Knock Knock Ch. 04


After a quiet morning at work I decided to give myself the rest of the day off. I was on a contract to audit several banks in the American North-East, working at my own pace.


That was the sound of my phone while I driving. Pulling over I saw it was Jillian, a foxy milf ten years older than me that I had played with during my visit to the area.

‘Hello sexy’ It read.

“I thought you had to work today?” I wrote back.

‘I told them I was sick, and I’m heading home.’ She had written.

‘You work at a hospital why didn’t they just treat you?’ I typed, and laughed to myself.

At this she went silent, and didn’t respond for several minutes. I grew bored of waiting and started my car intending to drive again, when her next response arrived.

‘Please, I want to meet you!’

I found our exchange odd to this point, especially since we had already met, and even had sex several times. However, I was horny, and didn’t want to argue with a women who was in heat as well!

‘Sure.’ I typed. ‘Dress casual, and be in your room. I’ll knock twice when I get there.’

‘Ok… why?’ She responded back.

I assumed that she didn’t quite understand what today’s role-play would be. I often leave Jillian in the dark about the plot of our scenarios. Her insatiable curiosity fuelled many of our encounters. I very much liked the looks of confusion, shock, and later joy on her face as she discovered what the plot of the roleplay would be!

‘I’m going to be your sons black friend, and this will be the first time we’re alone together.’ I wrote back.

‘Black friend?’ She typed.

‘Yeah. Anyhow I have to drive, I’ll see you after I shower and change.’ She quickly replied with an affirmative, after which I dropped my phone, and started to drive.

Forty-minutes later I was freshly bathed, and dressed in basketball shorts with a wife-beater under shirt, complete with a head band. After my time in the Dutch Army, I learned how to get ready for an afternoon of fun rather quickly.

I pulled into her driveway, and saw her red car. I quick pang of fear ran thru me, ‘what if her kids come home early from school, or what if a neighbour stopped by, or what if that same neighbour saw what looked like a young black hoodlum go into her home?’

I shook my head and laughed, as a half-Dutch, half-Aruban I figured that I was black enough for some poorly trained policeman to send me to an early grave. That being said, the only reason why this state didn’t have a race problem was that they only had the one race living there…

The door to Jillian’s home was unlocked, I entered silently to move through her immaculately clean home. I had parked down the street and walked over, as I always had; I wanted it to be a complete surprise when I finally knocked.

Standing at her bedroom door, I stopped and listened, the silence of her room was deafening. For an instant I worried that she wasn’t home, and I really was a burglar waiting to be caught.

Swallowing my fears, I knocked twice; waited several long heart-beats, put on my game face, then opened the door.

“Hey Mrs J, is John home?” I said out loud, then stopped dead in my tracks, mouth agape; standing by Jillian’s dresser was a strange woman.

She was almost as tall as me, with shoulder length sandy blonde hair which was styled in a feather back. She was a heavy set woman, with nurses scrubs on… just like Jillian. On her make-up free face, she looked worried, and concerned.

Neither of us moved, or spoke. A strong sensation of heat arose in my face, followed by embarrassment and fear. I felt like a caveman cornered by a sabertooth tiger, knowing that both fight and flight were not options.

That moment of silence may have been seconds, but to me it felt like hours, we both stared at one another until she finally spoke.

“Please don’t leave…” She said, in an unsure tone.

I had no intention of leaving, the lady before me didn’t pull a weapon, offer violence, or threaten to call the police. Besides, I really was concerned for Jillian, her car was there, but she obviously wasn’t!

“Where is Jillian?” I said trying to lock eyes with her, as she stared at the floor.

“She’s still at work…” Was her cryptic reply.

“You’ll have to tell me more,” I said my confidence returning. “I maybe dressed like a hoodlum; but I do have a real job.”

She looked up at me, but her hazel eyes held no new information. Her words were equally confusing.

“And you’re black…” She said.

Baffled, I continued to speak. “Yes, that too.. I’m a financial auditor, and even with all my experience, I can’t make sense of this mystery!”

“I want what she has.” Again her vague answer left me frustrated.

“You have her car, her phone and you’re in her house.” I sounded sarcastic, and I certainly felt it.

“No, I want what she has… I want you!” She said as she finally met my eyes, and grinned with a weird smile.

I remembered a movie with a similar plot to this situation I was in. I half-expected to wake gaziantep escort bayan haberleri up in a well, and she’d lower food, and skin lotion to me.

