Games SOME People Play! Ch. 01-02


Chapter 1: The Birthday Strip and String-Up Game

There is something to be said for it: the wife trying to be understanding when you reach a “big 0.” Like 30.

I know, I know—30’s nothing. When you’re looking at the big 50, or, shudder, the big 60, and some…kid…blinks rapidly, voice quavering, and says “I’m trying to deal with the big 30…,” it’s like: “Hey, they don’t award the Purple Heart for stubbing your big toe.”

Something to be said for the wife acknowledging that you are a man, married, trying to get her pregnant, but, also, “trying” to pay the mortgage, gain on the other rats as they round the first bend of the executive stadium…

Your wife tries to reassure you that your years on the high plains, galloping after the mares, rearing over the obedient, terrified mare’s haunches, inserting the unspeakable rigid black nightstick of flesh into the quavering…tries to assure you that that is not over. And if you are cursed with a vivid memory, so that you always are reliving that unhooking of the first white bra, always working down the panties over the full hips and it’s her very first time, and she gasps, “Oh, no! No!” but in sync with thrusts of her plump pooch against your…

But the wife views your special big 0 “treat,” your rediscovery of that wild boiling over-as though molten lava would go spurting across the room if she so much as touched the swollen reddened thing—as all about recovering that long lost lust for her…And maybe getting her, pregnant, at last, just as a boner bonus…

In brief (as brief as I get), this explains why I was standing in my own living room in my own over-mortgaged house in our nice suburban neighborhood with my arms stretched way over my head and my hands tied firmly (I’m surprised she used such good knots-maybe she had Googled it), and wide apart, by ropes that went over a sturdy beam and down the other side to be secured to either leg of the sofa. Exciting, I guess.

She planned it all. You have to love Susan. You do. She was trying. And not just on my birthday. She trained like a prize fighter to stay in shape: exercise classes, running in her nice snug mauve sports bra, swimming in her brief black two-piece, yoga (duh!), and… It tires you out, doesn’t it?

On the tallish side for a girl, but not the fashionable lanky boy’s shape. Too full in the hips, too hefty in the chest. But NO fat. I had loved it, when I met her. I mean, I still do love it. When a woman is that that compact, her big breasts are really out there. They seem almost deliberately provocative: Hey, who attached those to you, baby? Susan has a full face, with long hair to match. Not blonde and not brown. Think of a lioness—tawny. And green eyes. Lioness, again. No tail, but I know she has done due diligence to reduce and tighten her genetically big ass. It embarrasses her.

Lot of time to think, standing there. The “fun” began around early cocktail hour, when Susan said: “Okay, this is what we do for your big 30,” and patted the chair beside the coffee table. I tried hard to be a sport. I said, “Wow! What’s happening, here?”

She perched on the couch, knees pressed together, and produced a deck of cards, holding them up, smiling. (I could struggle to describe that smile, a fair approximation at cunning, mystery, and female stalking.)

I am being bitchy, here. If you are a woman, you are thinking, “This guy doesn’t deserve her.” If you are a guy, you are thinking, “Well, I would love this…if it was with his wife, not mine.”

I’m going to hurry; it was all-too-predictable. We played, not strip poker but a single round of penalty. She began by stating the rules: “You lose, you do anything I tell you that is not illegal or dangerous. Anything.” She added severely, ” And you shut up about it.” She knows me.

I said, “Oh, I tie you up naked and have Frank and Hal drop over for a nice beer and a good look, maybe twist a nip? They’ve been dying to. I can tell.”

She actually tossed her tawny hair, shrugged her compact shoulders, and looked right at me. “Yes. If that’s what you want, for me, go ahead. I’ll play. Tie me up and have the guys tease my tits.”

Okay, but I lost. Again that smile, but this time I thought I detected a brief struggle against an outright giggle. She ordered, “Stand right here”—walking over to indicate the spot on the floor beneath the beam.

“Should I strip?” I asked hopefully. I knew what was coming. I wanted to get on with it. Not exactly get it over with. I did look forward to a nice blow job, with my not having to do anything in return—or maybe she spanks my butt or something. Or does a strip tease in front of me, as though I haven’t seen it all.

She was returning with rope. “Where did you get that?” I asked.

“I got it,” she said, already working on one of my wrists.

“You actually bought rope on just the possibility that you would win the game, not me?” I frowned. “You didn’t fix that game, did you? How come I didn’t get to cut the deck?”

“You watched.”


“I know,” she said, not looking up from her task, “you weren’t much into it, were you? And you aren’t, are you?” Rope over the beam, tie the other wrist. The excitement, I gathered, was to involve her wickedly stripping me and maybe commenting on my dick. You know: “Oooh…the little man has a big one…”

“Of course I’m into it,” I said gamely. “How often do I get tied up and exposed to the every whim of a gorgeous, sexy, lustful woman?” And if we would hurry up, I could get to cocktails—the problem with having both hands tied. A drink might help to induce the romantic haze, disinhibit the domesticated beast… Take a lot of drinks, though.

She had finished. She stood looking me up and down. She stood straight, as always, never self-conscious about how the boobs pushed their way into the spotlight. “Don’t worry about forcing yourself to get interested,” she said curtly, looking right into my eyes. “Leave that to me.”

She turned. “But right now, I have to run a little errand.”

“If I were naked, it would pretty exciting,” I ventured. “Anyone could come along.” My imagination had begun to work, slowly, creakily, you see. Standing here dressed, without a drink, on my birthday, thinking about how it really is all over for me—you know what I mean, “it.” Obvious, by now.

“Be patient,” she said, “maybe that will happen.”

“Come on, give me a hint. You’re the social planner. Is this a game changer?” I wasn’t controlling my irritation well. “Is there really going to be anything new?”

She turned and walked back very slowly. The smile had faded from her face. Standing right before me, she even frowned, as if wondering what the hell I was all about.

“Yeah,” she said, very quietly. “Yeah, this is going to be different. You aren’t going to be in control, Thomas.” (At last, you know my name, but she always calls me “Tom” or “Tommy.”)

She said, “You aren’t going to know what will happen. And you won’t have any say about it. None.”

She was trying so hard. I needed a drink. To dissolve the boredom. I wasn’t very nice. I said, very mocking, “Oooo…”

And Susan, with no change of expression, but a very sudden, vigorous sweeping motion, delivered a backhanded swat right into my crotch. Just like that, like swinging a tennis racket, but connecting with two balls-hard.

The body’s instinct is to curl up around its vulnerable under belly, protecting it, but my hands were hauled above my head. Instinctively, I jacked up my knees high, throwing all my weight on my arms. And, of course, I squealed. A long, and, I’m afraid, high-pitched, “Ahhhh!”

Followed by an incredulous, “No!” Shock.

Susan stood gazing at me with that slight frown, observing me as one studies an experimental animal.

“Hey, fuck you!” I moaned. “This isn’t a game!” I know my face was bright red, and hot. “Get me down this fucking minute!”

“This is what I meant by ‘not in control,’ Tommy. It’s a different game, now.”

“Yeah, well…” But I had to pause to moan because an after-wave of agony struck my nuts, shot down my legs, up my back… I stamped my feet, as though running in place, escaping the pain. I started to shout, “This is not…”

And she hit me again. Her voice was sweet, now, her phoniest little girl’s voice, “Enjoy, dear. You only reach the big 30 once.”

She turned, walked to the door, opened it, and, without glancing back, called, “And do try to be brave, Tommy.”

And slammed shut the door.

Chapter 2: Messing with Younger Sisters-in-Law

This position is not refreshing. The ropes hold up your arms, reaching for the sky. But if you rely on the ropes to take the weight, your wrists begin to chafe. Your arms are straighter than usual, longer than usual, so your—what are those muscles? Your shoulder muscles start to ache.

It isn’t crucifixion. Have you read about the details of crucifixion? On second thought, let’s not go there. I’m six-foot, two-inches tall, and weigh 185 pounds; I’d like to shift my weight, give my feet a break. But all I can do is hay-foot, straw-foot, trying to get comfortable.

You can’t read your watch when your wrist is hauled up toward a ceiling beam; and there was no other timepiece in view. It seemed as though it had been about a half hour… I was dying for a drink

Would Susan leave me that long? On my birthday, my special night? On my super-sensual-surprise, my marriage-is-not-boring, my life-only-gets-sexier night? Well, maybe only 10 minutes had passed.

Being left along, in bondage, at the mercy of any passer-by, is supposed to be very quivery, but I think that’s mostly for women. Who’s going to walk into my over-mortgaged suburban home on a Friday evening and do anything but freak out at this? I mean, are the Hell’s Angels dropping by for my party?

Except, there was the deep ache in my balls. And that icy, “Try to be brave,” as she banged out the door.

Meaning exactly what?

Meaning she hard porno wasn’t coming back? She had subcontracted out my big 30? To whom? Some house-calls sweetie? Some happy-birthday-bare-boobed mercenary?

Some gal with a hot body walks in, gives me a mysterious smile, and “does me”? I could get off on that. Cheap, of course, very cheap—but, hey, I’d take it. And a drink.

But there was Susan, now, at the kitchen door, fumbling. She probably had grocery bags. What was her problem? Why was she knocking, now, at the sliding doors to the terrace? Like I could walk over and open them?

“Come in!” I bellowed. “Come in!” What if it was neighbors? They’d be embarrassing, but it wasn’t as though I was naked, or anything. What would I say? Something like, “You walked in on my wife Susan’s practical joke…or…”


That one word takes some explaining. The slender girl with the short, bouncy hairdo, the tight boy’s shirt over her modest torso, and the plastic gym bag in her right hand was Susan’s younger sister. The lizzy. But, of course, I never said that aloud. Not to her, anyway.

I had a thing for Stephanie. I’m not that cool and cosmopolitan. I’m from Texas, and not even from Austin—Dallas. We do have lesbians, and I’m cool with that. Except, just between us, they fascinate me. Take Stephanie. SO cute, some kind of pixie, nose turned up a little, big-eyed under feathery bangs, mouth in a permanent throw-you-a-kiss. Did I already say, “compact, pointy boobs”? Titties, not boobs.

I think I’ve always been nice to Stephanie at family gatherings. She’s affectionate enough, ready with a hug that presses what she’s got against you, looking up from five-foot, four-inches out those deep green pools of eyes… An imp’s smile, except when she gets serious, then her pretty eyebrows arch and she can scold away a black bear. Maybe I wasn’t quite as nice, if she brought a “girlfriend,” but not rude. Maybe a little condescending, if Stephanie saw it that way.

“What have we here?” Stephanie walking right toward me, looking me up and down. Not the gasp of astonishment I would have anticipated. My mind began to work a lot harder. What was going down, here?

She stopped right in front of me. Pixie face raised, kissing lips still more puckered, if possible.

I smirked. “You don’t know?” I said it in my weariest drawl.

“I can guess,” she said patiently. “Some kind of stunt? Susan said she’d be away all week; that I could use the house with my friends. I assumed that meant you would be away.” She added, “Isn’t this your big 30 or something?”

“Getting bigger,” I said with that leer for which I am known, but not loved.

The pixie face nodded, lips pressed tight, now, looking down coolly to check out the “bigger.”

Then, she looked up, eyes narrowed to a squint, and asked, “Have I been set up, for this?” It was almost convincing innocence.

“I doubt it,” I drawled. “Susan knows I don’t have what interests you.” Why couldn’t I resist taking a shot at that lesbian business?

The pixie’s head jerked up, deep green pools from which shot sparks, lips parted as though to remonstrate. A moment passed, then another, as she stared into my face. Suddenly, I did have precisely that shivery-I’m-at-her-mercy feeling. I felt that shrinking between my legs, that huddling of the parts.

“You know, Tommy…” Stephanie said slowly, deliberately, like a declaration long suppressed, “you’re a jerk. You’re a great guy, but as a man, you’re a number 10 asshole.”

I loved it. My little spitfire. NOW, things were picking up. “Woo-hoo!” I hooted.

She went for me like a wolverine that comes tumbling down the chimney (you may not get that reference if you’ve never been a Canadian trapper), and explodes out of the fireplace. Her small hands seized my belt, jerked it open, tore open my jeans, hauled them down-hard—deliberately dragging her nails along my legs as she drew the jeans down and off over my feet so I swung in my bondage.

“Oh! Careful,” I yelled. “Your nails!” What a wildcat! This was living!

She stared for a moment at the shapes limned beneath my black Calvin Klein’s. Then, more slowly, her curved fingers dug under the waistband and inch by inch she drew them down till my cock popped out, already at about 45 degrees, the uneasy balls stirring a little in their sac below.

It took a moment to fully grasp that “it”—my stuff—now hung there and that I had no control whatsoever over what this angry young woman decided to do.

She reached out a slim hand and took it, glancing up at my face, then down at the cock. “What have we got here, Tommy, about six inches, flaccid? Well, not quite flaccid, now. Not bad.”

She nodded to herself, her small face frowning down. “That’s enough. It’s thick, too, hefty meat.” As she said it, she gave a squeeze. “You aren’t cut, I knew that, from Susan.” She was drawing back the skin from the glans penis so that the dark red head butted out, swelling.

“I’m impressed,” I said, reklamsız porno “you act as though you’ve handled one these, before.”

In an instant, she was almost snarling. “You think I’m afraid of this?” Her small hand locked with fierce strength around my dick and, for a few moments, her fist pumped down, then up, then down-so hard that the skin of my shaft stretched to reveal the bright red head, and I gasped at the pain of the dragged-back skin, then the skin rode up and a thrill of pleasure went through me.

