Playing with his tool in the cool pool was hot!

by Oediplex 8==3~

Jimmy, my son, sat beside me in the car, on our trip up the New York Thruway. It was a two hour trip to the lodge, a two week stay we had planned. Our friends, the Jansens had asked us to house-sit their posh second home in the Catskills. It was just going to be Jim and me. My husband, Ted, was tied to his work in the City for the duration, on a critical project he had to supervise. I would miss Ted, but my kid was a fine companion, and Jimmy was eager to come along.

Just having finished a tough freshman year, and turning 20 in a few weeks, he needed a break. So did I, for that matter. I had been run ragged, with my own work as a store manager, for a local shop in our village. When we were offered this opportunity, to look after their property in upstate NY, it was just the ticket. The Jansens were on a European tour, for the fortnight; we were to keep an eye on things. There had been break-ins the previous summer in that area, and they were nervous about their lovely spot, which they called ‘Miz-B-Haven’.

I wasn’t sure of exactly why the nomenclature, but it certainly had all the amenities for a grand time. They had a pool, Jacuzzi, the latest high tech in audio-visual equipment, video games galore, a well stocked bar (that would get good use), and a wine cellar also. While it was too bad it was so isolated, with a satellite dish, we could have the latest movies. Groceries were a half hour down the road, but the lodge was well stocked, and had a big freezer. The kitchen had everything you could ask for in appliances. It was going to be “uh ton uh fun”, as Jimmy put it.

I noticed Jim glancing my way, quite often, as we flew up the highway. He was a good looking fellow, much as his dad was, but he had my fair hair instead. Taller than me, but then most people were. My spouse kidded about having married ‘Tinkerbell’. I was petite, and still looked like I was the High School cheerleader he had fallen in love with. Only, the magic had lately been missing, from our never-never-land. Or rather, our love life, was more never-land. Between his commute to the city, from Connecticut, and my crazy shop manager problems, we seemed never to get a chance for romance, in the last several months.

Which is why it was a damn shame, that hubby was tied up in the Big Apple, for this adventure. It would have been the chance to fool around. Even with Jim along. We could always ask for privacy, it’s not like our son didn’t know his parents had sex. One time, he even walked into the living room, and got a quite a surprise, when he caught us doing it on the couch. He was supposed to have gone to the movies for a couple of hours. I can’t remember what spoiled his plans, what I won’t forget is that he strolled in, just at the critical moment.

We couldn’t stop, not right then. I was screaming as I climaxed, and his father was in the middle of squirting a huge wad of jism, up my pussy. That was last Christmas vacation when he was home from college. He stood there, and stared at the home porno scene. Then as we finished our throes of passion, he calmly said, “I hope you used protection, you two horny kids.” The cheek that boy has sometimes! (I have an IUD.) Then he calmly went up to his room. But that was a facade. As we went past his door, going to our room where we finished, we heard him masturbating. Smack, smack smack; he was beating his meat. I didn’t blame him, it must have been a hot sight.

A few days afterwards, he told me I had the sexiest ass he had ever seen. I let that pass by without any reply. I mean, what do you say to your son in that situation? ‘Thank you, Honey, can I see yours?’ My husband told me, Jimmy asked him if I was as good a lay, as I had been when we were first married. I was dumbfounded. “What did you say?” I asked. “I told him – better!” Jim answered. So okay, that was a compliment. However, from that time on, Jimmy looked at me sometimes with, well frankly, lust in his eyes; and a slight smirk in his grin.

The damn thing was, it was starting to get to me. Okay, it’s nice my son thinks I’m sexy. It’s good to know, that I still have the physique that puts the wood in men’s pants. But my own son, ought not to think of me that way. Even more disturbing, is since the screwing has diminished lately, my son has become more of a subject for an occasional fantasy, in my own head. I imagine that he catches me masturbating one afternoon, and says he will take care of me, since he knows his dad is not being attentive in that department.

