May-Ling the Litle Chinese American part 2


Part 2 From here on it’s all mine and hopefully some of my issues from the part 1 are not prevalent in this one. Hope you all enjoy the story.

Chapter 7

That night they both told Lilly how she came to him and started at his dojo. All the training that May has gone through, which was far more that what Lilly had guessed. She told May she was proud of all she had learned and that she needed to slow down a bit before she hurt herself and May agreed.

It was late and they both decided to stay at Bryans since he offered them the bed. In the room May wasn’t thinking and went to a droor and pulled out to nightgowns and threw one to her mom then relized what she did when her mom gasped.

“You have been sleaping hear sometimes and have clothes here?”

“Yes.” May says meekly as she turns with her head aimed to the ground.

“How long?”

“About a month ago I went to him because I love him and by some chance he also loved me”

“You have been intamit, and used protection?”

“Yes and yes. He is the first and only person I have been with. I am his secound and last.”

Then her mother does something that surprises her be reaching out and hugging her and saying “I am glad it could be with someone you loved, unlike me. But I still think you should have wated. Good thing we are the same size now so that I can whear this.”. With the last coment they both start laughing, change, and climb into bed to cudle and sleep.

The next morning as they sit at the table just done with breakfast and Lilly giving a stearn lecture to Bryan about May, and Bryan just giving lots of yes mams till she finally said she aproved of him and giving him a hug and welcoming him into the family. May gets a call from her friends saying that there dads where arested and that she ruined there families. All she could do was say she was sorry and if thats how they feel they must not be true friends. Hanging up on them in turn because there were no need for goodbyes. Bryan came over and hugged her telling her that it’s not her fault but there dads and that her friends are just hurt and need time to take it all in. Lilly telling her that Bryan was correct.

Over the next month Lilly got her divorce taking everything of her x-husbands, and learnd that more than 40 women had come forward about being raped seeling all the men in jail for the rest of there lives.

Lilly sells there home and buys a nice three bedroom house just down the street from Bryans dojo with three huge bedrooms.

May heads to the dojo where he has her on a very light workout till her ribs heal, and everyone that goes to the dojo now has seen the fight on Youtube. wich has also started to make his dojo grow in the amount of new people, till he had to start turning people away.

As the last person finally left and she hung around as usual he studied her because she was kinda spacy.

There will be a part 3

“What’s on your mind? You have barely been here today”

“Huh, oh yes. My mom and I where talking and so I want to know if you want to move in with us? Then when I am eighteen I can move in with you.”

He walk up to her and told her yes then squeesing a litle to hard makeing her grunt in pain. He emediatly back up saying he was sorry, but she just steped up with him and laid her head against his chest.

“We share a room though I hope your ok with that!!!” She say’s smiling, then geting upset looking when he turns and races up the stairs. She follows slowly and seeing him still packing she asks if he’s running away.

He looks at her and lauph’s saying “No silly I gotta get my stuff there fast so we can crison our room. Help me get my close and stuff that I need to take with us into my truck and the rest can stay here in storage. Oh also your close here as well need to go some of those are my favorite. Aspecally your butterfly thong from when you came to me. I think I need to frame that one though for a momento!!!” With that they both laugh and get the truck loaded up.

“Lilly is trying to get me a person willing to teach me at home because school has been so hard. I haven’t said anything because I didn’t want you to worry.”

“Why have you been haveing trouble?”

“Alot of boy’s want to fight to fight because they think it will up there manlyness if they win, and the teachers stay with me all day because they think I am a time bomb or just going to put some boy in the hospital that comes after me. Then there are some of the girls who just hate the attention it gets me.”

“Yes, I can see why she wants you home. It will blow over some day though. Tomarrow you still want to go see Mary?”

“Of corse.”

They arive at the house and Bryan brings in his clothes and stuff straight to there room, and May starts to put it away for him telling him to go take a shower because he stinks. As he is in the shower she desides to join him getting there when he is mostly done on perpose just so he can wash her and they can play. Striping just outside the shower she tells him to stay in there and keep the water warm. She grabs the stool she keeps in there to sit on when she needs to shave, and enters the shower. Setting it write in the midle of the shower water she lets it soke her then looks up at him smilling.