Just as I focused on the amazingly pretty pixie face, which stared right into my eyes as she pumped my prick as though blowing up a bike tire, she swung back her hand and swatted right into what had begun to be a nice tumescence. A swat so hard that I swung in my bonds and shrieked like a girl, a castrato, and stared down in terror at sister-in-law Stephanie with mad disbelief at the agony that radiated out from the struck nuts.

“You get it?” She punctuated with the indescribable agony of another swat. “This thing isn’t my whole life!”

If you’re a guy, you know what terrifying is. Stephanie could keep whacking my bag and the exquisitely sensitive globes that jounced and bounced in it! She could keep it up, if she chose, until I lost consciousness or lost my mind like a prisoner of war whose hair goes white overnight with the torture…

She had stopped. There was a flush in her cheeks. But she looked subdued. “I’m Sorry,” she said, softly, almost meekly. “You know, you’ve always treated me like a freak. But I knew you would have taken my ass anytime, just for the hell of it…”

I started to protest. She lifted her terrible hand. “Shut up.”

I shut up.

“You treated me like a freak. And my friends like Orcs. Where do you get off?”

Her small, pale fingers reached for me and I tried to jerk away. “No,” she said, “no, Tommy. I know it’s your birthday.”

The skillful fingers, unbelievably, were running up and down my shaft. Pausing under the swollen head—flick, flick… Ever-so-gently spreading my pre-cum juices… And around and around with one teasing finger under the big, dark-red glans…

This girl was a certified Cock Handler!

“I’m sorry,” said Stephanie. “You made me nuts.” The fingers operated on their own orders, programmed to perfection, but she seemed to be somewhere else.

Just as I began to ascend that sweet ladder, rising higher thrill by thrill toward the explosive take-off… Stephanie withdrew her fingers. She muttered, almost absent-mindedly, “None of that. No coming.”

My prick, thickened and bright red, the tight skin feeling as though it would split from the swelling, stood up there, abandoned, twitching, helpless to climb higher toward glory. Pre-cum, like tears, welled up from the slit and ran down the shaft.

“Do it, Stephanie,” I murmured. “Don’t stop.”

That seemed to piss her off. The small, well-cocked wrist gave an annoyed flick to deliver a relatively junior chastisement that nevertheless set off the residual agony in my belly, my legs. In case you don’t know, there is no pain like it. My dangling, utterly exposed berries swelled, protesting like soft sea creatures thrown live on the hot skillet.

After that, Stephanie was the boss. I was there as the object, not the subject. I was there to be done to, not to do. I was the flesh given over to the mercy of the maddened mob.

Now, she was staring up at me, her jaw thrust forth, demanding. “You like me? Do you? You like this?” And so quickly did her nimble fingers run down her blouse that it was as though she ripped it open. And beneath was nothing, so, as she jerked back the sides of the blouse, flung it away, her pale perfect skin was there, the lank torso with the small, flawless breasts, the white mounds so firm they didn’t judder at her violence. And in the exact center of each, a small, much darker nipple that stuck out, yearning for attention. A few freckles that began on her delicate shoulders sprinkled down over her chest and even between her nicely spaced hillocks. Next stop for the eyes was a deep, slightly mysterious navel, twisted in a Mona Lisa smile.

“You like me?” she demanded. She was bending over, shoving down her pants, and panties, too, right to floor, then kicking them so they sailed over and hit the wall. And then, her slim hips seem to thrust so that her bush, the tawny bush, full and fluffy, was advanced toward me, an offering, shaggy with that “natural look,” as Susan’s was not, and Stephanie was demanding, “You like my pussy? Do you? Haven’t you had fantasies about it?”

I was paralyzed with fear of the next unpredictable shot to my nuts; I could not answer before Stephanie demanded, “Can’t you see me as a women? A woman, not a “lesbian,” not as an unmarried cute little sister? A woman!”

“Yes,” I exclaimed, finding my voice, praying I had the right tone. “Just woman, a woman. I know that from my desire. A woman.”

She nodded slowly, as though considering that, then came close to me, pressed the length of her body to mine, so I felt the soft insistence of her little nipples and her bush tickled me. Her arms went around me, her soft cheek rested on my chest. “I’m sorry I hurt you,” she murmured. “I knew you were nice,” she added. “That’s why Susan picked you.”

Smoking Hot Ch. 03

Big Tits

Adrian’s back in the office after four days not smoking, with a promise of getting a blow-job from Dan on Saturday if he keeps it up.


I get up a bit later on the Thursday, to avoid the rush hour. It’s not that the crowds are much less after nine, but they’re sure a lot less stressed about it. I’m all suited and booted to meet these arsehole clients.

Izzy is delighted to see me. It is a crying shame, really, me being old enough to be her da, but I’m never letting her know that. Not beyond the odd dad-like compliment, that sort of thing.

“Morning! Nice tie, Ade! Your meeting’s not til one, so plenty of time to deal with these questions. And Sam wants you and Naz to decide how you want to deal with this new project, who’s going to lead. He’ll see you at eleven. Then the cladding firm what you told to get stuffed last year, they’re back, they want to show you something new, that’s at three. How’re you doing?”

Girl has her head to one side, all sympathetic. She means, how are my withdrawal symptoms.

“Better than the first three days, I guess? I’m on the patches and the gum.” I snap the gum I’m chewing with my tongue and work it into a wee bubble. It does rather show off my oral dexterity more than I’d choose to, normally, in the office. Ah, well. At least Izzy just laughs.

I get tea, switch my computer on. Naz comes in and pointedly asks if I want a cuppa, which he doesn’t, normally. The second time this happens, I realise – he’s sneaking back in from his fag break, but doesn’t want me to feel left out. Izzy’s clearly had words. I’m kinda charmed.

It’s coming up to eleven, and I could really do with a smoke before Naz and I meet Sam. Arse. I push off to the gents, instead. Which reminds me of Dan’s suggestion.

No-one’s in the other cubicle, so I have my slash, then sit down to distract myself. If only I could suck my own cock! I could, just about, when I was a teenager. Not well enough to enjoy it, just as a party piece. I remember Laura being impressed it wasn’t an urban myth… so I suppose she has seen my cock before.

I take myself in hand and start to rub one out. The images that form before my eyes are of gombeens in green – British Army lads, hanging around, bored… Bet Dan would have looked well fit in uniform, rifle hanging on his hip.

I choke the sounds of my coming into a cough, as someone opens the door. Right, time to sort out this new project…

It’s a fun meeting, actually – Naz is a good guy, and between us we’ve got more than enough capacity and experience, so we come up with plans and Sam chips in as and when. Come lunchtime, Gary and Kerry don’t quite frog-march me to the sarnie shop and back, but it’s a close thing, sitting together back in the office to eat. I wouldn’t have believed it, but even tuna mayo tastes better than usual.

Sam tells me, before the client meeting, that their head honcho is a chain smoker. So after a while, I’m fine to get the gum out and extract sympathy. Encouraged, even. This is why Sam’s the boss – he knows how to play people. Luckily, his idea of playing me is to tell me he’s seen my references dating back a decade, and if my performance is in any danger of becoming like the earlier rather than the latter ones, he wants to be the first to know. And then insist we have dinner, every couple months.

First time, I was scared it was a seduction thing. But he really is simply a people person. There’s ten of us in the firm, so that’s one night a week he’s devoting to us. His wife has some hobby, that night. He knows I’m queer – don’t know who told him, but he knew and told me he did at my final interview.

“Up to you if you tell the crew, son, but I would if I were you. It’ll make you more relaxed. Now, I do prefer my employees stay on the right side of the law – since 2003 that shouldn’t be too difficult as far as that’s concerned, but if you ever find yourself in a spot of bother, for any reason, I want to know. Even before your brief does.”

Me not having the sense I was born with, I told him, “Seeing as you only get one phone call when arrested, which kinda has to be to your solicitor if you don’t want to be fobbed off with their duty one, that could be a problem.”

He eyed me, like a hawk debating the potential taste of a rodent for dinner. That moment went on forever, keeping me in suspense. Finally, quietly, the big guy goes, “If you have a good brief of your own, they can call me. Most of my staff appreciate having an expert lawyer appointed for them.”

I’ve fair scunnered myself there, beetroot in the cheeks, when he laughed and said, “You’re hired, by the way.”

“You bastard.” Eejit that I am, I hadn’t even signed a contract yet.

He just grinned. “Yep, and don’t you forget it. The important thing is, I’m a rich bastard now on your side.”

He’s got no kids. I guess we’re like family to him.

While we’re waiting for the clients, I mention Izzy to him and how we don’t want to lose her. He’s on it already, course he is. She’s starting an Access course travesti porno this month; if that goes well, she’ll have to decide whether she wants to do Engineering full time or some other subject, but she’ll still be working for us a few hours a week, whatever. I’m glad.

Two years ago, I wouldn’t have given a shit about her or anyone else. Guess time is the grand healer, and all.

Hotshot CEO of the client is not a happy bunny. He goes over all my conclusions, and I quietly explain the reasoning behind all of them, until his chief engineer is nodding sadly in agreement by his side. The CEO’s starting to get tetchy. I recognise the signs – he needs a fag. At least I’d been used to managing a couple hours at a time – and now, on day five! Who’da thunk?

Sam kicks my ankle. I get out the gum, apologise for chewing, but I’m in the early days of quitting, and leave the packet visible on the table. Ah, that is better. Twitchy becomes even less happy, and Sam goes in for the kill.

Five minutes later, they’ll accept our recommendations for twenty percent increase in cost, and of course pay us extra for the work we’ll have to do refining the spec for the builders.

Result. Twitchy signs on the dotted line and seems relieved to be able to escape.

Sam gives me an ironic high-five. “Pub, later?”

“I can’t, this day – I’m going to friends for dinner. We’re pubbing tomorrow, though. Izzy’s organising. All part of the ‘chaperoning Adrian so he can’t smoke’ plan.”

“Good for you. Any particular reason you’re doing it now?”

“Not that I’d like to share, no.”

I can practically see his mind jumping to the conclusion I’m doing it for a new shag, or for someone I’m hoping to have a ride of.

Which is, I suppose, accurate.

I’m quite cheerful when I wander back to the Tube to head to Will and Lindsey’s. I picked up some presents for the wee’uns on my way to work, but now I add a couple bottles. Good guest, me.

“Uncle Aidy!” Small boy jumps on me at the door. “Lookee! There’s a tranner-saurus and a steggy-saurus and a dippy-docus!” He waves his colourful magazine in my face and I sit down to feign interest in whatever series these lurid dinosaur characters are from. Thankfully, Jack soon runs off to find some other item to show me. His wee sister is toddling round, shaking in disgust the baby-fence that’s preventing her from reaching Will in the kitchen.

Lindsey grins at me. “Pass us some teas, love,” she says to Will, who is doing complex multi-saucepan cooking. He likes showing off his skills, does our Will.

“I’ll get Rosie up to bed. Can you mind Jack a bit, Ade, while Will gets the food ready?”

“No problem, Linz.” Jack is happily poking his toy laptop. Good to start them young. He’s less happy about going to bed in his turn, but I read him a story – different dinosaurs, clearly that phase – and then he waves me goodnight.

Lindsey returns, her usual composure a bit frazzled. There’s a ceremonial opening of the gate into the kitchen, and I sit where I’m told. Water with the meal, then I’ll move to the spirits. Linz makes herself a G&T with the gin I brought her.

Will plonks a casserole dish in the middle of the table, then three more dishes. It looks great and smells better.

“More? Help yourself to the greens.” It’s all good. I’ve about cleared my plate when Will mentions, “Go out the back when you need to go out – the arse across the street complains about loiterers out front.”

Time to tell them. “No need. I’ve quit.”

Both drop their glasses to the table in surprise. “No!” Lindsey gasps.

“Get away!”

“I have, and all.”

“When did that happen?” Will asks. “Sure you were on the fegs when we last saw you?”

“Saturday night, aye, not had one since that meal.”

Lindsey’s thinking. She does that, the cute wee shrimp. “Laura went off for a drink at yours, didn’t she? What in the world did she say to you, man!”

“Eh, you know, been thinking of it for a while, she just persuaded me I could do it. So I’m all patched up, got me gum… The first three days were murder though, I’m telling ya!”

“Good on you!” Will’s clearly chuffed. “More power to your elbow. So otherwise, bout ye? What’s new?”

“Not much – not been a week, yet, has it! Signed a new supplier at work. Met some upstairs neighbours, sound lads though the one’s girlfriend’s a melter, played Lego on their Xbox…”

“Aye? I’m playing the new GTA, when the kids are in bed. It’s mega.”

We carry on blethering as we’ve done for years. They’re closer than my own family, for sure. Will was my best man. There’s a squawk from the baby monitor.

“My turn. In a bit,” Will assures us, as he runs upstairs.

“So,” Lindsey turns to me as women always do, “how’s your love life, then? Been on any hot dates recently?”

It’s a fiendish skill women have, guessing what’s gone on. I know I’m blushing or somehow giving myself away, even though I’m saying nothing.

“Oh, like that, is güzel porno it? Definitely a hot date! How many, so far? How’d you meet?”

“Too early to say. Online ad as usual.”

“Uh-huh. More than one date, though?”

I concede there has been, though how the fuck she defines date, or whether Dan counts as one, I don’t know.

“Good, good. You just seeing this one – what’s the name? Or others too, still?”

Here’s something I can give. “I did have another first date this week. Disaster, it was. Zero chemistry, boring, obviously married…”

“Whereas the other wasn’t? Good start! You didn’t say the name…”

I try to change the subject onto her gin. She’s not having it, piercing me with a stare as she pours herself a top-up. “Man or woman?”