In the dead silence that followed, I stared into her eyes, and she looked back at me, then a light went off in my head! Like a completed puzzle I figured it out!

She looked at me not with crazy eyes, but rather with the eyes of a lady at a ball waiting for the prince to ask her to dance before midnight. She wanted to get laid, and since my FWB was absent, I felt the strong urge to close this deal.

“I think I understand you now.” I said taking a step closer.

She didn’t move, but instead said. “You do?”

“Yes,” I said smoothly, “you feel alone don’t you?”

“I do…” She said. I detected the hint of a lie, but let it go.

I took another step, I was now close enough that she could give me a black eye. I truly hoped that she didn’t want too.

I placed my hand on top of her large meaty hand, and spoke “You know that Jillian and I are not dating.”

She didn’t move her hand… a very good sign. I bravely took a step into her intimate space and put my other hand on her hip. We were now close enough that I could inhale her exhale.

“Not like that.” She said with a sigh. “I want someone to listen to me.”

“And hold you?” I asked,

I kissed her neck, and she inhaled deeply. With one hand I squeezed her softly curved hip, and the other inter-locked my fingers with her.

“I uh… I uh…” She mumbled as I continued to kiss, moving towards the soft area behind her ear.

When I found that special spot on her neck and kissed it, she groaned deeply in pleasure. I knew that she was now mine.

My hands started to roam her body, squeezing, grabbing, and scratching her all over. I forced myself to avoid her large breasts, ass and especially between her legs, there would be time enough for them. She purred at my touch, but didn’t reciprocate.

“This isn’t what I meant…” She stammered out loud.

“I think it is exactly what you meant.” I replied as my hands continued their caresses under her shirt.

“There are four Tim Hortons in town…” I said as I finally grabbed her bra covered breast.

She moaned louder when I rubbed her pussy lips through her panties.

“My husband…” She tried to say, “Uh, my Ex-husband.”

“I think you chose a bedroom for a reason.” I said running a finger down her sweat moistened cleavage.

My hands and fingers were like the tentacles of a giant squid attacking a viking ship. There was no defence against me only total submission.

Surrender she did, but on her own terms. She spoke about her toxic relationship, and it broke my heart. She had kicked out her drunk of a husband, only to bring him back when a judge threatened to jail him.

While she spoke, I stared into her hazel coloured eyes and couldn’t help but admire the strength she exuded. I found her physically attractive, but to hear her thoughts and dreams, it fanned the flames of passion for me.

My hands still roamed, but only to console and comfort. Soon her tale ended and I decided to go from PG, to XXX!

“It’s impossible to date with him living in the basement.” She said.

“It doesn’t mean you can’t have some casual fun?” I asked.

She laughed as she replied, “No it doesn’t.”

I took that as my cue to squeeze where I assumed her nipple was from outside her bra. At the same time I started to tease her vagina lips through her panties.

I rubbed the fabric over her vagina hole, and pushed hard. I was rewarded with a moan, followed by a wet spot.

I wasn’t sure if she had just came, but the shudder she had under my touch led me to believe it. She moaned and purred as I led her to the edge of the bed and sat her down.

“I wanted to talk more…” She tried to say as I lifted her shirt over her head.

“I believe in a meeting of the flesh before a melding of minds.” I said pulling down my sports shorts.

“Oh my GOD!!” She said when my manhood waved erect in her face.

I had seen this many a time with housewives, anything over five inches, and they are thanking Baby Jesus!

She started to laugh as she attempted to speak. “That’s too big!”

“There’s only one way to find out? I said joining in on the chuckles.

She continued to laugh as she grasped my tool, and gave it a kiss. I stood still and admired her vast cleavage, which was still pressed together by her steel gray brassiere.

She worked my tent pole as best she could; however I could tell that the last time she has done such a deed was back in her nursing college days.

I was trying to figure out in my head the exact date of her last blowjob using the laws of probability, when she did the unexpected. I felt her trigger an orgasm in me, only by stepping out of her clutches and some deep breaths could I keep my sperm in me.

I don’t think Americans have a word to describe it, but in Dutch we call it verdwijnen. A literal gaziantep escort hikayeleri translation would be ‘to disappear’, which was how my manhood felt when her nose touched the base of my penis.

“What was that!” I said gasping for air.

