Kirsty’s Encounters 03


Not long after my holiday in Ibiza, I found myself dating a guy called Dan. It wasn’t really serious because we didn’t have much chemistry but he had a good size cock and was happy to go along with my filthy demands!!

After the first few dates, he invited me to go to a wedding with him…… I hadn’t met his friends at this point, and it seemed a bit early for ‘couples’ at events, but, it was going to be held at a posh stately home in the countryside, with a free bar, and having just got back from holiday I wanted to flash my tan and enjoy a weekend away partying!!

The week before it was due, I had a full beauty treatment…… hair trimmed and treated with oils so it was a glossy shiny black, and my pussy completely shaved bare and waxed smooth…… I was expecting a good hard fuck that weekend, and if Dan got too drunk, then I was determined to find someone else to satisfy me!

I needn’t have worried though………. upon arrival at 11am, we booked in, went to our room and 10 minutes later I was on all fours in the Bay window, looking out over the beautiful immaculate grounds dressed in nothing but my black stockings and high heels bouncing back on his swollen cock in my pussy. I could feel all 8 inches sliding in and out, and I swear I could feel his veins standing out running down his length as he hammered into me! ‘YESSSS…. FUCK ME….. FUCK ME HARD…….. FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT’ I gasped in-between his thrusts………..

‘you want to be my slut?’ he hissed in my ear as he leaned over me, thrusting harder into my pussy….. then he put a hand on my head, pushed my face down into the floor, then pulled his rock hard cock out of my pussy and lined it up against my arsehole. With no lube other than my pussy juice, he started to push against my ring…… Even if Id wanted to object (which was unlikely) there was no way to stop it slowly pushing inside and stretching my slutty ass open!! I felt my ring burn as it stretched, then suddenly there was a popping sensation, and, with nothing to stop it anymore, it felt like a rolling pin thrusting up inside of me deep in one motion!!!

‘AAAAAAHHHH FUCK YESSS’ I screamed as a tear ran down my cheek and I drooled onto the posh carpet!

‘You fucking love it dont you?!’ he grunted ‘You fucking love getting fucked up the arse like a slutty little bitch!’

This was one of our little games we enjoyed….. he would call me names and I would egg him on….. encouraging him to get rougher and nastier

‘Yeah…. I fucking love it……. Big hard cocks in my arse filling me with cum…… Come on, HARDER….. FUCK ME HARDER! I’ve had pensioners fuck me harder with bigger cocks you bastard’ I gasped at him as he started to pound me harder than he ever had before! He grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my head back making me sit upright, then his left hand reached around and grabbed hold of my left nipple…. squeezing hard and pulling on it as he continued to plow deep into my arse…..

Using the hand in my hair, he turned my head sideways and spat straight into my face as he suddenly tensed up and I felt his cock first swell, then spurt hot cum deep up inside of my arse!! That set me off, and my entire body started to spasm and my vision blurred as a massive orgasm shot through my body….. It was enhanced as I thought to myself that any other of the wedding guests in the adjacent bay windows would be able to see every inch of my sweat soaked body getting a good hard ass fucking and my makeup smeared by sweat and spit making me look whorish…..

I felt Dan sit back, his softening cock sliding out of my arse leaving me with an empty feeling and the sensation of fresh air drifting inside of me…. I watched as he leaned back towards the bed, then returned with two objects in his hands……. He immediately reached for my arse and pushed the first object up into it…… I felt cold hard steel as a 5inch butt plug slid inside, then, the bulbous part was inside and my ring clamped shut tight around the neck, keeping the plug tight inside and drawing the round base with a blue glass crystal embedded, deep into my arse crack in-between my tight firm tanned buttocks. Then sitting back, he held up the other object and I realised it was his mobile phone as he started to take photos, making sure he got my face in every obscene pic to make sure that it was undeniably me acting like a total whore……

Switching to video mode he started talking and set the tone for the rest of the day…… ‘You’re going to wear that plug all fucking day….. during the ceremony, during the reception, and all through tonight……. keep that cum deep inside of your arse, and, later, I’m going to put another load up there…. maybe two loads’

He used a foot to push me over onto my back, legs spread wide, and he continued to video me as I sat totally exposed in the sunshine of the Bay window as I started to play with my pussy and grind against the floor forcing the plug up deeper inside of me whilst I rubbed my clit to another orgasm!!!

An hour later, after a quick shower and reapplying my make up, I was dressed in a pastel orange lycra mini-dress and my favourite slutty white ankle boots…… I thought that although I was definitely looking hot, I was still subtle enough to not spoil the day by drawing too much attention……….. although if the guests knew that I had an ass full of cum and a steel butt-plug I’m sure they would have a very different memory of the day!!

I made small talk with his friends and their girlfriends, and I was surprised to recognise 4 or 5 of them from the bars around town….. One girl actually worked with one of my own friends, so, it was a pleasant afternoon, none of them suspecting that as I sat at a table or leaned against a planter talking to them, that I was wriggling and forcing the butt-plug deep into my arse keeping myself in a constant state of horniness.

