Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 26


Emily slipped the gag over her head, and aligned it. The gag had a rubber ring that fit inside the mouth, forcing the wearer to keep their jaw lowered enough to accommodate whatever the Dom wanted to insert. Elastic straps held it in place, circling behind the head and neck.

Emily didn’t ask; she knew to put it on without further instruction. Ted adjusted the straps so they would be snug, but still comfortable. Now all Emily could do was nod or grunt syllables in response.

Next, he took out a belted restraint. It was a leather belt with metal rings at intervals all along the edge. He fastened the belt around her waist, and then put a leather band on each of her wrists, and secured them to the front of the belt with clips. Her wrists were now held in place in her lap, allowing no more movement than scratching an itch on her upper legs, or possibly masturbation.

Lastly, Ted took out a roll of painter’s tape. The blue paper tape was good for temporary restraint and didn’t leave a sticky residue. Ted had used it before for makeshift wrist and ankle restraints, and to cover Emily’s eyes. He placed a cloth over her eyes and ran the tape around her head, circling it several times. He covered her ears as well, which gave Emily a heightened sense of fear to add to her arousal. She was restrained, blind, and mostly deaf.

Ted unbuttoned Emily’s shirt and pulled it down off her shoulders until it gathered up behind her. Then he pulled her bra straps off her shoulders, and pulled the front of the bra down to her belly, exposing her to the sun. Ted noticed that they had made enough trips to the beach that a tan line was starting to form where her bikini top covered her porcelain breasts. Ted pushed down on Emily’s shoulders, and she followed his instruction and dropped to her knees.

Ted stepped back and admired his work. A pretty girl, kneeling, hands restrained, breasts bared, eyes and ears covered, and mouth waiting to be used. Emily was excited now, as Ted had done similar things to her in the past, but not in this combination, and never outside. The mouth gag was slightly uncomfortable, and she felt saliva forming at her lips. It bothered her that she couldn’t wipe it away, and she felt some dribble down her chin.

She was expecting to feel Ted’s cock in her mouth soon, and she imagined the sensations she would feel as he went in and out, eventually holding her head in place as he emptied himself into her throat. Or perhaps he would spray his cum on her breasts and face? She loved all the things they did in their games, and was ready for him to start using her.

As Ted unzipped his jeans, he heard a sound escort gaziantep ilanları off to his left. Expecting a squirrel, or perhaps a deer, he instead saw a man, around 30, carrying some tackle gear. He was on his way to the pond on Scott’s property. He stopped when he saw the pair before him, and with a “None of my business, sorry,” sort of expression, he turned back the way he came. He had seen people having sex in the woods here before, but nothing quite this extreme. He hastened to give the couple some privacy.

Ted whispered, “Wait, come back,” and the man turned, surprised that Ted had even spoke. He looked back.

Ted approached him, keeping his voice low.

“We’re just playing some games, hope you don’t mind,” he grinned. It was more the demon talking now; Ted was just going along for the ride. He had taken to letting the demon lead the way when they played games, because it always had ideas that were a lot more fun than the things Ted though up.

“Oh, hah, um, cool,” stammered the man, still unsure whether he should keep talking or try to move on.

“How would you like in on this?” Ted asked, nodding at Emily, who was patiently kneeling, unaware that they had a visitor. She assumed the delay was just Ted masturbating to get hard, or maybe he was taking pictures of her for his collection.

It wasn’t her place to grow impatient, anyway.

“Huh? Dude, you mean like…” Ted finished the man’s thought for him. “She loves to be fucked in the mouth, go ahead, have some fun,” he waved his hand in her direction, inviting the man to have a turn.

“She’s all yours, as long as you don’t mind me watching.”

“Man, hell yeah! I want some of that!” The man dropped his fishing gear and walked towards Emily.

Ted drank in this new aspect of control. This was more power than he had experienced before. He was not a cuckhold, but a Master offering his slave. Although he knew Emily would enjoy being used, this was not her idea, not her choice, and certainly not with a stranger. Ted was offering his property to another man, and his pleasure would come from watching her get used, and knowing this man envied him.

The man first knelt in front of Emily, admiring her body. “Damn, how old is she?” he asked, turning back to Ted. Emily heard a muffled sound, and assumed it to be Ted speaking. Surely he knew she couldn’t understand his spoken instructions now.

“She’s legal, if that’s what you’re worried about. She’ll be 19 in just a few weeks, matter of fact.”

“Hot damn!” exclaimed the man, fondling a breast. “Y’all escort kadın gaziantep come out here and do this a lot?”

“Our first time, actually, but if we like it, we’re sure Scott won’t mind if we return.”

