Lesbian Wrestles with Conscience

Of course it was all so absurd. So Jess had been Dyke Grappler Champion for 14 years. The whole thing was a show to get money off gullible people, mainly men who could not resist their dark sadistic side. They liked to see women fight each other, to hear their cries of anguish and pain. The whole thing was an insult to women and particularly lesbians, limiting them to who could supposedly win fights against their so called rivals. This led to people ignoring individuality, sexuality, gentleness, kindness, courage of conviction, the things that matter far more than physical power.

Jess was tall, muscled, with long dark brown hair. She had felt the hair could be a disadvantage in wrestling, as it could be grabbed (rules in The Company did not follow professional wrestling in this). However her skill as a wrestler meant it had rarely happened.

It was nearly all rehearsed and acted to a script. As there were at least two live shows each week, the fighters would either been crippled for life or dead by middle age if it had been genuine. Injuries were infrequent, and usually strains picked up during training.

After shows the “fighters” laughed with each other, shared jokes, stayed in the same hotels. Sometimes they would rehearse the words for the next “catfight”. Feeding the image of grudges between ‘fighters” that were fictional.

The only exception was the annual challenge contest. The company would select who they thought was the best potential candidate to challenge the Dyke Grappler Champion, or The Dyke for short. The criteria were vague, supposedly performance and fitness. In reality what would sell best to the internet subscribers.

This year and last the challenger was easily selected. Sweet, how she hated the name given her, was a superb athlete, strong, fast, supple and with genuine wrestling skill. Day by day she got closer in bursa yabancı escort standard to the previously unbeatable Jess.

Taller even than Jess, Sweet had short blonde hair, a boyishly pretty smile, and was leaner and very much faster than Jess. She was also twelve years younger. It was only in technique she fell short against the champion, and she was learning fast.

Last year she had won two of the five rounds, but Jess had dominated the other three. Jess often won by submission of an opponent but this had never been on the cards . Sweet had found it difficult to be ruthless with Jess. She admired the champion, even thinking about her made her feel light headed. She relished their times laughing together and enjoying each others’ company

A year later it seemed Jess was facing defeat in the challenge: the first four rounds had clearly gone to the challenger.

In round 5 Jess began to feel all of her 38 years, slow, breathing heavily, just wanting it to end, so she could relinquish her title with dignity. To be no longer “The Dyke” would be a relief. Jess just felt a great warmth towards Sweet, if she was to lose her title, she was happy it would go to her friend. She often wished they could be closer friends, possibly lovers.

There would be a ritual humiliation at the end, but it was mainly for show. Even if strap-ons were involved, the girl on the receiving end was treated fairly gently, most enjoyed it. There was even a retractable strap-on if any girl could not deal with it. The crowd and internet viewers were left unaware they were being conned. So if Sweet won, Jess was sure she would be treated fairly lightly, verbals yes, but those were for the fans, nobody bothered about that. She more than liked Sweet, they were often chatting together or exploring towns together as the Company toured bursa sınırsız escort the country.

Seconds to go, soon her reign would be over, but Sweet seemed to relax, already savouring victory. With a huge upward push Jess sent the challenger off her, into the air, and onto the canvas. Jess jumped on Sweet, forcing the younger woman into the submission position. The count started and finished, Jess had retained her crown

Jess forgot all the usual consideration towards a loser, forgot the times early in her career when she had been shown mercy, the times she had shown it, and when she had stopped a fight, risking the sack, when her opponent had an emotional breakdown. She forgot her feelings towards Sweet, forgot Sweet herself, forgot everything but the elation and relief of victory.

Wordlessly and harshly she fucked Sweet with the dildo, not hearing the cries of anguish. She even laughed as the challenger sobbed her way off the stage.

Jess entered the changing room ready to gloat and goad. Her blood ran cold. There in the fetal position was Sweet, rocking herself, weeping her soul out. Jess felt like a devil, full of self-disgust. She knelt down and took Sweet in her arms, saying sorry over and over. She was crying too. Crying at what she had become. She felt just total love for Sweet, but also that she had polluted something beautiful. She felt dirty inside, that she was not even worthy to be with this kind and beautiful woman. The fact that Jesse was still champion now seemed to her to be some kind of horrible bad taste joke. She wished she could hand the stupid, meaningless thing over to Sweet. So somebody can beat someone in a fight, so what!

This was the last fight, she determined. “I can never trust myself again”, she thought. “I lost it. I hurt someone who had no intention of hurting görükle escort me. I have put my pride ahead of my humanity.”

But weeks passed, pain in both eased, the friendship at least in part restored. Jess agreed to fight for one more year, then to retire as champion, or hand over the crown, probably to Sweet.

A year of tedious, scripted touring followed. Sweet seemed less confident, less committed; but the fans craved a rematch, wanting to see the “The Bitch” Jess brought down by Sweet. Lusting for revenge, revenge the lowest of all motives.

Well they would have it, Jess decided she would make sure Sweet won; she would throw her title, but subtly so everyone, including Sweet would think it genuine.

The night of the fight was hot and humid, Sweet seemed nervous, Jess thought, but in the opening exchanges Jess used her skill and knowledge to get Sweet on top. The confidence seemed to surge back into the previously uncertain Sweet. As usual both girls had become naked. Sweet held Jess in a scissors position. Jess tried to resist, but now Sweet was too strong. So be it, thought Jess. Even the feel of the younger woman’s fingers on her clit and pussy did not trouble her. To her amazement Jess realized she was going to come. This supposed ultimate humiliation had not happened to Jess since her earliest days as a lesbian wrestler.

Now she wanted it, needed it, because Sweet was turning her on, and she felt she should be shown up in front of this baying crowd, because of what had happened a year ago. Her mind went with her body into rapture, shouting Sweet’s name. Soon she felt Sweet’s lips on hers, the deepest kiss she had ever experienced one of honeyed love. Gentle words soothed Jess, her new lover telling her what happened a year ago was washed away, that all was well, that they had both found love in and for each other.

Sweet gently helped Jess up, hugged her, and the women walked towards the exit.

“The contest isn’t over.” growled the leering referee.

“Oh yes it is, and you can keep your title, neither of us want it, we have each other,” Sweet said, squeezing Jess’s hand devotedly.

“This time,” Jess said, “We have both won.”

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