He strips, and comes boldly to the bed. I’m on my back. He gets between my thighs. He is hard. He is big. I am wet. I have no will power to stop him. He places the beautiful hunk hanging from his loins, at my entrance. I put my arms around him. He presses inward, and goes deep. GOD! I’m getting wet sitting here driving, with Jim in the seat right next to me. He is looking at me with that ‘smile’ that says he wants me. I look down at his jeans, sure enough there is a long lump in the crotch. I look at the road straight ahead. I wonder if my shorts are showing a wet spot, my panties are definitely damp.

I have on pinks shorts, and a loose sleeveless shirt. I decided the day was going to be too warm to wear a bra. I like to feel the breeze in my blouse, when I am driving in the summer. With my arms up on the steering wheel, Jimmy’s angle is able to view sideways at my right boob. He can’t peak at the nipple, but if he saw it, it would be like an oversize pencil eraser. As it is, my buttons clearly are poking their perky points, under the thin cotton. I lick my lips, it is warm, but the sexual tension has made the atmosphere, that much hotter. Good thing we’ll be there soon!

Our arrival is down a dusty dirt drive, to the meadow setting of the luxury lodge, ‘Miz-B-Haven’. A haven it is from civilization, but with all the conveniences. Like a love-shack, at one of those Pocono resorts. Though the Jacuzzi wasn’t heart shaped. The Jansens had us all up for the Forth of July, two yeas ago. They shut it down between November and March, but this was August now, and the place was left ready for our visit, while they were away. We were on our own if anything went wrong, except they left all the numbers, for plumbers and other repairmen if needed.

After the long drive, Jim and I both agree the first item of business, was to take a dip in the pool. The air-conditioning would need some time to crank up, so we would change, and then dive in. In fact, I had been a diving instructor at one time, at the local Y, and Jimmy had taken lessons that summer too. The pool had a board, not as good as the country-club’s, but we would use it to have fun. I had packed the swim-suits in my case, since my son had insisted on stuffing his duffel with his camping gear. We also brought a large trunk for our stay. There was a washer-dryer, but it was a compact one-piece unit, and I didn’t want to wear it out.

I took the master-bedroom, and Jim was bunking in the spare room. We left their daughter’s room alone. I was changing into my bikini, when the door burst open, and Jim walked in. I was in the middle of just putting my top on. So those firm little apples of mine, with the strawberry centers, were on display to my son’s eyes. We each of us froze, I felt like a deer in the headlights, stunned by the unexpected intrusion. My son was zeroed into his mom’s mams, and a look of astonishment was the expression on his face. I was not one for making any big deal about nudity within our household, it happened by accident sometimes.

In fact, I had walked in on Jim, coming out of the shower a couple of times. I kept my cool then, and now. But I didn’t let things go for long back then, I didn’t want either of us embarrassed. I had merely turned around, and let him grab a towel. I had seen the meat he was packing, nice and long, and thick enough. Semi-rigid, as if he had been jerking-off. That was what I had been envisioning in my fantasies, that delicious sausage. Now, I finally brought my top up, to cover my exposed tits. He had Sex hikayeleri seen his mother’s bottom in December; here in August, he got a gander at my ta-tas. He was holding a towel around his waist, I finally noticed, when my own senses returned.

“Mom, I forgot that you had my swim trunks, in your suitcase.” I nodded, a little speechless for the situation, and holding my top with my right arm, I plucked his suit out, and tossed it to him. I was using my left to throw the garment, and I flubbed it. Jim’s shorts went high and wide. He lunged for the flying cloth, flung poorly, and caught them. However, in the process, lost his hold on the towel, which dropped to the floor. His member swung with the motion of his grab. Now I was getting my share of beefcake, to his cheesecake glimpse of my knockers.

“Oops! Sorry!” he said, then he stepped into the swim wear. I expected him to leave, but he rather decided to be gallant, and maturely said, without a hint of leering, “Can I help you hook that up?” I turned so that he could get the strap connected. His hands were warm on my skin. I had a little shiver from the touch, and I knew that naughty thoughts had been at work in my sub-conscious. “I’ll get us some beer from the fridge.” Jim said in my ear, with his hands on my shoulders, and kissed my cheek. I shook my head in agreement. Not daring my voice to speak, as it would have quavered at that moment.

