Lonely Julie Chapter 7


Lonely Julie Chapter 7

Mid Morning Julie and her friend Sally, both pretty and 29, threw some clothes into a bag and with 11 year old Timmy went out to the old open jeep that Julie drove.

Timmy wore swim shorts and the girls had mini skirts and – deliberately – no knickers but short bra-type tops. Sally’s period had begun right after she orgasmed watching Timmy fuck Julie while she sat on the lavatory talking on the phone to her husband in California.

Timmy had seen her put in a tampon and she explained how periods worked and that she could really only masturbate this week without making a bloody mess. As they went out to the jeep, Sally squatted on the grass and her urine sprayed her bare feet . Timmy looked on fascinated by the little white tampon string that hung out of her cunt and the pee dribbling down it.

Sally shook her self and stood up without wiping. “I’ll drive Julie “ she said “You two can play around in the back – its only about 45 minutes to drive isn’t it?”

“That’s fine Sal” Julie said “ Come on Timmy lets go”. Timmy climbed in first and Julie landed on him as she jumped over into the jeeps back seat. There was a roll bar over the centre of the jeep and Julie used it to swing up and squeeze in beside Timmy – her knickerless bottom feeling the cold plastic of the seat.

Julie put her hand on Timmys lap and gently squeezed his cock. “Hey careful “ Timmy said “ I still need to pee”. So did Julie !!

As Sally drove off onto the track through the woods, Julie pulled herself up on the Jeeps roll bar and swivelled to face Timmy half sitting across his lap. As the jeep bounced along, Julie let loose her urine and sprayed Timmys crotch, soaking his swim shorts. Timmy laughed and pulled his penis out in the gush of urine and fired his piss back at Julies vagina as hard as he could.

Their pee just burst into each other and as Julie finished she moved down the inches towards Timmys cock still spirting urine on her.

Without saying a word she slid Sex hikayeleri onto his pissing penis and slipped it inside her. Timmy involuntarily thrust up into her and they both began fucking fast and instinctively. Julie was facing out over the back of the jeep and using the back seat and the roll bar to thrust herself onto Timmys penis.

In her driving mirror Sally could see Julies bum pushing back and forth and, even with her tampax inside her, she began to get wet.

“ Hey, you two – that’s not fair you are fucking like rabbits and I’m stuck with my period” She slid the jeep to a stop on the grass verge of the forest track and turned round to watch her pretty friend fucking the 11 year old Timmy with a fixed glaze on her pretty face.

She could see Timmys face behind the frantic Julie and knew he would shoot any minute. She was right ! “Fuck oh shit Julie fuck I’m cumming I’m CUMMING I’m fucking going to SPUNK”. Timmys language reflected all he had experienced and learned from Julie, his school Matron, and her lovely blonde friend Sally over the last few days.

Timmy began to jerk as his semen shot out right up into Julies vagina. She felt it – warm and powerfull and it sent her over the edge into a convulsive body shaking orgasm. She forced her pussy right down so that his prick was as far inside her as it could go . Her juice gushed down on the boy and Julie herself helplessly gurgled “ Piss FUCK shoot in my CUNT I’m FUCKING CUMMING . Oh God spirt in me Timmy spunk in me piss in me FUCK MY CUNT ARRGGGHHHH SHIITT!!”

Julie collapsed onto Timmy in the jeeps back seat still looking out over the back of the vehicle. She could feel Timmys semen inside her and starting to dribble out as his penis shrank back to its regular size. Timmy lay back, soaked in his and Julies Urine and with his own semen dropping back onto his legs from Julies open pussy.

Sally was still masturbating in the front seat watching her friends finish a great fuck and wishing she had finished Sikiş hikayeleri her period. She almost came when the others did but stopped when she saw another car coming along behind them. “Relax you two” she said “They cant see anything so just stay still while they drive by”.

All three of them waved to the passing car and tried to look relaxed , soaked in urine and sex juices and with every sex part exposed – if only the other people had known !

When they reached the remote beach hut they got out of the jeep and splashed buckets of water from the river over it to wash off the traces of their almost violent sex.

Then the rain came ! Although it was a steamy hot summer, the thunderous rain opened the skies and they just got inside the Hut as it began to pour. They made some food on the oil stove and then stood naked out in the pouring rain. Timmy pissed first holding his cock and spraying the girls from three feet. Julie had done most of her urinating in the car but Sally let her piss gush out and pulled her vaginal lips back to squirt it at Timmy and then Julie.

Timmy watched as Sally pulled out her bloody tampon and put a fresh one in for the night and they retreated into the Cabin to dry off and sleep.

The Cabin was as simple as it could be. A Double bed; a little oil stove and a small petrol generator and a washing up bowl. Julie explained that the bowl was the toilet as not only was in insect outside but the rain was going on all night.

In the bed Julie took one side with Sally next to her and Timmy on the other side. They snuggled up and Timmy dropped off almost immediately. Julie slipped her arm around Sally and slowly stroked her vagina until Sally jerked and orgasmed quietly, whispered her thanx to Julie and they both slept.

It was around 3 am when Sally woke and realised that urgently needed to shit. She nuzzled Timmy and woke him up “Timmy darling I need to poo badly and I don’t want to wake Julie, will you help me” Timmy swung out of the Erotik hikaye bed and grabbed the torch to find the washing up bowl. The rain was still thundering down on the roof . He shone the torch onto Sallys beautiful trimmed pubic hair and the little white string hanging down from her pussy.

Sally squatted by the bed and Timmy put the bowl under her anus – which quickly opened with a long light brown soft turd which curled into the bowl as Timmy turned it to catch everything. Two more pieces followed and the her urine sprayed out around the whit string and Timmy moved the steaming bowl up a bit higher to take it all.

“Have you got any paper?” Sally whispered. Timmy shook his head and said quietly “ I’ll use my fingers and then put them in the rain.” Sally pulled out the bloody tampon and Timmy helped her steer the new one in. Then he ran his fingers through her shitty dung hole until it was clear and Sally sat back on the bed.

Timmy went to the door and held his hands in the pouring rain and slipped back into the bed Leaving the bowl of dung and urine beside the bed.

In the morning when Julie woke up she sniffed and looked at the bowl of poo with a smile. “I hope theres room for mine on top of all that” she said. Timmy went into action again and held the bowl exactly right to catch four dark brown pieces of dung from Julies ass – and then a big gush of piss.

It all piled up in the bowl and they left it on the floor while they made some breakfast.

Timmy was ready to do his morning pooo after the coffee but Sally and Julie both persuaded him to try to hold on till later because they had a game in mind.

“This cabin is hidden from the beach” Julie said “but we can see everything that gose on on the beach and in the dunes from up here with our binocs”

“Timmy, we want you to see if you can seduce a lady who is on this beach every day in the summer”

“Whats she like??” Timmy was interested.

Shes 52 years old and we both think she needs a healthy boy like you” She is usually here by about ten thirty.

“I can wait I think” Timmy said “Will you really be able to see?”

“Absolutely everything” said Julie.

Continued in Chapter 8

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