeking my approval, wanting to hear me tell her that she was the best that any girl could ever hope to be. “Oh daddy.” she giggled modestly, you’re just saying that because you’re my daddy.”

I smile warmly, loving the happy look on her beautiful face. “If you were any more beautiful sweetheart, I’d be wishing that I weren’t your daddy.” I reply.

She looked at me wide eyed, “What do you mean daddy? Why wouldn’t you want to be my daddy?”

I slide my arms around here again, pulling her perfect figure against me affectionately. “Don’t be so naive honey. I mean if you weren’t my daughter, I’d be the lucky guy marrying you tomorrow.”

She suddenly realized what I meant and giggled happily. “Oh daddy. I’ve wanted to marry you ever since I was a little girl. I can remember sitting on your knee and asking you how many kids we were going to have. If there was any way I could have married, I’d have dragged you off to the alter a thousand times by now.”

I laugh softly, remembering the hundreds of times she told all of her friends and even her mom how she was going to marry me when she grew up. “Your mom would be so proud if she could see how perfectly your turned out sweetheart. You’ve always been the perfect daughter.” I hugged her gently and looked into her face. “If you looked anymore like her, I’d feel like I was the one getting married tomorrow.”

She smiled broadly, obviously pleased with my observation that she was so similar to her mother. “Daddy. Sometimes you make me cry when you say sweet things like that. Mom was the luckiest woman in the world. If I’m only half as lucky as her in my choice of a husband, I’ll be happy for the rest of my life.” Then, smiling warmly and a little flirtatiously, she turned her back to me and asked, “Daddy, will you undo my gown please.”

I put a hand on her waist nilüfer escort and gripped the pull of the zipper. I slid it down about half way. “Please pull it all the way down daddy. It’s hard for me to reach it.” she said in a softly provocative voice.

I pull the zipper down, all the way down past the small of her back. It slides down over the waist band of her panties. I stop as soon as I see her panties. I hear her giggle, “Oh daddy. You’d think you’d never seen me in panties before. Pleases pull it all the way down. I have to get out of this dress and hang it up so it’ll look perfect for tomorrow’s ceremony. You can cover your eyes if you’re that offended by seeing me wearing only my underwear.”

I suddenly felt stupid. She was right. I’d seen her in a bra and panties more times than I could remember and never thought for a moment that it was improper. I slid the zipper all the way to the bottom and the gown fell down over her hips to the floor. There she stood, my beautiful daughter, wearing only her thong and low cut strapless bra. She turned and looked at me, a mischievous smile on her face. “Now, do I look that scary daddy?”

I look up and down the length of her nearly naked body. Her hips are perfect, round and sensually shaped. Her waist is tiny, accentuating the deliciously curved lines of her lovely bum and hips. Her breasts are full and firm, their fleshy globes slightly overflowing the top of her bra.

My eyes move over her, taking all of her in, loving the look of my beautiful daughter. I’m speechless for a moment and then blurt out, “My god baby. You’re fantastic looking. Jason is the luckiest guy in the world.”

She smiles again, loving the fact that her sexy figure has made me gush so passionately. “Daddy. I’ve never seen you get so… so… fervent before.” she remarked, her voice suddenly low and coquettish. “Do you think I look sexy?” She moves closed and reached up, placing her hands behind my head, once again pulling my face down to hers, and pressing her soft, sweet tasting lips to mine. The same passion that we experienced only minutes before was still there. She moaned softly as she kissed me and, try as I might, I surrender in to my own burgeoning emotions. I kiss her long and deeply, loving the feel of her full soft lips beneath mine. I feel my cock stiffening and pushing impatiently against the front of my shorts.

The moment is shattered by the shrill ringing of the phone. She pulls away, a look of shock and disappointment on her beautiful face. “Oh damn it.” she says angrily as she goes to the night table and picks the phone up. “Oh, hi Jason.” she says, her face flushed with a mix of frustration and arousal. “Yes. Daddy’s here and I’ll tell him.” She looked over at me and then, turns away and in an almost embarrassed voice whispers, “Me too Jason.”

She smiled self consciously, and now acutely aware of what’s just happened between us and suddenly feeling a little too naked in front of me, grabbed her robe and pulled it on. “That was Jason Daddy. He wanted to make sure you remembered the bachelor party tonight.”

“Okay honey.” I replied, red faced an still a little shaken by the passion that we’d just shared. I turned and retreated, quiet and a little confused, to my room.

I read over some correspondence that I had to sign and send out to clients. Then, I took a shower and put on slacks and a jacket for the bachelor party. I headed off to the rented party hall and arrived at about 8 pm. Jason took me around the room, dutifully introducing me to all of the attendees. Most of them were either college buddies or teammates on his recreational baseball team. Neither of his parents were there and oddly enough, no members of his direct family.

By 10 pm, the requisite stripper arrived and made the usual fuss over the groom and offered a final opportunity for unmarried sex. It was close to midnight and I was beginning to feel kind of foggy. I decided to grab a cab home, preferring not to witness any more of the debauchery that I knew from experience was so common and invariably so regretted by those who attended bachelor parties. I got out of the cab and stood outside my house for five or ten minutes, breathing the cool fresh night air… wanting to clear my head before going to bed.