After he left, I had to sit on the bed for a moment. My legs were shaky, I was so turned on by the chance encounter. I knew I ought to not be so much of a minx, but he had looked so gawd-awful sexy, when he made that catch! I was damp again. I figured to try to get into the pool, before it became evident that I was thinking about things I should not, when it came to my son. I wondered, did he just happened to walk in at the wrong/right moment. Or, was it planned, or did he have a sixth sense of my state of undress. I began to think back over the last few weeks, and other times he had popped in on me unannounced, while I was usually in my undies. It must be luck – what could it be otherwise?

I got up and went to the back sliding-double-doors and out to poolside. Jimmy was there already with a cooler, and some brews with an ice-pack to keep them chilled. I swear to God, he looked at my crotch and gave a little smile. Well, he was semi-stiff himself for that matter. I dived off the side of the pool, and indicated that he should follow. The cool of the pool should chill our libidos too. He jumped in right next to me, with a beer for each of us. It was very refreshing, and the suds tasted just right, for the late afternoon humid weather.

I downed half the can then put it on the edge, and paddled over to the deeper end. Once there, I did a duck dive, and went tail-up / head-down into the depths, and swam down to the bottom. I turned, and pushed with my legs, to shoot back to the surface. When I emerged from being immersed, Jim sidestroked over to me. His beer, I saw, was next to mine, on the edge of the pool. He had dunked as well, his hair was damp and dripping. I tread water waiting for him to join me. He swam over.

“Hey, mom,” He said,”How about we do some diving later on?”

“I was thinking about just that on our way here, Honey.”

“While we have the sun, do you want to work on getting tan?”

“Yeah, there must be some lotion somewhere, or I have a bottle in my bag.”

“I’ll get it!” He swiftly did a couple of strokes to the side, and athletically hauled his muscular frame up to the pavement. This afforded me a good look at his buns, because the wet fabric clung to them, outlining the shape of his haunches. I thought he had a sexy ass too! Even if I was his mother, I could still admire his body. After all, I had had the nice perk of getting a peak at his pecker, not more than thirty minutes ago! Obviously, Jim appreciated my charms. It would have been a safe bet, that he might try to sneak another spying on my body, sometime while we were here alone. Maybe I’d let him even, if it were ‘tit for tat’, so to speak!

The handsome youth reappeared with the bottle of suntan lotion, and I made my way to the steps, doing the breast stroke. I though about that phrase, and got a little tingle in my tummy. My! I was being a horny hussy today, even if I didn’t let my son be aware, of his mother’s dirty thoughts. I came out of the pool, and went to a lounger. I stretched out on my stomach, and spoke to Tommy, “Honey, will you do my back?” Should I have been surprised when he undid the clasp, that held the strap together at the back? Nope!

After all, he had connected it, so now, to properly coat my back, he reversed the process. As long as he was ‘proper’ with putting on the balm, I would remain calm. Indeed, he did as any gentleman would do. Throughly applying the sun-block, he ran his hands over my skin. He didn’t try anything. I was sort of disappointed, though I knew I ought to have objected, if he had. Then he did my legs, working up from the calves, giving the movements more of a massaging kind of rubbing. He used both hands to go over my thighs as well. I enjoyed the touch and felt relaxed.

“Do you want any tan lines, mom?”

“No, no tan lines for me, thanks!” I thought he meant the top, to be re-hooked or not. Leave it open I concluded, I was face down. But then I felt the ties at the sides of my bottom piece being loosened. Before I knew it, my tush was bare! “Jimmy! What the hell?!” I said, half turning to look at him, and show my displeasure. Then I turned back again, when my top dropped to the chaise lounge, leaving my breasts exposed again, to his smiling face, and eyes which went saucer wide. “I didn’t mean there!” I exclaimed.