About teatime, I couldn’t contain myself anymore and had to grab Dan, and, virtually dragging him behind me, we disappeared into the shrubs and hedgerows where I sank to my knees, pulled his pants down and started to suck his cock to hardness…. looking up into his eyes, again I saw his mobile phone in his hand as he filmed me and took more pictures……

‘You really are a dirty whore aren’t you?!’ he groaned.

‘And you fucking love it don’t you! you’re just a dirty bastard too’ I hissed at him as I wanked him hard with one hand, and with the other I reached between his legs and fondled his balls!!

Groaning loudly he spread his legs wider and leaned his head back, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation….. That was when I took him by surprise and did something Id never done before…… In one smooth movement, I slid my spit covered finger up to his own arsehole and before he knew what was happening, I jammed it up deep inside!!! I swear, the other guests must have heard him scream as I fingered his arse hard!! Seconds later, he hauled me to my feet, turned me around, bent me over a stone plant pot, pulled out the plug and thrust his rock hard cock into my gaping ass!!! He had no mercy as he fucked me hard and fast, hissing into my ear ‘You fucking slut, you fucking whore….. is this what you were wanting? A good hard rough arse fucking? I bet you don’t even care who it is fucking your slutty little arse!’

‘oh yeah baby’ I gasped looking back at him ‘fuck my slutty little arse…. own my holes….. make me cum’………… And with that, I felt him tense and then shake a little as several hot streams of spunk fired deep into my arse again!!!!

I smiled as I got my breath back, and realised he was again taking a video……… I blew him a little kiss, then picked up the stainless steel plug, sucked on it for the camera, and then reached behind me and reinserted it, all while he recorded it in glorious HD!!

‘I cant let your hot spunk drip out onto my nice dress can I?’ I said in a girly voice, winking into the camera

‘You’re so fucking hot’ he gasped as he recovered his own breath ‘You’re the dirtiest girl I’ve ever met….. better than any porno slut even’ as he grinned at me

‘Thank you’ I smiled back, and, holding hands….. we happily went to rejoin the wedding party.

As the night progressed, we did the social rounds, dancing, chatting and drinking, having fun as a couple and as individuals, and as the night grew on Dan and the other men gravitated towards the bursa eskort bar drinking Whisky, whilst myself, the bride and the girls were sat drinking nonstop cocktails, vodkas and wines….. (free bars are dangerous) By now, the elderly relatives and children had all left for bed, so it was starting to get a little messy……… I was sat at the table with the girls, whilst one was talking about something that Id lost track of because I didn’t know the people involved in the story… and as my mind drifted, and I wiggled on my plug, I noticed Debbie, the bride was looking a little worse for wear……. I knew that I was a bit hammered too, so, I moved over to her and asked if she wanted to go outside for some fresh air. She clung onto my arm as she unsteadily stood up and we told the others that we were just nipping out…. of course they were all wanting to come outside too and check on their friend, but Debbie just laughed and told them all to sit down and enjoy the free drinks….. we’d be back in 10 minutes!

As we went outside, I picked up a half full bottle of white wine and we went out onto the patio area!! I felt the cool soft breeze on my face and I breathed deeply as Debbie linked arms and we walked towards a garden bench and sat down. I looked at her and I have to admit that she was a beautiful bride. Long brown hair silky and tied up into an elegant bun, smooth lightly tanned skin, 5ft8 slim but with a large bust and displayed fantastically by her white corset type wedding dress.

I drunkenly told her that I thought she looked gorgeous, and she blushed, giggled and said ‘you too…… You’re very good on camera.’

I must have looked a bit confused, because she drunkenly went on ‘I mean, you looked great on camera…. you know……… earlier!! Your boyfriend has been telling my new husband all week about you and what you do for him! we figured he was boasting and making things up, but he sent a video earlier of you in the room….. and well, it was pretty hot!! after the ceremony, when we went to the room for an hour, we watched that video together and it got us horny’ she giggled blushing as she leaned against me!!!

‘WHAT?!!! you’ve seen that??’ I gasped feeling my face burn bright red in embarrassment ‘I haven’t even seen it yet’ I said as I tried to laugh it off….

‘Oh no…… it was great!! you looked amazing…. really hot’ she said looking at me with a little glint in her eyes……’Tell me, are you still wearing it? you know…… the….. thing?’ she almost whispered shyly….

I squirmed in my seat, feeling the toy deep in my arse, and couldn’t help myself push down on it, driving it deeper inside. My brain instantly flipped on my slut switch, and I said to her ‘I’ll show you if you want?’

‘okay’ she whispered nervously, as we stood up, picked up the wine and walked round to a doorway at the side of the building!!!

We made our way upstairs, unseen by anyone, and within minutes we were in the bridal suite. I closed the door behind us and turning towards Debbie I pushed her hard backwards onto the bed!! Before she could do anything, I crawled on top of her and kissed her deeply, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth. at first she froze, but after a few seconds her body relaxed and her lips softened, opening gently allowing my own tongue to swirl around inside of her mouth….

