Lacy’s New House

Group Sex

It was the kind of night when all you wanted to do was curl up on the sofa and watch a movie or read a romantic story. Outside the wind and the rain was pounding the house which was creaking and groaning like an old man trying to make a mad dash to the bathroom. But this house was, while very old, was solid and secure and nothing would damage it except perhaps a hurricane, but the building was several hundred miles inland and far from the paths of hurricanes. And that was the way Lacy liked it. She had grown up on the Louisiana coast and in her youth she had been through at least a dozen of the killer storms.

So upon finishing her PhD she moved inland, far from those kinds of storms. At the beginning of her final year of college she began researching where her new skills would take her and would she be able to find the kind of house she was looking for? Half way through her senior year she landed an interview at a promising company, except it was in a small town, that is, a population of about a hundred thousand souls. The job was as close to what she wanted and flying out for the interview cinched it for her. She’d do whatever she had to get the job, but on the return trip they hadn’t made a decision yet and she was becoming a nervous wreck hoping the job was hers. Right after the interview she spent a couple of days driving around the town looking for a house.

There were several houses for sale but almost all of them were either new construction or small and run down, neither of which she’d even consider. On the last day she stopped at a real estate office and talked to the agent who immediately became sympathetic to Lacy’s problem. Yes, she had the exact home that Lacy was looking for and getting in her car the two women drove some ten miles into the country. It was a lovely road, paved and lined with trees and they could hear the birds singing. There must have been a million of them and the symphony was magnificent. Already Lacy was in love with the place.

The house was at the end of a mile long lane lined with poplar trees on both sides. The real estate agent, Karen, said they were there as a wind break, same with the ones around the house. As them came out of the lane and onto the circular drive Lacy gasped. The house was an old victorian and the yard was landscaped, probably by a professional. The two-story building had all the requisite gingerbread lace and huge wrap around porch. Alighting from car they walked around the house, the back yard was also landscaped and beautiful. They had left a large expanse of grass but around it were stone and brick paths with flower beds and rock gardens. It was more than Lacy could hope for, but already her heart was sinking, she’d never be able to put a down payment on this place. Karen told her not to think about that yet. But that’s all Lacy could think about.

Karen opened the front door and Lacy nearly fainted, the front hall was right out of the Architectural Digest, it was beautiful. Karen said that all the fixtures were original but had been up-dated for electricity. There were window seats in unexpected places, and the built in book cases and cabinets were all of a dark wood. The kitchen still had the old icebox that lined one wall. The doors were of glass and they stood nearly six feet tall. Someone had re-done the plumbing so that they could run on electricity instead of ice. There was a huge fireplace in the kitchen that had once been the sole source for cooking and keeping the room warm.

The tour of the house took them nearly three hours, Lacy kept going back to look at different features. Finally, exhausted, she collapsed on a window seat in what was probably the sitting room.

“Well, are you totally in love?” Karen asked her.

“I can’t tell you how much!”

“As you can see it’s been sitting empty for some time now, but a little elbow grease and good soap, you can have it to rights soon enough.”

“Oh yes, I know, but right now all I can think of is will this job, if I get it, pay enough to afford this place?”

“Lets go back to the office and go over the paperwork, then you’ll have a better idea of what you can afford.”

And escort bayan so they returned to her office, chatting during the short drive, and once in the office Karen sat next to Lacy, hips touching, and she slowly and carefully went over the whole process. For Lacy it was somewhat disconcerting because Karen was constantly finding ways to touch her and her eye contact said more than Lacy was used to, at least coming from a woman. But by the time they finished the young woman was comfortable with the agent and accepted an invitation to dinner.

The town offered some excellent restaurants and Karen picked one that was small and cozy with dim lights and white tablecloths that fell to the floor. The table was small and intimate, not something Lacy would have chosen to bring even her most intimate girlfriend. The meal went on for nearly three hours which included two bottles of wine and the best food Lacy had ever eaten. When the bill came Karen insisted on paying the whole of it. “After all, this is considered a business dinner, so the company will pick up the tab. Very convenient!”

“Thank you so much. I can’t say when I’ve had a better meal, however the wine has left me a little light headed … or is it empty headed?” They laughed at her joke but as it turned out it wasn’t really a joke, Lacy was pretty unsteady on her legs and Karen held her arm as they left the building. Whether Lacy noticed or not she didn’t say anything or react when Karen’s hand or arm brushed against her breasts. Piling her into the front seat of her car, Karen managed it so that Lacy’s skirt rode to the top of her nylons and for just a moment she was able to touch the girl’s breast. Settled into the seat Karen helped her with her seatbelt, pressing her breast against the side of Lacy’s face. Neither one of them thought to pull Lacy’s skirt down to a more modest level.