There’s a real disadvantage in hanging out with intelligent women.

“All right. Man. Both of ’em. How do you know these things?”

She taps her nose. “That’d be telling. Eh, simple – you didn’t say, wouldn’t give me any name, and it’s not like you haven’t before. Ahem, Gareth…”

“Oh, god. Did he tell the whole world?”

“Mmm. Just me and Laura, I think. And Will. Maybe Ali, too… Now, this nice chap, what’s his name, what does he do, did you answer his ad or other way round? Tell Auntie Linz…”

I roll my eyes, but it’d be even more awkward with Will there. “Name’s Dan. Does CAD drawing and stuff. He lives upstairs, as luck would have it, so we popped in on each other a few times.”

“Aww… Sweet!”

“What?” Will’s back.

“Nothing,” I tell him. “I’ve had a second date, is all. And I’m not saying any more for a good long while. Don’t want to jinx it.”

“Sheesh! Who took your head and left a wise man?”

I extend a middle finger to him and swivel it.

“So, you’ll not be wanting any of my Malteser traybake this night?” he teases.

“Traybake?” I perk up at the mention of a fridge cake made of chocolate and biscuit, all mashed up and melted. “Proper Protestant traybake that’ll set me burning in hell just for touching it?”

“That’s the stuff. I made Fifteens as well. Had a wee craving for party food – you’re lucky not to get apple and Mars Bar sandwiches…”

I take the large proffered square of traybake and shove the corner in my gob. The Prods avoid so many vices, alcohol mostly, then produce the most amazing sinful easy cakes found anywhere. I feel the sudden need to say a Hail Mary after every bite and an urge to confess this Sunday. I won’t, of course.

“Did you not get traybakes growing up, Ade?” Lindsey is curious.

I shake my head, mouth full of biscuit, chocolate and malty crunch. “Traybakes is a purely Prod thing, even more than marching. Mostly the Presbyterians and Methodists, but the C of I ladies make them, sometimes. Don’t know about Paisley’s mob – all this sugar sounds too much like fun for them.”

Will agrees. “You won’t get any good catering from the Duppers. But themmuns, your side, it’s all about the buns.”

“The wee buns, aye. Can’t have a church event running out of wee buns.” I fake my gran’s voice. “Boys-a-dear, it’d be a national scandal!”

Lindsey sighs. “And what exactly is a wee bun, again?”

“Cupcake,” Will replies, just as I say it’s a fairy cake, the English word. Truly, the English language is divided more when it comes to baked goods than anything else.

“Prods don’t do them proper.”

Lindsey still isn’t sure if we’re just taking the piss, or if we’ve actually found yet another tribal difference she hadn’t known about. Of course, it’s both. “You’re telling me, ussuns – argh, his lot – don’t make cupcakes at all? Cos I know that’s bollocks!”

“Not like ussuns,” I assure her. “Catholic shindig, huge platters of wee buns all decorated beautiful. Those hipster cafes in Shoreditch have nothing on me ma and her friends, baking away for anything and everything at the Sacred Heart.”

Will confirms, “Catholic baptisms – they’re the best for wee buns… not for your soul, obviously, could never suggest it to my parents, but turning up after the ceremony to pay respects and stuff your face… grand way to spend an afternoon…”

“Oh, yeah.” Best church events, growing up. “Loads of buns, not all the bringing of meals and grief of a funeral nor the hassle of a wedding. Not that we’d ever say no to a gift of a traybake, mind, but not in church. Would be a sin, for sure.” I keep my face straight. “Idolatry.”

Will nods, equally deadpan. “Same for buns – can’t have ’em, nowhere near a church hall. Buns are idolatry and lead to worshipping the Anti-Christ.”

If he’s slagging off my cultural heritage, however jokingly, then I have to raise him one. “And traybakes are provocative. One step away from marching through disputed areas.”

He scoffs. “So touchy, themmuns know they don’t have a leg to stand on, preventing some wee boys havin a dander down the road!”

“Billy boys disturbing the peace of decent folk with their right racket, more like.” He was in one of anal porno the marching bands and proud of the music, even if nowadays he concedes the Orange march organisers are a bunch of dickheads.

“Just cos you can’t play a tune on anything. Pink flute, maybe.” Will manages to insult my musical ability and call me a poof in one go. Good one.

I shrug. “Eh, I’ve got talent and the looks to pull the boys; you’s got a face like me ma’s hole.”

“They’ve gone round yer ma’s hole’s as much as Piccadilly Circus.” Classic insult, relocated to London, implying one’s mother is a whore.

“Aye, and did your ma know your da?” Resorting to the playground, now.

“Your ma is your da!”

The only possible retort to that is ‘your ma!’, so instead I snap a Malteser ball off the chocolate cake and fire it at him.

He lobs one straight back at me. Followed by a sticky jammy blob off a Fifteen.

Being made of marshmallow, jam and coconut, it gets in my hair and sticks fast. I chuck a last Malteser at him before trying to get it out.

“Boys, boys – you Irish are fucking mental. Stop it!”

“Never denied it, sweetheart.” I apply my best teasing tongue-in-cheek tone. “So Will, it’s official – you’re Irish now. Your lady says.”

“Like fuck.”

“Will!” She’s serious now. “Shut it. Don’t start your banter again.”

“Oh love. You know us! Never serious,” Will assures her. Except for his actually being offended at being called Irish. It’s not easy, being a Unionist in Britain. I mean, what do the British think the UK is a union of?

“Aw, we’re all deadly,” I reassure her with sarcasm. “Like all the Sharpie-pen glasses and beards what get scrawled on the candidate posters, come election time.” Their ugly mugs on every lamp-post down main roads for weeks on end; gotta do something.

“‘Cept for Gerry Adams,” Will says. Lindsey and I stop.

“What? Why not him?”

Will grins. “Well, think on. You had to use Tippex on him…”

The picture of young Will and his mates spieling up lamp-posts so as to deface posters of Sinn Fein’s leader, using wee bottles of Tippex to white out his big black beard and glasses, tickles me – our pillar of society William has had a delinquent youth after all – and I’m killing myself laughing.

Then there’s a sound.

“Will you be quiet!” orders Jack, with all his smug authority of a four-year-old gleefully catching the grown-ups being naughty. He wags his wee finger and puts arms akimbo. “You’re keeping me awake!”

“Sorry, mate,” I say, as we control ourselves.

Will takes him back to bed, and Lindsey is shaking her head. It’s a reflex action any time Will and I get together. We can’t help ourselves. Still, if the Troubles has been reduced to schoolkid insults and fights over baked goods, that’s fine by me. Or me satisfying an Army boy. The Reconciliation Forum would be proud, for sure.

“So, Ade, what have you done on your dates?”

I stare at her in horror.

“I don’t mean what have you done to each other – though that look tells me more than I’d ever want to know! I meant, did you go to the cinema, a meal, what?”

I’m thinking ‘blow jobs on the sofa’ isn’t an answer I’m willing to give, but then I remember. “We went out and played pool and snooker, last night. And played on his Xbox on Sunday.”

“Aww! Proper dates! That’s adorable! Ah, well, good luck with him.”

With her, I feel able to voice it. “You know, I’m kinda hoping this one gets somewhere…” And terrified. I don’t mention that. It’s not like it’s going to, after all.

“Back in the saddle, eh?” Laura knows about my plentiful online hookups. Lindsey doesn’t, and I’m for sure not mentioning it. She continues, “Don’t suppose you know a nice chap who might go for Gareth? He’s getting all despondent about being practically forty and still single.”

“Fraid not. Though he might come across better if he didn’t come across so guilty all the time. Like he doesn’t feel worthy of anyone, just because so many guys died off in the Eighties and Nineties. Not that I’m one to talk. Right, it’s time for me to head home. But it’s been a good day, and thank ye for the hospitality. I’m not missing the fags so much.”

Will comes down. “No smoking as you walk to the Tube, mind.” He quit about fifteen years ago, finally. “Good on you, man.”

We do manly hugs. I chew another gum on my way.

Once home, I text Dan. ‘Five days down. Two to go.’ I even add a smiley.

Good communication, yeah?

I can’t believe I get hard from the reply, which is merely, ‘Well done. See you Saturday.’

I fall asleep, dreaming of Dan’s face over my cock.

Friday seems like a long day when you can’t wait for the weekend, but there’s a lot to do in the office, which helps. Izzy is great, insisting on nipping out and getting me more nicotine gum so I have enough for the weekend. I refuse any change from the twenty I give her – these patches and gum cost a terror, but I must be saving on the cash already.

Mike and Kerry have compulsions to ask me on a tea break every few minutes, which is sweet, though any work needing prolonged concentration isn’t going to get done this day. I support Gary’s plan to knock off at half four and get seats in this new done-up bar down the road that Izzy suggests we try.


Ava Addams

We had been dating three months when I met him. His name was Wes. We just happened to run into him at a local night club. She introduced him as one of her oldest and best friends. He seemed nicest enough and was very respectful to me. I accepted it because I had no reason to doubt her. He bought us a couple of beers and she invited him to sit with us. As the evening and the alcohol rolled on we all became quite friendly. He asked for my permission to dance with her and I said yea sure. He was a gentleman although I did began to wonder about their relationship. She seemed giddy to be around him. He seemed very happy to be close to her.

I figured the way to the truth would be through some shots. The waitress brought us 3 shots of tequila. Wes said wow we used to do body shots all the time. She laughed and said honey lick here. She poured some salt on her left breast. I licked it off and chugged my shot. She said O.K. Wes here’s yours, pouring more salt on her right one. He licked slowly as he looked me dead in the eye. Then smiled and threw back his shot. She followed quickly with hers and said you bad bad boys!

I snatched her up and pulled her to the dance floor. I held her tight and inhaled her scent. She smelled so slutty. Almost like when we had sex. I asked her what that was all about. She replied nothing just old friends having fun. I said well you two must have had a lot of fun! She shrugged it off but I insisted. Really what’s up with you and this dude? Baby don’t worry about it. We are just getting started let’s not bring this up. Bring what up? I had her! Nothing it’s nothing. If there is something I should know, it’s better to tell me now. I enjoy you and love being with you. So if you want it to work you need to be honest.

She looked conflicted. Let’s do another shot. O.K. Waitress three more! We sat back down by Wes and consumed another round. I couldn’t take it. So Wes just how good of old friends are you two? He smiled. alt porno He looked at her and said he will know sooner or later anyway…..

She got up and pulled me to the dance floor. Half crying, half excited. She confided in me. I really like you. Are you sure you want to know? Sounds like I need to! Tell me now before we get in too deep and hurt each other. She whispered Wes is my lifelong fuck buddy. I can do whatever and love whoever I want. But I always find myself wanting him again. So our arrangement is for me to remain available to him no matter what else I have going on in my life. This is fucked up! What are you saying? I thought you were single? I am! But I remain open for Wes. It made my head spin! She pleaded with me. Please understand it doesn’t change my feelings for you. Actually if you agree to the arrangement it will only strengthen my feelings for you.

Whoa this is too much! Let’s go. I can’t stay here. Let’s go. Or should I leave you with Wes! You can. Or you can let him go with us and show you why he will always own a piece of me. WTF! Really? You want me to watch you two? Baby I’m sorry but I do love being with him And I love being with you. Is it so wrong for a girl to want it all? Besides it’s only been three months. Try it tonight if you don’t enjoy it we had some fun and you found out my dirty little secret before things got to far. I’m going to the bathroom. Buy Wes and me a shot then let me know your answer.

Dumbfounded I walked to the bar and ordered 3 more shots. I always dreamed of watching two people fuck but damn the girl I was falling for? I handed Wes his shot he said relax man. It’s better you know than for her to do it behind your back. I promise you it will be a show you won’t ever forget. The shot hit bottom and I swallowed hard. I said alright then let’s see what this is all about! She came back form the rest room and Wes said he’s in. She hugged me so tight and said thanks hd abla porno baby but you didn’t really have a choice! Oh by the way we are going to your place.

She grabbed him by the hand and they walked out of the bar to his car. I went to mine and they followed me to my house. I grabbed us some beers and sat down in the recliner. They piled on the couch. They were making out from the time they hit the door. In no time he had her shirt and bra off. He was making gross slurping noises as he devoured her breasts. He would look up from time to time and shoot me an evil grin. Next he had his hand down her pants as she cooed and moaned. I could hardly take it. Jealously and horniness mixed and unsettled my already drunken senses. She stood up an slid out of her tight jeans and g-string. She stood nude in front of us both. A stunning sight to behold. How had I got so lucky to be with this beautiful woman? Now this strange turn of events was almost more than I could comprehend. He said kneel and she dropped to her knees. Now it’s time to show him why. Slowly she unzipped him, her face was flush with excitement. She looked me straight on and said here is the secret. She pulled out his half hard dick and I was astonished. I couldn’t look away. It was long yes but thicker than I had ever seen. She giggled and immediately shoved as much as she could in her mouth. Which wasn’t nearly half.

She sucked him hard and worshipped his amazing cock for at least twenty minutes. Then he said let me have my pussy. She stood up turned around and sat on his cock. It took a few tries to get it all in but she made a painful face and slid all the way down on it. I was in awe. He hadn’t done a thing really, she did all the work. Now she was fucking him as he drank his beer and smiled at me. She was gasping every time she pushed him in her. Sweat rolled down her face and back. She grunted like a pig in heat. She seemed obsessed with the act of sex rokettube porno itself. He was calm and relaxed as she pumped away. When she finally came she laid back on him and looked like a woman defeated.