“Wash my hair and body she commands.”

“Only cus your still injured will I let you get away with this, and I am sure you will milk it won’t you!!!” He says laughing


As she is sitting there all rinsed except for her hair May turns around to face him while his hands are messaging her scalp and starts to stroke his semi hard cock. Leaning forward just a bit she takes his cock in her mouth tounge sliding around his cock she grabs his hips and forces herself to deep throat his cock. Then pushing away gagging looks up at him smiling.

“I am going to let you cum in my thoat. I figure I should learn this for you.”


With that smile she plows herself down on his cock trying to tung his sensitive head and shaft at as much as possible. Wile holding his buttocks she takes him back in her throat tearing up as she learns to take it all down her throat. Pushing all seven inchs in and out of her throught continuasly while fondling his balls. She feels them contract in her hand and knows he is about to cum with to more quick thrust on his cock keeping it in her throat he grabs her head in the excitement and holds her down as he pumps thick rope after thick rope of cum straight to her stomach. Then he relises she is pushing back and lets her up seeing a smirk on her face he asks if she is ok.

“Yes I am OK. I think you got a litle over excited about me doing that though.” She says laughing at his grining rufully sorry that he said again.

He dry’s off then leans in and shuts the water off that is massaging her skin. Then comes into the shower with her towel and starts to dry her off teaseing her body in the process to get her hornier. after she is dry she stands carefully feeling like she bent tomuch giving him head and they walk out of there bathroom and straight to the bed. Bryan sits her down and retapes her chest then lays her back pulling her bottom till it barely hangs off the bed kneeling between her legs and paying tribute to her venus mounds as he kiss’s and and worships it with his tounge. While he is doing this he starts to fondle her ass and the litle star in the middle.

She is loveing his teasing of her clit and tounge deep in her cunt and wondered why he always played with her ass. The feeling realy, realy good she feels him push a wet finger Sex hikayeleri against her ass and it all starts to click. She is not sure if she wants this but figures since it is her Bryan she can atleast try. Reaching down she grabs her ass cheacks and spreads them wide giving him better access to her litle asshole. Gasps when his finger slides in and with a hooked finger emediatly hits her gspot in her ass sending her into an instant orgasm making her squirt for the first time as she orgasms like made about lifting off the bed.

“God that was wonderfull Bryan but I hurt tomuch in the ribs now do you think we just go to sleep. I am so sorry I had to get boken ribs and not been able to do anything with you till today, although it is partly your fault that I haven’t I am always to sore after you make me work out.”

He just laughs to start with then says, “Thats fine and I know. I just want you to heal faster and stay healthy so I can be patient for you and besides the shower and just now I think made up for that. I’ll be in bed in a minute.”
With that he gets up and goes to the bathroom to use the restroom. Comeing back out after rinsing off in the shower real quick and in pajama pants he can’t believe his eyes as he sees her in her new short lacy butterfly nightgown and maching thong that was already his favorite. She smiles at him then climbs in bed. To curl up and go to sleep.

“If I am good enough in a month I’ll let you try fucking my ass to see if I like it.” With that they fall asleep.

Chapter 8

In the morning they wake to the smell of tea, and egg noodle soup. Slowly taking there time to get dressed and tease eachother. She let him pick out her panties and braw and was surprised when he chose a flowery pair telling her thats how she smelled to him last night so that pair was perfect. May was glad he chose that pair as well because it was more comfortable than her sexier ones.

As they enter the kitchen to sit at the table Lilly gives them both a kiss on the cheak. Then serves there breakfast. After a few mouth fools she decides to tell them some shocking news because she never let anyone in her life know she prefered women and after her X she doesn’t want a man for atleast some time.

“So if you two keep that up at night.” she looks at May “I do mean your screaming and moaning your going to have to find me a nice girlfriend.” With the last part she smiles as her daughter spits tea across the table in surprise, and aperantly expectide May to do this because she held up a kitchen towel to save her food and herself.

“Mom you like women, since when?” complete astonishment in her voice.

