Mermaid Ranch Ch. 02

Alex Tanner


I slipped through and followed the topless (but thong bikini-wearing) girl to an outdoor cabana bar only a short walk from the entrance. I could hear laughing in the pool through a high hedge and occasionally a man would slip inside through an eight-foot gate or another would return to the bar. A very tall waitress in a sheer one-piece tank suit brought me a Margarita and positioned a menu in front of me on the table. When I looked at the menu I knew that I had come to the right place!

Now – on with the story!

It read:

Welcome to Mermaid Ranch!

The most beautiful mermaids in the universe will fulfill your underwater fantasies. If you do not see what you desire — please tell us. Our guests are our creative staff and we are here to please you. Have a lovely experience! Keep it on the QT


Eva – Head Mermaid


• Underwater hand job: $10

• Underwater blowjob: $20

• Underwater cunt-lick: $30

• Underwater surprise package: $50

Main Course:

Underwater Sex

• Girl underwater for 30 seconds: $50

• Girl underwater for 60 seconds: $150

• Girl underwater for 90 seconds: $300

• Girl underwater for 2 minutes: $500

• Girl underwater for 3 minutes: $1000

• Girl Semi-Drowning: price upon request

Mermaid Costume Selections:

• Nude: N/C

• Swimsuit: N/C

• Underwear: N/C

• Erotic Lingerie: +$25

• Naughty Schoolgirl: +$50

• Little Summer Play Clothes: +$50

• Elegant Eveningwear: +$100

• Diving gear: +$100

• Mermaid tail & topless: +$100

• Bondage: +$150


• Bathtub: N/C

• Swimming pool shared: N/C

• Swimming pool private: +$50

• Sinking boat prop in pool: +$100

• Boat anchor prop in pool: +$100

• Sinking car prop in pool: +$200

• Flooding submarine prop in pool: +$300

• Torture chamber prop: +$200

Additional assistant girls:

• One girl: +$50

• Two girls: +$100

• Three girls: +$150


• Girl in a Blanket (with customer): $5/min ağrı escort

• Drown me please (extreme customer dunking): $10/min

• Waterwheel of pleasure (customer): $10/min

• Surprise package (customer): TBD

Notes, rules, and regulations:

1. The customer is supplied air from a wide range of choices (scuba, snorkel, hookah, bubble, etc)

2. The girl is not to have access to air under any circumstance during the aquatic sex act

3. The customer is allowed to hold his breath with the girl he desires

4. At least one assistant girl is required for underwater ‘prop’ assisted sex

5. Two assistants are required for simulated drowning sex

6. Men may not discuss events with any other men on site

7. Hushed voices are desired

8. Clothing is optional everywhere in the compound

9. No excessive drinking

10. Customer must make all of the selections and fill out the engagement form BEFORE the aquatic sex acts take place

11. Dessert may be decided on after the main course

12. Only one sex act per man per day is suggested

Since this was my first time at the ranch, I approached the process with excitement and trepidation. On the other hand, since I planned to be here on the diving trip for 7 days and I wanted to have underwater sex every single day! I filled out the card and made a few reveling notes in the comment box. I went slowly as I thought through the following check boxes and notations. I knew that I could go much farther being an active diver but I wanted to get the feel of the experience first.

A visibly panty-less hostess, wearing a tiny black dress, sat down next to me and picked up the card and reviewed it. She smiled when she saw what I had selected. The card started with the day number that I was on so that they could keep track of my progress and altering tastes.

Day 1 — said the card;

I filled in these blanks; UHJ / 60 seconds submerged sex / Swimsuit (black silk one-piece) / swimming pool shared / one assistant / Comment: This is my first time — go easy on me. The total price was $150.

The hostess said softly, “Let’s see what you have here, starting off with an underwater hand job, that’s nice, followed by a girl that will fuck you underwater for 1 minute without coming to the surface to breathe.”

She looked at me and asked, “Are you personally going into the pool unclothed?”

“Should I,” I asked?

“No, I think that you would enjoy having her unwrap you.”

The girl continued, “Are you going to be on the surface breathing or do you need an air supply so you can be underwater with your lover longer?”

I thought, “Can I have a tiny pony bottle with no mask?”


“You also indicated that you’d like her in a silk one-piece black bathing suit with one helper in the pool. Do you want the helper to wear a black swimsuit as well?”

I was dry mouthed as I squeaked, “Yes.”

“I think that you will benefit from the communal pool for your first experience. Nobody can really see you underwater that well and you can sneak a quick look at the other couples as you get acclimated to the club.”

“Great”, I whispered.

“Well if you are ready, you can walk with me to the pool area.”

I entered the outdoor pool area still wearing my street clothes and carrying my digital camera. A beautiful raven-haired 40-something woman handed me a towel and gently but firmly took my camera and placed it in her bag. (no no no…)

Without a word, she led me to a table next to the edge of the pool. She sat in one wicker lounge chair and she sat in the other facing me.

She said, “In this pool you can see three young women that are all ready to make passionate underwater love to you. You need to sign this form confirming your choice of girl and then you can meet your personal mermaid.”

At the far side of the pool, I could see a naked man stepping down a ladder with a regulator in his mouth. It was connected to a hose and then to a hidden tank behind a stone planter. A naked girl swam up to him as he sank under the water and slipped under the surface to be with him.

Bubbles boiled up around them but there was no sign of the girl for almost a minute! (I know — I checked my watch!) I strained to see what was going on under the surface but the water was like diamonds in the sun and therefore opaque. I wondered how long she could hold her breath and if they were enjoying their fucking. The woman called me back from my voyeurism. She said that was OK to stare here in the public pool area but it was time for me to participate!

Indeed I wanted to. I asked if the girl that was STILL underwater would be able to make love to me next. I really liked her look and she had flashed me a thousand watt smile just before her head had submerged.

“Your pleasure is our pleasure she replied. You will need to give the young lady a break to rest up and prepare for you after she is done with this aqua loving making. She is one of the best and she can make love to you underwater for a very very very long time. I think that you will be very pleased!”

I moved over to the edge of the pool and could see that the girl was on the bottom of the pool lying on her back with her legs wide open and her head thrown back. She was fucking the guy as if she was just on her bed in a nice comfortable hotel room.

He was breathing from the regulator and banging her very vigorously without any apprehension that she was trapped under him holding her breath! Sixty seconds seemed like a very long time a while ago and now it was much longer. After 30 more seconds, I was breathing hard and my heart was pounding — and my dick was a hard as a rock! The girl was still underwater going on one minute and forty-five seconds. I knew that this club was the place for me!

At five seconds before the conclusion of the two-minute time limit, a huge eruption of bubbles broke the surface and the assistant that was swimming around in the pool over them dove down to tell the girl that she was done. She surfaced with a big smile and swam to the far side of the pool on her back with her lovely tits in the air. I watched her and admired her form as she climbed out of the pool and stood glistening in the sun.

The girl walked to a cabana and disappeared from view behind a stand of ferns. Before long, the man at the bottom of the pools rose to the surface and gasped the fresh air. He was still naked and not hurrying to cover up. His dick was limp but it certainly wasn’t when he used it on the girl a few minutes earlier.

To be continued…

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