After a few quiet moments he said my turn. She put her elbows on the back of the couch and rested her knees on the cushion. He stood behind her and impaled her with his extra wide cock. She screamed and tossed her head around wildly. Her pussy made nasty sloppy sounds. I watched as her pussy seemed to turn inside out every time he pulled his dick out.

Was this the same girl I was falling in love with? Wow! It was and I loved this scene. What a fabulous slut! He shoved in and out of her for about ten minutes then shouted he was going to soak her pussy. With that he let out a yell and drilled his load deep inside her. Stillness followed. He slowly pulled out and she collapsed on the couch. He put wiped his dick on her thong and put his clothes back on. She lay there spent as I looked on in shock. He said if you love her, you now know what she likes and what’s good for her. She deserves the best. Thanks for understanding and giving her that tonight. With that he walked out the door.

I eased up beside her and touched her skin. She was wet with sweat and smelled of his cum. I kissed her forehead and slowly licked her neck. She was nearly passed out. But through her haze she whispered. If you love me clean up after our lover. I had come this far I figured why not try to enjoy every bit of it. Her body was flush red and her legs shook. I pulled them apart to reveal a well used and throughly fucked pussy. Juice oozed out of it and I was overcome with the desire to lick her clean. I softly started licking her legs and worked my way up to her swollen slit. I sucked her hole and a massive amount of semen flooded my mouth. Hot and pungent. Somehow it turned me on. I started to sink my hardness into her when she said not until tomorrow. I carried her to bed and held her all night. I woke up every hour kissing and worshipping her body. In the morning I was rewarded with cold leftover slimy pussy. But it was the best I ever had.

Later that day at lunch she said I think Wes is your new best friend. Yes he was.

The Tattoo


Damn what a week.

Monday seemed like a month ago after the blur of the last five days. Non-stop meetings and deadlines had me feeling like a spring wound just a little bit too tight. Tonights session in the gym though, just what I needed. Each rep of the routine, every chance to slam the weights felt like another annoyance of the week dropping off my shoulders. As usual I left class exhausted but giddy with endorphins playing merry havoc on me.

After the post class chat I walked briskly back to my car, the chill air biting into my tights. The sweater over my sport top doing nothing to stop the freezing damp breeze cutting through me. Hopping into my car I turned up the heat, cursing halfheartedly as the cold air blasted though the vehicle. Quick check of my phone found 3 email waiting. I looked at the clock and with a smile closed the email and checked my notes. Whatever it was will wait I thought with a smug smile.

I had a reminder to drop by the store to pick up some more supplements. I looked at the clock again and figured, meh only take a minute and save me a run tomorrow. Blasting the radio I pulled out of the lot on my way, head bobbing along with the music. The drive to the store, quick hop downtown really, only took the usual ten minutes so I was still giddy when I arrived. The lots in front of the store were empty, hardly suprising on a friday night, so I was able to pull right up. Leaving my now warm car to get back into the cold air was less than fun as I hopped over the snowbank onto the sidewalk and entered the store.

The store was so warm when I went in I let out a big sigh as the door closed behind me. I looked to the counter as I heard the light laugh.

“Oh hey Cindee!” I said wiping my shoes on the mat.

“Hi, Crossfit or climbing night?”

Cindee was a shorter girl, maybe 5’6, with shoulder length blond hair framing a somewhat broad face. A amature powerlifter, aiming for the olympics in the next couple years, she is powerfully built in her short stature. Sitting on the stool behind the counter I felt a moment of envy looking at her shoulders and arms filling out the light zip up jacket she was wearing.

“Crossfit night.” I said with a smile looking her way. I brushed a imagined hair from my forehead, my hair in a ponytail for class, as I stepped inside.

“Ah ok,” she said slipping off her stool and walking around the counter. “So what are you needing tonight then?”

Despite myself I chuckled slightly with the question.

“Oh you know,” laughing, “bit more pre-workout and I’m low on protien shakes.”

I always admired Cindee’s physique and couldn’t help but enjoy watching her walk around the counter. Her legs in the black tights looked so powerful and shapely, the swell of her türkçe alt yazılı porno calfs and thighs flowing into an amazing shaped ass. Her broad shoulders, the zipped down top really accentuating the look, seemed to sway as she walked toward me.

Standing beside me, shoulders almost touching my side, I felt a tightness in my chest. Looking over the selection on the shelves I couldn’t help but feel her presence beside me, slightly in awe of the younger woman. I inhaled quietly, the smell of her flooding my brain for the moment and I felt myself leaning her way oh so slightly so we just barely touched.

Was it the post workout endorphines? I don’t know. We chatted about what I was currently using and I know I heard her reccomendations, but I was not listening. My eyes kept slipping past the shelves to look down at her, the feel of her standing so close, a never ending distraction. Did she notice I was barely paying attention? Did she notice me leaning closer?

She moved to the side a moment to grab a container of a different pre-workout and my eyes slipped across her chest.

“Hey is that new?” I said suddenly.

Cindee had a smaller breasts, not like my annoying DD’s, but with the top zipped down of her jacket I couldn’t help but notice the large tattoo in her clevage.

Pausing in her supplement talk a moment she blushed lightly. “Is what new?”

“The tattoo!”, I said leaning forward, ” When did you get that?”

Her fingers brushed against her cleavage, slightly self conscious. “Oh about a week ago. Had it done over across the way there.” Nodding to the parlour across the park.

It had ben a couple weeks since I had been in so it made sense that I had not seen this yet.

“Nice work,” I said leaning forward, my hand coming up to trace the pattern, “Looks really good. Really good.”

I realized with a start my fingers were tracing the outline on her skin and pulled back quickly.

“Sorry,” I stammered.

“No!”, she said loudly. “I mean, no it’s ok”

The silence was heavy. I looked into her eyes, feeling the strong connection of the moment like electricity between us. Barely able to speak in a whisper I asked,

“Is there more to it?”

We looked at each other for another moment, time seemed to stretch. I felt myself holding my breath, waiting to see what would happen next.

She stepped back and quickly shut off the open sign and locked the door.

“Um sorry, I’ll ah. yeah.”

Stepping forward she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back room of the store. I followed along held by her powerful grip and not the least bit interested in resisting. The back room was a simple breakroom, no special ammenities but a table and chairs doeda porno with a washroom to the side.

Stepping in she nudged me to the wall, probably harder than she planned, and stood in front of me.

“So you wanted to see the rest?” She said. Her speech fast and excited I found myself caught up in her excitement.

“Yeah I do…”

I held her gaze as I said it, feeling the almost overwhelming sense of excitement building. I held my breath as she unzippered her jacket, draping it on the back of a chair. She held on a moment, looking at me again as she held the bottom of her tank top. I nodded slightly and reassured, she pulled her top quickly over her head.

My eyes dropped to take in her exposed chest and the amazing tattoo. Cindee has smaller breasts and usually didn’t bother with a bra, so I was able to take her in all at once. The black line tattoo started mid upper chest, tracing into her cleavage and under her breasts. The celtic style pattern seeming to offer its own support.

My eyes roamed over her body taking her all in. The swell of her rounded shoulders and traps, across her breasts and down to her tight abs. The light definition reminding me that she was getting into bodybuilding as well as powerlifting. Strikingly feminine yet imposing.

Back to the wall, my hand reached out slowly to trace the delicate lines of the tattoo. Starting at the top my fingers traced the lines on her upper chest following the pattern between her breasts. Following the lines my fingers caressed her small breasts and I watch her closely for a reaction. Moving along her upper abs my pinky grazed a nipple and I hear her breath catch. I slowly slide my finger along her nipple while following the lines of her tattoo underneath it.

She edges closer and I bring up my other hand, fingers caressing the tattoo then my palms brushing her breasts. She inhales sharply as I brush her breasts in a slow circle, grazing the tender skin.

“Are you ok?” I ask softly.

Biting her lip she nods but seems hesitant. My mind is racing with excitement that I am touching this amazing young woman, her soft skin so hot under my hands.

A thought passes quickly, “Cindee, have you ever… you know?”

The blush in her face tells me more than she expects. Her mouth opens as I see a look of embarassment, her body starting to pull back.

I quickly hold her arm, placing two fingers on her lips gently. “No sweetie, just relax” I say softly.

Pushing off the wall I reach down and quickly pull my hoodie off, tossing it to the table behind her.

I’m wearing a sports bra under the hoodie and her eyes stare straight at my chest. Not wanting to break the tension I quickly peel the top off, my breasts dropping free from the tight top. Dropping the top by my hoodie I rub my hands over the top of them and underneath before dropping my arms to my sides, smiling as her eyes take me in following my hands over my chest.

Not taking her eyes off me her hand touches my side, slowly- agonizingly slowly- trailing up my side. She brushes the side of my breast, looking to my face quickly then back down and across my upper chest. Almost carefully the finger tips slide down my breast until her finger rests on my rock hard nipple.

I’m holding my breath, it feels so damn good but I don’t want to break the spell of the moment! Her hands cup my breasts, taking their weight with a squeeze. Her thumbs brush my nipples as she looks at me with a smile at my light gasp.

The mischevious smile makes me laugh as I place a hand on her shoulder and pull her closer. My other hand slides by her neck, grasping her hair pulling her head back. Our lips meet as she caresses my nipples, softly kissing at first then harder as she grabs my sides pulling me closer forcefully.

One of her hands drops to grab my ass, squeezing tightly almost grinding me against her. My leg slides forward to hook hers pulling her against me. Her thigh pushes between mine and I feel my pussy, so wet now, press against her.

She breaks our kiss and her hands grab both my breasts, cupping and holding them out. Eyes holding mine she leans to delicatly kiss one nipple then the other. I let out a soft laugh pulling her back to me. Smiling her tongue caresses one then the other.

“Oh fuck Cindee!” I say laughing again.

Encouraged she takes a nipple in her mouth, tongue flicking over it quickly as she gently pinches the other.

“Aaahh,” I breath out, hands gripping tight. My back arches as I look down at this young woman playing with me. My hips rock on her thigh, making her push her thigh into me further, her muscular leg moving with me.

My hips start moving faster, a building need mounting quickly. “Oh Fuck Cindee, don’t stop!”

Encouraged she starts sucking and flicking harder, her strong hands massaging my breasts. Each squeeze, every flick of her tongue filling me with a burning passion.

“Oh yes…oh fuck yes!”

I grab her so tightly, driving my body into hers as the building orgasm takes me. She takes my weight easily, never stopping as I tense. My forehead dropping to hers as I grip her hair hard, nails scratching into her shoulders.

As the moment passes I lift my head to look at her, mischevious smile still there as she licks a nipple one last time before leaning back. I kiss her hard another moment.

“Well that was unexpected. Thank you.” I say laughing at the moment as we break the kiss.

“Thank you!” She says laughing with me. “You have no idea how long I wanted this.”

“Oh its not over yet honey.”

Stepping against the wall I turn her around, changing positions. Kissing her again on the lips then across her cheek to her neck.

“Your turn.”

Dana Ch. 01


Christ I was horny. Watching Dana parade around all night in her slinky little black dress and spiked heels was driving me nuts. I tried to return my focus to the salmon I was sautéing for dinner and get it off the way her breasts strained against the filmy fabric of her dress as she sauntered around the kitchen, a glass of wine in her hand. It wasn’t working.

Let me back up a bit, I’m a personal chef that provides an in home cooking service for people who want something a little more special than just a restaurant visit for special occasions or small parties. I’ve worked with Dana on several dinner parties and birthdays, and tonight was her anniversary, 10 years with her husband, Jeff. She’s a vision, standing 5’8″, maybe 120 pounds with an incredible body made firm from her work as an aerobics instructor. I had met her at the gym where she teaches and our sporadic conversations led to her initially hiring me for a dinner party for Jeff’s boss.

As I worked the risotto, I felt her come up behind me for a peek and a smell, her hand touching my shoulder. “Smells good,” she said. “What is it?”

“An asparagus and shrimp risotto,” I replied, my skin tingling from her soft touch, “and if you don’t leave me to it, it’s going to turn into a lump of goo.”

“Oh, okay,” she giggled, “I’m not interested in that kind of goo!” With that, she spun on a heel and went off to enjoy her wine.

I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of goo she was interested in as I finished the risotto and began plating the dinners. I served their dinner and watched with a pang of jealousy as Dana ran her fingers up and down Jeff’s arm while they ate, talked, and laughed through the meal. They were already through a second bottle of wine as I brought out dessert, a molten chocolate cake, and cleared the dinner plates.

I spied them feeding it too each other, and watched as Dana leaned over and licked a drip of chocolate from Jeff’s chin, and then slid her tongue into his mouth for a deep, soulful kiss. Damn she was hot.

I was almost finished cleaning up when Dana came back into the kitchen. “Mike,” she said, “that was one of the most fabulous meals I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Thank you so much for making this a fantastic evening for us. I just wish there was someway I could express my gratitude to you.”

My brain went into overdrive. “Sure,” my brain said, “you could drop to your knees and suck my cock and then let me fuck you silly like I’ve wanted to since the day we met.” What came out of my mouth was more like “It was my pleasure, Dana. I’m just glad I could help make the occasion special for you.” What a dork.

“Where’s Jeff?” I asked, not seeing him at the table any longer.

“He went up to our room to rest for a minute. I think all that wine went to his head a little.”

“Okay,” I replied, “I’m just about done here so tell him Happy Anniversary for me if I don’t see him before I leave.”

“Leave?” Dana asked. “Wouldn’t you like to relax for a minute, maybe have a drink now that you’re not working anymore?”

