My amazing sister


I came from a large family; most of my brother’s and sister’s were enough older than me (I’m the youngest) that mostly they’d moved out long before I started to have sexual urges. But my youngest sister Anna was only a few years older and we were fairly close. She was lying on the couch taking a nap. My siblings and I always had a hard time sleeping at night so, typically, we’d end up taking a nap sometime after we got off the bus from school. I’d recently noticed my sister’s body was pretty well proportioned. I guess when you live out in the middle of nowhere with no internet and no cable you start to get your eye candy where you can. Whatever the reason, even though I’d looked at her I’d honestly never thought of letting it go anywhere past that. Nevertheless I had the sex drive of about ten normal kids my age, there’s a good chance that it was mostly just that the massive cascade of endorphins and dopamine that getting off triggers helped me to feel less depressed. But hell who isn’t depressed when they’re a teen.
Well that day my sister had decided to get particularly dressed up, she was dating some new little tool and the excitement of a new relationship hadn’t worn off yet. I’d always had a thing for a tight sweater and a pleated skirt, and the yellow V-neck cashmere sweater and dark plaid skirt just above the knee certainly fit the bill. While she was sleeping her legs had spread enough that I had a pretty good look at her inner thigh up until about an inch or two away from where her panties should have been. I took a good look and then went to make some food in the kitchen.
I had a massive erection but I was still a little uncomfortable with the idea of jerking off to my sister. I ate my food and even managed to get my wood to go down, but I couldn’t help but keep wondering what her panties would look like on her. Of course I knew what underwear my sister owned we all had to take turns doing laundry so I’d seen most of it before. Seeing it on her however, was something I’d never done. For that matter I still hadn’t seen any girl in real life in her bra and panties yet.
I went into the living room and tried to watch some TV to keep my mind off of it, but the only place to sit with a good angle for the TV was the couch she was on. I sat at the far end determined I wasn’t going to pay any attention so I started watching afternoon cartoons hoping that would keep my mind on more wholesome topics. If you’ve ever thought cable was boring try keeping a teenage mind off a near exposed pussy with nothing but public television. I started thinking about moving her skirt so I could get a good look at her, and almost instantly I was so aroused I could barely sit still. I felt my heart pounding everywhere; it even seemed like my eyes had a pulse.
I couldn’t help myself. I stood up and crept over to kneel next to her on the floor. I slowly over what seemed like an eternity inched her skirt up. The feeling was incomparable. The lust, the shame, the fear, all combined to release a cocktail of hormones unlike anything else I’ve ever felt. Then finally I got my first peek it was her striped g-string. I hadn’t ever realized just how beautiful looking up a skirt could be, the smooth skin of her upper thighs flowing into a the dimples surrounding her vagina and then the main even ever so discreetly covered by a patch of fabric that taunted you with the absolute nearness to glory.
I grabbed a blanket and threw it over her so she would assume that’s what had moved her skirt up if she even noticed. Then I went into her room and fished a pair of panties out of her laundry hamper. They were soft blue cotton panties with no designs on them, nothing special so I didn’t think she’d miss them for a while. I headed over to my bathroom with her underwear in balled up in my hand. Simply the idea that something that had her juices on it was in my hand had me so horny I thought I might blow before I even touched myself. I locked myself in the bathroom and immediately proceeded to masturbate with the crotch of her panties. When I came it felt like I would never stop pumping sperm into the, now, sopping wet panties.
As soon as I came and hid her panties I started to feel guilty. Wasn’t it wrong to get turned on by your sister, even more so to jack off to her? For the next couple of days I avoided her as much as possible, I guess she couldn’t figure out why because she came up to me after school one day and said we were going to hang out since we hadn’t really been doing anything together and she missed me. She’d just gotten her license so we drove around listening to music and talking apparently things hadn’t worked out so well between her and the most recent jackass that she’d dated. Not even a week into he’d started telling people she’d had sex with him. I didn’t want to ask if it was true or not because either way the topic would start my mind down a road Sex hikayeleri that I had been trying to avoid.