“Since before your father. I had a secret lover when I was your age and her name was May-Ling as well. I named you after her so I wouldn’t forget her and hope her beauty and power would transend to you and it did. Your father and I got married because it was an aranged marrage by our families. Then I had you rite after we moved to America. Your father would alway be mean to me and threatend that if I left him that he would take you away from me and I would never see you again, and raped me on a regular basis telling me again as he used me.” She hurt from part of what she said but was glad she got it all off her chest.

May got up and went to sit next to her hugging her tightly. “Thank you for naming me after someone truly specail to you, and never running away I think in a way you saved me in the end because the biggest reason I wanted to stop dad was that I was scared for you the most when I started watching for litle signs. Will you be ok alone today when we go see Mary?”

“Yes of course May. Bryan looks done and you ate most of yours why don’t you two leave now so you can get home sooner.”

With that they both got up and gave her a hug Bryan first then he headed out to the truck to get it started. May hung back for a sec to talk. She noticed her mom was giving more hugs and starting to open up alot more and was happy for her.

“I am sorry if i kept you up last night but we didn’t make love.”

“Then what did you do?” Her mother asked with an incredulase smile.

“Well in the last month he just made sure I ate right when I was with him and worked me abit at the dojo but nothing to hard. Infact when I graduate highschool he wants me to work with him as an instructor. So last night in the shower I sat on a stool and pleased him greatly as a thank you. Then he worshiped at my pussy and made, well when he stuck his finger in my rear I had cum like never before. So then he cleaned up and just held me because I was to sore to do anything else. He is so kind and gentle with me and loves me so much”

Her mother laughs. “Don’t worry about the noise I just wanted to tease you abit and get that out about myself. I don’t want to hide who I am anymore, you and Bryan are my most important family and I just wanted it out. It helps me heal.”

“See you tonight mom. Love you and thanks for being so understanding about Bryan and me.”

With that final word she left the house in her beautifull flowerd dress then climb up into Bryans truck. Sleeping on the way there mostly leaning against Bryan. finally getting woken up at the start of the town where he stoped to take her for a light early lunch since they didn’t get much breakfast. And seeing a museam in the main part of the city admiring the art work then continueing to Mary’s home.

They had left at about eight am and finally pulled up to a quaint litle cottage at the oposite edge of town. When they got out of the truck they were thankfull that she seemed to be home if there info was right. They both walked up to the door. May nocked tentatively, just loud enough to be herd she thought. They heard someone yell to please wait, and to May it appeared to sound like Mary. Finaly the door opened abit and May got her first look at Mary.

“May-Ling? Is that realy you? It is!!! Come in honey how have you been, what are you doing here?” Then she stared past May and saw a big man that she didn’t recognize and a bit of fear washed across her face.

“Mary it’s so wonderful to see you, I just needed to talk. This big man behind me Bryan, he is safe but if you want him to wate outside I don’t think he would mind. Would you Bryan?”

“No of course not” He recognized the same fear and knew the story of what happened to her and didn’t want to scare her any more than she already seemed to be.

“You may come in to.” Mary replied after a moment of thought she hated living in fear and wanted to get past it.

Mary takes them to the living room aaking them to sit on the sofa. “Would you like something to drink?”

They both reply no. “Mary I came to appologise for not being able to help you and then you just quit teaching and left. I missed you as a teacher, you have been my favorite of them all.” May didn’t notice a tv so she wasn’t sure how up todate Mary was on the news. “Do you read the paper often, if not have you heard what happened to my father?”

Looking terified by the memory Mary replies. “No honey, what happened?”

“My father is in jail for life along with three of his friends.” She wached as relief washed across Mary’s face.

“I’m sorry if you didn’t want that but I can’t say I am sorry that he is there. How did this happen?”

“Well I was on my way home, I found his car at someone elses home, and I am sure you can guess what was happening there. Well thats partly it I guess though it might be easier to show you part of it.” With that she takes out her knew iphone and goes to youtube and finds one of Sikiş hikayeleri the many links hits play and hands the phone to Mary to wach. “After my father was arrested for rape and fighting with a minor about forty women came forward, about that group of men raping women.”

