Kassandra, Woman of Mystery Ch. 02


Chapter Two, More Complex Than Mysterious

I learn more about this mysterious lady as she shares me with her friends.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Evelynn rubbing my now erect cock through my trousers. Before I realized it, the limo was stopping in front of the Palmer House Hotel. When I stepped onto the sidewalk in front of

7 E. Monroe St, I had a painful erection, but my suitcoat covered the bulge in my pants, so it was not obvious to the people around us. I felt like the luckiest man on earth as I walked through the hotel’s lobby with a beautiful woman on each arm.

When we stepped into the elevator together, Evelynn pressed the button for the 10th floor and resumed to fondling me as we rode in the elevator. When the doors opened, they led me down the hall, and Evelyn opened the door to a suite that was larger than any I had ever seen. In the main room there was a king size bed against one wall, and a large window with a view that looked out onto Lake Michigan.

When the door closed behind us, Evelynn said, “Todd, Kassandra and I are going to freshen up and ‘get comfortable’. Why don’t you do the same.” They went into the bathroom and I took off my shoes, jacket, and tie. Then I remembered what Kassandra had said to me the evening she made me dinner for the first time. Considering the way Evelyn had been fondling me since we got into the Limo, I reasoned that these two beautiful women were planning on ‘having their way’ with me, so I took off the rest of my clothes.

As I was gazing into the darkness at the lights from the boats in the marina, I heard the bathroom door open behind me. When I turned around, I saw both women walking towards me, completely nude and holding hands. My cock, which had gone almost completely soft, started becoming erect again, and by the time they stopped a few feet from me I was completely erect.

While both Kassandra and Evelynn were stunningly beautiful in their evening dresses, without their clothes they were very even more lovely, but in an entirely different way. I was already very familiar with Kassandra’s slender, fit, lithe body, with smaller firm breasts topped by tiny nipples, firm ass, and vulva that completely hid her inner lips when she was not aroused.

Evelynn, on the other hand, had a softer, fuller, more shapely body, with very large boobs that only slightly sagged, topped with large dark brown nipples and light brown areolas about two inches in diameter, a belly that looked soft, but not fat, full hips and ass, and a swollen vulva with large dark swollen inner lips that protruded and hung over an inch beyond the outer ones that were covered with wispy curly light brown pubes.

Evelynn broke the silence, saying, “I can tell that you like what you see Todd. Most men your age stare at my big boobies, but I notice that you are staring at my pussy. Do you like my big ‘meat curtains’?”

I snapped out of my hypnotic state and said, “Evelynn, I’m not really a ‘boob man’, although yours are beautiful, and I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time ‘nursing’ on those big nipples tonight. However, I’ve never seen pussy lips that large before, and they look delicious.”

She smiled as she walked closer, dropped to her knees, took my cock into her hands, opened her mouth, and swallowed me until her lips touched my pubes. Then she backed off my cock and stood up. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately, shoving her tongue in my mouth and tangling with mine. When she broke the embrace, she grasped my cock and pulled me onto the bed with her.

I ended up laying on top of her with my erect cock trapped between our bellies. I kissed her full on the mouth as I felt her boobs pressing against my chest like soft pillows while her large hard nipples felt like pencil erasers poking into my chest muscles. I started kissing my way down her chest and nursed hungrily on the large hard nipples that had just been poking me. When I had satisfied my hunger for her boobs, I kissed my way down to her belly and stuck my tongue inside her navel, making her giggle. Why is it that every woman I’ve ever met is ticklish there?

As I moved farther down her soft body, she spread her legs, and soon I was looking at the most intimate part of her body. By this time in my life I had only been with seven women, but every one of them looked slightly different ‘down there’. While Kassandra looked a lot like the younger women I had been with, Evelynn looked completely different than any woman I had ever seen. By different I don’t mean unattractive, I mean unique.

Her sparse bush felt soft and downy against my cheeks and lips. Her outer lips were pink, full, and plump, but the inner ones were dark red, almost purple, and hung like huge earlobes, sticking out several inches past the outer ones. Her vagina gaped open and was already oozing, but when I stuck my index finger inside, she clamped down on me like a Venus flytrap. I pulled my finger out of her and tasted her nectar. It tasted sweet and savory at the same time, and she smelled escort bayan muskier than Kassandra, but not anyway nearly as musky as Kerri Foster, the woman who taught me how to use my ‘curve’.

