Kim’s Mum


Danny was working with a group of young adults recently. “I’m old enough to be their parent,” he thought, which made him feel old!One of the girls, Kim, was being a bitch, and just disappeared, causing delays to their rehearsals. Later, this lady (who he later found out was her mum, not entirely sure how old she was, but she must have been a young mum!) arrived and sat watching the goings on. He thought to himself, “I can see where Kim gets that bitchiness from, but she looks great, has great tits, and great legs.” It’s one of the few nice things he could say about yoga pants! She didn’t say a word to Kim, but the looks she was giving her said it all. She wasn’t happy about having had to come in to sort her out.Anyway, she got up to go, and Danny followed, wanting to say hi, (and see if he might have a chance. He didn’t know it was Kim’s mum at this point. He assumed it was another group leader he hadn’t met!). When they got around the corner of the building, she turned and started bitching about him following her, so he clamped a hand over her mouth.He explained he was only following to say that she looked fantastic, and removed his hand, leaned in, and kissed her, pushing her back against the building. Initially, she resisted him, then relaxed into the kiss, shoving her tongue inside his mouth.Danny reached up and brushed her braless breasts. She moaned. He carried on down and pushed his hand inside her yoga pants and knickers and felt her now damp pussy. Rubbing it up and down, he pushed a finger into her moist hole and started to finger fuck her. She was moaning and panting şişman gaziantep escort into his mouth; she started bucking against him and told him she was about to cum. Danny pulled his hand out of her clothes.“Bastard, I was about to cum!” she fired at him.“I know! Life’s a bitch, isn’t it!” he told her. “If you want me to finish the job off properly, meet me back here after we’re finished and we’ll sort you out. You can’t touch yourself or make yourself cum between now and then, though! If you do, don’t bother coming back, I’ll know!”Danny had two choices here! Either he would get lucky, or he had been lucky!The rest of the day dragged on. They were finishing up around 10. She hadn’t come back in, so he wondered if she might turn up once her daughter had gone.They finally got the ‘kids’ out and gone, except for Kim.“How’re you getting home?” he asked.“My stepdad is picking me up,” she replied. A few minutes later, he turned up, and those left said night and they would see each other in the morning.“Well, I lucked out then,” he thought. He hadn’t seen Kim’s mum!Danny walked down towards where he had parked, and she appeared out of a side street.“I didn’t want anyone to see me, especially Kim, so waited in there. I’m just glad you came down this way, not up to the other car park,” she said.They got to his car, and he told her to get in. He drove back to his place, and they went in. She moved in to kiss him.He just said “strip” and looked at her.“I’m not a whore,” she replied.“No?” he asked quizzically. “You gaziantep şişman escort let a stranger kiss you on the street in broad daylight, rub your tits and shove their hand in your knickers and finger fuck you? Strip!”She just looked at him, dumbfounded that he was treating her like this after the way he seemed to want her earlier.“Well?” he asked.She didn’t move, so he moved nearer to her and slapped her ass. She squealed.“What was that for?” she asked.“You obviously wanted something or you wouldn’t be here. You’ve come in, and won’t do as you’re told!” he said.She continued to stand there, looking dumbfounded.He pulled out a chair and sat on it, grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him and down.“Bend over,” he commanded.This time, she did as she was told. Danny pulled her over onto his lap and then smacked her ass. She cried “ow, shit, fuck.” He stopped.Danny said, “That’s not how I was taught to count! Each time I slap your ass, you count. One, two, three, etc. if you get it wrong, we start again. Do you understand?”She looked at me with a worried expression on her face, but nodded.“Ok, count to ten!”Slap. “One…” Slap. “Two…” They made it to ten without restarting!She got up and said, “That fucking hurt, that’s not what I came here for.”“No, but that’s what you get when you don’t do as you’re told!” he replied. “Next time, it will be your naked ass! I can see why Kim is so bitchy if you didn’t teach her how to act!”“Now, why did you come back? What did you want?” he asked her.“You know what I want, gaziantep şişman escort bayan you bastard,” she replied.“Oh? You want your ass slapped again already? Did you enjoy it that much?” he asked her.“No. You know it hurt,” she said.“Ok, I’ll ask one last time. Why did you come back? What did you want?” he asked again.“I want you to finish what you started earlier and give me that orgasm,” she said.“Ok, so how do you ask for it?”“Can you finish what you started earlier and give me the orgasm you nearly gave me earlier?” she asked.He just raised his eyebrows at her. She got his meaning.“Please,” she said.“Please what?” he asked.“Please give me that orgasm?” she asked.“What do you call me?” he asked her.“What do you want me to call you? I don’t even know your name!” she said.“That makes two of us, doesn’t it? How about I call you slut and you call me sir?” he said.She was a bit taken aback with that statement, but stammered, “Please, sir, you left me hanging earlier. Can you finish what you started and bring me to my orgasm?”“That’s better, slut,” He responded and stood up. “Strip,” he said again.This time, she did as she was told, although a bit meekly, off came her top and then the yoga pants. Then she looked at him. He just raised his eyebrows again, and she finished stripping.Now stood naked in front of him, he looked at her and said, “is that what you do with your clothes at home? Just leave them lying all over the place?”“No,” she replied.“No, what?” he asked.“No, sir,” she replied and picked up and folded her clothes and put them on the arm of the sofa.“Follow me,” he told her.She followed him up to the bedroom and stood waiting.“I want you to kneel down whenever you are ready for your next instruction, hands under your bum,” he told her.She immediately did what he told her, presumably not wanting her ass smacked again. Had he already broken this apparently strong-willed woman? Was she really that submissive? Did she just want that orgasm so badly?

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