Katie , Britt.


It was the new day of school and Katie had been going there for a long time.The bell rings. Its finally time for class. Katie and her friends let out a very long sigh and head off.
When Katie gets to her first class. Theres only one seat left, And its by a new boy..a very fine new black boy. Tall about 6’2″ maybe 160 and she could see is 6 pack from his shirt he was wearing.
” Hello I’m new my names Cornelius. Whats Yours”
While Katie was still tripping over this fine young man she finally responds. “Mines Katie Nice To Meet You”
The teacher annouces that class will began.
“Welcome students my name is Mr.Lerwick and i’ll be your teacher for this class”
Kids still wiggling in their seats he hands out books and passes papers around. That took about 45 mins to do…Seeing how there was more then 30 kids in his class..
The bell rings and children head off to their next class…Cornelius could tell he turned Katie on very much. So they exchanged numbers.
While the day moved on. Katie couldnt wait to get Cornelius’s call. He FINALLY called around 8:00 p.m.
Cornelius voice was so hawt. And Katie could feel her pussy swelling and getting very wet. She ended the conversation very quickly and said,
“I’m sorry babe i must go. I’ll see you in first hour tomorrow.”
Cornelius responded with, ” Very well then. See you tomorrow sexy.”

After Katie hung up the phone she rubbaged around her messy room to find her dildo. When she found it she was so happy she took her panties right off…and started playing.
She started off slow, and started rubbing the head of her dildo all around her lips..teaseing her self finally she couldnt help her self, And she stuck it right in.
Katie was moaning very loudly. Then suddenly the phone rang.
“Hello” she said with an angry sexual voice.
“Well hello my sexy slut.” It was her best friend Brittany. Katie and Brittany knew each other for a very long time.
When Katie and Brittany started growing up in their teenage years they experiamented.
Katie slowly started moaning as for it Brittanys voice was so hawt she couldn’t help it.
“What are you doing Katie?” Brittany asked.
Katie suddenly caught on she was getting off with Brittany on the phone!
“I uh well I um…” she started saying. ” I met this really hot guy today in first period hes new!” she said with excitement.
“Thats cool!” Said Brittany.
“He made me wet.” Katie said with a very long sigh.
Now Sex hikayeleri Brittany was getting turned on. “Mmmmmm is my sexy slut crushing over a man?”
“Yes I Am…” Said Katie.
Brittany could tell how horny she was over the phone. “Should I come over and bring Bozzer?”
Bozzer was the name Brittany and Katie gave the dildo they used on each other. The girls had their own. But Bozzer was a 2 sided dildo.
Katie quickly agreed. About ten to fifteen minz. later she heard knock on the window.
It was Brittany and she was wearing very sexy clothes. Keep in mind that Brittany And Katie are two of the most popular girls at school.
Katie is about 5’1″ long black hair, tiny shaped body. But Katie had the big ghetto ass every girl wanted to have. She didnt have the tits though,
they were a handful just enough to grab. Brittany on the other hand was about 5’4″. Brown hair with blond strips bangin body she didn’t have the ass her hips made it seem,
but her tits were so big. They were around maybe a 40 D. Everytime Brittany took off her shirt Katie couldn’t wait to put the big nipples on those very nicely breast of her
best friend.

Katie helps Brittany out of the window that she climbed in to. Before Katie could even take off her panties Brittany slid them to the said and started eatting Katie.
She started moaning so loud because Brittany was doing such good job. Suddendly Brittany takes her right and and sticks her index finger up Katies ass..
Katie loves being fucked in the ass. Even though shes never had it. Shes always put her finger in her ass wishing a guy would do it to her. And of course Brittany
knows this. Katie just shaddered all over. Her pussy bucking agaisnt poor little Brittanys face as she ate her out. With still the finger in Katie’s ass Brittany is still licking
her clean. Every drop Brittany tried to swallow. When Katie gains her strenght back. She pulls Brittany up to the bed and lays her down.
Then slowly crawls up to her and kisses her, so she can taste her sweet juices still in Brittanys mouth. While their kissing Katie slowly rubs her lovers nipples, twizting and pulling them.
Brittany lets out a small moan and says, “Babi I want you down between my legs right now stop teasing me this is so unfair.”
Katie loves to be ordered around as well as she gives them. She does as Brittany wants her to. Moving between Brittanys legs, kissing every part of this lusious body shes Sikiş hikayeleri on top of.
By the time Katie gets to Brittanys pussy, its very hot and wet flowing of her juices. Katie does her duty and starts sucking her hard clit.
Brittany starts moaning very loudly as shes reaching her climax. Both the girls have got what they wanted out of each other. So Katie just claims up beside Brittany and goes fast asleep.