I took one of her meaty inner lips in my mouth and started to suck on it. Evelynn responded by moaning, “Yea baby, that feels so good.” I kept sucking on her ‘meat curtains’ as she described them, switching between them, and she moaned even louder.

When I put them both in my mouth and started sucking on them. I felt her hands on the back of my head, trapping me between her legs. The more I licked and sucked, the wetter she got, and I drank the bounty that flowed from her vagina hungrily.

Soon I felt her meaty thighs wrap around my head, blocking out all sounds except for the sound of my lapping her juices, and her heartbeat through the femoral arteries in her thick thighs. I started to become light headed, but before I lost consciousness from lack of oxygen, she started to shake, and flooded my mouth as she relaxed and released her ‘death grip’ on me.

That was when I heard her loud moans. I inhaled her aroma, and drank my fill of her erotic nectar, and when she finally stopped shaking and squirting, she raised herself up on her elbows and said, “Damn Todd, I’ve never had a man make me cum like that with just his mouth! Come up here and stick that big cock of yours inside me. I need to be fucked, RIGHT NOW!”

When I climbed up on top of her and kissed her, she said, “I taste pretty good, don’t I?” I smiled and nodded, as I lined my cock up with her vagina, and drove into her as hard and fast as I could. When I felt the head of my cock slam into her cervix, her eyes got big as she exhaled and screamed, “FFUUCCKK!!”

I waited for her to catch her breath, and slowly backed half way out. She smiled and nodded, so I drove back into her just as hard. She met my thrust with one of her own, and soon we were slamming into each other like a train wreck. We hung onto each other as I pummeled her with all my strength. She met every thrust, and soon we were rebounding off each other, and using the bed like a trampoline.

Time seemed to stand still as we each did our best to drive the other ‘over the edge’, and the slapping sound of our bodies meeting was enhanced by the perspiration we were both excreting. Eventually, I saw her eyes start to roll back into her head as her body started to shake as her vaginal muscles spasmed around my cock. This caused me to lose control, and I started squirting my seed deep into her as her pussy milked me like a farmer’s hand on a cow’s teat.

We both came to at about the same time and kissed passionately as we came down. She spoke first, saying, “Damn Todd, that was an amazing fuck!”

I smiled and said, “I agree Evelynn, you have some amazing muscles in your pussy. I’ve never fucked a woman a large as you before, but I have to say that your vagina is one of the tightest I’ve ever been in.”

Evidently, Kassandra had overheard this because her voice came from behind me asking. “Who belonged to the tightest vagina that wonderful cock of yours gas been in, dear?”

I turned my head and smiled as I said, “The tightest woman I’ve ever been in is you, my darling.”

I felt the bed move, and before I realized it, Kassandra was licking my balls. My cock had started to soften, but when I felt her tongue on my scrotum, it got hard again.

Kassandra climbed up next to us and we kissed each other for a time until she said, “Dear, I want you to fuck me ‘doggie’ while I eat your cum out of Evelynn’s pussy.”

I backed out of Evelynn and watched as Kassandra climbed between the larger woman’s thighs, took her large inner pussy lips into her mouth, and sucked like a hungry baby on her mother’s breast.

As she dined on her friend, with her ass in the air, it looked as if Kassandra’s head was disappearing between Evelynn’s massive thighs, and her curly blonde hair looked like a huge blonde bush. I climbed behind her and slid my rejuvenated erection into her dripping wet vagina and fucked Kassandra as she ate Evelynn. I continued to fuck Kassandra until all three of us came together and collapsed in a heap on the bed.

The two ladies recovered before I did, and when I opened my eyes, Kassandra and Evelynn were locked in a passionate sixty-nine. I watched as they devoured each other, and finally ended up turning around and kissing each other tenderly like lovers.

When they became aware of my presence, they motioned for me to join their tender embrace. After climbing between them and kissing each of them I asked, “You two have been in love for a long time, haven’t you?”

Kassandra answered, “Yes we have. I first met Evelynn in Paris twenty years ago when I was on a trip with a group of art students, that included my boyfriend at the time, Gerald Phillips. He had just dumped me for a young French woman named Yvonne, not the current Mrs. Phillips by the way. I was crushed and had nowhere to sleep, but Evelynn offered to share her bed escort bayan with me. That night, this wonderful woman helped me discover my Sapphic side, and we have been lovers, off and on ever since.”