“Uh, sure, I guess that’d be okay. Got any good bourbon?”

“Of course, honey, Jeff only drinks the expensive stuff!”


“Terrific, just point me to it.”

“Don’t be silly, baby,” Dana cooed, “just go sit in the den and I’ll bring it to you. Neat, right?”

“Right,” I replied. Baby?? What the hell was going on here?

I went into the den and sat on the couch. Dana brought the bourbon in and sat down next to me, her legs curled under her. She played with her wavy blonde hair, twirling it around her fingers, as we chatted about something mundane. It was all I could do to focus hd porno on what she was saying as she kept twirling her hair, then touching my arm lightly, giggling the whole time.

“Damn,” she said softly.

“What?” I asked

“Well,” she replied, leaning in close and resting her hand on my leg, “I really don’t know why I’m telling you this, must be the wine, but I’m really horny right now and I’m wondering if you’d like to kiss me?”

My jaw must’ve dropped six inches and I jumped in my seat. Dana pulled away quickly, muttering, “Shit, Mike, I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into me.”

“No, no,” I said. “Believe me; I’d love nothing more than to kiss you, but what about Jeff? I mean, this is your anniversary.”

“Jeff’s passed out on the bed upstairs. I checked on him before I offered you that drink..You’d really like to kiss me?”

Rather than speak, I simply leaned close to her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. When she didn’t move, I kissed harder and felt her lips part to accept my tongue. We kissed as she maneuvered herself into a position straddling me while our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. That she could feel my growing erection was quite obvious.

“Is that for me?” She asked, running her hand up and down my chest.

“If you want it to be,” I replied.

“Oh, I think I just might.” She slid a hand between her legs and squeezed my cock through my pants as I caressed her ass. Dana started stroking me gently as she began to suck on my tongue.

“Unzip me,” she moaned into mouth. I reached up and slid the zipper down on the little black dress and she shrugged the straps off her shoulders. I couldn’t help but look down at her breasts and guessed them to be about a 36C, with just a touch of sag from breast feeding her two children.

“My god,” I moaned, her hand still stroking my confined cock, “your tits are amazing.” I began to squeeze and caress them, her nipples hard as pebbles and turning a deep pink. I leaned in and flicked my tongue at one of them.

“Ooh, yes,” she moaned, “suck them.”

I didn’t need to be told again and clamped my lips around one and began to suckle. She groaned and ran her hands through my hair, pulling my head into her chest. She leaned in close, her tongue tickling my ear, and whispered “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

I could only moan my approval as Dana fed me her nipple. Pushing me back on the couch, she began to slide down onto the floor between my legs. Her hands expertly undid my belt and pants and I obeyed when she motioned for me to rise up so she could pull them down, along with my boxers. I was in shock a bit, this vision on her knees in front of me, my cock standing rigid right in front of her face, her husband upstairs.

“Mmm,” she moaned, grabbing the base of my prick, “such a nice looking cock.” She started stroking gently, making sure I was at my full 7″. “And I love that you shave your balls.” I started doing that after stroking to one too many porn flicks, and noticed it sort of made my cock look bigger so I started trimming. Still stroking, she finally leaned in and planted a soft kiss on the head of my throbbing cock. It jumped in her hand as she kept kissing down the shaft to my balls and then back up to the head. Finally, her lips surrounded the head and she slid them down my shaft, her tongue curled under as she swallowed my cock. It was all I could do not to fill her mouth with cum right then and there. She teased me to no end, sucking and stroking first slowly, then faster, twisting her hand as she stroked, twirling her tongue as she sucked.

Suddenly, she stopped.

Pulling her brazzers porno head off my cock, she slowly stood. Her dress fell to the floor and she stood before me in her heels and her black lace thong. She turned and started walking down the hallway then disappeared.

“Are you coming or not?” She called out.

I jumped up, untangled myself from the pants around my ankles, and quickly headed in the direction she went. I saw she had gone to the guest bedroom and had sat down on the bed.

“Come and lie down.” I did as I was told and she straddled my head with her knees. My legs were dangling off the edge of the bed, but I didn’t care as I stared up at the soft dirty-blonde hairs poking out the sides of Dana’s thong. I needed no further prodding as I began to run my tongue along her panty covered slit. I poked at the fabric, feeling the wetness through it, the musky scent intoxicating. As I reached up to push aside the little fabric patch, Dana leaned forward, her tits on my stomach and began sucking my cock again.

I couldn’t help but smile as I dug my tongue into her dripping cunt, spreading her soft lips with my fingers, running my tongue along each one then poking into her hole as she engulfed my cock in her throat. As I circled her bright pink clit with my tongue, I felt her hook her arms beneath my knees, pulling my legs off the floor. My cock popped from her mouth and she tongued down the shaft before sucking one of my balls into her warmth. I could feel her saliva dripping down my balls as she tickled my perineum. She licked my prick like a popsicle as my tongue began to fuck her hole. Returning the feeling, I slid my fingers inside her pussy to wet them before sliding them up along her crack to poke at the small, pink star of her asshole. Amazingly, she did the same, poking a well manicured finger at my saliva slick hole. We moaned in unison as the fingers each began a slow penetration.

Dana added another finger to my ass as she began licking the head of my cock again. Her mouth suckled the head of my prick as she slowly fingered my asshole. I moaned I was close to cumming as she began to grind her pussy on my tongue, forcing it deeper inside as my finger continued to probe her ass.

“I’m cumming,” she softly cried, sliding her slick cunt along my tongue, mashing her clit into it. I felt her ass clench around my finger and her cunt twitched against my tongue. I relished the taste of the increased flow of juices as she shivered in climax.

Suddenly, she took the entire length of my cock into her mouth, her chin against my balls as her tongue swirled along the throbbing underside vein. She pumped her fingers into my asshole and I could feel my balls tighten with the pending release.

Wait a minute…her chin on my balls and her tongue under my cock? But she’s facing the wrong…

Suddenly, Dana slid off my face to the side and I saw the top of Jeff’s head in my crotch, my throbbing cock buried in his hot, wet mouth. Dana slid a third finger into my ass and I came before I could even react. Spurt after spurt of cum shot from my cock into Jeff’s sucking mouth. He pulled up the length of my shaft, sucking the whole time, as I filled his mouth with spunk.

A few final thrusts of my hips and I was spent. My head flopped back on the bed and I closed my eyes as Dana withdrew her fingers from my asshole, my head spinning trying to get a grip on what the fuck just happened.

“Now that,” Dana said as I opened my eyes to the sight of her and Jeff swapping my cum between their tongues, “is the kind of goo that I was hoping for!”

She turned to me and kissed me, her tongue still seks filmi moist with traces of my load. “You liked my fingers in your ass so much,” she whispered, nuzzling and licking my earlobe, “just wait…”

I was stunned into speechlessness as I watched Jeff stand at the foot of the bed and spread my legs, exposing my hole. Dana reached between her legs, sliding her fingers inside her cunt, then went between my legs and guided Jeff’s cock to my ass as she lubed him with her juices. I felt the sensation of his cockhead poking at my tightly clenching ass as she whispered again, “Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

Half of my brain was screaming “Don’t do it…get away…do something!” But the other half, the one that years ago had convinced me to start enjoying anal play as part of my masturbation routine, was winning. It said “Just enjoy it…you’ve had fingers and buttplugs and even dildos in your ass…now it’s time to feel what a real cock can do.”

Dana licked her tongue along my lips and we kissed again as I gave in, relaxing my sphincter and gasping as I felt the head of Jeff’s cock penetrate my ass. We moaned in unison as he slid his shaft inside my asshole, slowly pushing forward until I felt his balls resting on my ass. I could feel the throbbing of his cock. My god it felt so dirty, but it felt so good. I tried to squeeze him with my ass as he pulled his shaft back out until just the head remained inside me. My cock twitched as he slid back in, his prick bumping against my prostate, then pulled back out again. This was it. I was truly getting fucked in the ass.

“God your ass is nice,” Jeff moaned.

“I never knew how good it could feel,” I grunted in reply as Jeff began pumping my ass harder and faster.

I spied Dana furiously rubbing her clit and fingering her asshole on the bed next to me. “Let me lick your ass,” I told her as I squeezed her nipple. She squatted above me and I spread her cheeks before sliding my tongue along her crack. I could see her fingers rubbing her clit and sliding inside her cunt as I swiped my tongue against her pink hole.

“Stick your tongue in her ass while I fuck you,” Jeff demanded, now pounding my anus with abandon.

Dana moaned as I poked my tongue past her sphincter into the musky depths of her asshole. “So fucking good,” she hissed as I fucked her ass with my tongue.

“Squeeze my cock with your ass and make me cum,” Jeff demanded as he pounded his prick into me. I squeezed and released as his shaft speared me. “That’s it,” he moaned, “gonna cum, oh, fuck, gonna cum!”

Dana spun around on my face, my tongue losing its place momentarily, and she yanked Jeff’s cock from my asshole. “I need to taste it, baby,” she cried as she sucked Jeff’s cock, slick with my ass, into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, suck it Dana,” he cried, “yes, now, cumming, shit I’m cumming!”

Jeff grabbed Dana’s hair and pulled her down the length of his cock, burying the head in her throat as he came. I could hear her swallowing his seed as he emptied his balls into her mouth and throat. She pulled up his shaft, lips sealed as she sucked up to the head. A few strokes and Jeff was spent. He collapsed onto the floor and tried to catch his breath. Dana turned back to me and pressed her lips against mine. As my tongue sought out hers, I felt globs of Jeff’s cum slide over it into my mouth. Our tongues swapped the cum before she left me with a mouthful and pulled away. I savored the tangy taste of another man’s seed before swallowing and flopping back on the bed next to a panting Dana.

After a moment, Dana rose up and smiled.

“So you got your cock sucked and ass fucked by a man for the first time and you even got a taste of his cum. Let’s go relax in the Jacuzzi and see what other firsts we can come up with for you!”

I looked down at Jeff, then back at Dana and I smiled.

“Sounds good to me. Now where’s that bourbon!”

To be continued…

Fun for All the Family Ch. 02



I stood naked in the centre of the lounge, wanking my hard throbbing cock as I feasted my eyes on the intense scene in front of me. What a great sight it was! My daughter Jenna had, a few moments earlier, impaled her cunt on my father Jack’s old but still fully operational prick and was now busily posting up and down, her eyes closed and a look of pure wanton lust on her face. On the other side of the room, my mother Shirley and my wife Julie sat naked together on the sofa, fondling each other’s tits and pussies, as they too watched the scene with riveted unwavering eyes.

“Enjoying the show, girls?” I asked, glancing across at mom and Julie as I continued to masturbate in front of them and knowing full well the answer.

“Ask a silly question,” my wife said who, like me, was thoroughly enjoying watching our daughter getting incestuously fucked, “this has been a really great day.”

Indeed, it had, a very very great day but then so are most days when our family assemble together for another meeting of our sex club. I’d woken up early that Sunday morning and, after showering, had gone downstairs to discover that my father and Jenna had pre-empted me by getting up even earlier – and dad was up in more ways than one. I’d found them in the lounge with Jenna on her knees sucking her grandfather’s cock, dad rocking back and forth on his elderly legs and enjoying every minute of his grand-daughter’s expert blowjobs, just as he was enjoying every minute now plunging his fat rod in and out of another of Jenna’s beautiful inviting holes.

My parents visit every weekend and sometimes Julie’s brothers Mark and Paul call by as well. But they have families of their own and for some reason, their wives and Julie don’t get on so finding the time to visit is difficult for them. How much or how little their wives know of their respective husbands’ visits to their sister, I cannot say but then I’ve never enquired. Ask no questions and you’ll be told no lies is a creed I have lived by all my life; I have never been one to pry into other people’s business.

Mom and dad always arrive on Friday evenings, taking their clothes off as soon as they get here to join Julie, Jenna and I in the nude since we are a naturist family as much as an incestuous one and like to be naked together even when we are not engaged in carnal activity. My parents usually leave at tea-time on Sunday but this Sunday has been more fun-filled and sex-laden than usual and it is now past nine o’clock in the evening and they showed no sign of leaving yet, not that I wanted them to. They know they are always welcome and can stay as long as they like and, when all is said and done, have no real need to go home on a Sunday since they are both retired now.

“I do hope we’re not outstaying our welcome,” mom suddenly said, as if reading my thoughts and getting up and moving over to me.

“Nonsense, mom,” I replied, as she dropped to her knees in front of me and feasted her eyes on my aroused prick which, with one or two exceptions during türkçe porno a break in the proceedings, had been on top form all day, remaining rock solid throughout. “You and dad can stay tonight too, if you like.”

My words were almost drowned out as Jenna’s grunts and groans started to rise to a crescendo as dad increased the pace of his fucking. Jenna has been on the pill ever since she joined the rest of us in our sex club.

Dad’s breathing was becoming heavier, forming a duet with Jenna’s moaning. I peeled back my foreskin and resumed masturbating as mom watched, smiling up at me.

“That is such a beautiful prick, David,” my mother said, like she had never seen it before, least of all in its current aroused state, “they could have dug the Channel Tunnel with it.”

Everyone burst out laughing, even dad and Jenna somehow managed to find a moment or two to guffaw inbetween all the grunting and groaning.

“Yeah,” laughed Julie, coming over and kneeling down next to her mother-in-law so that I now had two gorgeous women admiring my manhood, “one thrust from the English shore and it would have come out in France straightaway.”

