My Co-worker’s Step-Daughter


Dave got up from his chair. “Let’s go out to the patio… There’s another table of people from work out there. And you guys can meet my step-daughter. But watch it – no funny business, or I’ll have to kick your ass!” The three or four guys sitting around the table laughed. “No, I’m serious” said Dave, “I’d kick your ass.” More laughter, but a little more subdued – I couldn’t tell whether he was just pulling our leg, or whether he was actually worried about us hitting on his step-daughter.

We were all out for a beer after work on a typical Friday night. It was summer, and everyone was kicking back and enjoying themselves. We had started drinking at five, and it must have been about nine when I met Melanie.

Melanie was Dave’s step-daughter. Well, in fact, she was his girlfriend’s daughter, but they both seemed to be comfortable with the step- title, and who am I to argue? Melanie was about 5’7” tall, pale-skinned, and pretty. She had short, curly brown hair, tied up. Looked like a slim build, but she was sitting down and wearing a sweater and jeans, so it was a bit hard to tell. I guessed she’d be about 19, which is the drinking age here. She seemed slightly tipsy as everyone got introduced, and immediately seemed to take a liking to me. We chatted, flirting lightly, but I was very aware of Dave sitting just on the other side of her, and glancing over at us occasionally. I didn’t want to start World War Three at work, all for the sake of a little flirting!

Thankfully, I was distracted by the arrival of two of my female co-workers, both of whom had been drinking for hours, and were pretty plastered. They plunked themselves down at my end of the table, and started making drunken conversation. Neither of them were my type, but it was a good opportunity to get my mind off Melanie. So I chatted with them a bit, making small talk until they wandered off for a cigarette. Melanie pulled me over to her chair.

“Neither of those girls are any good for you.” she said. “They don’t seem very interesting, and…” Now, I can be a little dense sometimes; I started to explain that they were just friends, and that I wasn’t really interested in either of them. Melanie continued, “I don’t think you should take either of them home.” Aha. Even I can hit a lob pitch like that. “Well who do you think I should take home then?” I asked. She snuck a look at Dave, who was obliviously talking to a group at the far end of the table. Then without saying anything, she pointed at herself and giggled.

OK, I thought to myself, we’d better nip this one in the bud. “Mel, you’re really kinda hot” I said, “but I don’t think Dave would be thrilled if I took you home. And besides, I’m like twice your Sex hikayeleri age!”

“How old are you?” she asked.

“Thirty-five” I answered truthfully.

“Oh!” she said, looking surprised. “Well, that’s actually kind of sexy. I’m nineteen.” Damn, I said to myself; this is not going as planned.

Thankfully, Dave turned around and interrupted. He looked at Melanie and I as though we had just arrived – he obviously hadn’t been following our little discussion. “Hey guys! Time for a shot?” Seemed like a good escape for me, so I ducked back inside and got the three of us some Florida Tracksuits. Took those back to the table, and we drank those. Melanie didn’t know how to do a drop shot, which made Dave laugh. “One more?” he suggested, winking at me. Wait now, is this the same guy who was all worried about me hitting on his little girl?

One shot turned into two, which turned into four. The flirting turned serious, and Mel would occasionally reach under the table and grab my leg, slipping her hand up toward my crotch. My resistance was rapidly fading, and when she suggested a quick dance (upstairs, away from her Dad) it didn’t take long before we were making out. She told me she lived downtown, alone, just a few blocks away. We practically sprinted out of the bar, with me telling myself, ‘Bah – I’ll worry about Dave on Monday!’

On the short walk home, we had to stop several times to make out. I’d pull her into a doorway, and she would wrap one leg around me, kissing me hard, reaching down to rub my cock through my jeans. I did the same, reaching down and cupping her pussy in one hand. She immediately started humping my hand.

“I’m not going to be able to walk, as long as you keep doing that” she said. In the interest of getting her home, and naked, I stopped.

Her apartment was tiny, and stifling hot. As soon as we got through the door, we started stripping each other. I pulled her shirt off, and she unhooked her bra to reveal a perfect, pale pair of B-cup tits with hard pink nipples. She pulled my t-shirt up and over my head, and ran her hands over my chest appreciatively. (I’m a little over six foot tall, a hundred and ninety pounds, and fit – not a gym monkey, but I get no complaints. ) Pulling the elastics out of her little ponytail, I got my hands into her hair, held her head firmly, and kissed her hard.

“I want you to start by sucking my dick, right here” I said. (Hey, no harm in asking for what you want, right? Besides, she seemed like she might be the kind of girl who likes to take orders. And God knows I like to give them.) I pulled her head downward, gently.