As they drove Lacy would begin to nod off then moments later jerk herself up right but finally she dozed and hardly woke when the car stopped. In getting Lacy out of the car Karen got a bit more bold and while releasing the seatbelt she held Lacy’s left tit, feeling it’s firmness and squeezing the nipple through the thin blouse and bra. Lacy touched Karen’s hand but couldn’t seem to decide whether to remove it from her breast. But a second later Karen removed it herself and helped the girl out of the car, again, not bothering with the skirt.

In the house Lacy was close to passing out so Karen helped her upstairs and to her bedroom. She lay Lacy on the bed and began to undress her. She got the shoes off and then sliding her hands up the outside of Lacy’s legs she slowly made her way to the top of the nylons to open the snaps that held them up. One at a time she slowly peeled the stockings off then lowering the zipper she pulled off the skirt and the sight of Lacy’s thong and garter belt took her breath away. The thong had worked its way between Lacy’s pussy lips and it was that vision of loveliness the opened Karen’s own flood gates.

Not wanting to disturb that vision she sat on the bed at the girl’s shoulder and slowly opened the buttons of her blouse and when they were all open she pulled it back and lifting Lacy as gently as she could, she removed her blouse. Her bra was barely a cover, it was a half bra, black lace that matching the thong, and half her nipples were peeking over the top.

Standing, and while taking in every inch of Lacy’s near naked body, she removed her own clothes. Naked, she sat down on the bed and open the hooks of the garter belt and removed it. Breathing hard she stood at Lacy’s feet and leaning over she put her face within a breath’s width from the thong and inhaled deeply. The scent was far more intoxicating than anything she’d never smelled before. She put her fingers under the elastic band of the black lace thong and slowly and gently pulled it down and off.

Karen could feel her pussy juices running down her legs, she couldn’t remember ever getting this wet before. Right now all she wanted to do was to taste Lacy until they both had a mind-blowing orgasm. But not yet, this waiting was more delicious görükle escort that Karen had ever thought possible. With her knees on either side of Lacy’s head she got her hands behind the girl and gently opened the hooks of her bra and removed it. Her breasts were even more beautiful that she had imagined and all she wanted to do was suck on those nipples. Her pussy was dripping and it was a moment later that she realized that it was most likely dripping onto Lacy’s face. She looked down and sure enough, Lacy’s face was covered in pussy juice. Karen had all she could do to keep from laughing, instead she began to rub her pussy lips before she moved her fingers to her clit. She was already so close to cumming that she would have to go slowly because she wanted it last as long as possible. With the middle finger of her left hand she rubbed her clit and inserting the middle two fingers of her right hand into her pussy, she began to slowly fuck herself.

As much as she wanted it to last, it didn’t happen that way, within moments she was coming, moaning loudly, moving her hips back and forth in time with her fingers and she went from one smashing orgasm to another. Finished she bowed her head nearly to Lacy’s tummy and slowly got her breathing and shaking back to normal. When she could, she opened her eyes and looked between her legs. Her pussy juices were still flowing onto Lacy’s face and because of the volume it was also running down into her hair.

When the flow slowed Karen got up and went into the bathroom. She had to pee and she sat there wondering if it would ever stop. It finally did, but what with the pee and all that pussy juice she used nearly a half roll of toilet paper to dry herself. That wasn’t enough, she got a washcloth and running hot water over it, she cleaned herself again.

In the bedroom Lacy hadn’t moved and Karen stood near her feet and studied her pussy. It was shaved and the lips lay together making a sweet, narrow slit. This was the kind of pussy Karen loved to eat. The ones with the lips hanging down was, for her, a turnoff that she never understood. Of course you couldn’t ask women what their pussies looked like before you picked them up so you’d just have to take your chances.

Karen kneeled on the floor and spread Lacy’s legs wide apart. What a lovely pussy and slowly she leaned forward and as gently as she could she began licking the pussy. She didn’t want to wake the girl yet, she wanted to get her as close to an orgasm as possible before she woke. Karen had tried that before and on occasion she had managed to lick a pussy for as much as twenty minutes before her date woke up to a mide-blowing orgasm. The second the woman would wake, Karen would take her clit into her mouth and suck on if for dear life, the poor woman would be in the midst of waking, having an orgasm, and wondering what the hell was going on. Most women were fine with it, but a couple of time Karen was given a lot of abuse. Still, it was worth it when a woman would be cumming in her mouth and screaming like a banshee.

