My Cousin, My Lover Ch. 07


“What did you think about the Lambert kids?” Nathan asked his parents later on that night.

“I think they make a lovely couple. I don’t know them well, but I’m sure they’ll be very happy together,” Gloria replied. They family sat in the living room unwinding after an eventful night.

“You know, Rebecca used to have a major crush on Nathan,” Callie added winking at her brother.

Jim raised a brow. “Oh really? I didn’t know about this.”

Nathan narrowed his eyes at his sister. “What about the crush David had on you? He liked you so much I thought he’d steal you away from me.”

“Never,” Callie said taking his hand in hers.

“So I take it that it was because of you two that they found their love for one another huh?” Jim asked.

Callie nodded, “Nah, I think they’ve always had a thing for each other, it’s just that with everything that happened, they finally realized they belong together.”

“Their parents weren’t understanding from what I understand. I talked to Ron Lambert and he said it had not been easy on the family,” Jim said.

“True. I mean it’s not easy for any family,” Callie responded eying her two parents.

Gloria agreed. “Well, I’m just glad things worked out for everyone. Including us. I’m going to be honest it’s still a little strange to see you two acting like husband and wife, but eventually I’ll get over it. After all you have our blessing.”

Callie blushed and put her head on Nathan’s shoulder. The two siblings were a match made in heaven indeed.

* * *

“So I saw you and David talking a lot today. What did you all talk about? If you don’t mind me asking.”

Amber smiled at Gabriel. “Nothing much. I just wished him a happy life and he did the same to me. You know months after we had split up, talking to him would still make me weak in the knees, now YOU make me weak in the knees.”

Gabriel grabbed her and mad her fall on to the bed. “Hey!” Amber squealed.

“You say things like that to me and I can’t help but want to make love to you.”

Amber raised her body up and sat next to her new lover. “Thank you.”

Gabriel looked confused. “For?”

“For being here. For being in my life. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

Gabriel leaned closer and placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Anytime.”

* * *

Rebecca tossed and turned. She looked at the clock, which read 1:15a.m. She sighed and wondered if David was unable to sleep as well. They had agreed to sleep in separate beds at least for the night to make their wedding night special. Now she was almost regretting that deal. She wanted him there with her, touching her, making love to her.

“Why did you tell him to sleep in the other room,” Rebecca scolded herself.

She lay on her back and stared up at the ceiling. In a few hours she’d be married and her life would never be the same, Hell, her life hadn’t been the same since she got involved with her cousin. It all happened so fast and she couldn’t believe how much in love she was. Had she always loved him? Probably.

David was in the other room, wide-awake. He knew that Rebecca was probably awake as well. He was nervous, excited and happier than he’d ever been. Soon enough he’d have his cousin, who he loved so much as his wife. So what if it wasn’t right, who was the judge?

David turned and realized he had a throbbing hard on. He groaned wishing he could make love to his bride to be right then and there. He began to stroke it, but stopped. “Save it for your wife,” he told himself.

The more he thought about her, the more he wanted to jerk off. He began to think about work and other things just to avoid from getting excited. As much as he tried, Rebecca always came back to him.

* * *

“I can’t wait to see my baby tomorrow in my wedding dress. You know that dress brought us good luck, I hope it does the same to her.”

Ron turned over to face his wife. They had just gotten into bed that night. She still had the lamp on and her face was glowing from excitement. “I’m sure Becca will look as beautiful as you did on our wedding day.”

Sonia blushed. “I think she’ll look even lovelier. Did you see how happy she looked tonight? She couldn’t take her eyes off David. I saw the way he looked at her too, it was the way you look at me.”

Ron moved closer to his wife. She looked so much like his Becca. Her eyes, her smile, even her long shiny brown hair. Sonia was just as sexy, and she was his. Sure he crushed on Rebecca, but his heart belonged to Sonia. “I’m glad we let her do it. I’m sure David will be very good to her. I know he loves her dearly.”

Sonia cuddled up next to him. A few minutes later, she fell fast asleep. Ron couldn’t sleep though, he was anxious to see his baby on her wedding day. He’d give her away, it wouldn’t be easy, but he’d have to.

* * *

Eddie groaned just as he began to cum inside of Amy. It was the third time that night they’d made love. The first time had been a quickie as soon as they got in the door. He’d torn her panties off and bent her over bursa escort bayan the couch. The second time had been in the kitchen. Amy went to get them something to drink and by the time she knew it, he was behind her again ready to slide it in her. He’d put her on the counter and made love to her right there. Finally they’d gotten to the bedroom where they got fully naked, and now had both finished in blissful orgasm.

