Linda’s Dream


Linda fell asleep dreaming about her roommate Mary. They had been roommates for almost a year now and it seemed that in the last six months Linda could sleep not anymore without dreaming about her.

Linda had posted an ad for a roommate shortly after her and her girlfriend broke up. Living in San Francisco was expensive and people usually could not make it living on their own. Mary had shown up at her door on one Saturday morning with the apartment ad in hand. She was not expecting anyone at this hour of the morning and was still half-asleep when she answered the door.

The girl at the door was gorgeous. She had blond hair that fell past her shoulders and bright blue eyes, she was very tan and this offset her blond hair and blue eyes. Her body was very muscular and toned, giving her that athletic look. She must have been close to 5’10 with legs that seemed like they had gone on forever.

“Hello, my name is Mary and I am interested in the ad for the roommate.”

“Oh,” Linda said forgetting for a moment that she had even placed the ad.

“Is this a bad time,” Mary asked, “If so I can come back later, or did you already rent out the room?”

“Uh, no,” Linda smiled, “I’m sorry, I am usually not very coherent at this time of the morning, please come in and I will show you the room.”

Linda stepped aside and let Mary enter the apartment. The apartment itself was rather small, but because it had a loft and huge bay windows, it appeared to be bigger then it really was. Linda and her ex had put a lot time in remodeling the place over the last five years. The master bedroom was on a partial second floor overlooking the living room and bay window, with a bathroom and a shower. The kitchen and another bathroom were under the master bedroom space, with the living room taking up most of the space in front of the bay windows. There was a small gas fireplace in the corner and the extra bedroom was off to the side of the living room with a private door to the bath.

“Wow,” Mary said. “This is nice, a little small but cozy,” she said with a smile.

Linda thought cozy was a good word for it. It had been cozy before Jill decided she was not ready to settle down and definitely not ready to settle down with a woman.

“How much is the rent,” Mary asked, pulling Linda out of her reverie.

“Seven hundred dollars a month plus utilities,” Linda said.

“When is it available,” Mary asked hoping it was soon. She had just moved from L.A. and was staying with friends. It was nice but a one-bedroom apartment and three people tended to get a little crowded.

“Well,” Linda said, “It is available now, but first how about a cup of coffee and you can tell me a little about yourself.”

“Sure,” Mary said as she sat down and accepted a cup of coffee from her. “What do you want to know?”

Linda thought about the question. What did she want to know? Well, she thought I should at least find out what type of roommate she would be. Make sure she can pay the rent, does not have any pissed off partners in her past that are serial killers. She laughed to herself at that last bit.

“Just tell me about yourself, what you do and where you used to live, you know the basics.”

“Ok, well,” Mary started slowly. “I’m from L.A. I have been in San Francisco for about a month. I build websites, so I work mostly from home and yes, I can make the rent each month.” She finished with a laugh.

Linda liked the way she laughed and the way her eyes sparkled when she did.

“Uh, oh sorry was I really that obvious?” Linda said laughing. “Well, the room is available now, so whenever you want to move in is fine.”

“I have been staying with friends in a one bedroom so if today is to soon let me know.”

Linda could not contain her excitement, she knew this woman was probably straight, but it had been awhile since she had a gorgeous woman to fantasize about.

Anyway, that was ten months ago and things had gone well. Mary was a great roommate. They found that they had a lot in common and got along well. Linda had told Mary two months in she was a lesbian. Mary seemed to take this in stride and said that was fine as long as she did not try anything.

The dreams were always the same. Linda would fall asleep thinking about her. The last six months they had gotten closer. They did everything together and she almost felt like they were partners, well minus the sex they didn’t have. She loved the way Mary laughed and would say the stupidest things just to hear it.

There were nights they sat in front of the fireplace, drinking wine and talking about their fantasies and what they liked most in bed or they would sit on the couch watching soft-core porn on television. It did not matter if it was lesbian, straight or kinky, they always started laughing and joking about how corny the shows were and nothing ever happens like that in real life.

Then one night while watching TV in front of the fire, Mary took a sip of her wine and looked at Linda.

“What,” Eskort Bayan Linda said laughing. “Do I have wine on my nose or something?”