Katie is awoken by Brittany giving her a big wet kiss in the mouth.
“Good morning beautiful” Brittany said in a very lovely sexual voice.
Katie smiles brightly and gives Brittany a very wildly kiss that would turn any man on if they saw it.
“Yum baby I can still taste my juices in your mouth from last night” said Brittany.
You know how guys always get morning wood?..Well its the same with girls to. Well these two girls.
Katie and Brittany hop in the shower to get ready for school..and they start washing each other and of course,
Brittanys horny ass slips a finger in Katies pussy when shes washing her leggs.
But there was a sudden knock on the door.
“Breakfast is ready come on Katie” said her mother.
So the girls hop out of the shower, Katie dripping wet not from the shower but from the tenderness feeling she gets when she gets finger fucked.
“Good Morning Girls. I didnt know brittany stayed the night.” said Jade. Which was Katies mother.
“Yeah she came over late last night I didn’t bother asking i figured you wouldn’t of cared.” Katie replyed her mothers statement with a sly look in her eye only Brittany caught.
“Its fine. Well you two better get ready its almost time for school.”
“Alright thanks mom.” Katie said.

The two girls got ready for school and of course the naughti girl that Brittany is she skips first hour so she can meet this fine boy that had turned Katie on.
“Hey Cornelius” said Katie.
Suddenly Brittany wishpers in Katies ear, ” Dayummmm girl you aren’t wrong. You know what i’m thinking dont you?”
Katie pinches Brittanys ass so she would know yes.
“Parton me Cornelius this is my friend Brittany.”
Brittany sticks her hand out to meet his big giant hand happly.
“Nice to meet you Brittany. What a fine hand shake you have there.” Cornelius said.
“Thanks very much” Brittany said.
“I was wondering if u would like to come over after school today Cornelius so we could study for our test tomorrow.” Katie said.
“Oh i would love Erotik hikaye to. Hows 5 sound?”
“Great! I’ll make snacks and expect you there.” Katie said.
Then of course when they start talking the bell rings.
“Oh great next hour yay.” Katie says sarcasticly.
“See you at 5 hottie.” Cornelius said walking off.

As soon as you knew it. School was out and it was 5.
Of course Brittany is over at Katies house. You really think she’d miss a chance like this.
Brittany knew what she wanted. That was a 3 sum with this fine ass guy and her best friend. What better way right?.
*Door bell rung* and of course Brittany makes a few last min. changes on her make up. As Katie is inviting Cornelius to sit down.
” Wow you girls look hott tonight. Whats the ocasion?” Cornelius asked.
” Its all for you baby.” Brittany said.
Katie sits down beside Cornelius.
“I can tell we wont have to try to much to get you hard huh?” Katie giggles and looks down at Cornelius’s pants.
“Dayum boy. Already pitching a tent”
Both of the girls start taking off their clothes giving Cornelius a strip tease while they do it.
Katie starts takeing off Cornelius’s pants with Brittany standing behind her eatting her out, its kinda hard to do.
“Here let me help you out with that.” Cornelius says while taking his pants off and shoving his big hard black dick in Kaites mouth.

Katie can’t hold out any longer and cums all over Brittanys face. At the sight of two hot ass girls eatting each other out Cornelius can’t help but start cumming all over Katies face.
“Alright girls enough of this Katie get your ass on top of this big dick!”
“Damn Cornelius what about me?” Brittany said.
“Come sit on my face baby. Let me eat that nice wet cunt of yours.”
As Katie is riding his dick and Britt at his face. Nothing can go wrong, But the taste of Brittz nice juices in his mouth he can’t help but start
meeting katie at her thrusts. Bucking his hips and ramming his big cock in Katies tight pussy just makes her go wild. She loves a man that can keep up with her.
And Britt being on Ce Ce’s face just makes her wild. He already found her special place and keeps sliding his tongue over and over her g spot she comes instantly.
Both girls now at Cornelius’s knees takeing turns sucking his big dick. He cums once again. But this time all over Katie and Brittz Face and Tits.

Next day at school Cornelius never said anything to Britt or Katie. Nothing at all. Then Katie heard rumors of how slutish her and Britt were. And they decided they should teach him a lesson.

—-To be Continued —-

*sorry for the errors*

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