“Oh my God! How I’ve missed you!” Amy cried. She snuggled up next to him.

“I’ve…missed…you…too,” Eddie panted.

She stared up at him smiling like never before. “I’m sorry I ever doubted you.”

Eddie touched her face. “It’s okay. I mean I was being sneaky and I shouldn’t have done that to you. I should have thought of a better way to surprise you.”

“I guess both of our surprises didn’t go like we wanted them too huh?”

“I think they did. I mean when you told me you were having our child, I swear nothing else in this world mattered to me.”

Amy reached up to kiss his lips. “I felt the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I was scared as hell, but deep down I had hope that everything would work out at the end.”

“Now look at us. We’ll be married soon. We’ll have a house, our child, nothing could be better.”

“I haven’t told my parents yet you know,” Amy muttered.

Eddie nodded. “I haven’t told my parents either but I’m sure they’d be okay with everything. I mean all my brothers have already gotten married. My father was asking me the other day when I was going to pop the question.”

Amy giggled. “My parents will be happy too. They might be a little freaked about the pregnancy part, but I don’t think they’ll mind having a grandchild.”

“All parents secretly want a grandchild, it’s a known fact.”

Both laughed and held each other. It was going to be a new beginning for both, a very happy beginning.

* * *

The next day came too fast. At least Eva thought it did. She dug through her closet finding the perfect dress for the mother of the groom. She had a choice between three dresses she’d bought but for some reason that morning none of them seemed to be of her liking.

“What on earth?” Alex asked as he walked into their room and saw the huge pile of dresses on their bed.

“I don’t want to wear any of these dresses! Alex what’s wrong with me?”

Alex walked to his wife and put his arms around her. He could feel her shaking. She always got that way when she was extremely nervous. “Calm down honey. It’s ok.”

“I don’t want to look ugly for my son’s wedding.”

“You’d never look ugly. Honey, you are so sexy.”

She sighed and turned to face him. “Sexy?”


Eva blinked. Her husband’s sincere eyes melted her heart. “I’m acting like such a fool huh?”

“No. You’re just nervous. Don’t worry you’re not losing David. He’ll still come around I’m sure.”

Eva smiled. “I hope so. Ever since he moved out he hardly came by, now being married, who knows.”

“I’m sure he’ll show up when he and Becca fight. I know you’ll be there to save him too.”

Eva couldn’t help but blush. “Of course I will. I’m his mother.”

“I need a little saving myself,” Alex whispered and put his arms around her.

“Not now, I’ve got to find something to wear.”

“How about we make a deal?”

“A deal?”

“Yeah. I help you find something to wear, and you help me with…other needs.”

Eva laughed. “You got it.”

* * *

Rebecca sighed as she admired herself in the full-length mirror at the wedding chapel. She had to admit her mother’s dress fit like a glove. She turned to look at herself making sure everything was perfect.

“You look lovely!”

Rebecca jumped up. She turned to see Callie standing at the doorway wearing a beautiful long pink strapless satin dress. “Callie! Jesus Christ you scared me!”

Callie laughed. “Sorry. I think you look really beautiful in your dress. I’m so excited for you!”

Rebecca blushed. “I’m so happy, but yet I’m so nervous. What if I don’t make a good wife?”

“Oh you will. I think David knows that too.”

“Callie, thank you so much for being my maid of honor.”

“No problem, anything for a friend.”

“You know I’ve been feeling kind of…strange lately.”

Callie raised a brow. “Oh? How so?”

“I don’t know. I feel like something is going to happen. Is that weird?”

“No, but what do you mean something is going to happen?”

Rebecca shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess I’m talking nonsense. I just feel different like a rush going through me.”

“Well of course, you’re getting married silly!”

Rebecca giggled. “Yeah I guess that must be it.”

“Well, I’ll be outside waiting for you. David called and said he’d be here in few minutes.”

Rebecca went to hug Callie. “Ok, and once again thank you for everything.”

Callie smiled. “Anytime.”

* * *

“So are you going to tell them? Or am I?” Eddie asked Amy. They were standing at a distance from Amy’s parents outside the görükle escort wedding chapel.

“I’ll tell them…eventually.”

Eddie frowned. “No, no, no. You tell them today. I mean what’s the point of hiding it from them?”

Amy sighed. She held on to her lover’s hand. “I’m just scared of what they’ll think. They’ll think that you and I are only getting married because I’m knocked up.”

