Much Needed Vacation


My name is Lisa I am a 31 year old woman. I am 5 ft. 4 in. tall 190 lbs. so nothing really special. I have a little better than average curves. My breasts are 38 DD, and I have a big round ass. My hair is black and my eyes a deep beautiful blue. My life is routine and nothing out of the ordinary, but all that is about to change.
I load a large suite case into the back of my car and head out to enjoy a much needed vacation in a remote secluded cabin in the mountains. I start the car and put in my favorite CD to start my journey. So far my little get away is great. I have the top down on my car and am really enjoying the wind in my hair as it blows my troubles behind me. I pull up to my cabin for the week thinking it is even more beautiful than in the pictures. I find the key just where the owner said I would in one of those fake rocks by the steps. I unlock the door and explore the cabin. It consists of a large living area open and connected to a small but adequate kitchen, a large bedroom and a luxurious bathroom. It is perfect. I gather my things from the car and start putting them away when I hear a knock on the door. I go to answer it and am amazed at the sight when I see the man standing on the other side. “He has to be almost 7 ft. tall,” I think to myself, and obviously nothing but muscle.
“Hello I am David I stay just down the road a bit. I just wanted to let you know that my dog runs around out here a lot, but he is harmless. He is a hybrid and people in the past have mistaken him for a wolf.” He laughs, “Just don’t want you to get scared by him.”
“Oh ok,” I laugh thinking that was thought full of him. He turns to walk away and then I see, “the dog,” adıyaman escort it truly does look like a wolf I muse as I shut the door back. My stomach growls letting me know I haven’t eaten all day. I check the fridge and sure enough just like the ad had said it was well stocked. It even had a bottle of wine with a bow on top. I pull it out with the fruit tray and move over to the couch with a book. The fruit and wine relax me as I lounge there reading. I soon become drowsy and set the book down. I fall fast asleep unaware that the fruit had been injected with small amounts of drugs to sedate me.
What I didn’t know was that David was the care taker and had been watching and waiting the whole time. He had installed hidden surveillance cameras all over the cabin. He quickly walked the distance between the cabins and used his key to let himself in. He picked my unconscious body up and carried me over to a hidden door that lead to steps going down in to a basement. The floors were cement with a drain in the middle. There were chains hanging from the ceiling and a strange bench like thing along with other devices in the room. There was a bed off to one side and a shower and toilet. He placed me on the bed and locked my hands into cuffs that were fixed in the headboard then tied my legs ankle to thigh. Next he blind folded me, and gaged me before inserting ear plugs. Stepping back he admired his work and my body becoming fully aroused. Striping naked he climbs on the bed slowly running his hand over my body. Not in the mood to wait, he climbs on top of my unconscious body and rams his dick into my unprotected cunt. He groans at the tightness akkent escort as he begins to shuttle his dick back and forth into me until he deposits his load deep in my pussy. Slowly he moves away to enjoy the sight of his cum dripping out my stretched hole. He settles in to wait for me to awaken to start the real fun, knowing that before everything is over my pussy and ass will be well used holes for his pleasure and my screams will be music to his ears.
Slowly I start to stir. Dazed from the drugs and very confused I try to move only to find I am bound and helpless. I can’t hear or see anything and I am gaged. “What the hell is going on I think to myself beginning to panic I struggle to get free.
Seeing this David walks over and removes one ear plug to growl in my ear. “For the next few days you are going to be my fuck toy. I will do whatever I want to you and if you want to survive you will not bite or fight me. Do you understand?”
Scared I nod my head yes to let him know that I understood perfectly, but I was not happy about it. I feel him put the ear plug back in and reach behind my head to undo the gag. I feel the bed move as he shifts to straddle my head. I stubbornly hold my mouth closed as his cock touches my lips. He pinches my nose closed until I have no choice. It is either suffocate or open my mouth. When my mouth opens to gasp much needed air he quickly takes advantage and shoves his dick in. He begins to thrust deep into my mouth going into my throat making me gag. Deeper and deeper he goes until I can feel his balls slapping my chin. He holds his dick in my throat starving me for air. I think I’m going gaziantep anal yapan escort to pass out, but then he withdraws and lets me catch a breath before he shoves back in all the way. He keeps repeating this process for what seems like hours but was probably only a few minutes. Finally he pulls out and I sigh in relief until he moves down to my pussy. He licks at my clit a few times until I start to twitch. Then I feel his fingers enter my pussy. Back and forth he pumps his fingers in me getting them nice and wet. He moves his fingers down to my ass and forcefully shoves two deep inside. I scream from the painful invasion, but am helpless to get away as I am bound. Again I feel the bed move as he bends my knees up toward my chest. Scared and afraid I know what is coming next. My fears become reality as I feel his dick rub against my tight little asshole. I tense up to prevent the invasion, but it does no good as he shoves hard making my ass open up to accept him. By this time I am howling in pain begging him to stop. “Please just let me go I won’t tell anyone I swear. God it hurts sooo bad.” About that time he thrust hard again. “Owwweee, please stop!” I scream but he continues enjoying the pain he is causing me purposely entering me an inch at a time. Finally I can feel his balls against my ass, then he pulls out completely only to start the process over wanting to make it last as long as he can. Once my ass loosens up enough that there is little resistance he begins to slam into my ass. My guts begin to cramp from the pressure. I can feel every ridge as it scrapes my intestines. I begin to hope he will hurry up and cum just so I can get his dick out of my ass and some relief from the pressure. About that time I feel him shove into me deeper than ever and hold there as he pumps his cum deep inside my ass. I feel him leave the bed and am grateful for a reprieve. A few seconds later he hold a damp cloth over my nose until I pass out….

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