“Why not?” there’s nobody here, but us chickens?”

‘So said the fox in the hen house!’ I thought.

Jim continued, “I’ve seen lots of naked butts before. Pretty as yours is, I’m your son, you’re safe with me. Besides, I have seen it before, remember?”

“Yes, I certainly do. But if I’m just another ‘chick’, you are the rooster around here. And that makes this a co-ed swimming hole. My behind is not for public viewing!”

“Mom, you are not just another run of the mill girl, you are playmate material. Your rear is very dear to me, and I would not want you to think I don’t appreciate it. But, – no pun intended – we are in private, and if you can’t show your derri? around here, you will have a very white bottom, instead of that European all over brown glow. Here is some lotion, to make sure that you don’t burn there either.” Before I could stop him, he squirted the cream on my pale buttocks and spread it with his palms. One hand on each half globe, and it was a shocking thing, but also at the same time quite sensuous. I liked it. I had not had anybody do that in quite a while, and it felt good!

I let him do it, I didn’t want to get the grease on my swimsuit, I rationalized. So okay he got a close up of my nether region, big deal – right? Then I realized this was the opening for the tit for tat gambit. But first let my tan start to brown. I lay sleepily, and let the soft sunlight warm my skin. It was good to relax, at last the tensions of the shop and my work, were easing away. I was content, for the moment. Furthermore, he was not going to do anything untoward with his mother; or he would get his bottomed tanned – from a spanking, or some other appropriate punishment. I’d think of something, if it came to that.

I must have taken a little nap, because I realized that Jim was coming back out of the house and had a bottle of wine. I had not been aware of him leaving my side. At least he was not ogling my buns. He poured some into a plastic glass that he had also fetched, and one for himself. He explained, “I found this already opened, and thought it might be tastier that the beer. If you are okay with that. Here, it’s a nice fruity Spanish red, I can’t pronounce the name. I tilted up to take the cup, and my top dropped. ‘Screw it!’ I thought, and sipped. It was excellent! Trust the Jansons!

“Hey!” I spoke up suddenly, looking at his reddening face, “We’d better Sikiş hikayeleri get some suntan cream on you, as well! Help me with my suit back on.”

“ Mom, what if we went skinny-dipping? I never had the chance to do that, but I know that it’s a wonderful sensation to experience. Have you ever done it? I dare you to do it.”

“Not in a long time, Honey. That’s a bare, dare, darling. But yeah, it is rather neat to do. I’ll see your dare, and double dare you, too. Let me slather you up, then we’ll take a skinny-dip. But you have to promise, no horseplay. I can’t defend myself properly, when I’m buck naked.”

“O . . you could fend me off improperly . . .”

“No! You promise your mother that if we do that, you will be a hero, not a zero!”

“What a corny phrase. Okay, no rough-housing, when we are sans suits.”

“Good, now, since I am already in my birthday suit, you strip too!” And in a jiffy he was pulling down his shorts, and I was treated to his whole glorious self. I had seen it in brief before, but now I could study it at my leisure. Indeed, I ran my hands all over those strong firm muscles, as I slicked his skin with protective application. All over the front and back, torso and legs, buns and – well I didn’t go exactly everywhere – I left that one male muscle alone. Much as I was tempted, and, he was slightly turgid. But if I did that, what would Jimmy expect to do in return, to my body? I couldn’t allow that liberty, or could I? Could I?

So with both of us lathered up, to use a double-entendre, we were headed for the water, and who knows where else we might go at this rate. I know I was a bit greasy, somewhere that had nothing to do with the oil from a bottle. As we were protected from the sun (was I protected from the son?) [was he protected from me?] where was I – oh yeah – so we went into the drink again, with our drinks in hand, we walked down the steps and sat on the next to deepest one, up to our necks. With our heads just above the waterline, we sipped our Sangria, or whatever that tangy tasting wine was. I was feeling the effects nicely.

