Julie , Steve Ch. 01


Glad to be leaving work early for the day, Steve Thomas walked to his car wearing his best navy suit. Forty-eight years old, Steve could easily be considered out of his prime. His ex-wife certainly thought so. It had been three years, but he still missed her company. She was the perfect fit for him in so many ways. Blonde where he was a graying brunette. Smoldering brown eyes in contrast to his blue-green. Sharp, exquisite beauty complimenting his proud, hair-covered jawline. Even their heights were perfect; her tall, curvy figure fitting nicely under the arm extending from his broad-shouldered, 6’3″ frame.

But, that was all over now. She had left him and already moved on. It wasn’t a surprise, really. Their marriage had been loveless for years, fueled only by their shared passions and their love for their daughter, Heather. But, Heather was grown now, attending college. The goodbyes were back-to-back. A week after dropping his daughter off, Steve Thomas went apartment hunting. Even for a successful business man, finding a nice place on a single budget isn’t exactly easy. For that reason, Steve had opted for a place outside the city. Sure, it gave him a long commute, but he enjoyed the drive.

He had been looking forward to the drive home. He had just bought a new CD and was looking forward to hearing it.

But, for some reason, a sudden impulse hit him on his way to the parking garage. Not quite certain why he was doing it, he stepped into the coffe shop on the corner. As he walked inside, the warm aromas assaulted his senses. Stopping inside the door, he inhaled deeply, savoring the myriad scents. The shop was unusually busy for the middle of the day on a Thursday.

“What the hell do all of these people do for a living that they’re in here drinking coffee in the middle of the day?” Steve thought to himself.

Shrugging it away, he moved inside to get in line and was stopped cold in his tracks. Suddenly, the smell of freshly-brewed coffee and baked sweets were gone. The crowd was silent. All that existed was the woman at the counter. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She electrified his senses in ways he couldn’t understand. He had to meet see more of her.

“Turn around,” he thought to himself, “I’ve got to see if her face is as amazing as that body.”

He stood there for what seemed like ages, but her order must have been a special one because the line wasn’t moving. Sighing, he looked at the long line once again and decided to sit and wait it out, hoping that he might get a chance to speak with the beautiful stranger. He sat staring at her, admiring her long legs and amazing curves. She was casually dressed and yet still dressed to kill. A simple jean skirt draped over her hips, flowing down over a tight, round ass and teasing the middle of her luscious thighs. Across a small patch of porcelain skin sat the tops of a pair of knee-high, high-heeled boots. Dragging his eyes back upward, he was that she was wearing a deep red top that hugged her sides, revealing a small waist supporting womanly curves. Her long dark hair swept was up neatly, exposing the back of her neck he longed to kiss.

Then, without a warning, she turned. Steve’s eyes were immediately drawn to her chest. The shirt’s neckline plunged deeply between her full breasts. As she completed her turn, he was finally able to see her face; soft, creamy skin and bright green eyes, the pouty, shell pink lips with barely a hint of lipstick on them. She was in her early twenties and full of a raw sensuality.

Coffee in hand, she moved over to add the cream and sugar, her eyes moving over the crowd, resting briefly on Steve before moving on. Steve felt a shudder of excitement unlike any he had known in years. That brief second of eye contact quickened his pulse and made him flush. Then, suddenly, she turned back to look at him again.

Stunned at how perfectly her face matched the rest of her body, Steve dropped his briefcase. To his shagrin, the noise was like a gunshot and the entire shop became silent in an instant. But, he was too entranced to be embarrassed. Without taking his eyes off her, he stammered an apology, and the noise resumed. Still, all Steve could think about was this woman standing across the shop.

“She’s looking at me!” Steve thought. “Why is she’s looking at me? Oh shit, she’s walking over here. Think of something clever to say.”

Smiling warmly at her with as much confidence he could muster, he took a breath and spoke, “Hi. Lovely weather we’re having, isn’t it?”

Steven groaned inwardly, “Perfect, you dumbass,” he thought to himself. He had just ruined his one shot. But, rather than walk away, she inched closer, biting her lower lip to stifle the grin that very evident in her sparkling eyes. Her tone was warm as she mesmerized him with her sweet, sulty voice.

