LtIG: Lesbian Till I Graduate

Barbara’ First Time Story

My earliest sexual experiences (such as they were) happened between me and my cousin Donna. When the boy girl thing started we got the idea of practicing our kissing on each other. Eventually this lead to practice petting. We didn’t get around to practice sixty nine mainly because it didn’t occur to us. We finally found two boys that we could agree were satisfactory for each other and began to go steady with them. Since our birthdays were only a week apart we always picked the midpoint in that week to party or do whatever it was that we were going to do to celebrate. Our mothers were quite liberal sexually and we talked them into putting us on the pill when we were a little over sixteen. So by the time our seventeenth birthday rolled around we were safe. We celebrated by giving up our virginity on separate but adjacent blankets under the moonlight at a riverside site in the woods.

Meanwhile my boyfriend Brad had a foster brother who had lived with them for several years. They were very close. His name was David and he was becoming involved with a girl whose name was Helen.

One night we were parked and necking when Donna and Andy had what started to be a spat then turned into a tease. Finally Donna said something like “If you don’t stop teasing me I am going to go up and start necking with Brad.” You can imagine the rest of the dialog and since we all had some desire for the others partner we were soon necking and petting with the others partner. Soon we all also became closer to David and his girlfriend Helen and we became very good friends.

So it gradually happened that we would screw on adjacent beds or front and back seats in the same car and so we had all seen each other in various states of undress and even in coitus. We did a lot of necking and petting with each others partners but except for a shared wild afternoon and evening at Brad’s parents lake house on our way North at the end of our Senior year, we had not at that point screwed each others partner. (That is a separate story however)

The onset of college caused a separation as it happened that Donna wanted to become a nurse and I had a thing for American History. Brad wanted to get a business degree and Helen was interested in art. David was a track star and landed a track and academic scholarship based on a 1589 SAT. Donna’s boyfriend Andy was already a licensed pilot and left for a Aviation college in Florida.

Thus the four of us headed off to a college in West Virginia. Helen and I became room mates as did Brad and David. The Freshman year went well and soon was history. The summer got off to a roaring start but both Helen and David became camp counselors (at different camps) and disappeared for the rest of the summer. In fact I didn’t see Helen till the day we arrived back at college.

Our Sophomore year began with Helen and I again becoming roommates. After we got settled in and finished regaling each other with tales of our summer adventures we settled down to the serious business of study. Almost everyone in the dorm were pretty serious students and some of them has developed Lesbian relationships. It was laughingly said that they were LTIG which stood for “Lesbian Till I Graduate”. The idea being that they were too busy studying to waste time with serious dating. They would instead tame their libido with each other and get serious about males when they had time. This was accepted by most of us who did not practice it, because, who knows. It was also accepted that sometimes a couple of girls would fall into bed with each other once or twice for any one of a variety of reasons.

Helen had brought the subject up several times and I had acknowledged that it made sense and maybe “some day” but that I was not quite ready. I actually did want to do “IT” with her but was unwilling to let her know. We still were very open about sex and thought nothing of being undressed around each other and now as roommates we even masturbated together, each in our own bed. We even talked about chipping in to buy a vibrating toy but were not quite sure how or where to get one. We each had what we called a dildo. Mine was the end of a shovel handle that I had found and lovingly sanded and painted till it was smooth and safe. She had something that an aunt had given her which was made of rubber and looked like a cock. We did sometimes trade and that was fun also.

Time passed and as we got into late October I happened to mention that I had seen and advertisement for “INTIMATE PORTRAITS, a gift for “your loved one”. We kidded about it for a moment and then got serious when we remembered that the guys had almost the same birthdays. Brad was November 11 and Hank November 12. Which was how we happened to be in the second floor photo studio a couple of days later to have nude photos taken.

When we called for an appointment, Alice, the photographer suggested that we come fully made up and bring stockings and high heels and necklace and bursa escort bayan a wide elastic belt if we had one.