After a while, I was hungry. II suggested a cold-snack meal, with whatever things we could find in the fridge. Jim and I came up with cold cuts, pickles, two kinds of cheese, crackers, cookies, and we had a couple of beers out of the cooler to wash it down. By now, we were going around nude like we were at a nudist colony. Once you get used to being bare, you stop thinking about it. (Almost . . ) We were talking about whether we should save the red wine for later, when Jim said out of the blue, “What about smoking some weed?”

“Oh,” I replied, “I doubt we could find the Jansons stash.” I was joking.

“No mom, I have some. I brought with me.”

Well, I was raised by Woodstock generation parents, so my son having grass didn’t surprise me a great deal. I had not done it much, but I did like it, when I had been younger. What the hell, we were in the wilderness, who would know? “Okay, go and get it.”

He dashed to the lodge, and was back quickly with a couple of joints that must have been pre-rolled. He had a lighter, he stoked a doobie up, and passed it to me. I choked on my first hit, but then the mellow feeling came on, and I could hold the next in longer. From there, we were able to suck it down to a reasonable roach. The sun was low in the western sky, painting lots of colors across the horizon. This was made the more psychedelic, with the buzz I had caught. Jimmy was a bit stoned to, humming a tune I didn’t recognize, and looking at me, then the sunset, and then at me again. He was getting hard, I saw!

Suddenly, he jumped up, “Come on mom, we ought to do our diving before it gets too dark!”

I held out a hand, for him to help me up. “You find the pool lights, I have an idea about something else, before we start.” I went down to the wine cellar, and found the refrigerator running, as I knew it would be. I pulled out two champagne bottles. I thought, let’s really celebrate our arrival in style. After all, we were on a holiday, and there was nobody to make the rules, but us. We were breaking a lot of rules already, which wouldn’t have been acceptable back home. But here it seemed not to matter so much, was not so naughty away from civilization. After all, it was happy time, in a happy place, and we were ‘Miz-B-Haven’. OH! I get it! Jeez! I was definitely stoned!

When I got back poolside, I showed Jimmy what I had procured. He poured out the dregs of the red, and rinsed the glasses in the kitchen, and then popped the cork on a bottle of bubbly. After a few sips, we went to the diving board. The underwater lights made the water blue, for a romantic mood, even though the twilight was still relatively bright. I was the first of the board, and just did a simple jump, with a little spring to help my legs go up. It was clean, and I surfaced near the ladder. Then Jim did a jack-knife, I think he was showing off. I loved to see how his member bounces with him, on the board. My tits did as well, freed as they were from their usual restraints. This was going to be interesting!

We spotted for each other while we were diving. We both knew we were not just watching out for each other, but watching each other’s nude bodies too. Jimmy would stand at the end of the diving board in seeming concentration, and wait until I turned at the pool ladder to watch him, so that I could look up at his semi-hard dick. Sometimes he would bounce on the board, and this made the springy organ itself, a jutting, bouncing thing of male prowess. It helped to stimulate both its erect condition, and my growing arousal too.

I, in turn, would in my best Olympic fashion, make measured movements on the board, while Jimmy watched from the water, or sometimes behind me. I decided on the style of my dives, by his position. If he was in the water, I made a swan dive, to show off my breasts to best advantage. Once, I pretended to lose my balance, and went in with my legs wide spread! What a look of surprise and delight he had, staring up into my splayed legs. On his next dive off the board, he could have almost pole vaulted into the water. If he was behind me, I bent over in a simple dive, to show off my shapely buns. Or did a handstand, to grandstand my body for his enjoyment.

I drained the last sips of champagne from my glass, and Jimmy came over and had the roach from the joint lit. We each sucked a few tokes into maintain our nice buzz. Those were the conditions that lead to the ‘Big Plunge’, as we came to call the event, and it’s aftermath later. It was a shared, secret term of amusement between us, about what happened. It could have been tragic, I suppose, if Jimmy had not been there. He was there though, and so what began as a poorly executed dive, and led to a dangerous landing; ended in a special relationship. Instead of it being a life threatening accident, it became an enlivening, thrilling event!