Mary wach’s in amazement as she recognises both people and seeing them fight on the screen. Barely beleaving that can realy be sweat litle May-Ling. With the video finaly done she throughs her arms around May. “I’m so sorry honey you should have never had to go through that. you were truly incredible though in that video though.”

“Yes she was, standing up to her father to protect her mother and many other women to keep this from happening to them. She sacrifised much in spirit and body.” Mary caught the note of satisfaction, pride, and something much more in his voice, love?

“So what is May to you why did you bring her here and not her mother?”

“She is my student since rite after she saw what happened to you, her father trained her for about twelve years before that I think. If she will when she finishes school I want her to work for me and train girls on self defense. My class’s are packed because of her and you saw the video, I’ve never met anyone better.”

“Uh-hu sure thats all. May how is you schooling going?” Obviously not quite beleaveing all of his story she decides to let it drop and change the conversation.

“Not so good.”


“Well since then some girls cause trouble for me because there jelous of the attention I get and don’t want. Some boys want to fight with me cause I can fight good and they just want to prove there better, not worthy of my time. Teachers are afraid I will put some boy in the hospital or that I might be a time bomb waiting to go off for some reason. So it’s hard to consintrate on schooling, A class doesn’t go bye were there isn’t some kind of trouble, admirers are just as bad sometimes.” May says the last part laughing. “My mom Lilly and I just moved and she is hopeing to find someone who can teach me at home because she is not good with all the American learning since she grew up in China.”

“Well I am just working at a store here maby I could if I move back, you were always one of my favorite students as well, and I oh so do miss teaching.”

“That would be great, there is even an open room at our house if you need a place to stay.”

“Yes but I should talk to you mother first.”

“OK.” With that she calls her mother and hands the phone to Mary.

Everything gets setled. Mary is staying with Lilly, May and unbeknownst to her Bryane also. May’s Thirty year old lover who just moved in with her at her mothers home. So by next weekend Mary would be there as well her knew home school teacher. With everything all setled May and Bryan head home telling her they will see here next weekend. Also on the trip home May tells Bryan they nead to stop and buy condoms because wether she hurts or not she is fucking him tonight then procedes to rub him through his pants all the way home teasing him.

Chapter 9

They arive home about nine pm, Lilly siting reading, and wating for them. May runs up to her and gives her a big hug telling her thank you and that they were off to bed. They take quick showers and head straight to bed and she pretends she is going to go to sleep. Just to tease Bryan some more.

“You asleep already?”

No response, so he starts fondeling her ass saying wake up. Bryan slips a hand between her legs and rubbing her clit through her thong, feeling her legs spread and obveous arousal as her juices flow. May starts moaning in delight finding it hard to fain sleep. Grabbing the top of her thong Bryan gently pulls it down, then resumes his teaseing.

“Wake up May, tomorrow you’ll have the day to rest baby.”

“Shut up and just put thoughs fingers in me already Bryan. I was enjoying your teasing.” Turns her head to face him smiling. “I wasn’t going to sleep on you, just playing with you. Besides I have so much to do tomarrow and I am spending the day with mom so we won’t stop by the dojo till your almost done working. No condom tonight I want you to make me cum then you can try fucking my ass.” May laughs as a boyish grin cross’s his face.

With that said Bryan lays between May’s legs licking from her clit to her litle star getting it good and wet knowing that she is mainly trying to please him tonight since it’s maby been a month and a week since her ribs. About a month left and she should be rite as rain. Taking his time on her clit now Bryan inserted one finger in her ass pumping slowly. May’s litle anal ring already contracting around his finger, he starts thinking she might just be a litle anal whore in bed for him.

May gasps in surprise at feeling of just the one finger and how good it feels. She never imagined that her ass could feel so good as her cunt was being tounged, clit sucked on and flicked and bit. Surely the first time was just a fluke but no she just loved her ass being penitrated. Grunting in a bit of pain but quickly adjusting to it as a secound finger is forced into her bowels and her cunt is being ravaged by her amazing lover bringing her over the top spraying him in her sweet necture of the goddess.

Bryan sits back now watching her come back down from heavan. “Feeling good May.”

“Oh yes.” May says grinning. “Now its your turn so whats the best way to do this?” May asks feeling scared and excited at the same time.