Evelynn continued, “Back then I was Evelynn Blacke, because I hadn’t yet married Jeremy Byrne, Jane Byrne’s brother-in-law. When Kassandra and I came back from France, we moved in together, and shared both male and female lovers. I met Jeremy when Kassandra brought him and his boyfriend home with her. We had a lot of fun that weekend, and later the three of us lived together. We used to pick up guys we thought he would like and bring them home for him to fuck. Sometimes the boys would even let us join them in bed.”

Kassandra finished the story, “Evelyn agreed to marry Jeremy a few years later so that his family could save face and protect his sister-in-law Jane’s political career. By the time, Jeremy contacted HIV during a ‘vacation’ to Haiti, they hadn’t slept in the same bed for a year, and when he died in Switzerland four years later while undergoing an experimental ‘treatment’, the ‘official’ story is that Jeremy had cancer, and his death certificate states that.”

We all just looked at each other for a while, and Evelynn finally said, “Let’s take a bath, we smell of sweat and sex.” I followed the ladies into a bathroom that was nearly as large as the main room of the suite. Along one wall ‘his’ & ‘hers’ sinks stood next to a toilet and bidet. Against the other wall was a large glass walled shower with several different heads, all pointing at different angles. In the center of the room was a spa tub big enough to hold a party in.

Evelynn turned on the faucets and poured fragrant salts into the water. She adjusted the temperature until the tub was filled to the proper level. She turned on the jets and the three of us climbed into the spa and relaxed while the jets massaged our bodies. As I looked across the tub, I was fascinated with the way the bubbles made Evelynn’s big boobies bounce up and down in the water as she closed her eyes and moaned, “Oh baby, I’ve got one jet shooting up my ass and another shooting across my clit.”

I looked over at Kassandra and saw her hanging onto the edge pf the tub and relaxing with her mouth open in a silent scream as she rode one of the jets. I positioned myself so that one of the jets shot up my ass and joined them in their bliss. Before I knew it, my cock was hard again, and I was well on the way to my own orgasm.

We all came sometime later, and when the water started to cool, we all realized it at the same time. We climbed out of the tub together, and after we all dried ourselves, Evelynn turned off the jets and pulled the plug on the tub. When we returned to the main room, Evelynn and Kassandra pulled the bedspread that was soaked with our combined emissions off the bed and threw it into the corner of the room near the window. They climbed under the blanket and top sheet and Evelynn told me to join them in bed after I turned off the lights.

I did as I was told and climbed into the spot they had left for me between them. I snuggled against Evelynn and suckled on the nipple of her huge right breast. I felt Kassandra snuggle behind me spooning, as she reached around and fondled my half hard cock. I fell asleep to the contented sounds of these two amazing women, as they purred like kittens.

I awoke to the feeling that my cock was being sucked and my balls were being licked. When I opened my eyes, they focused on a familiar sight. I recognized Kassandra’s beautiful vulva dripping into my open mouth, so I stuck my tongue past her lips and as deep into her vagina as it would reach.

When I did this, I felt her try to swallow my cock and back off, coughing and trying to get her breath. I attacked her pussy with a vengeance, and soon felt another mouth envelope my cock as I heard Kassandra moan loudly.

The next thing I knew, the mouth on my cock disappeared only to be replaced by a vagina, and I realized that Evelynn was riding me like I was her stallion. When I felt my cock being strangled and my face being drenched by Kassandra’s juices, I erupted into Evelynn’s vagina.

When the two ladies climbed off me I felt my bladder screaming at me to be emptied, so I headed for the bathroom to answer nature’s call. When I returned to the main room, Evelynn was just hanging up the telephone. When I started to climb into bed between the two ladies, Evelynn asked me, “Would you mind getting dressed Todd? I called my personal assistant and she’s bringing over some clothes for Kassandra and I to wear home today.”

I understood because I knew that wearing those fancy gowns while leaving the hotel on a Sunday morning would look out of place. As they went into the bathroom to take care of their ‘morning rituals’, I dressed in the clothes I had worn the previous evening, leaving off my coat and tie. As I waited for the assistant to arrive, I made a pot of coffee, and poured myself a cup.