‘I’ve never been with……’ she started to stutter nervously…..

Looking her in the eyes from above her, I supported my weight on my left forearm and used my right hand to cup her breast over her corset top and whispered ‘You’ve never been with another girl, but you and your husband have just watched me get a good rough ass fucking…… I think you owe me!’ and with that I slid my hand down to her crotch, rubbing her slowly as I gathered her skirt up until I could reach under and cup her pussy through her silky lingerie. I could feel her pussy burning up….. it was red hot, her juices beginning to leak and soak the flimsy material! I slid down her body slowly, and kneeling on the floor, her legs spread wide either side of my head, I found myself inches away from her sex! I reached out, and with no delicacy at all, I roughly yanked at the flimsy silk thong, tearing orhangazi escort it and throwing it aside as I hungrily dived in to eat her sopping wet pussy. Her pubic hair was trimmed short into a neat little strip leading straight down to her puffy glistening lips. Using my forefingers, I spread them wide and looked straight into her hungry pussy. I pushed my tongue inside, tasting her tangy juices, then licked up until I found her hard clit. gripping it lightly in my teeth, I started to suck hard on it, making her squirm and moan, her hands pulling my head into her crotch tight! Pushing two fingers into her pussy, I started to finger her hard and looking up at her, I asked, ‘do you want to see my plug??’

‘oh fuck yessss….. I want to see your ass stretched by that toy’ she gasped.

I smiled wickedly…… I could feel my entire body burn with desire as I realised that I was fucking a bride on her wedding night while her husband and my boyfriend were getting drunk downstairs!!

Standing up, I pulled my dress off in seconds and got on all fours in front of her on the bed….. I reached back with both my hands and spread my arse cheeks wide as I pushed the toy towards her face……

‘Lick it’ I whispered….. ‘get a good close look, smell me, finger my pussy, taste me’ I whispered hoarsely as I felt her tongue swipe over and around the toy….. within seconds it was as if she was ravenous and I felt a finger slip inside my pussy as she started to gently tug on the toy

‘I want to stretch your arse…….. see how it looks up close! see why my husband loves to stretch me slowly when I let him’ she said as she pulled the toy out slowly!! Suddenly, it popped out, and she grinned widely as she stared at my gaping red raw hole and deep inside of me! As I felt my tender hole begin to close, I turned around, and gripping her wrist, I forced the toy into her mouth making her suck on it

‘Taste it slut…….’ I said as I fucked her mouth with the toy ‘Taste my ass and my boyfriends cum! its been in there all day and you fucking love it don’t you?!!’

Moving position slightly, I crawled on top of her in a 69 and positioned my arse directly in her face ‘is this what you wanted to see?’ I asked ‘close enough?…. maybe you want it closer’ I said as I sat down on her mouth. I felt her tongue snake out and up into my arse as I relaxed and began to lick her pussy again!!! As I was now facing the floor, my eyes caught sight of something, and I had a flash of depraved inspiration….. I reached out and picked the wine bottle up off the floor.

Debbie was unable to see what I was doing partly due to her wedding dress, but mostly because her view was full of my arsehole, but she screamed out loud into my hole as I pushed the neck of the bottle up into her sloppy pussy!

‘OH YEAH…… you fucking like that dont you?? a bottle stretching your cunt open? You’re a slutty fucking bride aren’t you?!…. A bottle up your cunt and your tongue up another girls arse!! You dirty fucking whore!!!’ I started to verbally abuse her as I fucked her with the bottle hard. At the same time, I relaxed my anal muscles, and felt a long hot sticky stream of cum start to leak out into her mouth!!!

She started to spasm underneath me, her hips jerking up off the bed and suddenly a squirt of girl cum hit me in the face as in return I felt my boyfriends cum dribble into her mouth

‘OH FUCK YESSSS…… FUCK ME HARDER, HARDER YOU DIRTY BITCH!! GIVE ME THAT CUM FROM YOUR ASS’ She screamed as she orgasmed hard. She lay there panting in her wedding dress as her eyes glazed over, gurgling on my boyfriends cum as it bubbled around her lips. Spinning around I kissed her deeply and sucked it all out of her mouth, and before she knew what was happening, I rolled her over and spat it onto her own arsehole. Then, I picked up the plug, and rubbing it into the sticky mix, I pushed it straight into her arse pushing my boyfriends cum and our own saliva deep into her!

‘A slutty bride like you will enjoy your new husband finding that below your dress’ I laughed to her……. ‘make him lick it but don’t tell him what’s inside of you until afterwards….. it can be your secret little kinky thrill.’

We laughed and kissed hard ‘Wont you stay with us tonight?’ she asked…

‘No…. tonight is for you as a couple….. but, give me a call when you get back from your honeymoon…. and you can return the toy to me then….. as long as you’re wearing it!’ I winked at her as I stood up and started to get dressed.

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