“Well, you and I know it’s not true, so that’s all that matters.”

Amy nodded. “I guess you’re right-“

“Honey, I think they said we’re supposed to go in now,” Diane, Amy’s mom said as she approached the couple.

Amy quickly hid her hand from view hoping her mother would not see her engagement ring. Diane narrowed her eyes at her daughter. She always knew when Amy was up to something.

“What’s wrong?” Diane asked.

“N-nothing,” Amy stammered.

Eddie sighed. “No, it’s something Mrs. Rogers. If she’s not going to tell you, I think I will.”

Amy gasped. “No! I’ll tell her.”

“Well, hurry up then,” Eddie teased.

“Tell me what?” Diane asked impatiently.

“Mom,” Amy began, “look,” she held out her hand flashing her the gorgeous engagement ring.

Diane eyes widened. “Amy! Oh baby you’re getting married?”

Amy nodded and before she could say anything else, Diane threw her arms around her daughter. “I’m so happy for you! Oh sweetheart I’m so happy!”

Eddie smiled and stood back waiting for Amy to tell her the rest. “There’s more to it Mrs. Rogers.”

“Hey, what am I missing?” Carl, Amy’s father asked as he approached them.

“Listen sir, it gets better,” Eddie replied with a huge grin on his handsome face.

“Honey, our daughter is getting married! She’s engaged!” Diane held Amy’s hand out pointing out the ring to Carl.

“Hey now! Congratulations!” Carl hugged Eddie and then Amy.

“Like I said there’s more,” Eddie went on.

“More?” Diane asked.

They all turned to look at Amy. Amy took a deep breath before announcing her pregnancy. “Well, we’re getting married, but also…I’m…I’m pregnant.”

Carl and Diane stood frozen.

“Mom? Dad?”

Suddenly both threw their arms around her. “We’re so happy for you!” Diane cried out.

Amy was shocked! She looked at Eddie with a puzzled face.

“So…you guys are ok with this?”

Diane wiped her tears. “Yes! We know Eddie loves you.”

“But I figured you think he proposed to me because I was pregnant, which is not true. He was already going to propose to me before he even knew.”

Carl patted Eddie’s back. “Son, I never doubted you. From the first day I met you, I knew how much you liked my daughter. Now I know you love her dearly.”

“I do sir. I do.”

“Well then, I guess this day couldn’t be a happier occasion. I mean sure I’m happy for David and Rebecca, but most of all…I’m going to be a grandmother!” Diane shrilled.

Amy felt her heart flutter. It was the beginning of a new life for her and Eddie.

* * *

Rebecca was fixing her brown curls. She wanted to look absolutely perfect for her soon to be husband. Just at that moment, there was a knock at the door. Rebecca turned towards the door without getting up.

“Come in,” she hollered.

It was Amber clad in a long soft blue spaghetti strap dress. “Wow! I must say you look amazing Becky.”

Rebecca smiled and got up to hug her friend. “Thank you for coming. I’m so glad you could make it.”

“You should know I wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world!”

Rebecca sighed. “I’m just so nervous.”

“Yeah I bet. I would be too. But hey, David is a wonderful person, you and I know that,” Amber teased.

Rebecca laughed. “He is. I guess I’m just overreacting.”

“Nah, you’ve just got the wedding jitters that’s all. I’m sure David is feeling just as nervous as you are.”

Rebecca turned to the mirror once again and both girls stared into their reflection. “I never expected this to happen you know, me marrying my own cousin. I know it’s something you only hear about on Jerry Springer or some sleazy show like that.”

Amber chuckled. “Well, now you can go on Jerry or Maury where it’s normal to marry one of your relatives.”

Rebecca laughed again. She turned to her friend and gave her another hug. “You’ve calmed my nerves Amber. Thank you.”

Amber held her friend. “What are friends for?”

* * *

David was pacing back and forth trying to remember everything he wanted to say to Rebecca at their wedding. It wasn’t like this to be nervous over some girl, but then again Rebecca wasn’t just ‘some’ girl. She was something else. Smart, sexy, caring and loving. She was the perfect girl for him. So what if they were related? Who was to judge what love really was?


David stopped and looked up to see his mother standing at the door. She was dressed in a gorgeous dark pink dress that went off her shoulders. Her hair was down and in curls.

“I see you’re a little nervous,” Eva teased.

David nodded. “Yeah. bursa escort bayan I don’t want to screw anything up mom.”

Eva closed the door behind her and went to comfort her son. She put her arms around him and held him. She couldn’t believe this was it. He was only a few minutes away from being a married man.