“It’s a little trick I learned in nursing college.” She replied with a smile. “Do you want a repeat performance?”

“Heavens no!” I said loudly. “I don’t want to cum just yet!”

She laughed at this, and laughed louder when I peeled off my shirt, and jumped onto her. Although my arms couldn’t get all the way around her, I did manage to get a hand on her brasserie latch, and unhooked it.

Her breasts were freed from their padded jail and spilled forth; I made a guttural sound of joy as I tried without success to bring both pendulous breasts together.

“Jillian never told me you were such a boob-man!” She said with a grin.

“What did she say about me?” I asked while I held one breast with both hands and attacked the nipple with my teeth.

“It wasn’t what she said, it was the devil’s grin she’s had for the last several weeks.” She said between soft moans.

She recounted her tale of how she figured out Jillian’s secret, how she stole the phone and set up our rendezvous. I missed many of the details as I was in heaven feasting upon her honkers.

When I noticed that she had stopped talking it dawned on me that having her sweaty tits played with was not how she imagined spending her day. With both of her nipples achingly erect from my suckling; I painfully stood up and left them… for now.

“Oh heavens,” She said, “What are you doing.”

In one fluid motion I put her feet on my shoulders, grasped her nursing pants and panties, and pulled. In the blink of an eye she was now completely nude, save for a pair of red and white puppy dog sockettes.

I stood and admired her curves; I enjoy all the shapes and sizes women come in, especially when they are naked and wanting what I have to offer. She blushed and tried to cover herself with Jillian’s blankets, apparently she was not please with how she looked.

“Could you believe that I was once a size four?” She asked.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” I replied, “you look very lovely right here and now.”

She must have seen that my erection didn’t waiver at the sight of her stretch marks, scars or tanlines. She ceased her complaints, and opened her arms to me. Once again I leapt at her, both of us chuckling.

I lined up my mighty spear with her dripping hole, she suddenly clammed up, and went silent.

“You have protection don’t you?” She asked as I moistened my tip on her juices.

“Take a chance…” I replied looking her in the eyes. “Maybe I’ll get you pregnant, and that will chase away your Ex!”

She laughed at this, as I pushed in all the way to bottom out into her. This triggered an intense orgasm for her. I could feel her squeezing my manhood, followed by an increase of wetness.

“Oh…” She moaned, and instinctively her hands went around me.

“Please don’t cum inside me.” She begged burying her face in my shoulder.

“The first load will go on you, not in you.” I replied as I picked up speed.

“Sex… shouldn’t be… laundry…” She tried to say during her ecstasy.

I didn’t catch all her words, as I was at full thrust. Her hands stopped clawing at my back and moved to grabbing fistfuls of bedsheets. Her legs were spread, and heels dug in.

I pounded away roughly, with no care for what the neighbours would hear… even if there were neighbours home at this time of day. Under me Jillian’s friend let loose like a woman finally freed from bondage. Her screams and moans were powerful, and I hoped real.

Initially I was laying on her, with my hands under her, and kissing between strokes. The sweat we generated left us both slick and wet. Hoping to let it air dry I moved up and grabbed a leg under each arm.

“What are you doing?” She asked as I put the legs on my shoulders. “I’m not that flexible!”

I ignored her words and began thrusting again. She forgot her back pain briefly and resumed her moans. I looked down at her tussled hair, and the orgasmic look on her face, then needed a breath of my own. Just the look of joy in her eyes almost triggered a flood of release into her uterus.

I then moved her legs back to my arms, and moved my hips back and forth causing her to cum again, and then again. When I thought she was ready for more I took a finger and stroked her clitoris, she gasped loudly and bucked.

“Are you ok?” I asked as I remounted her.

“Yes…” She panted. “Do that again!”

“Only if you promise not to toss me off!” I pleaded with a smile.

Only after she grunted an affirmative reply did I start strumming her most delicate feminine part. This time she didn’t rear and toss me, but rather clenched at the sheets tighter than before.

I soon sensed her growing sensitivity at my touch, and laid back down on her. First grabbing a breast with two hands, gaziantep escort bayan ilanları setting my sights on attacking a nipple, then moving to the other breast.

The sound of slapping bodies, and grunts and moans filled the air, I sensed that I could no longer keep the flood gates of sperm inside me.

“Cum on my stomach, or my tits.” She whispered into my ear.

“We’ll see.” I whispered back.