“OK” she said, immediately sinking to her knees. She Sikiş hikayeleri reached for my belt, and I watched as she undid my jeans and lowered them, exposing boxer briefs tightly wrapped around a large bulge. She looked up at me, then peeled the elastic down, slowly exposing my cock, which is about seven inches long, and thick. She made a happy little noise, then started licking the head. She got it wet, then started to push her mouth down on my cock, bit by bit.

She got about two thirds of the way down, at which point my cock hit the back of her throat. She stopped, and held her head there. I moaned, and reached down to stroke the back of her hair, letting her know I liked what she was doing, and keeping the head wedged against her throat.

“Fuck, that feels nice” I said. “I want you to keep putting as much of it down as you can. OK?” She nodded as best she could (which felt great), and I slowly pulled my cock out. She took a deep breath, then started sucking again. She did a pretty good job, particularly considering how drunk she was. She kept sliding her mouth down until she bottomed out, then just rocking up and down a bit on it, which felt fucking fantastic. After a bit though, she started to ease up, just bobbing her head on the first few inches. I decided it was time to find out whether, indeed, Melanie liked things on the rough side.

Slipping one hand under her chin, and keeping the other behind her head, I pushed my cock into her mouth, to the back of her throat, and hard up against it. Her hands instinctively came up to my legs, to push away, but I held my position.

“Put your fucking hands down” I said in my best calm ordering tone. The hands slowly immediately dropped. I left my cock buried in her face. “Didn’t I tell you that this is what I wanted? That I wanted you to get as much of my cock into your mouth as you could?” Again, she tried to nod. “Then why am I having to do this?” I asked rhetorically. “Did you not understand what I meant?” I slowly pulled her head back until my cock popped out of her mouth.

“I’m sorry” she said, her voice a little hoarse and dripping with lust. “I’ll do better.” And she pushed back down onto my cock, a little further than before, right up to the point where her throat closed and she began to gag a bit. She would stay down for as long as she could, and then come up for air, going straight back down as soon as she could. It felt heavenly. Occasionally, as she was fully stuffed with cock, I would reach down and play with her tits, which felt incredibly firm. I wasn’t gentle, and the more roughly I played with them, the more she seemed to force herself onto my cock.

After a while, Erotik hikaye she stopped and looked up at me.

“I think if I stand up, and you help, I might be able to get it in my throat.” Really! This was a new one on me… look at that, the teenager showing my 35-year old ass a new trick. She stood up to one side of me, and bent over so that her head was almost sideways.

“Wait” I said. I wanted to check what effect all this was having. “Get naked.” She took off her jeans, and I lowered her little cotton panties. She had a tiny, pale brown bush. I nudged her legs apart with my hands, and cupped her pussy. It was absolutely soaked, inside and out. I quickly slipped two fingers in up to the first knuckle, then pulled them out and wetly grazed them up over her clit. Her knees wobbled, and she grunted.

“OK, back to work. Let’s see you deepthroat… we’ll get to that later.” She once again bent over, putting her mouth on my cock and sliding down as far as she could. It went a little deeper, and she started pushing hard. I could feel her throat start to open, but not quite enough to accept my fully engorged cock. The seconds ticked by… she would need to come up for air soon.

“Here, need a hand?” I asked in my most helpful tone. I put a hand on the back of her head, and firmly pushed. I could feel my cock push her throat open, and I watched as her neck swelled with cock. I buried it in her, until her nose pushed up against me. Then I let go, and she slowly pulled off.

“Fuck, that’s hot!” she said. (Hey, that’s my line!)

“Shut up and keep sucking!” I joked, and she did just that. With a little additional pressure from me, she was able to get the full length of my cock down her throat. After the second or third try, I started holding her head down longer, encouraging her to stay down as long as she could. Once or twice her hands came up, and I growled “Hands!”, which caused her to snatch them away as though I had slapped them.

Her throat was incredibly tight, and I was getting close to cumming.

“I’m going to cum down your throat, is that what you want?” She nodded enthusiastically. I pushed my cock all the way in and held it… let her up for one last breath, then shoved it back in balls-deep. With both hands on her head, I held her on my cock as I dumped load after load of cum straight down her throat. I groaned as I was cumming, and looked down to see her tugging hard on her breasts as I shot my load in her.

She came up gasping for air, then sucked my cock one last time, cleaning off any cum, before standing up.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you got your cock that far down my throat” she said, “That was awesome!” She blushed a bit. “And I really thought it was hot, how you didn’t let me use my hands.” I was ecstatic. “Now come fuck me in the bedroom” she said. I could tell it was going to be a long, hot night.

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