“Oh you poor thing.” Beth said as she caressed Lila’s back. “I’m sure you get pretty lonely when James is gone huh? He’s not here to hold you, kiss you, make you cum with his cock.”

Lila was stiff for a moment. She called her best friend, Beth, asking her to come and stay the night with her at her new apartment. The place was small and safe seeing as she was living in the good part of town, but she felt lonely. She greatly disliked sleeping alone. Not in the sexual way, it was just that she felt safe when she could rest with someone by her side. Her drummer boyfriend of 2 years, James, was in a band. They finally got signed to a good label and had set out for tour, leaving Lila behind. The two lovers were insanely sexual, always trying new things. They even allowed each other to have sex with other people while they were apart. Saddily and secretly, Lila was nervous about that, on her behalf anyways especially now.

Beth was your typical blonde haired, blue eyed beauty with full 36-d breasts and a nice ass to match. She stood at 5’6″ and had a light tan, fake of course. She just oozed confidence and sex appeal. Most could say she was just flat out drop dead sexy. Lila was the opposite, sort of. She had big beautiful green eyes, long wavy black hair, a slender figure, and was only five feet tall. She did have a really nice ass and full but perky 32-B Breasts. But most could just take one look at her and associate her with the words cute, adorable, sweet, ect. ect. She was very shy and sometimes felt insecure. But she carried herself in a way that anyone could be friends with her.

Beth continued to massage Lila’s back. She was bisexual and quite comfortable with it. Lila wasn’t so sure about herself on the other hand. Either way, Beth was going to have her way with cute little Lila tonight.

“Sure bursa escort bayan you feel so alone, but to me, it looks like you need not only someone to rest next to you, but you also could have a good orgasm!” Beth reached over and cupped Lila’s breasts.

Lila sighed and closed her eyes. “Beth, you’re my best friend and I know you’re bi, but…” Lila brushed Beth’s hands aside and turned around.

“Oh come on Lila, look at you. You’re so damn cute, but I know you’re a vicious little one in bed.” With that, she caught Lila’s lips with her own giving her a deep kiss and pressed her against the counter.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard James will be jealous.”

Lila looked into Beth’s eyes and knew she could not put up a fight. For as long as the two of them were close friends, Lila knew that the very woman in front of her always got her way.

Beth took Lila’s hand and led her to the couch in the living room, she wasted no time yanking down Lila’s pink miniskirt and almost ripping off her black and white striped shirt. Off came the green eyed girl’s panties and bra and she stood there naked and nervous. The cold air mixed with her slight feeling of being aroused made her nipples stand at attention. She began feeling a familiar warmth and wetness between her slender legs.

“Sit down.” Beth demanded, Lila did so.

Beth kneeled between her legs and ran her finger down her pink hairless womanhood. She admired its delicate folds and how it sexy and small it was compared to her gaping own. She then stood up.

“Play with yourself, make yourself all wet for me.” Beth demanded as she watched the innocent looking girl run her delicate hand down to her pussy and rub it. She slipped her small finger down and plunged into her cunt, shuddering bursa anal yapan escort with arousal. She felt like she was being controlled by this dominatrix type woman. She didn’t feel the need to question her sexuality now.

Beth began stripping out of her sexy blue halter dress, revealing her naked body underneath. She slipped out of the rest of the dress and stepped out of her black pumps and towards Lila.

“You’re mine for now. I know it’s been a while since you’ve seen James. I want to make you cum, I want to taste your juices and watch you cum weather you like it or not!” Beth then sat with her legs on either side of Lila’s. She kissed Lila deeply once again, slipping in some tongue, she squeezed her breasts and pinched her small pink buds roughly causing Lila to yelp in pain and pleasure.

Beth broke the kiss and went lower capturing Lila’s nipple in her mouth, giving it a rough nibble and moved over to the other hard pink bud to repeat the same treatment.

Lila had her arms at her sides, she lie back helplessly. Her pussy ached and she closed her eyes, longing for her boyfriends large, thick cock pounding her rather than another woman. But now she didn’t have much of a choice. Her hips bucked forward unintentionally and Beth stopped the breast play/torture.

“Horny little one aren’t you?” She said, then began roughly grinding her clit against the other girl’s clit. Lila whimpered. She felt as if she needed some release. She wanted to feel full but she also couldn’t tell Beth to stop. In fact, she felt herself give in. She felt her abdominal muscles contract wildly. What happened nest was a blur to Lila.

Beth kneeled between her legs and slipped two of her long sensual fingers into Lila’s tight wet box. bursa rus escort She quickly found the right spot seeing as Lila’s whimpers turned into loud moans. She then took another finger and lifted the hood that Lila’s swollen nub resided under.

“Lila, give your tits a good squeeze!” Beth growled noticing that Lila was just sitting there gripping onto the cushions. Lila bit her lip and cupped her own breasts. They felt firm and her nipples were hard enough to cut glass! She gave them a few gentile squeezes.

Beth then began to give her pink pearl a good sucking as she continued to rub that one spot that made Lila shiver and shake. Suddenly she felt her stomach spasm and her pussy tighten up. Beth fingered and sucked faster and harder stopping to encourage Lila. “Come on Lila, Cum for me, cum really hard baby!”

“Oh god, Beth, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHH!” Lila screamed so loud the neighbors could’ve heard.

She felt out of her body almost. But she felt something drastically different about this orgasm. She felt something squirt out of her pussy. Her cheeks were red like they were usually after an orgasm, and also in embarrassment. She felt like she had lost control and pissed.

She looked at Beth. Her lips were wet with Lila’s cum.

“Aww, I never knew you squirted!” Beth said admiring her now red-ish pussy that was dripping with her warm clear love fluids.

“Is…that a bad thing?” Lila whimpered

“Not in my book.” Beth grinned as she kissed her wet lips then began kissing her way back up.

She became gentile as she caressed Lila’s breasts while she kissed her once more.

Lila suddenly felt her cunt spasm a little, a small minor orgasm, as she tasted herself. Beth sat back and rested her left hand on Lila’s heated pussy.

“Now this is going to be a good story to share with James huh?” Beth smiled.

“No.” Lila rested back. Her breathing was back to normal compared to her hard gasps earlier.

“Why not?”

“It would make him jealous.” Lila replied as she began to push her hips forward ever so slightly on Beth’s hand.

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