“You won’t screw anything up. I know you.”

David looked into his mother’s eyes. He knew she was happy for him. “Thanks mom.”

Eva reached up to touch his face. He looked so handsome dressed in his black and white tux. “I just wanted to come and wish you luck. I know I didn’t behave like a human a few weeks ago when I told you that you were no longer my son. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that in anyway.”

David smiled. “I know you didn’t. You were just angry. But let’s forget about the past and move on. I’m just glad you are here. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t shown up.”

“You know you would have still married Becca. I know you are stubborn just like me.”

“Hmm yeah I guess,” David agreed, “but I would have hated not having you here.”

Eva wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m here now. And remember, I’ll always be there for you too.” With that, she reached up to give him a sweet motherly kiss, which soon became a little too unmotherly. By the time she realized it, she was kissing her son as if she was kissing her husband. She felt David’s hesitation to kiss her back, but soon enough his tongue was in her mouth entwining with hers. His hands were on her waist and their bodies were pressed together.

What the hell are you doing? Stop that! Eva warned herself. God he’s a good kisser!, she had to admit.

Eva quickly pulled herself away from the forbidden kiss. She saw David’s eyes widen. “Oops,” she said shyly. “I guess I got a little too carried away.”

David nodded but remained speechless.

“Here,” Eva said wiping off her red lipstick that she’d left on his lips from their kiss. “Well, I better get going.” She walked out slowly and turned back to see her son standing still. She’d been bad, but she had to do it. He was too darn irresistible.

After his mother left, David took a deep breath and sighed. “Wow!” He exclaimed. He felt something in his pants and realized he already had a hard on. He laughed and shook his head. “Ok save it for your wife you pervert,” he said to himself and turned to look in the mirror to make sure his mother had wiped off all the lipstick she’d smeared on his lips.

* * *

Ron stood outside Rebecca’s door. He looked to make sure no one was around. He knocked on the door and heard Rebecca’s voice “come on in,” she said sweetly.

He opened the door and his heart almost stopped. She stood looking so beautiful in her mother’s white wedding gown. He remembered that dress all too well. His wife Sonia had wore it. He also recalled how he managed to take the dress off too. That was all too much for him at that moment.

“Oh wow! My sweetheart!” Ron went to hug his daughter.

“Thank you Daddy,” Rebecca said muffled in her father’s arms.

“You look so…breathtaking, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy.” Ron let the words slip out without cautious.

Rebecca raised a brow. “Sexy?”

Ron blushed. “You know what I mean.”

Rebecca held her father again. “Oh Daddy, I’m so happy! I can’t believe it’s finally my wedding day!”

Ron pulled her away slightly and looked into her eyes. She wasn’t a little girl anymore. She’d grown up into a beautiful young lady. As he stared at her he wasn’t sure if he was ready to give her away. Quit being selfish you jerk, he said silently.

“David’s going to drool when he sees you in this dress. I’m sure he’s just as happy as you are. He better be at least, after all he’s marrying my princess.”

Rebecca giggled. “Oh daddy, I’m not little anymore. You don’t have to call me princess.”

Ron frowned. “Hey, you’ll always be my princess now don’t argue with me.”

Rebecca laughed. “Ok, ok.”

Ron stared at his lovely daughter. Her big brown eyes glared up at him with love. “I love you Becca,” he whispered to her.

Her eyes watered. “I love you too daddy.”

Ron leaned down and kissed her lips softly. They felt so good pressed against his. He couldn’t help himself so he parted his lips in hopes that she would part hers too. She did. She parted her sweet lips and invited his tongue in her mouth. Ron put his arms on her tiny waist and made out with his beautiful daughter as if it was the most normal thing to do. He felt her put her skinny arms around him. She moaned softly into their kiss making it even harder for Ron to want to break the kiss.

Ron didn’t want to, but he slowly broke their kiss. Rebecca held her eyes closed with her lips puckered as if she wanted more of her father’s kiss.

“Sorry about that,” Ron said very unapologetically.

Rebecca quickly opened her eyes and her face turned red. She didn’t know what to say to her father’s hot kiss.

Ron looked at her pretty face and laughed softly. He wiped his lips. “Looks like you might have to reapply your lipstick.”

Rebecca turned to the mirror and saw her red lipstick was smeared. She giggled nervously. “Yeah I guess so.”

“Well, I guess I better get going. I’ll be waiting for you to walk you down the aisle.”

Rebecca nodded. “Thanks daddy.”

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