We laughed again, joyous laughs that echoed round the room to the sound of the incestuous fucking going on near the fireplace and which somehow seemed to encompass all that it meant to us to be such a happy loving family. My cock has always been my pride and joy and, not for the first time, I felt really proud that it was having such a profound effect on my wife and my mother, just as it did on my father and daughter.

“I think that big cock needs some attention,” my wife said, like mom as if reading my thoughts, too. “Shirley,” she went on, her voice dripping with lust, “let me see you give your son a nice hot incestuous blowjob.”

“Yeah, mom,” I responded enthusiastically, “suck that big prick.”

Mom didn’t waste a second as she opened her mouth and took me right to the back of her experienced mouth. She sucked so hard that her cheeks started caving in as the head of my prick nudged her throat and I once again savoured the thrill of a nice hot maternal blowjob, having lost count of the number of times mom has demonstrated her oral skills to me. Well, it was twenty-five long years ago when she first sucked me off, on my eighteenth birthday and I celebrated becoming a consenting adult. Mom, dad and I did many threesomes from then on and our sex lives happily continued after I got married to Julie, making us the hot horny family that we are today …


Mom was still sucking my cock like a thing possessed and Julie had got in on the act now, opening her mouth and sticking out her hot wet tongue to give my balls some attention. It felt so good having two of the most beautiful women in the world and whom I loved so much slurping their talented tongues and mouths all round my genitalia. I’d shot a big load in the last-but-not-least beautiful woman in the world earlier that day when I’d fucked my daughter sikiş izle and had cum for a second time a few hours later when I was fucking mom. Now my big balls were just about ready to serve up another lavish helping of spunk and from the expert way mom and Julie were servicing me, I didn’t think it would be very long before my incestuous sperm bubbled to the surface again.

Out of the corners of my eyes, I saw dad pull out of Jenna and she immediately got onto her hands and knees on the fluffy carpet, sticking her delectable ass in the air. I have always been turned on to female asses, even though I sometimes fuck dad’s, and just as much as my mother gets all excited over male posteriors, especially mine, and even though I am biased since Jenna is my daughter, I have to say that her buttocks are truly magnificent, two firm round orbs that are always a joy to behold.

“Spread your ass cheeks, sweetie,” I said to Jenna, knowing that she was just as adept at taking cock in her asshole as well as her cunt, “I think your grand-dad wants to fuck your bottom.”

“You don’t think at all,” laughed Julie, momentarily relinquishing her tongue from my balls to speak, “you know full well its what they both want.”

Considering myself suitably admonished, I simply smiled down at Julie, placed my hands on my wife’s head and pulled her back to my balls which she resumed licking with an even greater enthusiasm than she had before. Mom was still gagging on my stiff pole as Jenna turned her head and smiled at me, reaching round simultaneously with her hands and parting her butt cheeks to expose her beautiful pink rosebud, primed and ready for fucking.

“Fuck my ass, gramps,” she said, addressing my father in the pet name she always used for him, “don’t keep me waiting.”

I have to say this for my father, at sixty-six years old he still had lots of enthusiasm and stamina and good for him, too. All this nonsense that sex is just for the young makes me want to spit sometimes. Such text books I’ve read, not that I need any instructing in how to satisfy and be satisfied in return, always state that a man is at his sexual peak at the age of twenty-one, as if to say that its all downhill on the slippery slope to senility thereafter. Dad is living proof that that is not the case and I am certainly following in his footsteps since my love of sex remains as strong as it ever was, I am very pleased to say.

As if to prove my point, dad didn’t waste a second as he greased Jenna’s asshole with a liberal supply of KY and then slowly started to insert himself into her tight greasy canal. Dad’s buttocks started to clench as he increased the pressure to which Jenna responded with grunts and groans that were now so loud, the house seemed to rock as she pushed her ass back to meet every one of her grandfather’s expert thrusts.

The sight of dad’s hard sword slicing between Jenna’s buns and splitting her asshole almost in two was such a turn-on. I was so horny I had passed onto a seemingly higher porno 64 level of excitement as I watched my daughter taking it up the ass from my father while I was still being licked and sucked by mom and Julie and I just could not control myself any longer.

“I’m gonna cum,” I cried, pulling out of mom’s mouth while Julie continued to slurp her tongue around my bursting bollocks, “here it is!”

“Yeah, give it to me, sweetheart,” mom said, who loved being facialised, “shoot it all over me.”

“Don’t leave me out,” said Julie, drawing back to rest on her haunches.

Less than a tenth of a second later, my first spurt oozed out of my piss slit like a high speed train emerging from a tunnel. My legs buckled as the thrill of my third orgasm of the day overwhelmed me and I shot my load in time to the music of Jenna and dad fucking.

The first spurt hit mom well and truly in the centre of her face, landing on her nose before dribbling down to her mouth and as the second approached, I pointed my cock towards Julie as I took aim, successfully coating her in a rich thick helping of my glossy love juice. Still the spurts kept coming in porn star like style, and by the time I was finished mom and Julie’s faces were unrecognisable.

“Oh, this is wonderful,” mom said, smiling through the spunk and licking her lips,”I love my face being covered in your lovely hot spunk, sweetheart.”

I was still getting my breath back, holding my sated cock aloft in my hand in front of mom and Julie, as I heard dad let out a loud “aaaagh!” as he pulled out of Jenna’s butthole and, seconds after me, blew a thick wad of his own spunk over his granddaughter’s ass cheeks. It was a real case of like father, like son since dad was able to proudly produce as big a load as me and, likewise, by the time the last drops had spewed from his balls, Jenna’s ass cheeks were just as disfigured as mom and Julie’s faces …


Jenna was giving herself a string of orgasms while mom and Julie lay back on the carpet and began to work up their pussy juices with their fingers. By the time my mother and wife had cum, we could honestly say that we had truly satisfied each other that day and that it had been our best club meeting yet – apart from the fact that Julie’s brothers were not with us.

“I think you and dad had better stay the night,” I said to mom as my breathing became more regular, “no point going home now. Besides, I know dad wants to be fucked and I wouldn’t like him to go home disappointed.”

“Sounds great, David,” said dad, who had likewise got his breath back by now and was lying on the carpet with Jenna folded into his arms as they basked in the afterglow, “let’s have a drink first and then you can fuck my ass as much as you like.”

With that, I went out into the kitchen to get some cans from the fridge, treating my horny family to an unobstructed view of my naked ass cheeks jostling together as I sashayed from the room. By the time I returned, my cock was hard again and I lay down on the floor with the stiff fuck pole pointing towards to the ceiling as I beckoned dad to come and sit on it while mom, Julie and Jenna dragged themselves to the sofa to watch.

The latest meeting of our sex club was, surprise surprise, far from ended …


Proving He’s Still Got It


After a long day at the grocery store, Andre’s old friend Caity had been waiting for him when he got back to his apartment.

She looked like she would frequent health food stores, which was accurate, and she smelled like a coffee bean. A likely side-effect of her daily java habit. She approached him aggressively, not even giving him the opportunity to speak.

“What happened to you, Andre?” Caity scoffed. “Your sister called me and told me what you’ve been like. She said you only leave here for work and then just come straight back, like you don’t have a life anymore. She thinks you’re depressed.”

“Well you can tell her i’m doing fine, thanks,” Andre sighed.

Maybe clinically it would be called that. He called it contentment.

“Are you?” Caity huffed.

At first he’d been unable to believe his ears.

The trusted friend to whom he’d come for advice on many an occasion was telling him he should be more aggressive, like he had been in years before, before Chloe had changed his life.

“You might be a produce manager, but do you really have any ambitions any more? Do you ever desire anything other than… stacking fruit the right way? Go after something! Maybe you did hurt some people in those days, but guess what? You got the job done. You’ve been stagnating since Chloe left you, fixing your vegetarian meals and curling up alone in front of the TV. I want to see you go for store manager. For corporate, even! And I think you’re tired of being alone. You can’t think you’re not good enough just because Chloe said so. Go find someone!”

Andre was aghast at being talked to in such a manner. She had been encouraging him to be everything he no longer wanted to be; the constant climber that Chloe saw fit to leave weeping in the dust.

He felt as if he’d had no choice but to reach up and slap her, just to shut her up.

“You’re feeling it now, aren’t you?” she demanded triumphantly before the sting even began to ebb.

She locked her sultry green eyes with his.

“Do you really want to see what I desire?” Andre asked, a snarl playing at his lip, showing teeth on one side.

He grabbed a handful of her dyed red hair from the top of her head, winding it around one hand.

“Yes I do,” Caity replied confidently.

“What nice hair you have. I wonder what would happen If I… pulled on It.”

Her eyes widened within her dark pools of mascara, the big green orbs brightening with the ache of… not fear, but excitement. Hunger. A challenge, even.

Her lip curled up at one end, a naughty and impish grin.

“You wanted to see my power, my ambition?” Andre pulled her closer, by the hair.

He pulled her green jacket off her shoulders, then pulled the belt from his pants and lashed her with it once, her lacy shirt exposing all of her bare skin to it except what was covered by the tank top underneath.

She let out a single high-pitched yelp, that was then followed by an exhilarated video porno gasp.

Andre flung the shirt off of him, revealing his chiseled but pale physique, marred only by one long scar.

“How bout you witness some of this hunger for yourself?” he proposed, pulling the lace shirt off over her head, and yanking the tank top down.

Her bosom was restrained by an ordinary pink sports bra, which Andre pulled off with a quick tug. He unbuttoned his jeans, and then pulled hers down to her ankles, and disposed of her panties In the same fashion.

Her pussy was extremely hairy. Quite to Andre’s liking.

“Do you see what I want now?” he asked. “I want you laid out in front of me, bent to my will, naked, given to me completely. A toy.”

Her body, slightly plump but not unpleasantly bulgy by any means, was beaded with sweat. He walked her over to the windowed balcony, pressing her nude body against the glass.

Her boobs, modest as they were, flattened against it. Rain ran down the door from outside, and her breath fogged it up at her mouth level.

“This window is so cold, oh,” she gasped in exhibitionist pleasure as chill bumps grew around her hardening nipples.

“There, now the whole city can see you bared for me. Are you humiliated, slut?”

When she stepped back, turning to face him, he saw that her body, especially her boobs, had left their mark in sweat on the window.

“That’s sexy,” he admitted, finally unzipping his pants. The aching pressure in his loins was excruciating, but he resisted undoing his fly and letting her have it right away. Instead, he ran his fingers over her flesh, nails-first. Chill bumps broke out on her flesh as she felt the tips of his sharp nails trace her every curve, even her nipples. She knew he could dig them in and scratch her any time that he chose; she just didn’t know when, or even if, he would. Her heart raced in half-excited apprehension.

It seemed he let her off easy, though, returning his hands to his jeans button.

Or so it seemed; he grabbed two handfuls of her pale but fleshy butt, digging in nails-first. She tensed up and grunted.

“Look what you did to me,” he said, dropping his pants to reveal a very above average penis, rock-solid and pointed at her.

“Oh my god,” she breathed, excited for the stuffing job she was about to get, but anxious over the challenge of accepting it.

“You better take care of it.”

She got on her knees and opened her mouth wide.

“Not your mouth; that wouldn’t be enough of a challenge.” he reconsidered after another look at her lips. “Ok, your mouth a little bit.”

He grabbed her hair once more and ventured inside her, feeling her moan softly as he slid inside all the way to the back of her throat.

He shuddered as she bit down, overcome by an unexpected wave of pleasure.

“Oh okay,” he said breathlessly, “so you’re the challenge.”

He thrusted down her sex izle throat a couple of times, then withdrew, leaving her in shambles to wipe the drool from her chin and catch her breath.

Andre was soaking wet with her saliva and a dangerous amount of pre-cum, which was why he had to give up on her mouth so soon.

It wouldn’t do to appear weak and without stamina when he was the Dom.

Seeing her have to regain composure after only a few seconds of actual sex with him excited Andre.

He leaned down to the tile floor where she rested on her pale knees and cupped her throat in his hand. He guided her half-gently into a laying position and set his knees atop each of her spread legs, then slid into her hot and humid pussy. Some of her fluids dribbled onto the floor as he ventured inside her. He watched her face, eyes closed with pain but lip bitten in pleasure.

Once he was sheathed inside her, he began to gyrate and squeeze her neck gently.

“Yes,” she screamed with gritted teeth, sweat and pain-tears running her black mascara. She was covered in the scent of some strong perfume mixed with sweat.

“Oh God yes.”

Her body had several small, fairly tacky tattoos with nature themes, and Andre suddenly found himself floored that this wise, independent new age girl was submitting to him, and that he was currently beating her cervix like his manhood was a battering ram and she was the most stubborn door.

She shut her eyes tight and growled once with effort, or perhaps pain.

As her breathing grew quicker, he slowed the pace.

“Stop it; you’re not gonna cum until I tell you,” he commanded, slapping her playfully on the boob.

She moaned and tightened briefly; Andre shuddered, coming dangerously close to orgasm as well.

Andre decided to overlook the appearance of weakness. He needed to cum, right now.

He slapped Caity’s other boob and then squeezed them both.

Her moan sent him over the edge, and he pulled himself out of her before possibly getting his old best friend pregnant.

The tsunami of semen sprayed onto her flat stomach instead, resting in pearlescent pools even in her navel.

Although sleepiness filled his limbs with the extreme satisfaction he felt, still Andre leaned over. “Forgive my navel fetish,” he noted, lapping up his own juice from her belly button.

She flattened her stomach for his benefit, and it sent a thrill through Andre. “Yes,” he groaned, putting a hand on her stomach, “please keep moving it.”

He shuddered with pleasure at feeling the movement of her core.