At the moment she had her tongue between Lacy’s lips and was slowly working it in and out of her cunt, not yet ready to attack her clit. Lacy, however, was beginning to move around, rolling her head back and forth. Also, her pussy was beginning to leak juices and that was what Karen was waiting for, nothing like pussy juices to coat the tongue and mouth!

And so she continued, going slow, occasionally backing off for a bit of a breather and to experiment with inserting her fingers into Lacy’s cunt. This girl was sleeping soundly, Karen was finger-fucking her just a little more vigorously than normally at this juncture, but it didn’t faze Lacy, she lay there perhaps dreaming of getting fucked by her boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever it was that she was willing to fuck her. Looking at her cunt it was plain to see that this was a pussy made for fucking, licking, and eating, and Karen was more than willing to entertain it for the rest of the night, and beyond. She’d have to make sure the girl came back to live even though she couldn’t do anything about bursa elit escort the job, she could make sure she got the house.

It was becoming apparent that Lacy was about to wake up and now Karen threw all caution to the wind. She sucked Lacy’s clit into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue while finger-fucking her fast and furious. Within a few moments Lacy’s hips rose up off the bed and she was screaming and pumping her pussy against Karen’s mouth and hand like a pile driving machine. She couldn’t stop cumming or shouting, and as long as she continued, Karen continued sucking her clit and fingering her.

When Lacy couldn’t take another orgasm, she pushed Karen away and rolled over on her side trying to catch her breath and to let the shaking go away. It took several minutes and all the time Karen was caressing Lacy’s body. As she did so Lacy was relaxing and it wasn’t long before she was asleep again. Karen smiled and gently got on the bed and spooned with Lacy and thus they both slept till well past sun-up.

Awake, Karen rose up on one elbow and feasted her eyes on Lacy’s body. She loved every inch of it and wondered if she couldn’t pull some strings so that she got the job in town. It wasn’t long before Karen had to make a dash to the bathroom to empty her bladder. After a night of drinking and sex there was something a little erotic about peeing the first thing in the morning. She didn’t think too much about it, she needed a shower.

Finished she dried off and drying her hair she went into the bedroom. Lacy was awake and by the look on her face she didn’t know where she was. When Karen came in, naked and drying her hair Lacy’s face got red, she rarely saw a naked woman outside the gym and this woman, it took her a few minutes to remember who she was, but she couldn’t think why she was laying naked on her bed. Pulling the blanket up, she covered her naked body and with a questioning look at Karen she wondered about this whole thing.

“Got a hangover?”

“Hum, more than that, I don’t know what I’m doing here, nor how I got here.”

“This is my house and after we looked at that property we went to dinner and then a couple drinks after. We got a little tipsy and ended up here. You were more or less passing out so I couldn’t let you drive.”

“Yes, but how did I get here, you know, and no clothes …?”

“Oh, I put you to bed and we played a little, I hope you don’t mind.”


“Yes, you know, with each other.”

“Oh … I’ve never don’t that before. You know, with a woman.”

“Well, you sure seemed to enjoy it. Have you noticed your hair and face? You’re actually covered with cum.”

Lacy touched her hair and face and yes, there was dry stuff there and smelling her fingers she knew Karen was telling the truth. For a few minutes she lay there wondering, trying to remember if she enjoyed it or not. This woman said she did, but if she was so drunk, how could she? She’d gotten completely drunk with men before and she didn’t remember those times either. But like now, she could feel their dried cum on her. When Karen returned to the bathroom Lacy put her fingers on her pussy, yes, there was dried cum there as well. And as a matter of fact it was already leaking again. She wondered if getting it on with a woman was making her hot. She’d have to think more about it.

Returning from the bathroom, “would you like to stay the weekend?”

“Um, no, I think I’d best go home, it seems I’ve a lot to think about.”

“Sure, I understand, just remember I’ll be happy to have you visit anytime you wish.”

“Thanks Karen. Might I use the shower now?”

“Sure, towels in the closet.”

In the shower Lacy couldn’t stop thinking about Karen’s nakedness, it was lovely and her pussy was shaved completely. Lacy had seen that a few times at the gym and she trimmed her’s but had yet to get a complete shave. And Karen’s tits were beautiful.

Lacy quickly finished her shower and got dressed. Karen drove her to the office so she could get her car. They shook hands and Lacy got in her car and drove off. She had to giggle, it would seem they were fucking like rabbits during the night and upon leaving they shook hands.

Unable to get the images, real and imagined from her head, Lacy slide her hand under her skirt and pulling her panties aside fingered herself for the next fifty miles, having several orgasms.

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