I went to the board to take my turn. My darling and athletic swim-mate was treading water, close to the side of the pool, next to the ladder. I knew what his plan was. To wait until I had dived off, and was at the ladder myself. Then, it being his turn next, he would climb out in front of me, with his balls and anus totally exposed to his mother’s gaze. He had done this brazen (and to my feminine eyes – delightful), deliberate display twice before. Not to be out done, I had made sure that he had equal opportunities, to gaze up into the mysteries of his mother’s furry crotch, by pulling myself out of the pool ahead of him, on the metal ladder. The last time, he had climbed out so close behind me, I could feel his pistol poking me in the rear. I swear if I had been slower, or he perhaps a bit faster, he might have hit the bulls-eye!

But I wasn’t about to let that happen, no matter how horny the daring, bare diving was making me, or him. Until the ‘Big Plunge’, that is. The board was rough, but had quite a bit of water on it. I was beginning to feel the effects of the evening’s libations and inhalations. I was thus made bolder in my next attempted dive, but less competent too. Erotik hikaye The combination was not a good one. I decided to show off my diving skills, and do a jack-knife as Jim had earlier. Usually, this is an easy feat at the country club pool, when I’m sober, and there the board is higher. With the better spring setting on this board, it was not too difficult either, and I had done it in the past, on our visit with the Jansons. But none of those factors were working for me that night.

Even before I landed, I knew I was in trouble. I had not opened fully, nor was I coming in cleanly. I did a belly flop. The smack of my stomach echoed in the night. The “whuh”, of the air being punched out of me, was clearly heard by Jimmy. I was filled with pain in my mid-section, from hitting the water, as if a giant hand had slapped my midriff. For precious moments, I was senseless. I could have drowned, possibly, if I were alone, but of course, Jimmy was there. He instantly knew what had happened; what was going through my body, and what to do. Those life guard lessons he had taken at the YMCA, three years ago, paid off. He was at my side, as I came up gasping for a breath I could not take in, the wind being knocked out of me.

In the manner, as if he were a trained professional, his right hand grasp my left wrist, and pulled me so that I turned on my back. (At the time, I was unaware of what precisely he was doing. He showed me later.) Then, with his left arm he encircled my chest, and using a side stroke with his right arm, drew me over to the side of the pool at the ladder. Grabbing the ladder with his right hand he continued to support me, with his left arm loosely around my chest, allowing the gasping breaths that were now beginning to come raggedly. His left leg was under my hips, supporting my small weight, which the water’s buoyancy did not carry.

In a few minutes, I was nearly back to normal. My oxygen level was okay, the stinging was a fading sensation, the initial panic had been replaced by a sense of admiration for my son’s quick action, and continued comforting presence. Then, I noticed that there was a developing bonus to his heroism. His boner was now clearly pressed against my backside! His left arm continued to encircle my chest, but his hand was cupping my right breast, and copping a feel. He was panting too, but into my ear. I couldn’t blame him for the erotic position, but the danger of drowning was over. However, our jeopardy of being in over our heads, together in passion, was greater than ever.

Like the shipwrecked soul, who finally gives up clinging to the flotsam that keeps them afloat, and lets go of the hope of rescue; I sank beneath the waves of lust, into the sea of sin that engulfed us both. Taking hold of the posts of the ladder, like they were giant cocks in my hands, and planting my feet on the rung above the one my son stood on, I lifted my hips to present an easy target. I felt my boy, no, young man, now 18; and Jim instead of Jimmy, maneuver. He turned to come into position, to load his torpedo into his mother’s waiting tube. No words were spoken.

I had surrendered to the mounting desire. He could not keep from mounting me, his mother. I had once delivered my rescuer, now he would deliver release of our pent up sexual energies, by returning to the womb of the woman that had birthed him. I had given him life, he had saved my life. It was a perfect circle. It would be an unending cycle of incest. Once having crossed the line, between the conventions of taboo, and the carnality of licentious pleasure, one travels a different course than before. So it was with us, when I took the ‘Big Plunge’. For of course, it was not the treacherous dive from the board that was the risky behavior, that contributed to the more the consequential events of the evening; rather my submersion into sin – by submitting to the lust that my son and I had developed for one another, leading up to and culminating that night, which continues to this day.