We got home and went and I had her help me with my homework, she was really good at math and for whatever reason algebra I was like Greek to me. By the time we were done with all the homework it was time to go to bed. My sister knew I slept better when there was someone else in the room, since I frequently had incredibly vivid nightmares when I was alone, so she said I could sleep in her room if I wanted. I wasn’t sure if I should or not but I had no way of saying no without telling her why so I went in the other room and changed into my pj’s and came back in. The half-bath in her room wasn’t finished so it only had a sheet for a door and when the light was on you could clearly see her silhouette. The last thing I wanted when she came back in was for her to see a raging hard-on so I quickly got into bed and laid on my side with the covers over me. She came back out and to my surprise she only had a baggy white shirt on, or at least as far as I could tell.
She turned off the lights and climbed into bed next to me, thank God it was a queen sized bed or it would’ve been much harder to keep from letting her feel that my dick was rock hard. We talked until we both drifted off to sleep, but I woke up in the middle of the night and went to get a drink. I noticed that moving her so I could get up and get some water hadn’t woken her so I carefully climbed back in to make sure I didn’t disturb her sleep any more than I had too. When I was back in bed I remembered that I didn’t know what she had on under the shirt.
It seemed like an eternity that I tried to fall back asleep but curiosity kept my mind racing. After what was probably an hour I finally decided I would find out. First I rolled onto my stomach so I could put my arm across her and act like it fell there when I rolled. I waited a few minutes to make sure she wasn’t going to wake up and then I slowly felt my way up to her left breast. Never having felt a breast before I was amazed at how it felt. It was so firm but soft, and pleasant warmth radiated out from it. The nipple felt like a short pencil eraser and I spent a good while gently tracing both breasts with my hand. The left breast seemed a little larger but other than that they were perfect. I knew from the labels in her bras that she wore a c-cup but to me they felt massive.
I knew from the second that I touched her breast that I wouldn’t be getting any more sleep that night. Once some of the immediate fixation with her breasts eased, I slowly and gently felt down her body. She was athletic; always loved basketball and volleyball, and her body had the firm give of relaxed muscle. All of a sudden I felt a panty line and my dick jumped. For whatever reason this forced all of the realization of what I was doing to the front of my mind; I was feeling up my sister and about to feel what was in her underwear. Again that intoxicating cocktail of emotion and hormones washed over me. I felt like I could fuck through rock if I had to right now.
I gently rubbed her stomach in a way that slowly pulled her shirt up. Once I felt skin to skin contact I knew the path was open so I moved myself a little lower so I’d be able to play it off as though my hand just fell between her legs while she was asleep If she woke up. I started out but gently running my finger along the outline of her underwear. She was wearing a pair of silky panties and that turned me on even more. For a little bit I just let my hand rest cupping the entire area around her pussy. It felt like I was soaking up all the heat of her sex and that somehow it was fueling my actions, almost like I couldn’t have stopped if I had tried.
I had to make direct contact with whatever was putting out that inviting energy. So I gently worked my finger under the elastic on the side of her panties, just an inch or two about her opening. The gentle pull of the elastic and the brush of soft skin on the back of my knuckle were phenomenal. I was expecting her to be hairy; I guess I’d never though of my sister as a sexual entity until recently so I was surprised when I came across skin just as smooth as the area surrounding it. I worked my way slowly down at first keeping toward the side, not knowing how my sister’s body would react, and certainly not wanting to wake her. Finally I gathered the courage to touch her slit and was thoroughly surprised to find that it was really wet and slippery. I had always just imagined that girls were normally dry. I ran my middle finger up and down a couple of time to get a fair amount of my sister’s juices on it and slowly worked it back out. It felt a little thicker than my pre-cum and it smelled kind of musky. I decided to taste it and I was pleasantly surprised. It was unlike anything else I’d ever tasted, slightly bitter but with a smooth Sikiş hikayeleri taste at the end.