I picked up speed; I felt like I would look like a blur to any pervert peeking through the window. Jillian’s friends grunts increased in volume, she now thrusted with her hips hoping to get one last orgasm before I did.

I pulled out, and holding my penis tightly as I scrambled up her body. She pushed her large sweaty breasts together as best as possible while I lined up for my shot.

“No! Not my…” She said squeezing her eyes shut.

I had my penis aimed at her nose and released a volley that landed on her forehead above her eyebrow. The second shot splashed on an eyelid, at which she squealed in laughter. There wasn’t a third, but rather a dozen small globs that landed across her face, on her chin, lips, nose and cheeks. One drop even found its way into her ear.

She laughed deeply at this, laughing louder when she tasted the jizz on her lips.

“You came on my face.” She said trying to sound upset.

“I must have missed?” I said innocently as I climbed off her.

As we both shared a laugh, I walked around the bed, and started to set up for the next step of my plan.

“Get me a rag or something, I can see out of only one eye.” She asked me, then said, “What are you doing!!”

I was still rock hard from our sex, and didn’t want to end our session so soon. I slid back into her, and started thrusting again.

“You are one horny bastard!” She bellowed, then laid back to enjoy the sensation.

I didn’t stay in missionary too long, it was much too traditional for what I wanted to do with her that day. I pulled out, and guided her into leaning over the bed.

Once back inside her I commenced with my pounding. With one hand on her hip I reached forward to put the other under a squished breast, giving it a squeeze.

She moaned in delight and spoke. “Fuck me harder!”

Surprised at the unlady like language, I put both hands on her hips, and like a genie I granted her wish. The pace I now went at was such that I knew she’d get a bladder infection.

When I felt that she was sufficiently distracted I brought a hand up, and swiftly brought it back down without breaking stride.


“Oh!” She cooed loudly, I did it again and again.

For a third time that day I felt the water in my kettle boiling, it was nearly time for me to relieve the pressure.

“Do you feel like a dirty slut?” I asked loudly.

“What?” She said, then “YES! Yes I do!”

“Who’s whore are you?” I shouted.

“YOURS!!” She cried out.

“Can I cum inside you?” I yelled.

“YES!!” She bellowed back at me.

With those words I launched a billion sperm into her womb, enough to impregnate every slut, whore, and bitch on the planet, with plenty to spare.

“Aaaaahhhhh!!” I roared with all my might.

“Oooooohhhhhh!!” She moaned in unison with me.

From there I was unaware of what happened, I had an orgasm blackout of sorts. I awoke on Jillian’s bed, with my arms around her friend, with a hand on each breast. I was still hard, but not as stiff as before, I was also still buried to the hilt inside of her.

I had a minor panic, I didn’t know what time it was; Jillian had teenaged children that were due home from school in the afternoon. They had never met me before and I planned on keeping it that way.

There was also the matter of Jillian’s missing phone, and car. Had she called the police, I’d be an accessory to theft, as well as break and enter. Rape could easily be added if a policeman walked and saw the two of us, especially her reddened ass, and cum covered face.

“Are you awake?” She asked quietly.

“I think so…” I whispered into the back of her head.

“Do you want to know my name?” She asked.

I nodded my head, then realized that she couldn’t see me.

“Sure.” I replied.

“I’m Maureen.” She giggled.

“I’m pleased to meet you Maureen. We need to do this again.” I said as I slowly withdrew my penis half-way, then pushed it back in all the way.

“I’d like that,” Maureen said, “however; I need to take Jillian back her phone and car before she finishes her shift.”

I found both nipples to tug them until they were hard to the touch. While I did this I continued to slowly pump away.

“We can’t” Maureen pleaded. “I have to go!”

I tried to pull away, and when I did a large hand grabbed my ass and held me in place.

Needing no further encouragement I squeezed her sweaty breasts, and thrust with all my might. My efforts were rewarded with a steady stream of moans from her, and another orgasm.

Being so close behind her, I couldn’t help but smell her hair, it smelt wonderful. I didn’t recognize the brand, but it was fruity and sweet.

“Did you just sniff my hair?” She said between short breaths.

“I can’t help it, I am right behind you!” I said with a laugh, followed by, “You do smell wonderful!”

She grunted a reply, then laughed, and came again. Our bodies were once again slick with our mutual sweat, I knew I’d need a shower, but that was the last thing on my mind.

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