“You don’t remember me, do you, Mr. Thomas?”

As she spoke, recognition began to suddenly it dawns on him. Take away those exciting curves, crop the hair, put her in shorts and a t-shirt…

“JULIE!? It’s you, isn’t it? I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Standing up, he awkwardly hugged his daughter’s best friend from high school, not quite able to feel right about how good her ateşli gaziantep escort bayan breasts felt against his chest. Still, the hug gave him a few, precious seconds to hide his blushing face.

She laughed a tinkling little laugh, pleased that he finally remembered her and returned his hug, perhaps holding on a few moments too long, enjoying the feel of his body against hers before pulling back.

“Thanks, Mr. Thomas. I’m nearly finished with my teaching degree. How is Heather?”

Willing himself to pull out of the embrace, Steve motioned for her to sit across from him. Waiting for her to do so before he took his own seat, he took the opportunity to watch as she sat and crossed her amazing legs. Sitting, Steve continued their conversation.

“That’s great for you. Heather’s good. Good. Last I heard, anyway. I don’t know if that girl is ever going to graduate. She just changed her major again. I don’t have any idea what she’s studying now. If she doesn’t settle down soon, I’m going to have to start playing the lottery.”

Julie smiled, tucking herself under the table. Listening about Heather, she nodded in understanding. Julie has seen her around on campus, always with a different guy and rarely with books in her hands. Sipping her coffee, she laughed quietly as Steve spoke, thrilled to be seeing him again after all this time. Nervous, Julie’s eyes strayed down to the table and she focused on the coffee cup in her hands as she began to speak again.

“I’m so glad to see you, Mr. Thomas. After Heather and I fought… Well, I missed you.”

With those last words, Julie lifted her eyes for a split second, looking out of the top of her head to gauge his reaction.

Forgetting his fascination for the moment, wanton lust left his eyes for the first time as honest concern appeared.

“Fought? What do you mean? Heather and I haven’t really talked much for a while. I get ‘official’ updates once in a while, but that’s about it. What happened between you guys?”

Biting her lip again, fingers tracing over the rim of her coffee cup, she gave a light shrug. “She… She sort of found out that I… had… have a crush on you. She got mad. She said that you were the only reason I was friends with her and that she never wanted to see me again. So, I left.

Julie’s face flushed crimson as the words spill out uncontrollably. Then, her confession finally out, she took a deep breath and watched Steve across the table, fiddling nervously with her cup.

Not knowing what to think, Steve find himself wishing he had his own cup of coffee to stare into. “Oh, why does she have to bite her lip like that?” He thought to himself, “It drives me crazy!”

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Steve replied, “I… I’m sorry to hear that… about you two… I’m flattered, but… Really?”

Julie nodded, glancing shyly up at him as she took a deep breath of her own, a tendril of hair falling from her temple to brush against her cheek.

“Yes, really. I… I wasn’t expecting it, but after your wife left you and I started spending so much time with you and Heather, it just sort of happened.”

Steven reached out tentatively, fingertips brushing the back of Julie’s hand. His heart seemed to skip a beat as he savored her warmth briefly, trying to form his words.

“Julie.” He took a deep breath. “You… you’re an amazingly beautiful young woman. You’re smart, you’re kind, you’re… Did I mention beautiful?” He smiled nervously at her as his cheeks flushed. “But, you’re my daughter’s best friend. Okay, okay. You were my daughter’s best friend. Plus, I’m so much older than you. Old enough to be your father.” Staring down at the table, he forced the next words out. “Again, I’m flattered, but how can this possibly work?”

Looking down, Steve saw that Julie’s hand had left her cup and their fingers were now entwined. Holding his breath, he stared deeply into her eyes, not knowing what to think about the situation any more.