I gently worked my way back in and this time slid a third of my finger inside of her. She moved slightly when I did this so I stopped exactly where I was long enough I was sure she wasn’t waking all the way up. I gently rubbed all around inside her, she sloped gently in and back and on the top side there was a little knob of spongy flesh when I brushed against that her breathing changed and sometimes she would make little half moans. The texture of her pussy was something unique soft but applying a constant gentle pressure. Just behind the mound of spongy flesh there were gentle ridges that I would have never noticed if I wasn’t moving so slowly to keep from waking her up.
I knew I had to stop and go relieve myself or I would try to take it even further, and I was nowhere near ready for the consequences of that. So I went in the bathroom and had the most intense jerk of my life. When I came it felt like the orgasm went on forever and I know I mad some noise. I wiped myself off and threw the tissues in the trashcan then went to get a drink. When I came back my sister wasn’t in the bed. Instantly post orgasm relaxation turned into full on panic. Had she noticed that her panties had been moved, did she hear me jacking off, if she had did she know it was to her? A thousand scenarios where whirling through my head and I just froze where I was. The toilette flushed and a little later she came back out, nothing seemed to be different with her so I tentatively just got back in bed. She just said “Thirsty?” and I quickly nodded. Then we slowly drifted back to sleep.
The next day she had plans with some of her friends so she didn’t come home till I was going to bed. I heard her in the next room moving stuff around when she got back, and I started to think about her getting undressed. I remembered I had a pair of her panties and I got them out and jerked it into them again. That done I fell asleep with them balled up in the bed next to me. I’d forgotten about them but the time I woke up the next day so when they weren’t next to me I thought nothing of it. I got ready and went to school just like any other day. I heard Mark (the guy who was telling people that he’d fucked her) telling people that my sister had “a bush like the Amazon.” This normally would have made me irate but it was doubly so since I knew now that it was all bullshit. I went up to him and fortunately for me even though he was two years older he was small for his age, because without even thinking I said “how ‘bout you shut the fuck up before I kick your fucking ass bitch.” Apparently he hadn’t seen me because his jaw dropped and he just nervously chuckled and said “oh… sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it.” I knew I didn’t have anything else I could say so I just stared at him for a bit and then left, still fuming mad.
My sister heard about it and came up to me a few hours later and gave me a big hug and thanked me for standing up for her. I felt a little guilty knowing if she knew why I had gotten so mad about his story she wouldn’t be thanking me at all. She just thought I was shy about it and told me she’d have a surprise for me when she got home after her play practice that night. I wondered what it could be but I just assumed she’d get me some candy or something on her way home; after all I hadn’t actually done anything other than yell at someone.
She got home and I was in my parents’ room talking to my mom about what we were going to do for summer vacation. She came in said hi to our mom and then left, I wondered when she’d give me my “surprise” but when I left my mom’s room she was in the shower already so I just assumed she’d forgotten. I went into my room and changed into some shorts and got ready for bed. I decided I’d sleep better if I jacked off first so I started masturbating, I hadn’t noticed that the shower had turned off until I heard my door start to open. I was just quick enough to get my hands on top of my blankets so hopefully she wouldn’t notice. She came in and asked if I was awake and I just lifted my head and said “yeah go ahead and turn on the lights.”
When she turned on the lights I saw that she was still wrapped in a towel but that didn’t really catch me off guard because it wasn’t uncommon for us to talk while wrapped in a towel if we thought the other would be asleep before we were fully dressed. She came up beside the bed and said so I guess you’ve been wondering what my surprise is. I just nodded and hoped she wouldn’t seem my boner and think it was due to her in her towel. “Well” she said “I guess I shouldn’t keep you waiting, but first you have to promise you won’t say anything till I’ve had a chance to explain.” I was pretty confused but still focusing more on keeping my erection from being noticed than thinking about what she could be surprising Erotik hikaye me with.