As I was enjoying the view of the bayan escort gaziantep sun rising over Lake Michigan, I heard a knock at the hotel room’s door. When I opened the it, a stoic looking young Asian woman barely five feet tall wearing a grey business pantsuit carrying two garment bags breezed by me. After I closed the door behind her, she said in a ‘no nonsense’ monotone voice, “You must be Todd, where are they?”

I knocked on the bathroom door, and when it opened the young woman rushed in and the door closed quickly behind her. About fifteen minutes later, the young woman, who I would learn later was named Kiko, exited the bathroom, and quickly put the dresses and shoes my two companions had worn the previous night into the empty garment bags. When she finished, she turned to me smiling and said, “Thank you Todd. I hope we’ll meet again.” and blushed as she left the room.

A few minutes later, when I heard the bathroom door open, I poured two more cups of coffee, and turned around to see Evelynn dressed in a stylish grey business suit with low heels, much like Kiko had worn, and Kassandra dressed in a pair of skinny jeans, a skintight white tee shirt, a black leather bomber jacket, and black Converse Chuck Taylors.

When they saw me staring at them, Evelynn asked me why I was looking at them that way. I answered, “I understand why your assistant brought you a change of clothes, but how was she able to get an outfit for Kassandra?”

She smiled and said, “My girl has been keeping clothes at my condo on North Lake Shore Drive for years.” Then she asked Kassandra, “You said that Todd lives in the apartment below yours, are you still living in that dump on Hallstead that your lawyer and financial advisor talked you into buying ten years ago?’

Kassandra answered, “Why yes, I like the neighborhood, and my neighbors keep to themselves. They aren’t nosy, like yours are.”

Evelynn answered, “Oh come on dear, Mrs. Schmidt calling you a lesbian was an endearment, she’s been a carpet muncher since her husband abandoned her on their honeymoon.”

After we finished our coffee, I put on my suitcoat and stuffed my tie in the pocket before the three of us left the hotel room. When we got off the elevator on the street level, we exited the hotel using the State Street entrance, and Evelynn climbed into a limo that was waiting for her. Kassandra had no trouble flagging down a cab for us, and soon we were on our way home.

Later, as we were walking on the empty the sidewalk of N. Halstead, I said, “So you are my landlady, when were you planning on sharing this with me?”

She looked around, and seeing no one within listening distance, said, “Actually, I was going to tell you next month. You see the Kowalski’s lease is up on December 31st, so I need to have you sign a lease, because you will be paying me directly instead of paying Roger.”

I looked at her with a concerned look on my face and said, “Does this mean that you are going to increase my rent?”

She looked at me with an emotionless expression, and said, “Why don’t you change into something casual, and come up to my apartment. I would rather not discuss ‘business’ in public.” A half block later, we entered the building I only learned today that she owned, and we both went to our separate apartments. I wondered what was going on, but suddenly realized that she was right. To the rest of the city, she was my landlady and I was her tenant, and sharing our intimate relationship with the rest of the world would be dangerous for both of us.

Once inside my apartment, I stripped out of my clothes, and as I was taking off my suitcoat, I noticed Evelynn’s check sticking out of my wallet. I decided it would be a good idea to put it in my account the next morning.

I carefully hung up my suit, dress shirt, and tie, and put my black oxfords on the shelf in the closet. I took off my undershirt and boxers and showered before dressing in the same 501’s, Marilyn tee shirt, and topsiders I had worn when we first had ‘dinner’ together, before I walked up the flight of stairs and knocked on her door.

She opened the door wearing only an oversized Cubs jersey that just covered her ass, and as soon as the door closed behind me, she hugged me and gave ne a toe curling kiss. She dragged me over to the couch and started to say, “Todd, I’m sorry about what I said to you outside….”

I interrupted her and said, “You don’t need to apologize or explain yourself. I know that you are a very private person, and it would not look right to anyone in the neighborhood if they knew that my landlady and I were ‘romantically involved’.”

She saw me grinning, and relaxed. Then she said, “Let me explain, a little over ten years ago, I came into a rather large amount of money from a source I am not at liberty to divulge. My attorney advised me to invest it in something permanent, like real estate. She said that in a city like Chicago, the paper trail would be easier to hide so I decided to settle here. The previous owner of this building was desperate for money, and accepted cash, in the form of several large packages of 100 Euro notes, for the asking price, without question. Since that time, the increase in the value of the property has more than made up for the costs of maintaining the building, so I charge my tenants much less than the ‘going rate’ for the neighborhood.”

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