Julie’s breath caught at the touch of Steve’s fingers and her eyes closed briefly. She listened patiently, his speech almost exactly like the ones she had rehearsed hearing hundreds of thousands of times in her fantasies. Waiting for him to finish, she continued to cling to the hope that she could say what was needed to make him understand. Opening her eyes, she looked back at him, leaning forward slightly to lend urgency and need to her words.

“It would work just like any other relationship. Sure, we’d have our obstacles to get around, but if we want it badly enough, we can make it work. I’ve wanted you, loved you, for years. I thought it would go away over time, but it’s not just a schoolgirl crush. It’s not going to disappear, and i’m never going to get over it.”

Steve’s breathing quickened, excited by her desire, and he forced himself to breathe more deeply.

“So, what do you suggest?”

Licking her lips, heart pounding in her chest, Julie smiled brightly at him, her hands reaching to grasp and squeeze his as she murmured softly, “My apartment is just around the corner, Mr. Thomas. Would you… Would you like to come back with me?”

Steven bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan was almost panting now, and he wasn’t quite sure if he’d be able to stand without making a scene.

“Well, I do have the afternoon off… We’re both adults here… And,” he blushed deeply, “you obviously saw how I was looking at you earlier.”

She smiled warmly and gave his hands another squeeze as she nodded and silently rose to her feet. Without a word, she took the half step to bring herself almost directly in front of him and subtly licked her lips.

“Yes, we are, Mr. Thomas. We’re both very grown up now.”

Standing with her, their bodies not quite touching, Steve leaned over and grabbed his briefcase.

“Lead the way, Julie. I… I… I’m ready… I am so ready,” he told her breathlessly.

She smiled and took his hand, leading him from the coffee shop. As they stepped out onto the sidewalk, she slipped under his arm, guiding his hand to rest low on her hip she wrapped her own arm around his waist. “It’s just a block this way,” she said, pointing.

Steve hugged her tight against his body. It wasn’t exactly easy to walk, but he couldn’t imagine waiting another second to get as close as humanly possible to her. His mind strayed to how his hand was moving with the sensual swaying of her hips, and he found himself unable to keep from moving it back and lower, slipping it into the back pocket of her skirt, smoothly and firmly squeezing her ass. “I can’t wait.”

Julie’s breath caught in her throat as she felt his hand slide lower and into her back pocket, and she flushed with pleasure, pointing to a building about halfway up the street as they rounded the corner.

“There, that’s my building,” her voice slightly breathless with anticipation. She felt herself tremble with excitement and wondered, blushingly, if Steve could feel it, too.

His pace quickened as he took longer strides, driven by his hunger for this young woman. Soon he realized that he was tugging her along, and he turned to look at her, skin flushed, nipples erect.

‘*Good. I’m glad we’re close. If we don’t get there soon I’m likely to end up taking you here in the middle of the street.”

Julie giggled and hurried her steps to match Steve’s, her hand reaching into her purse for her keys as they neared the doors. Quickly, she unlocked it and let the two of them in, then moved to the elevator, hitting the call button. The doors opened and they stepped inside. As Julie chose her floor, Steve began to press closer and closer to her, unable to fight his longing. Watching the doors close, heI began turning toward her. Then, just as the doors were almost closed, they open again and a little old lady steps onto the elevator, eyeing the pair judgementally. They smiled at her as warmly as possibly, giggling to themselves, and they’re thankful as she gets out on the second floor. Turning to her once again, Steve grabbed Julie’s face in both of his hands and pulled her to him in a fiercely passionate kiss. His body began to grind against hers, unable to accept the clothing that separated their flesh.

Julie moaned against his lips, knees going weak as Steve covered her mouth with his, and she pressed back against the wall of the elevator, arms wrapping tightly around his neck as she felt him grind into her. Arms enfolding her, Steve squeezed tight. Lips suddenly leaving hers, he kissed her face again and again, trailing to nibble her earlobe and kiss and suck on her neck.

The elevator announced their arrival with a loud “DING!” and the doors slowly opened.

Panting softly, Julie glanced over at the floor number the elevator has stopped on, and she placed her hands on his shoulders.

“Mr. Thomas,” she panted, “this is my floor.”