We were shy at first but Alice put us at ease and we took several pictures in various poses, with and without accessories. We posed together in a couple as by then each of the guys has seen us both naked. Then Alice sent the film out for a quick processing and then made us a proposition. She would give us a full set of photos and an extra hundred dollars each if we would pose for a magazine layout.

She explained that the layout was an advertisement for a Lesbian Novel and would appear only in a lesbian magazine. She promised that it would be soft core, nude above the waist only and no actual contact. For example, we would not actually kiss but would be close together looking at each others lips with our mouths open and our tongues visible and wet. There would be boobs but no pussy shots and again promised that no actual contact was required. She said that she usually used professional models but all were booked up and she had been caught short. Helen and I looked at each other and soon nodded our heads in agreement. With that Alice walked over to her desk and got forms for us to sign. Standard modeling agreements which she filled out and we both signed.

As she set up for the shots she casually asked if we had ever been with each other. She said that we seemed so comfortable with each other that she assumed that we had been lovers somewhere along the line. We explained our relationship and that while we never had, it didn’t mean that we never would .

As she got things ready we stayed undressed as it was warm and we were comfortable. As we waited I was looking at Helen and noticing that her nipples were erect and swollen much like they got when she was close to climax while masturbating. I looked down at myself and noticed that mine were also quite erect and I could tell that I was also very wet.

Alice began to arrange us and explain our first pose, which was us sitting in bed, sheet over our legs me with a book in my lap, Helen with a TV remote in her hand and the TV visible and what was obviously a Lesbian porno film on the screen. She took about ten pictures talking and giving instructions as she went. By the time we were finished Helen and I were relaxed and ready for pose number two. In this pose we were pointing at the screen and grinning but were much closer to one another. In pose number three we were closer still and had our arms on each others shoulders and looking as if we might kiss. Pose four was a head and shoulders shot of us lips close as if ready to kiss with our tongues visible and wet, just as she had told us up front.

By now I was getting pretty excited and it would have been easy to actually kiss Helen. My impression was that Helen was in a similar frame of mind. Our last pose is the one which almost put me over the edge. It was of me with my lips just an inch away from Helen’s swollen nipples with my mouth poised and tongue ready to lick and suck them, I could feel the saliva drip from my tongue as Alice posed and reposed the shot till she was satisfied both with my pose and with the look of longing on Helen’s face.

When she finished she turned down the lights and left us as she rushed the film through a “hurry up” processing to check the results. As Helen and I sat in the bed awaiting whatever came next Helen took hand and held it to her thigh, my fingers close to her vagina. “Feel me, I am trembling, I can’t stop. My pussy is dripping and I want you so badly that I am dizzy. I can’t wait to get back to the dorm. You will let me make love to you won’t you?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m so hot I could take you right here. But I am afraid, there are so many cameras around.” Just then Alice came back.

“Could I possibly prevail upon you guys to redo the kiss shot, possibly with lips and tongues barely touching.”

I couldn’t say yes fast enough and Helen quickly nodded too. Soon we were in a proper position with lips almost touching and dripping tongues in light contact. As soon as Alice signaled that she was finished I went over the edge We both just let go and our mouths melted together as Alice departed saying “I told you so.” Our kiss went on and on as we matched tongues, we sucked each others lips, we tongued each others lips and then did it all again until we heard Alice’s footsteps in the hall and broke apart just as she opened the door.

“OK your all set, the pictures are great, all of them. Come in next Monday for the prints and here is your money, count it.” We counted it and then I got up and began to dress as did Helen.

As we began to dress Helen said “I have a better idea. We’re all dressed up, we have some money and I think we should have a great dinner up at the Mountain Inn and then check into one of their rooms with a King bed and see what happens. You game?”

“Let’s go.” was my reply as I pulled my wool knit over my görükle escort head and just put my panties and bra in my makeup case. Helen was dressed similarly. But as usual she had not worn a bra because she had the breasts that stood up proud and shapely without help. As I looked at her now, knowing that she also was naked under her dress I was almost dizzy with desire.