I felt the hot prod of my son’s bod’, into the liquid depths that awaited him with eager abandoned. Wet? As it can get! He made a good three inches penetration. That, I knew, was less than half of what he had to offer, from the raunchy, risqu?isplay of earlier. Yet it was enough, in that exposed attitude, which was as much mental, as it was a physical access. We both were primed with short fused libidos, and highly charged organs of sensuous, sexual energy. The slipperiness of his smooth skin, against my silky complexion, was incredible! The warmth of his body pressed to my body, contrasted with the water’s temperature. Combined with all that genital display, and provocative teasing, we could not last but several strokes. But AH!! What incredible thrusts they were!

His prick head felt like a full plum, I swear. It was set upon a microwaved fat pepperoni stick. (Well, how do you describe the most fabulous penis your pussy has ever hosted?) He plumbed my depths as far as our geography would allow. But it was enough. I was aching for fulfillment, and he was loaded for ‘bare’, if you will. One stroke! Two! . . oh God, so good . . Three! . . give it to me . . Four! SCORE!! I could tell that it was a big one for him. He throbbed; I mean the meat inside me pulsed, in waves that a seismograph could have measured! Yes! And when the earth moves, I quake too. My rear end was off the Richter scale of orgasms. DID I CUM!! BANG! – Squeeze & flex – Bang! – shutter/flutter – bang! – sweet glow! I guess I’m mixing metaphors? Did the sea foam? I don’t know, my eyes were closed, and I had three to his one. I was a goner!

Of course, the wonderfulness of teens is that they have gonads which regenerate quicker than it takes to microwave a TV dinner! We were just catching our breathe, this was the second time I had to do so in ten minutes, when he whispered in my ear. He told me to relax, that he was going to float me to the shallow end. He then proceeded to put his hands boldly upon my tits (I loved it!), and using just his muscular legs, glided both of us in a most gentle manner to the steps of the pool, in about three feet of water. He disengaged, and I found myself sitting on the third step down, looking into the eye of a one eyed water snake that had rigor mortis, and was heading straight between my legs. It nudged up to my pussy, and without so much of a “how do you do?”, it invaded territory that had been inviolate up until minutes ago.

That’s right! My son’s prick split his mama’s hips, and plowed straight up to where his daddy had planted the seed that made him! He was actually knocking against the opening to my womb, he was so deep! I was stuffed! I was fulfilled! I was in heaven again. Jim started to saw in and out, taking my hips from underneath, using my natural flotation to create the best angle for connection. I helped by using my arms on the steps for balance and tilt, and opened my thighs for greater penetration. In that position, we were at the peak of piscine passion, to get a piece of the action. The water splashed against the sides of the pool, as my hot pussy accepted the overheated shaft of my offspring, now become lover.

Our white foam of cum and sperm rippled away, as we continued to agitate the water with the rhythm of our love making. The hills echoed now with wails of wantonness, the cries of ardor, and calls of cumming. Water is such a turn on! Pools may be swum in by day, but they are for fucking by night. Actually, any time is a good time to screw in a pool, if you have privacy. In fact, there is no bad time to have sex, except when you are exhausted, from having too much sex. One would not want to become sore there. And that is just about what my son did to me, on our two weeks of house-sitting.

The saving grace of course, was his talented tongue. That part was to cum in the morning. Then there was the intimate, slow romantic dancing. The frolic in the Jacuzzi. The evening beside the fireplace, on the big sheepskin rug. Each time I had to be a little bit seduced, just to make it interesting. After all, since I had already taken the plunge into incest, I was not all that reluctant to let Jim skinny-dip in my pussy, with his heroic manhood. But as anyone in this neck of the woods will tell you, the thrill of the chase is the best part of hunting game. And I was game!

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