Letter #11 — From The Lost Letter Bin At Everheart, North Dakota

Big Tits

Jane Gulpton2354 Mill StreetCando, N.DMy dearest sister Jane:Since my last letter, things have not gone well. I have been unable to find employment and my bank account is dwindling. Opportunities are not good here in Everheart and I think that what got me fired at the Dollar Store may have leaked out despite my manager’s promise that he would never speak of it. My cable bill is due in three days. I owe the guy who runs the trailer park convenience store twenty dollars, and I don’t have any money.I regret to say that I am forced to do what women have always done in desperate times. I am going to sell my body. It is true. To get money, I will need to bring strange men into my home, then take my Sex hikayeleri clothes off and let them use my body to satisfy their sexual desires. Instead of getting dressed and going off to the Dollar Store, I will spend my days naked on my bed, my legs spread, with my most intimate womanly parts exposed to the leering stares of men.The thoughts of what I will have to do disgust me, but I am determined.These men — farmers, ranchers, barbers, insurance salesmen, fry cooks — will pay me to dance, strip naked for them, and masturbate while they watch. I will take their penises in my hand and jerk them until they cum. Some will want to rub their dicks between my breasts and ejaculate Sikiş hikayeleri on my face. For money, I will let them fuck me — one after another — missionary, doggie, reverse cowboy — until their seed is spent and their erections go limp. They will use my mouth like they use my vagina. I’ll lick their testicles and tongue their anuses. I will gulp down hot semen as it gushes from their engorged cocks. As you read this letter, I very well may have some local farmer—his overalls around his knees—sweating and panting on top of my naked body, pounding me with his cock, his hairy balls banging against my ass, and his hot beery breath in my face. Because that must be my Erotik hikaye life now.To protect me from violence, I will acquire a pimp, a muscular black man named Antoine, who will protect me and call me his beautiful baby. He will comfort me after a night servicing men in the back room of the Everheart Lions Club. When not working, I will smoke marijuana with his other whores and we will engage in lesbianism to relieve the boredom of our off-work hours.I will buy my clothes from the slut store in Bismarck: garter belts, corsets, crotchless panties, and bras with holes cut to expose my nipples. You will find me at dusk standing in front of the grange in a leather mini-skirt asking the passing farm hands if they want to have a good time. You will see me on my knees in the parking lot behind the VFW building tending to obese veterans who will rest their giant bellies on my head as I suck their cocks, and afterward, they will thank me for my service.

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