We walked out the door and took a few steps toward the car when I said “To hell with dinner first. Spencers is right here, I’ll go over and buy some candles and mood things and you go over to the liquor store and get some wine. Then it’s straight to the motel bed for us.” With that I nudged her toward the liquor store and then entered Spencers. I watched Helen almost run across the street and understood that she was as eager as I was to get started. “We need to slow down a little and make it last.” I said to myself as the door closed behind me.

I quickly found some scented candles, some erotic body oils one of which was purported to be tasty. The girl who took my money examined each item and nodded with approval as she placed it in the bag. As she finished counting out my change she looked around and when she was sure she wouldn’t be overheard she whispered. “Good choices. I saw your friend and she’s very sexy.” Then she suddenly turned red as she realized exactly what she had imparted to me. I blushed too as I realized how obvious I had been.

Trying to make us both more at ease, and because she was attractive, I said “You’re pretty sexy yourself. Maybe some day I’ll come back and try my luck with you.”

With that her blush which had almost subsided rose up again but she managed to stammer “Please do that” as I turned and left the store. As I reached the door I heard her add “Soon, please.”

“Wow, if there must be more BI and lesbian girls around then I was aware of” I was saying to myself. As I completed that thought I say Helen walking toward her car and hurried to join her.

As she turned onto the road that would take us to the Mountain Inn she looked at me for a second, then looking straight ahead said “We’re really going to do this aren’t we?” I nodded and then she continued, “I can hardly wait, I have wanted to try this for a long time. Just with you, understand, I totally enjoy sex with Hank, but I wanted to try this with you.”

“I feel much the same way, except that I have to admit that I periodically get the hot’s for, would you believe, my sister.”

“I can believe it, she is a sexy girl in her own way, not everyone likes her type, you have to look deep and suddenly you realize that under it all she is one hot girl just waiting for someone to supply the oxygen to start the flame.” We were quiet for a few minutes till we got to the entrance to the motel.

“Give me the money and I’ll register us.” With that I held out the money and Helen parked and walked into the motel lobby to register. A couple of minutes she was back and she tossed me the key. “214, that’s a good room, Hank and I were there once, it has a nice view of the valley and all the lights in town.”

We parked and climbed to the second floor and found and entered our room. It was quite spacious and had a King bed and a settee plus other amenities. We dropped our things on the bed and turned and faced each other. Suddenly we were both awkward and we stood still just looking into each others eyes. Finally Helen took my hands in hers and whispered “Here we are, I still want to do this, how about you?”

I answered by stepping as close to her as I could and kissing her hard and deep. My tongue pushed into her mouth and then alternately licked her tongue and then her lips inside and out. I could feel her trembling against me and the desire was building ever higher through my whole body. Eventually she let my hands go and put them on my hips. After a minute I could feel my dress creeping up and finally her hand rubbing small circles on my uncovered skin. It felt very nice. After another moment or two during which I could feel both our passion’s rise Helen pulled away.

“This is such a nice time,” she said “let’s make it last and not rush too much. How about we pull the curtains, and light the candles and do our ablutions and then dress back up as we did for the pictures. Then we can rub lotion over each others bodies and then see what happens.”

“I love it, but one thing I want to do first.” with that I quickly slid my hand up between her legs and slipped my finger into her pussy. I tweaked it a couple of times and said. “Pardon me, but I have wanted to do that every time I see it. Now go get ready while I do the candles and get the room ready.”

With that Helen turned and went into the bathroom and I opened the bag and got the candles unwrapped and lit and placed giving the room a warm sexy glow. As I finished that chore Helen came out of the bathroom all made up and wearing only Ear-rings, Gold necklace, Gold mesh belt and bursa escort bayan High Heels. She was so sexy that she took my breath away.