“No,” Mary would say, “I was just looking at how beautiful you were in the firelight.”

Linda laughed nervously and said, “I…uh…well…”

Mary laughed and went back to the show. Linda looked at her and watched as the firelight danced along the wall, bathing her in the shadows as it flickered across the room. Linda put down her glass of wine and reached over, trailing her hand along Mary’s arm and down to her hand. She took the glass of wine from Mary’s hand and set it on the end table. Mary looked at her with a half smile on her face.

“What are you doing,” she said breathlessly.

“Shh,” Linda said.

Linda trailed her fingers back up Mary’s arm, stopping at the inside of her elbow. Here she drew lazy circles with her fingernail. Mary started giggling nervously and smiled. She moved her hand farther up her arm, stopping on the top of her shoulder and raking her nails along the baby soft skin. Mary shuddered involuntarily and she took this as a sign to continue. She moved her hand to the side of Mary’s neck and trailed her finger up behind her ear. She moved her lips to her ear and blew softly causing Mary to giggle. She stuck her tongue out and trailed it along the inside of Mary’s ear very lightly.

Mary shuddered again and said “I…I…think we should–“

“Shh,” Linda said as she followed Mary’s jaw line with her tongue until she got to the corner of her mouth. She flicked her tongue lightly at the corner of her mouth and then ran her tongue along her luscious lips. Mary’s lips parted only slightly as Linda put her lips on hers. She gently coaxed Mary’s lips farther apart with her tongue and started exploring the inside of her mouth, occasionally rubbing the roof of her mouth with the tip of her tongue. Her hand trailed down Mary’s neck to her breast. She cupped her breast and flicked her thumb over the nipple. She felt it start to harden and come to attention. She kept up the exploration of Mary’s mouth with her tongue as she gently pinched her nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Mary moaned loudly and arched her back. Linda moved her hand down to the bottom of her shirt and raked her nails across her belly. She moved her hand up and cupped her bare breast, loving the roundness in her palm. She rubbed the pad her thumb across her bare nipple and felt the electricity that flowed through Mary’s body. She trailed her tongue down from hers lips, stopping to caress the hollow area at the base of her neck. She continued downward and grasped her clothed nipple in her teeth, blowing on the cloth as she did so.

Linda knelt on the floor between Mary’s legs; she moved her hands under her shirt and in one movement removed it to reveal nicely rounded breasts and very hard nipples. Mary gasped, surprised at it all happening so fast. She put her lips to her nipples and kissed one and then the other. She could hear Mary’s breathing getting faster and shallower. Mary let out a moan and grabbed her head.

“Oh, that feels so good. Please don’t stop,” Mary said breathlessly.

“Don’t worry,” Linda said just as breathlessly, “I have no intention of stopping.”

Linda then trailed her tongue down Mary’s breast and stomach, running lazy circles around her belly button. Mary had shorts on, which gave her easy access to the inside of her thighs and already steaming pussy. She ran her hands up the inside of her thigh, gently brushing her fingers over the taut cloth of her underwear. She could feel the moisture soaking through the cotton material and smiled to herself. Her tongue roamed across Mary’s stomach and on the inside of her short’s band. Meanwhile, she kept flicking her nails across the material of her underwear, bringing more moans from Mary.

Linda pulled out her hand and grabbed the waistband of Mary’s shorts. She pulled them down along with her underwear very slowly. Mary tried to steady her breathing and could not.

“What…I…oh my god…” was all she could say.

Linda ran her tongue up Mary’s leg, stopping at the sensitive part behind her knee. She raked her nails against the inside of her thighs, causing her to breathe in sharply. She left her knee and continued her tongue travels up the inside of her thigh.

Mary said breathlessly, “I’ve never had a woman; I’ve never felt like this.”

Linda looked up into Mary’s blue eyes, and she saw the sparkle mixed with a little apprehension. She smiled at her and slid her finger down her slit, gently nicking her clit with her nail.

“Do you want me to stop?” Linda said

“Uh… I… no… uh,” Mary tried to get out the sentence but she was having a hard time concentrating with Linda rubbing her finger along the slit of her pussy. She knew she was extremely wet because she could feel her wetness running down the crack of her ass. She knew as well that there was no turning back.