“Did you cum while I was fucking you?” He asked, once her belly was cleaned several times over.

“A couple of times, thanks,” she replied with a naughty giggle.

“Just curious,” Andre replied. “But I’m not done punishing you.” He got up, pulling her up with him. “Hands on the window,” he commanded.

“How’s it feel to have everyone looking bedava porno at you, whore?” He teased.

Her palms were flat against the window, back arched slightly.

He slapped her butt, hard. It shook slightly with the impact, and he squeezed his handful of her ass in praise.

He spanked her several more times, her whole body recoiling from the strikes and her mouth open in ecstatic lust. Eventually the feeling became so intense that she forgot to control her bladder and let loose a long yellow stream on the tiles.

Andre hesitated. “Good girl,” he granted, teasing her clit quickly with his fingers as a thank you. After that, he went to the counter behind him and picked up a stick of butter.

Caity could see little in their reflection in the window, but she spotted that.

“Oh god, that’s gonna hurt,” she said, half-kidding.

“Only If you don’t relax, and if I’m not gentle. which I won’t be.”

Harder than he had been so far that night, Andre gripped her pale thighs and lined up his pelvis with hers.

“Stay like that,” he commanded, buttering her anus with his fingers, and then rubbing the stick of butter up and down the length of his manhood. Andre gripped Caity just under the hipbones and slid into her. It was something of a struggle at first; she was clearly an anal virgin.

Nonetheless with some effort he made it in as far as her anatomy would allow. Her head went downward, casting her fake red hair over her face, but she slowly looked up once more, putting her head level with the hands on the window. Andre gently scratched her back, lingering in this moment of maximum penetration for a while. He enjoyed the feeling of her body heat, of her soft rectum.

“We should do this more often,” Caity gasped.

“I thought you wanted me to be the assertive one,” Andre observed, thrusting into her forcefully to punish her infraction. Once he started, it would’ve been torturous to stop, so he continued railing her hind end, grabbing the ends of her hair and pulling her head back slightly.

Her screams were so wild and wanton that Andre almost came within the first minute, but he kept his composure and reached underneath her to inspect her boobs. Her nipples were very hard, bumps of gooseflesh breaking out all over the humble but perky mounds.

He pinched her nipples and twisted them slightly; with that, Caity folded over, screaming in delight. Andre came as well, excited by her obvious satisfaction. He groaned loudly, leaning over onto the object of his domination, as wave after wave of jizz gushed from him, deep inside her anus.

It felt as if all his frustrations and needs had gone right with it.

The fit of his favorite appendage inside her butthole was still tight despite the fact that he’d calmed down, so Andre gave himself a couple of strokes to make sure he was done filling her up. He withdrew from her breathlessly just after.

“I’m gonna have to take a nap,” he detailed, “but after that, want to stay for dinner?”

“You’re still painfully domestic,” Caity observed with a giggle, looking back at him with sweat dripping off of her flushed frame.

“Not in some areas,” he pointed out.

This time, Caity was forced to agree.

Conception Point

Big Dick

As I look out over the bleak winter city streets, I recall the warmth of a summer day out in rural Alberta where I grew up. I’m sitting in a coffee shop and stir the sugar and cream in my mug and my mind drifts away to a better time and place, back home. The day my mind returns to is the topic of this story.

The farm I lived on was quite isolated and had stretches of farmland and treed clearings, with lots of wildlife. Frequently hunters would arrive and wanted to build concealed blinds up in tree tops from which to hunt deer. This would be in the fall season , so in spring and summer I would climb up and wait for deer to come into the clearing so I could shoot them…with a camera. It sort of sickened me when the hunters would kill on my property and I had no desire to do this.

One late afternoon, I was up in my tree stand and heard a rustling in the bushes. I got my trusty camera ready and held my breath. Deer are easily spooked by pretty much anything. To my amazement, instead of a deer making it’s way into the clearing , it was a slender but shapely girl. I remember recalling that the neighbor had a college girl visiting them and I assumed this must be her. What a beauty she was! Long and curly red hair, big green eyes and such a hot body. My throat got dry and my scalp tingled. I wondered what she was doing here.

Apparently she had come here to read and that is what she mom porn set about to do. She rolled out a yoga mat right under my tree stand and pulled a magazine out of her backpack. She laid on her stomach and flipped through the pages. Her butt cheeks were well rounded and nakedly visible from out the frayed bottoms of her cut off tight denim shorts. As she read, the calves of her legs swayed and crossed at the ankles, right above her taut, round ass and tawny, bare thighs. I had a sudden urge to bury my face in between her butt cheeks and lick and tongue-kiss her anus while massaging her voluptuous derrière.

The sun warmed her skin as she read and I couldn’t believe my luck. I took a few photos to fuel my self induced climaxes I had planned for later. She continued reading and humming to herself as the insects, birds and the breeze sang along. She reached back and swatted a mosquito that had landed on her left butt cheek. Her hand left a red welt on her quivering ass flesh. I now had a perfect view of her denim covered crotch. The fabric was pulled tightly up in-between her legs and was slightly darkened around her perfectly framed pussy mound. This would warrant some more pictures!

On magnification of the photos I’d be able to enjoy every square inch of her nubile form, maybe even spot a stray pussy hair amongst the white cotton threads of her faded cut off jean mobil porno shorts. I was so distracted as I admired her that I slipped and made a bit of noise up in my deer blind! This was a first but so was prairie girl watching, I suppose. I froze in place and prayed I would not be found out. She turned her head and looked in my general direction for a while. Sadly, she decided to leave the clearing and once again, looked back over her shoulder to where I was hiding as she sauntered away.

That night I dreamed of her and woke up with very erect and aroused genitals. I knew I wanted to see her again, but would she ever risk walking out into my clearing again? As unlikely as this was, I went back out there and took a seat in the tree stand once again. To my delight, she returned, this time wearing a bathrobe and cowboy boots. Her hair was wet and I remembered the family she was visiting had a hot tub. This time she laid on her back on a mat directly in front of the tree where I was hiding. She held a magazine in front of her face, which hid me safely from her view.

I started stroking my growing bulge as I watched her, while being very quiet, of course. I looked closely at her book and was surprised to see it was porn! There were men as well as women featured and this got me even more aroused. As she continued reading, her hand strayed down below her bare, xnxx porno downy belly and cupped her sex mound, still covered by the bathrobe. She then parted her legs and drew her knees up to her chest.

She was now fully exposed and I had to stop touching myself or else I’d cum in my shorts. She tossed the book aside, and with her eyes closed in bliss, yawned and smiled to herself. I watched fascinated as she massaged her small, ripe breasts and nipples and arched her back. She was moaning as she spread her legs in a vulgar display of hot pink wetness. She strummed at her clitty, while squeezing her nipples. Her head was turned to one side, her mouth was open and her eyes were shut tight as her moans became louder and more lustful.

Her heels dug into the grass, her hips raised up and I looked down at her hot vagina, well lit and wide open in the broad daylight. I couldn’t help but do what I did next. I took out my hard cock, kneeling carefully on my platform, and pumped it with long solid movements. I continued staring at the space between her legs and squirted my pent up love cream at her! I was right on target. My come shot drilled into her pink, fertile gash. She screamed and climaxed at the same time while looking right at me! I was still holding my cock when her lust glazed eyes closed tightly again and she began driving her cum coated fingers, three at a time, deeply into her sex furrow.

I waited out the next few days for a knock at my door and surely expected I was in trouble. Nothing ever came of it. I heard news of her only once later, months later, that someone had made her pregnant and she went back to Montana to have the baby.

Confession of a Panty Thief


It’s not something I am proud of, I mean if it wasn’t for this thing I’d be a really good person, I mean I am a good person now, except, except when I have to do it. I guess if it wasn’t such a perverted little thing I might not be considered creepy or sick. Of course there are times I wonder if the women weren’t a bit flattered that I stole their panties.

It all started years ago when I lived with my family in a house near a Laundromat. Each week my mother would load up the dirty clothes, toss them in some large bags, grab my hand and we’d walk. While the clothes washed and dried I got to watch the other pretty ladies washing their clothes. When the drying was done my mother would let me move the clothes from the dryers and put them in the little cart with wheels.

I remember how nice the clothes smelled, almost like flowers. The towels would be so warm, my pants and shirts would be kind of rough, but mother’s clothes, especially her underwear, her panties, they were so soft. I can remember how wonderful they felt on my face, the soft, shimmering fabric and the hint of lace.

As I got older, mother and I would go together, but once the washing was done, she’d load up the dryers and leave me to unload them. Once I unloaded the dryers I would sneak home with the roller cart from the Laundromat. Mind you , I didn’t steal the cart, I borrowed it to get the clothes home. After my mother unloaded the clothes from the cart, I’d bring it back.

Of course while I waited for the clothes to dry and after I brought back the cart I had free roam of the Laundromat. It was so easy to wander past a lady folding her unmentionables, as mother gerçek porno started calling them, and slip one into my pocket. I’d then rush out and dive into one of my hiding places and enjoy my new trophy. I got to love the soft feel of satin and lace.

When I went into high school I would volunteer to do the wash each week, so I could continue with my theft. By then I had come to appreciate the unwashed panties, though stealing those were difficult. A teenager doesn’t have the liberty to move in and around the woman at a Laundromat without drawing attention. I usually found a little kid I could bribe into grabbing the panties out of the women’s hampers.

When I graduated from high school may parents moved away and left the house for me to live in. During the last year of school I got a part time job at the Laundromat, and while some of the women complained about missing lingerie, and about how creepy I was, my boss never did suspect me. Of course, at eighteen, while I still liked the feel of the panties on my face, there were other places on me that enjoyed the soft material.

It was then, while I would make some deliveries for my boss, that I began following some of the ladies home. Then I learned how good things could be. I remember following her the first time after lifting two nicely stained pairs of panties from her laundry. It was perfect, the house next door was empty, one of those up for sale by the banks.

Anyway, as she walked in the front door, I quickly ducked into the bushes next door and in a short time I watched as she put away her clothes. With one pair of her panties on my genç porno izle head and the other wrapped around my cock, I slowly stroked my cock. Letting the crotch of the panties run down my nose I worked my lips over the crusty dry spot and began sucking, tasting her while breathing deeply through my nose. In no time I was spurting my cum into the satin panties and onto the ground.

I guess it if it ended there I wouldn’t be talking to you now, I mean what’s a little trespassing and peeking in windows to you guys, right. Anyway, I made it a habit of coming back, like I said it was the perfect setup, I could hide along the one house and by moving in the bushes a bit I could see through a number of her windows. For the most part I watched as she cooked, cleaned the house and sat and watched TV.

Finally, one day when I was watching, someone came by in a delivery truck. I thought it was strange when he didn’t have a package or anything, he just came up to the door. She let him in, immediately kissed him and then led him back into the bedroom. I had to move onto the back porch of the house next door, but there was still enough bushes to hid behind.

She stepped into the bathroom and then came out naked. The man grabbed her, and pulled her onto the bed. I watched her spread her legs and he kneeled down before her, moving his head up to her pussy. She was kind of still for a while, but then started moving, pushing herself up against him. Wow, I pulled out my cock and went to town.

After a while, he pulled off his shirt and pants and climbed up on the bed with her. Once again she spread her legs, hdx porno this time grabbing his cock and putting it in her pussy. He then fucked her good, moving his ass back and forth. Once again she was still at the beginning, but at the end she lifted her ass up off the bed each time he shoved his cock into her, it was incredible. Hell, I came all over that back porch.

I was about to leave then when it happened. I had climbed down off the porch and was heading for the front yard when a car pulled up into the driveway. I saw him look at the delivery truck, shake his head and go in the front door. Fuck, just a second later the delivery guy goes running out to his truck pulling his pants on. Took him three times to start his truck, but when he finally got it started you could hear the wheels squealing as he made a quick turn and drove away.

I was still in the bushes next door when I saw them in the kitchen. He hit her, with the back of his hand and she hit the floor. He went back toward the living room, I could see in there, but when he came back he had a gun. That’s when I moved through the bushed and ran out across the front yard next door. I heard a sound, a loud crack, then another one. I ran across the street and into the alley, hiding behind a trash can.

The husband came out front and looked around, then went back inside. That’s when I ran back through the alley and one of your buddies nabbed me. That’s why I had her panties in my pockets and why you found my footprints and sperm next door. I was next door watching, but I never went into her yard, not to her door or in her house. That’s the truth, I swear.


After a few moments of silence, the officer reached over and turned off the video camera. A door opened and the officer said, “We’re done here, you can take him back to his cell.” They then helped me up from the chair and led me out of the room.

Fun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 08


This could be the final part of my tale, convention tells me not to let it grow too big and sprawling so let’s hope for a neat conclusion, David and Bill have been busy boys since finding Cathy helpless in the bath, to complete the circle it seems almost inevitable that we should have some more bathroom action, let’s see how David likes it when the tables are turned…..

I know I have to end the story somewhere but it seems a bit of a shame really, I love these characters and I still want to write about them, perhaps I can bring them back in the future with some other antics, would you like to meet them again?

Anyway, read on and enjoy, it’s only meant to be a bit of fun for those who like such things, and don’t worry, families don’t actually behave like this in real life, do they…?


Sunday morning, nine fifteen.



Sunlight was probing the small gap at the top of the curtains, not my own bedroom curtains but someone else’s.


I re-checked the time, nine sixteen and the big bed was definitely empty, no Bill, no Pamela, no girls, just me on the spare couch, I rested my head back down and tried to gather my thoughts, there was thunder last night, I clearly recalled trying to sleep through it and Bill snoring like Rip Van Winkle…..