But I did keep my wits about me and handed her the store bag with instructions to ready the bottles of lotion and I got my handbag and went into the bathroom to ready myself. Soon I had washed, touched up my makeup and just like Helen had donned my belt, since I had never removed Ear-rings, heels, or necklace. I stepped out into the main room and saw the Helen was massaging some lotion into her skin as she stood near the window. She was working on her boobs when I came out but soon switched to her inner thighs. As she came to her pussy she started to read the bottle “Is this stuff lick-able?”

“I think so, and I am willing to chance it. But let me do that for you.” With that I took the bottle from her and loaded it into my hand. I then cupped her pussy with my hand and began to massage it in. Meanwhile she was almost dripping and I began to insert two of my fingers which were covered with lotion into her and stroke them in and out.

She became so wear that she put her hands on my shoulders to support herself as I continued my ministrations. After a few minutes she seemed to recover some strength and pulled back a little. “I think that we should drink some wine, then I will do you. OK?”

I agreed and I looked and saw that Helen had already poured some wine into some wine glass’s that she must have purchased with the wine. We each took a glass and toasted each other silently and sipped it slowly, pausing each couple of sips to gently taste each others tongue. We finished a glass and started on a second. I was bout half way through that when I started to get a little light headed and giggly. I realized that neither of us had eaten since breakfast. With that I put down the wine glass and picked up the lotion bottle and handed it to Helen. “No more fooling around, time for you to do me.”

Helen took the bottle from me and pushed me toward the bed. I lay down across the bed with my lower legs hanging over the side as Helen inspected first one bottle of lotion then the other. As she inspected the second bottle she said “Ah, passion fruit, I love the tasted of passion fruit.”

With that she opened the bottle and spilled some over each of my nipples and then my pussy. She quickly pushed herself between my legs and leaned over me taking my left nipple and a large part of my small breast into her mouth and began sucking and licking my nipple which had promptly become very erect and extended. As she held that breast in one hand she began to rub the other and gently pinch the nipple between her fingers. I suddenly felt an orgasm well up and overcome me. I was totally unexpected and I was shuddering and bucking without control. One arm was around Helen’s neck holding her face tight against me and my other hand was instantly at my pussy with my fingers plunging in and out.

I came again then Helen released my breast and slid down between my legs. Quickly my legs were over her shoulders and her face was buried in my pussy licking and sucking the lotion and the juices away. Her tongue alternately penetrated and then licked at my clit and the orgasms started to roll over me.

I don’t know how many times I came but finally we were done and resting. After a few minutes Helen looked at me and said. “WOW. We are both a mess. Our boobs and pussies and thighs and my face all covered with lotion and cum. We need to shower and clean each other up.” With that we did shower and soap and kiss and touch and rub and had glorious fun. Finally without bothering to towel we made it to the bed and fell into classic and uninhibited sixty nine and for the first time.

After a while we showered again and then decided that we were hungry. We ordered in pizza when the delivery guy had departed sat naked eating it down. After a bit I looked at Helen and told her how I had wanted her for a long time but had been reluctant to let her know as I was not one hundred percent sure that she really meant those laughing remarks that she had made.

As she listened to my “confession” she began to laugh. Then she told me how it had been with eight girls living at close quarters for seven weeks. She said that at first some of the girls paired off but that two didn’t. One night those two apparently constantly aroused by what was going on around them paired off also. She said that for the last two weeks it got really wild and each night they would draw straws or play sin the bottle for partners. A couple of times they went skinny dipping afterward and then drew straws again for a second round. “I can’t begin to count how many encounters we had. There were eight of us and I was with each of them any where from five to ten times. In one sense it was a relief to get back here and settled down.”

After a bit we started to talk about the guys. Finally Helen came up with a surprise statement. “You know what I need?” Without waiting for me to answer she answered herself, “I need something good and hard inside of me. I don’t suppose you brought your dildo?”

I suddenly felt the same way. “No, and damn, the candles are burned down to far to be any use. Let’s give the guys a call.” I reached for the phone as Helen said,

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