“Well normaly on your knees with a pillow under your belly but I think as much as you liked my fingers in you, anyway will work for you. Lets hang your legs off the bed and have you lay on your stomach”

With that he pulls her to the edge of the bed ass in the air looking so sexy, tantalising, and tasty to him. Now gently spreading her ass apart he teases her morning star with his tounge and then leaves a glob of spit for lube. Spitting on his dick then rubing his head to soak it for her trying to make it easier for her since they don’t have any lube.

May feels his cock press against her back door and relizes how huge it feels compared to his fingers.

“Oh god take it slow your so big”

And with that word he push’s his head past her anal ring making her whimper in pain. Holding himself still for her to get used to the first part. She reach’s back grabbing her ass cheaks and spreading them as wide as she can. Now shaking her head that she was ok, so he sinks his cock deep into her.

“Oh god that hurts just stay like the for a minate ok Bryan. You make me feel so full.”

“You feel so wonderfull and tight May I don’t know how long I can last once it is ok to move.”

“Ha, ha, ha. I am glad you like it. It’s starting to feel not so bad.”

With that Bryan slowly start sliding his cock in and out of May listening to her whimper and moan. Till just the moaning takes over and the he starts to plow her ass as hard as he can.

“Oh May I am going to cum you hot anal whore.”

“Fill my ass with your seed Bryan, Oh God Yes I am cumming from you being so deep in me baby.”

“Yes, Oh God Yes, Thank Yoooouuuuu.” With a fantastic release Bryan collapses on her back squishing her into the mattress his hard cock finally deflating after a few minutes. “That was so wonderfull May, you feel so wonderful.”

“I’m your anal whore am I, I am sure I heard that rite.” May says grinning.

“Oh yes you are.”

“Good!!! But just keep that talk in bed, and by god get your butt off. Your to heavy and my ribs are hurting.

With that he sits on the Erotik hikaye edge of the bed and smiles down at May caressing her tenderized ass cheeks and gaping hole. Now she slides to her knees and sees his cum covered cock wanting to taste his cum again since she didn’t get it the night before when his cock was shoved past her taste buds and straight down her throught. May leans over and takes Bryan’s flaccid cock in her mouth sucking it clean to Bryan’s delight since it was just barried in her ass. Feeling his cock grow again in her mouth telling her how much he still wants it tonight. So she gets up and grabs a condom and roles it down and over his cock then deep throughts it a couple of times to get it all wet and make him more excited. Now standing up and sitting on his lap her back to him as she lowers her self down impaling his cock deep in her pussy. Then just leaning her head back and kissing him softly on the lips not wanting to move yet and just saver the feel of his cock in her.

“I’m glad you didn’t have much of my ass on you. I wanted to tast your cum so bad I just couldn’t help myself.”

“You cerntanly surprised me by doing that. I thought I would never get to take a girl in the ass then the mouth. That was so hot May.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it because I know I did. It got me excited again.” Then gives a few bounces and then rocking forward and backward in grinding motion causeing them both to moan in delight.

“Your such a bad girl!!!” And with that Bryan turns her face to his kissing her passionately. Tongues entwined, his left hand fondling and pulling at her nipples. Right hand between her legs lovingly teasing her clit while she bucked and rode him like he was a wild stallion. Finally the sweet extacy of wild release drained them both. Barely able to move they both cralled up and under the covers holding eachother tightly. Kissing till they drifted off to sleep.

“Good morning sleepy head.” Lilly says from the door. “It’s time te get up may we have stuff to do.”

“Good morning mom. Wheres Bryan?”

“You slept to long and he had to head to the dojo. Get washed up and let me know when your done I will help tape you, then we need to go out.”

With that may got out of bed forgeting she didn’t have anything on and seeing her mother flush red then turn to leave. Laughing to herself how her mother must have heard them again last night and be frustrated and the site of any pretty women would turn her on, and hopeing that Mary might be bisexual. Infact she never heard of her teacher even dating any man or liking one.
After the shower and clad in her pants and t-shirt she takes the wrap to her mom and gets her ribs rewraped. Discussing everything they have to do that day. Unregister at school, doctor, lunch out and then to see Bryan. At the doctors May is told her ribs are mostly heald and by the end of the month she should be back to her usual routines. The school was dissapointed to see her go but understood the reason and wished her the best. And finally by four pm they arived at the dojo. Bryan had posted that she would be starting a selfdefence class when schooling was finished and they all wished her well and told her what a bright life she had to look forward to. May locked up as the last person left and Bryan returned from upstairs showered and changed.