Linda gently spread her pussy lips and took in the musky smell. She saw the wetness clinging to her pubic hair and flicked her tongue along the inside of her pussy.

Mary nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt the soft, warm tongue on her pussy. She couldn’t believe the feeling Linda’s tongue was making.

Linda could tell by Mary’s reaction that she was on the brink of going over the edge. She again flicked her tongue inside her pussy and let it travel up from her vagina to just under her clit. She pointed her tongue and slowly drew circles on the flat space under her clit. She kept this up for a little bit, feeling Mary tense up and move her hips trying to get Linda’s mouth to land on her clit. She moved her hands and pulled back the hood exposing her clit, she flicked her pointed tongue quickly over the exposed flesh feeling it harden at each stroke.

“Oh Linda, don’t stop please, make me come, Linda, Linda.

Linda woke with a start still shaking from the dream. She realized that Mary was standing in her room calling out her name. It took her a moment to realize she slept in the nude and had kicked the covers off during her dream. Mary noticed at the same time and turned her back blushing furiously. She was so excited that she didn’t realize Linda was completely naked.

Linda got up, put on a t-shirt and boxers and noted the time. “What are you so excited about that you need to wake me at this hour,” she said feigning grumpiness.

Mary turned back and laughed. She knew Linda was not a morning person and always found it cute that she tried to be so grumpy with her every time she woke her up early. As she looked at Linda, she noticed that her face was flushed and her nipples were hard and poking through her t-shirt. She wondered what she had been dreaming. When she came in Linda was moaning and her hands were roaming around her body in frenzy. She could not help but watch. She was mesmerized by the way, her hands and hips moved each time her fingers found that spot between her legs.

Mary thought Linda was pretty. She was 5’8 with brown hair and brown eyes. She had, what Mary thought, average size breasts with small areola’s surrounding rather large nipples. She had been thinking about Linda in a sexual way for the last few months. This made her slightly nervous, as she had never thought about any woman in a sexual way before. Linda was just a friend and a roommate. She was kind, sensitive, and always made her feel like she was the only one. All the things she had ever wanted in a boyfriend.

“Well,” Linda said exasperated, “What is so important you had to wake me up at 8:00 in the morning?”

Mary laughed again. “You know that account I have been trying to get, the one that will get my name out in the corporate zone?”

“Yeah,” Linda said, searching her brain, trying to remember what it was Mary had said about the account.

“Well I got it; I just got word this morning.” She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. This account was big for her and it could open doors with other companies that wanted premium websites. This could make or break her career. She was so excited!

“Come on, get dressed!” Mary said.

“What?” Linda said exasperated. “Where are we going at this time of the morning?”

“To breakfast, I’m buying,” Mary said laughing again.

Linda sighed and resigned herself to never getting back to sleep. She took her clothes off and grabbed a pair of pants and t-shirt.

They sat over breakfast and coffee talking about the account Mary had just gotten. Linda was happy for her. She was a hard worker and did good work. Linda didn’t have that kind of discipline, she needed structure or her mind wandered. If she worked from home, she would never get anything done. She could never understand how Mary could sit in front of her computer for hours on end and do nothing but work.

“Ok, since I have the day off and you woke me so damn early and you have something to celebrate, let’s celebrate.” Linda said. “Let’s go to the beach for awhile and get hot and sweaty and then go home and have dinner and wine by the fire. I will grill steaks and you can make potato salad.”

Mary thought it over for a moment, “Why am I making potato salad?” she said laughing. “I thought we were celebrating my new account.”

Linda laughed and winked at her. “Let’s go. We need to stop at the store for supplies before we hit the beach”.

Mary started the potato salad as soon as they got home from the beach. Linda took off to the liquor store to get the wine. Mary was thinking to herself as she cut up the potatoes. This would be a good night to fulfill her dream. After all, it would be perfect…dinner, wine, a fire and a celebration.

Linda walked in the door, as she was deep in thought. “Hello…hello?” Finally, she tapped her on the shoulder. “Are you still with us or have you been abducted?”

Mary laughed, “Sorry, I was daydreaming I guess.”

“Well, I got the wine and now I am going to shower before I start the steaks.”

“Ok, don’t use all the hot water though; I want to shower as well.”