All of a sudden she dropped the towel and she was wearing a light blue strapless bra and blue cotton panties. All of a sudden I remembered that I had left the panties in my bed next to me but I didn’t know where they’d gone. My mind was reeling and I was desperately trying to think of something to say. She just put a finger over my mouth and said “remember your promise”. So not knowing what to say anyway I just nodded and let her talk. She looked a little embarrassed but she just started out with “I didn’t know how else to bring it up.” “The other day when you slept in my bed I woke up while you were rubbing my belly but it felt really good so I didn’t know what to do.” My jaw dropped and all that came to mind were the worst possible scenarios. She continued to tell me that at first when I started to move my hand down that she was going to stop me but she was so turned on that when she felt a hand on her pussy she felt like she just had to have more. “I never let anyone touch me there before” she explained, “but it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop, and I didn’t know what to do so I just pretended I was asleep.”
The other day I came into your room in the morning to talk to you about it but when I found my panties all of a sudden it seemed so much weirder and more shameful to me. I didn’t know what to do so I took my panties and put them in my room then decided I’d think about it before deciding what to do. I was going to ignore the whole thing but I was so touched when I heard you’d stood up for me to Mark that I decided I’d give you what you seem to want so badly. I mean it felt really good and if nobody finds out it should be ok.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, was my sister actually saying she was ok with me touching her? I looked her over a little more closely and I realized there were faint white stains all over the panties she was wearing. When I looked back up she just smiled shyly and said “surprise.” Talk about understatement of the century. When I didn’t say anything she started to look worried and said “if this weirds you out or if you just kind of slipped up when you touched me forget I said anything, but please don’t tell anybody.” The fear in her voice almost broke my heart; she was willing to go out on a limb like this for me. Instantly I was filled with a whole new kind of lust for her, but I wanted to make sure she really wanted to do this first.
I pulled her in to sit next to me on the bed and asked her if she was sure this is what she wanted. She just nodded and we sat there quiet for a while. Then she said “it’s not like I hadn’t thought about you this way before, I just didn’t act on it because I was worried what you’d think and that somebody would find out.” Then she reached out and started to rub my thigh through the blanket. “You’re not exactly little and you couldn’t possibly have thought I never noticed your morning wood when you slept in my room.” I guess it made sense but it had certainly never occurred to me that my sister would be turned on by my cock.
Then Anna reached up and grabbed my throbbing penis and gently started stroking it. I instinctively pulled her in and started kissing her while softly massaging one of her breasts. I was already half wound form jerking off before she started and I’d never been touch by anyone like this before so I came almost instantly. She just looked down and smiled and said “guess I’m better at this than I thought I’d be.” I was embarrassed that I came so quickly but she said if I got hard again later that she’d still be around. Then she laid down next to me and asked me if I would kiss her while rubbing the outside of her vagina. I kissed her and she opened her lips and slid her tongue along my lips while I was kissing her, so I did what she was doing, I found it amazingly arousing but my fella wasn’t having any part of getting hard again any time soon so I just focused on getting her off. We kept kissing and I lightly ran my fingers all around her pussy and thighs making a point to pull away just before I actually touched her. She started shaking every time I came near her slit and I took off her panties, I waited a while just kissing her so it would be a surprise and without warning slid one finger in her and used my thumb to rub the outside. I was amazed at how tight just one finger was and couldn’t help but wonder how a hard dick would ever fit inside. She gasped and bit my lip when I slid my finger in her so I started to pull it back out and she said in an almost panicked voice “no it feels so good, you have no idea.” I gently moved my finger in and out while rubbing in a circle on and just above the spongy area, and again her breathing became heavier. This time though she started rocking her hips to match my motion. A few minutes later she pulled me tight to her and her body shook gently then she felt like she just melted next to me. I leaned back and asked how she felt and she just smiled like she was in a daze and said “thank you”.

to be continued

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