Ten minutes later, feeling a little less inebriated, I walked through the front door. I could hear voices chattering in the living room and peeked in. Jennifer and her bridesmaids were drinking wine and giggling like teenagers. My daughter’s friend Wendy saw me peeking in. “Oh Jennifer.” she squealed, “Look who’s here. It’s your gorgeous daddy.” She smiled, an intentionally seductive look on her face, and asked, “Do you have a date for the wedding tomorrow Mr. Hunter? If you don’t, I’m available.”

Jennifer turned to her, “He’s got to take me to the church and give me away tomorrow Wendy. Give him a break.” My daughter was obviously feeling the wine that she and the girls were drinking türbanlı escort and her comment had an overly possessive sound to it. She got up and came over to me and kissed me, quite a bit more affectionately than she would have had she not been drinking. Then, she turned, her arms still around my neck and remarked, “If this handsome man wasn’t my daddy, I’d already be married… to him.”

The girls all laughed and I could feel my face turning crimson. “Good night ladies.” I said cheerfully. “I”ll see all of you tomorrow at the ceremony.” With that, I turned and went upstairs to bed. The next morning, after reliving the events of the prior night in my foggy memory, I got up and pulled on my robe, brushed my teeth, combed my hair and went downstairs to grab a coffee.

The kitchen table had the remains of a cake and a few half empty wine bottles on it. I ran a cuplet through the Keurig and went to the front door. I grabbed the newspaper from the mailbox and sat down to drink my coffee. About ten minutes later, I hear the pad of Jennifer’s slippers and her voice saying, “Hi Daddy. How are you this morning?”

I looked up and saw you walking into the kitchen. You have tired look and I reply, “I’m doing okay, but I got a pretty good sleep. What about you sweetheart?” I ask.

You’re dressed only in your robe and you walk over to me, pulling your robe just high enough to allow you to straddle my knees, placing one of your knees on each side of my hips. You look into my eyes and reply, “Oh god daddy. I feel so tired, not the way I want to feel on my wedding day. The girls didn’t leave until about 2 am. I went up to bed right away, but I laid awake for what seemed like hours. I wanted so much to talk to you, but when I looked into your bedroom you were sound asleep.” You lean forward, resting your head against my chest and putting your arms around my waist.

I put my arms around you and run my hands slowly up and down your back, petting you softly. “What did you want to talk to me about baby?” I ask softly.

You raise your head and look at me. “I really don’t know daddy. I just wanted to talk to you. I’m going to be moving out, after living with you for 25 years and I feel so sad about that. I love you so much daddy. I just don’t know how I’m going to get through each day knowing that I’m not going to see you when I leave in the morning and when I get home at night.”

I laugh softly and kiss you affectionately.”You’ve just got the standard doubts that every woman has on her wedding day sweetheart. You’ve giving up your old comfortable life for a new unfamiliar life. You love Jason and he loves you, that’s enough to keep you happy and looking forward to each new day, isn’t it?”

You look at me, doubt in your eyes, “I don’t know daddy.” you reply, a trace of reticence in your voice.

I immediately become a little concerned by your apparent uncertainty. “What’s going on baby? What aren’t you telling me?” I ask. “I can read your face fairly accurately after being your father for 25 years. I thought you were in love with Jason and couldn’t wait to marry him.”

You look away, and I see a tear roll down your beautiful cheek. “I thought I was too daddy, but over the past two or three months, I’ve seen a few things that I’m worried about. He drinks more than I thought he did. He drinks every night and when I see him, I can smell the booze on his breath. When I ask him about it, he invariably denies it and accuses me of being a religious zealot. He left his jacket on the back of a chair at the restaurant when we went out for dinner the other night and I heard it buzzing loudly because the phone case was vibrating against the frame of the chair. I took it from his pocket and it was displaying a text message from his exgirlfriend. It said, “Don’t call me anymore Jason. I just read your marriage announcement in the local paper tonight. I don’t want to be your fun on the side anymore.”

“Do you want to call the marriage off honey?” I ask immediately.

“No daddy. I just wanted you to know what was going on. I asked Jason about the text from his exgirlfriend and he insisted that she was a nutcase who couldn’t let go and was still pursuing him. He sounded convincing, but I’m beginning to think that he has issues with her and that worries me.”

I hug you softly and pull you closer. Your tummy is pressed tightly against mine and your legs are spread wide, allowing your warm female center to press softly against my lower abdomen. Your firm breasts are pushing provocatively against my upper chest and your thighs are holding my hips in a possessive but gentle grip. I run my hands down over your back all the way down to the soft rise of your bum. “Well baby, if you don’t want to go ahead with the wedding, just say the word and I’ll go to the church, announce that the wedding is off and explain that you’ve changed your mind to Jason and the guests. I’ll tell everyone to go to the reception, just like the wedding had actually taken place and enjoy themselves. Then I’ll meet you at the parking lot in the mall and we’ll substitute your two week honeymoon with a two week escape road trip. By the time we get back, the dust will have settled, the furor will have ended and you’ll be able to resume your life as it was before Jason.”

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