I ran my hand down my front to check something, my cock was slimy under the wrinkly hood and when I withdrew my fingers they had the smell of tinned sardines about them.



Closing my eyes I tried to concentrate, my back was feeling easier, I surely remembered having that recurring problem again, it was a damned nuisance, but then plenty of other guys in their fifties have much worse to cope with, then it was as though a veil was lifted and it all came flooding back to me.













Bill and I had lusted after each other’s eighteen year old daughters for quite a while and it seemed the previous night’s thunderstorm had brought all the vital ingredients into place, the girls wanted to lose their cherries and we obliged, it was as simple as that.


I wandered out to the bathroom and had a pee, I brushed my teeth with the door open to listen for signs of life but the house was silent and seemed deserted, the door to Julie’s bedroom was closed and I guessed the two girls would still be fast asleep so I wrapped a towel around my waist and went down to the kitchen to find some breakfast, there was a note on the kettle for me.


Mrs Tuttle was a dear old lady of ninety two who lived a couple of streets away, Pamela went to visit her every day, such a kind hearted woman our Pamela, I looked at the note again, kiss kiss kiss…..yes, she had indeed been kiss kiss kissed, in the early hours, after the girls had gone back to Julie’s room with wobbly legs and fond memories, Pamela had settled down between me and Bill and tried to sleep, but of course she was all horny from watching us deflowering the girls.


I was too knackered to do much, it had been a hectic few days for my trouser department but Pamela seemed content enough to squirm around between us and let us touch her with our fingers and our mouths and yes, our cocks as well, she worked herself off against us in all kinds of positions and by the time she had come a couple of times, she seemed satisfied enough to fall asleep.


So I found the Cheerios and helped myself, I made a cup of tea and kept looking out to see if Pamela’s car would return, but no sign of her, I was in a kind of limbo, nobody to talk to, it was too early on a Sunday to wake the girls, I could have read the paper which I found in the hall on the mat, but what I really needed more than tecavüz porno anything was to freshen up from last night’s activities.


I did as well, urgently, so I went straight upstairs to the bathroom, did I tell you about Bill and Pamela’s bathroom yet?


Pamela has an excellent sense of style and good taste and their bathroom was one of the highlights of their lovely home, it was larger than ours because they had knocked a wall through and sacrificed the tiny box room for the sake of some extra bathroom luxury, black and white marbled tiles on the floor, a huge sunken bath with a marbled surround including gold plated taps and fittings was on the left of the doorway, to the right they had twin matching sinks and a massive mirror with lights around it and shelving for makeup niceties.


Instead of being a moulded bath sat in a shaped recess the bath was formed from the recess itself, with tiled sides and bottom, it was big enough to hold about three people comfortably, a vision of Cleopatra bathing in milk in that silly Carry On Cleo movie flashed across my mind.


I started the water running and selected some smelly bath salts from a posh little shelf with all kinds of expensive looking potions and jars, I admired the separate shower cubicle with the patterned glass but I really needed to relax in some deep warm water, my back still needed some care and attention, the other fittings were of the same high quality, the usual loo of course plus a bidet, there’d have to be a bidet with Pamela around, I don’t mean she’s dirty, just the opposite, she wants all the bells and whistles and it all has to be spotless, set in a small alcove above the bath in the corner was a small statuette of two lovers entwined passionately, another obvious Pamela touch, just like the attractive pot plant on a decorative pedestal behind the door, the edge of the china pedestal was facing the bath and doubled up as a handy soap dish.

I peered in the mirror as the bath was filling up, I didn’t look too ancient but I was still amazed that a young girl like Julie would want to get dirty with me, Bill was ecstatic about fucking my daughter, the look on his face last night had been a picture, I supposed that if the girls were okay with it then why shouldn’t we oblige them, much safer to have their first time that way than in a back alley somewhere behind a nightclub.

The bath water was good and deep with more than enough froth on top, I didn’t intend to choose bubble bath from the rack but apparently I had and there was a growing cloud of bubbles.


I hung up the towel and carefully peeled away the dressing from the puncture wounds on my bum where the garden rake got me in the shed, if you haven’t read that part yet then I suggest you do, it might make you smile, but not if you like sausages.


Stepping into the warm water with the bubbles was instantly relaxing, I sat down rather hesitantly but my wound was fine and soon I was stretched out almost fully submerged, there was a handy little blow up pillow to rest your neck on… I did exactly that and…..aaahhhhhhh…..


Enjoying the warm water immensely I closed my eyes and let my mind wander, I really needed to get back to the keyboard as soon as possible while all my carnal memories were still fresh, I could feel a story coming on about virgins sacrificing themselves to older men and started to think about how I would describe my daughter’s young body to a completely new audience.


How would I manage to convey the exquisite beauty of her uplifted young breasts with the coral pink nipples, would my readers really want to hear about her tight looking cunt with the smooth labia, the fact that she had removed the blonde hair around her pussy would turn on a few people wouldn’t it….?


Maybe not, but I’ll bet the sight of the soft skin around her navel being smeared with her uncle Bill’s sperm would raise a few eyebrows, if only I could find a way to bring that to life on the page, her pink nipples were erect and her face was flushed quite red as Bill pounded her with his fat cock, although I was fucking the lovely Julie at the same time right next to them, I felt very tempted to reach over and touch my daughter’s breasts, is that so terribly wrong of me?


“Come on you horny cow, I dare you to walk around without any pants on!”

“But what about our dear fathers?”

“Well mine will be on the golf course, like he is every Sunday morning.”


The bathroom door opened and I heard a slap, like someone smacking a bare behind.

“In you go you lovely little slut, you need a shower 18 porno my girl!”

“So do you, sex is so smelly.”

Quickly, but with an absolute minimum amount of movement I allowed myself to slide further down until my nose and forehead were almost lost in the bubbles, the soapy water was deep enough to hide my body completely.


Too late, the giggling youngsters were already piling in and bellying up to the sinks, I stayed completely still and held my breath.



Yes I should have said something…..but I didn’t…..and now we had a potentially embarrassing situation building.

“Uncle Bill was like a stallion, my fanny was still tingling as I fell asleep.”

“Your dad was quite good too, even with his bad back, I never realised how warm spunk is when it first hits you.”

“Yeah, but it soon goes cold and watery, yuck.”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t like it, you little fibber!”

There was another wet sounding slap as Julie’s palm found Cathy’s bare bottom again.

“Ouch, you cow!”

I had to see this, my pulse was racing, so I slowly turned my head to the right in the bubbles and there through the fronds of the plant I could just see the two naked bums as the girls peered at themselves in the mirror, it wasn’t a very clear view but it was enough to tell they wore no knickers, Julie still had teddy bears on her vest and Cathy’s black edged baby doll had the usual effect on me, things were stirring under the water.

“Do you feel any different this morning…..I do?”

“Oh yes. it was so right, I never thought a warm cock would feel that much different to a dildo, I mean its hard yes…..obviously, but also it’s…..bendy, resilient, living, kind of soft when you grip it… know what I mean Cath?”

“Oh yes!”

Julie moved to the left and I sank down again almost to my ears, I heard the toilet lid being lifted and seconds later a steady tinkling sound began.

“Oh that’s better.”

It was Julie on the loo, I’m hardly into what’s termed water sports but the sound of her peeing was oddly erotic, the loo was just next to the shower cubicle and as she sat there she’d be facing the door with the bath next to it, I waited for the outcry but none came.

“Last night was brilliant, I never thought your dad would go through with it, he really surprised me.”

“Me too.”

Cathy was brushing her teeth at the sink, making conversation awkward.

“You know Cathy, now we’ve got that little obstacle out of the way I want to do more.”

“Really… what?”

“A blow job, I want to give head, I want to see what it tastes like to have a hard cock in my mouth.”


“Wow, me too I guess, it seems like oral sex is all that some people think about, judging by the articles I’ve been reading lately, I mean, what is it with men, what’s this fixation they have with coming on a woman’s face or in her mouth?”

“Yeah, I’ve browsed a few porn sites at college and they are full of cock sucking and come shots on faces, doesn’t it make you wonder what it’s like Cathy, what if my dad had wanted to finish on you like that last night, would you have let him, or would you turn away?”

“I’m not sure…..”

“How decisive of you dear friend…’re absolutely hopeless, it’s always me that has to push things along isn’t it?”

“Don’t be crabby with me Jules, oh look, someone’s left the bath ready, look at all these lovely bubbles.”

My daughter’s hand dipped into the water and I froze, what should I do, what could I do?


Beneath the foam I was trying to shrink away towards the left side of the wide bath, I was in a bit of a panic by then, if I shot up out of the water like a demon she’d probably jump out of her skin.

“This water’s still warm…..I’m getting in.”

“I thought it was going to be a shower this time?”

Julie sounded miffed.

“Oh come on darling, these bubbles smell wonderful, it would be such a waste, I’m taking my nightie off and getting in the bath, we can still have fun in there…..come on baby.”

“Oh alright then, you know Cath, I think I’ll keep the shaved look, I love the way my coochy feels without hair, how often will I need to shave it do you think?”

“Every few days to keep it smooth enough for a good licking.”

The toilet flushed and then a strange incident took place, it seemed to happen almost in slow motion but there was nothing I could do to prevent it…..Cathy was stepping into the bath facing the shower end and I was looking up between her legs from the suds…..she got one foot in and just briefly grazed my ankle with a toe but I don’t think she realised what it was, then as she lifted her other leg and shifted her weight, my leg moved slightly and our feet made contact, she let out an almighty shriek and panicked…..

“Oh my God….!”

My bubble covered head and torso konulu porno shot out of the water just like in a scene from a horror movie and I sat up quickly, accidentally burying my nose between the cheeks of Cathy’s arse at the same time, of course she screamed again and jerked away from me which only made her foot slip on the tiled bath, my naked daughter fell back on top of me with her arms flailing and her slender body slid down my front….!


I spread my arms to break her fall, another bath tub accident was the last thing we needed, the water surged and slopped over the edge of the surround, splashing Julie as she stood next to us in just her teddy bear vest but I didn’t have time to admire the view this time, I was trying to catch Cathy’s nubile body as she struggled on top of me, my arms enclosed her and my hands came to rest on her firm breasts as she squirmed in my lap!

“Daddy what are you doing here?”

“I was having a bath, what do you think?”

As Cathy wriggled on top of me trying to get up, it was like having an underwater lap dance, only we were both naked and my already awakened penis was mashed between my daughter’s legs as she moved, every second of that exquisite contact will be forever etched on my brain and I will always remember how my cock nudged at her soft opening, as I tried to sit up with her my penis almost slipped inside her body and she panted with my hands on her chest; eventually she got her feet flat on the tiles and with her hands on my raised knees she pushed herself upwards, her streaming rear end was right in front of my face and my mind took a picture of her intimate details which I will always treasure.


Cathy knelt by my feet and turned to face me, wiping the soap from her eyes, then she realised she was naked in front of me and quickly squatted down in the bubbles to hide herself again.

“Daddy, what the hell is going on?”

“I’m sorry darling, I didn’t mean to alarm you…..”

“Well you did!”

“No need to shout darling…..”

“Uncle David…..were you spying on us?”


“But you must have been listening?”

“No… ears were full of water…..I didn’t hear a thing Julie, honestly.”

“I don’t believe you, I think you were perving, I think it’s time we found out just what kind of a father you really are!”

Julie’s arms crossed over and grasped the hem of her short vest and then she took it off in one smooth upward movement, I’ve always been fascinated by the way women do that, I tried it once and got all tangled up, her firm breasts shook as the vest released them and she stood there completely naked and put her hands on her hips.


“Well are you going to move over or not?”

“Julie I don’t think…..”

“Quiet… must have heard me talking about wanting to suck a cock… might as well be yours I suppose, now let me in.”

Julie put one tanned leg over the surround and into the warm water, she stayed like that long enough for me to admire her hairless quim, then she stepped into the bath next to my daughter and I retracted my legs to give her more space, Julie stood looking down at me imperiously.

“I don’t suppose you’ll mind if Cathy watches, not after last night?”

As she said this she lowered herself into the bubbles onto her knees with her trunk still upright, I watched with my mouth hanging open as she scooped up handfuls of bubbles and lathered her tits with them, this was more of a naked close up than I’d had previously, when we fucked the night before I was lying on my side behind her and it was fairly dark, so this was something new and yes, you’ve guessed correctly, my cock was rigid and I kept my knees raised as a kind of protective screen for some weird reason, despite the suds, Julie edged towards me on her knees.

“Julie, are you sure you should be doing this….?”

Cathy’s meek question prompted Julie to swivel round towards her and I was treated to the marvellous view of Julie’s wet rear, she bent forward and pushed her butt out to me as she slapped a big lip lock on my daughter, the teenagers kissed and I studied Julie’s pouting cunt lips through the bubbles, they were altogether of a darker complexion than Cathy’s and the folds of her labia were more crinkled and protruding, I parted my legs and my hand went to my burning erection.








After a lingering kiss, Julie whispered something in Cathy’s ear and my daughter nodded enthusiastically, Julie’s head turned to me and she wiggled her tushy.

“Had a good look then, are you ready for me?”

Still on her knees with her soap smeared breasts thrusting proudly, Julie turned back to face me and edged towards the wall side, there was now enough space for Cathy to kneel alongside her and she came forward, I now had two very different pairs of tits to ogle, my daughter’s were pale and pink, her lovely friend’s were tanned and larger with dark nipples, they both smeared themselves with bubbles for my viewing pleasure.