Linda jumped in the shower and thought about Mary at the beach. She looked great in anything she wore but the bikini she had left little to the imagination. And, well, Linda had a hell of an imagination. She felt her pussy start to tingle as she thought about her. Her soapy hands started playing with her nipples and roaming over her body. Her hands traveled down… As she soaped her trimmed bush, she let her fingers slip between her lips and play with her clit. She pinched her nipples with her other hand and ran her fingernail across the sensitive head of her clit and felt herself reaching orgasm very quickly. She continued the pressure on her nipple and increased the speed on her clit. She felt that familiar twinge.

“Hey, hurry up in there, you’re not the only one who lives here,” she heard Mary say somewhere through her ecstatic haze.

“Damn,” Linda said to herself. She quickly rinsed off.

Linda started preparing the steaks while Mary was in the shower. She set the table out on the deck and got the wine glasses out. She set Kenny G in the stereo and lit the candles they had set up around the deck.

“Hmm, maybe we should celebrate more often,” Mary, said laughing.

Linda grinned at her and lightly brushed her chin. “Well, this is special and besides the bugs are out.”

Linda went back to grilling the steaks as Mary grabbed the potato salad and the bottle of wine and put it on the table. She went back to the kitchen, got the wine bucket, and put ice in it. When she got back to the table, the steaks were done and Linda was putting them on the plates.

Linda poured each one of them a glass of wine and they sat down to eat. When dinner was done, they both cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen. While Mary loaded up the dishwasher, Linda brought the wine bucket in, setting it on the floor while she started the fireplace. She then grabbed the remote control to the television and sat down on the floor with her back against the couch.

“Hurry up,” Linda yelled to Mary. “You’re going to miss the show.”

Mary turned off the kitchen light and went to sit down beside Linda. They had been watching this soft-core series on television for the last month or so. It was one of these soap opera type shows, with characters and plots that followed a weekly pattern. The only difference was this one had sex between the lady of the house and the gardener, the pool boy, the neighbor and the grocery clerk– not in that order and not always of the male gender.

They started watching the show, laughing as usual at the plot. It always took a few minutes into the show for them to get over the awkwardness of watching these together.

“Looks like we are out of wine,” Mary said about ten minutes into the show.

“Don’t worry. I was expecting this and got extra,” Linda said laughing as she got up. She grabbed another bottle of wine and topped off both of their glasses. She put the bottle in the wine bucket and sat back down.

Halfway through the second bottle Linda felt Mary looking at her. “What?”

“Nothing,” Mary said laughing.

Linda shook her head. She had had too much to drink and her imagination was running wild. She went back to watching the movie and took another sip of wine.

Mary felt the usually stirrings that she always got while watching these shows. Normally she would end up masturbating herself to satisfaction in bed; however; tonight she had decided she was going to go through with her dream. She reached over and laid her hand on Linda’s knee. Linda was startled and jumped.

Chuckling nervously, Linda looked sideways at Mary and saw her grin. She continued to watch TV wondering what Mary was up to.

Mary started caressing the inside of Linda’s knee with her fingertips and felt her shudder. She boldly moved her hand slowly up Linda’s leg until it rested on her thigh. She lightly scratched with the tips of her nails and felt Linda shudder again. Linda grabbed her hand.

“What are you doing?” She said breathlessly.

Mary grinned a lopsided grin, leaned over and tentatively kissed Linda on the cheek. Linda sat for a moment stunned. She could not believe what was happening. This was her dream.

Mary kissed her then kissed more boldly on the lips. She stayed there for a few minutes loving the feel and the taste them. They were so soft.

Linda sat for a minute not moving. She wanted to respond but wasn’t sure how Mary would react. “Oh fuck it,” she thought to herself. She started it so she would go along until she stopped it.

Mary was still about 2 inches from Linda’s face. Linda lifted her hand and cradled her cheek in her hand. She searched her eyes for any sign of resistance and when she found none she kissed her very gently. She felt her respond and ran her tongue along her lips. She gently pushed her tongue and felt Mary part her lips slightly. At this, she darted her tongue inside and caressed the inside of her mouth. She found the sensitive spot on the roof of her mouth and gently ran the tip of her tongue over it rather slowly.

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