“What’s that on the wall about me? Shouldn’t that go up like a month before. I have atleast a year and a half left maby.”

“It can never hurt being to prepaired.”

“Ya sure. Mom just left before I locked up. So your stuck with me.”

“I don’t mind beside I told her this morn we had something to do. What did the doctor say about your ribs?”

“They are healing nicely and three weeks I should be able to go back to all my regular routines. What do we have to do?”

“I’m glad you will be back to normal so soon. We are going for a walk at a lake, and before that to dinner so your dressed perfect. Do you like Indian food?”

“Don’t know, never had it. As long as it’s not to spicy I am sure it will be fine.”

He took her to a litle whole in the wall of a restaurant called Chicago Pizza and Burgers. No hint of Indian in the name but sure enough they served it. The burgers looked good and the pizza there smelled wonderfull being cooked in a brick oven, cooked right next to cedar, and pine, logs. May had a Veggie Korma kept on the mediam side for spices but kinda hot for her. And Bryan had chicken birrani cooked over the top.

“How do you like your Veggie Korma?”

“It is delicous, kinda spicy though. So what did you mean when you said you wanted yours over the top?”

“Want to try a bite and find out?” Bryan asks with a mischievous look on his face, and holding out a spoon fool for her to take a bite.

“Sure.” May says wearily. Letting him feed her the bit of rice and chicken she starts to chew and then grabs for a napkin to spitting the food into it. “Are you trying to kill me?” She gasps inbetween drinks of Sprite, and watching him laugh like crazy. “Boys and Men all the same just mean.” She says with a smirk.

“I am sorry I couldn’t help myself. You looked worried and curious, yet still tride to taste it, that’s priceless.”

Still watching him laugh she says “I will get you back for that.”.

“Yes, yes. I know you will. Now lets get done so we can go. We want to be walking at sunset.”

Finally they left the resteraunt and got to the lake. Just before sunset just like Bryan wanted. They walk a quarter way around the lake and then Bryan stops her and takes her to the lovers bench just off the waters edge to sit with her and watch the ducks and sunset with her.

“I got a letter from your dad and he stated it would be the only one from him.”

“Well what did he have to say?” May now sounded veary weary about the subject.

“He said the reason the divorce went so quick was because he wanted you to be happy wich also ment making Lilly happy. So he just told his lawyer to give it all to you and your mom, and on your eight teanth birthday the lawyer will see you with the accounts that are yours. He was sorry for ruining yours and his relationship. That you were the only one he ever loved. And that he is proud of you, despite it costing him everything. Also that you have an excilent dojo instructor and asked me to keep watching over you in his stead.”

“That man is a fool and bastard for what he did. But for somereason I still love him, and just hope he has learned a valuable lesson.”

“It’s normal that you should still love him. He was your dad and didn’t want to hurt you but his actions coming to light sure did. From what I understand he always treated you better than anyone else so he probably ment what he said about you being the only person he loved.”

So you enjoyed your time with your mom today?”

“Yes of course. It’s so nice now that dads around her she acts alot more loveingly, even giving hugs and kiss’s which she never did before. We saw one of her friends to when we went to lunch and she told mom she was so much nicer to be around now. That made mom happy.”

“Good.” With that said and May back in a good mood after thinking of her mother Bryan decided the lighting and scenery were perfect. He got down on the ground infront of her holding out a ring. “May will you marry me!”

“Oh Bryan, Yes”

With that Bryan slides the ring on her finger and gives her a kiss. Then just hugging and holding eachother tight to watch the ducks till the sun goes down.

“Is that what you talked to mom about?”

“Yes. We agreed that you would have to be eighteen before we got married though so that gives us just under two years to finish getting to know eachother and work on quirks. Unless you want to wait longer?”

“No that sounds fine honey.”

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