The demon was doing all the talking now. “Do anything you like, short of taking her pants off. That’s my territory,” he admonished.

“Oh, yeah, sure man. Shit, she’s hot,” he said, leaning down to lick a nipple. He wished he had his cell phone, because he wanted to get some pictures of this girl, restrained for his use. No one would ever believe him when he told the story later, he was sure of that.

Fondling the other breast, the man said, “Man, I wish my girl was this much fun.”

“Her mouth is waiting,” the demon prodded. “Try her out.”

The man didn’t need more encouragement, he had wanted to fuck the girl’s mouth as soon as Ted had said, “She’s all yours,” but wasn’t sure how far he would be allowed to go. Now he stood and dropped his jeans around his ankles without hesitation. He inserted his half-hard penis into the opening made by the silicone ring, and felt the saliva that had been pooling on the girl’s tongue as it covered his skin.

Emily welcomed the cock in her mouth, and leaned forward obediently. The man placed both hands on the back of Emily’s head and pulled her onto his cock, now growing fully erect.

“Shit, this is amazing,” he said, looking down at Emily as he worked her head back and forth on his shaft. Ted and the demon looked on with approval. Ted had a thin smile as he watched the man forcing himself down Emily’s throat. Her breasts bobbed as she rocked forward and back, and Ted got an erection himself as he watched her swaying globes.

Emily noticed Ted was being a bit rougher than usual, but that was up to him; he could use her any way he wanted. Something in the back of her mind was tickling her thoughts, though. Was it his scent? It seemed…different. She dismissed the thought, because they were outdoors. The air was full of different smells.

The man pulled faster, and started to groan. Six or seven more thrusts, and then he pressed Emily down hard on him, and her nose was buried in the hair at the base of his cock as he grunted. His leg twitched and he spent himself in Emily’s throat. He pulled out, and his final spasms dribbled on her already wet chin, and dripped on her breasts.

As he pulled his pants up and stashed his shrinking cock in his pants, he turned back to Ted, who was still smiling the thin smile. “Dude, that was fucking fantastic! I’d shake your hand, but…” escort gaziantep kızlar he grinned sheepishly, pointing out the semen on his fingers. Ted chuckled in reply. “Glad you enjoyed it.”

The man stepped back, still admiring Emily’s breasts. “You are one lucky dude.”

“Yes, I have to agree,” Ted answered. The demon stepped back and let Ted drive again.

“She’s quite a treasure.”

The man reclaimed his gear and started back towards the pond, leaving them with a final, “That was fucking amazing,” and he shook his head, laughing.

Ted approached Emily, and took out his cock. He started stroking, and it didn’t take him long at all before he added his own cum to what the man had left on Emily’s breasts. Emily felt the spray and flinched, as she wasn’t expecting him to cum again so soon. Maybe he was just shaking off the last of it? She hoped he would let her stand soon, as her legs were starting to hurt, and her arms were sore. More than anything else, she wanted to lick her dry lips and close her mouth. But she knew it was up to Ted when she would be allowed to stand and remove her restraints.

Ted removed the tape first, and Emily winced as it pulled at her long, blond hair. Some of it stayed with the tape as he unrolled it from the back of her head. He wadded it up and tossed it into the bag, and lifted her to a standing position.

She blinked in the sun as her eyes adjusted to the light again. Weak in her knees, she wobbled a bit, and he steadied her with one hand as he unfastened the wrist bands from the belt. She wanted very much to take out the ring gag, but he hadn’t told her she could yet. He pulled her head close, and kissed her on the forehead.

“The game is over, you can do the rest,” he said quietly. She immediately reached for the head straps, not bothering to loosen them, and pulled the contraption off her head, not caring that it pulled hard at her ears. She licked her lips and swallowed, and wiped her chin with her shirt. “Did you like it?” she asked.

“Very much,” he smiled. “Did you?”

Emily knew she was allowed to speak and act freely, as the game was over and she was once again Ted’s equal partner. She pulled her bra back up over her breasts and adjusted the straps, and pulled her shirt back over her shoulders, and she spoke as he helped her button her shirt.

“I got really sore at the end, my leg was falling asleep and I was afraid I was going to fall over,” she complained. “But the main thing is my lips, they’re really dry.” She dug in her purse for lip balm and quickly applied it as Ted watched. Noting his gaze, she added with a more softer tone, “But it was really hot, you using me like that. I’d do it again if you wanted to.”

As they walked back, Emily realized she had not taken off her leather wrist bands. “These look kinda sexy. Can I keep them on for a while?”

“Until we get to the car, okay,” he answered. “Then they have to go back into the bag.”

Ted smiled. The demon chuckled.

End of part twenty-six.

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