Gently and reluctantly, she eased him away, her nipples hard and poking against the fabric of her shirt and bra. She took his hand again and tugged him out of the elevator, hurrying with him down the hallway and fumbling with her keys as she tried to open the door. Not wasting any time, Steve stood behind her, arms wrapped around her once again, fingers working up and down her trembling arms. Spurred on by the scent of her hair, he pressed into her, brushing her hair aside with his chin as he kissed and licked her neck once again. A hearty moan escaped his lips as Julie rocked back into him, her ass grinding on his crotch.

“Open the damn door already!” he said, a hungry smile in his voice.

Julie laughed breathlessly, finally getting the door open and stumbling through, her knees weak with pleasure and desire. Steve pushed in behind her, shutting the door behind them. In one swift motion, he shrugged off his suit jacket and tossed it onto the back of a chair. “I thought we’d never get here.”

Julie laughed again, eyes dancing with amusement as she bent to remove her boots. As they hit the floor, she straightened and turned toward him.

“It did seem to take a while, didn’t it?” she teased.

He laughed with her as he tugged off his tie. “Yes, but it was just a blink of an eye compared to how long I plan to spend fucking you.”

Julie gaziantep bayan escort let out a nearly inaudible purr at his words. She watched his face as she reached for the hem of my shirt and slowly lifted it to reveal the flat, creamy skin of her belly and ribs. Then, sensing his anticipation, she exposed her red satin bra to his lustful gaze and then lifted her shirt off over her head. Overwhelmed by this sudden display of her body, Steve knelt in front of her, kissing her belly.

“I’ve got a confession, Julie.”

“What is it, Mr. Thomas?” she asked as her body shivered, her stomach muscles rippling lightly as his lips brushed over her skin. She ran her hands through his hair as she looked down at him, awaiting an explanation.

Heather was right to be mad. Her mother left because I’ve always been fascinated with you.” As he saw her enraptured by his words, Steve spun her around. He licked and nibbled at the small of her back, reaching up and sliding his hands under her bra to fondle her full breasts. “Even before you grew up so much. Heather’s mother figured out that I was usually the one to suggest that you come spend the night all those times.”

Julie’s eyes widened at the confession and her body arched against his hands and mouth. She relished in the feeling of his strong hands teasing her nipples into hard pebbles of desire. Her hands reached out, bracing herself against the wall as she gasped in breathless pleasure.

“Ohhhh. Oh! Mr. Thomas!”

“Call me Steve,” he whispered into her back, his warm breath bringing goosebumps to your flesh. Slowly, he stood up behind her, arms leaving her breasts to loosen her skirt until it dropped to the floor. “And now, finally, you’re mine,” he said with a smile she could hear and feel even though she couldn’t see it.

Julie turned around as her skirt dropped to the floor, her matching red satin thong hugging her curves to perfection, and my eyes gleamed with pleasure as she reached for his shirt, unbuttoning it with trembling fingers.

“I’ve wanted you for years, too, Julie. I just never suspected …” he trailed off as he watched her fingers fumbling with his buttons. He quickly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers and let them drop to the floor, revealing his green silk boxers.

Hearing of his desire, Julie lost all patience with the buttons. She took hold of his shirt and ripped it open, sending buttons skittering across the floor. Her hands eagerly traveled over his bared chest, fingers exploring

every plane and muscle. Lost in his body, she murmured softly, “The … the bedroom … is the door closest to us.”

“I can’t wait that long,” Steve growled.

Reaching down, he tugged her right foot up off the floor, wrapping her leg around his hip. Spinning, he pressed her against the wall, reaching between them to tug her thong aside and to pull his cock out of his boxers. Julie gasped, letting out a startled squeal as spun dizzily and felt herself pressed roughly against the wall. Her hands gripped his shoulders tightly as her thong was shoved aside, revealing her smoothly shaved pussy.

“Ohhh … ohhh yes, Steve…YES!”

Just as suddenly as he had spunner her around, a new thought comes to him. Lowering to his knees once again, he lifted her right foot up onto his shoulder and kissed his way up her thigh, tongue raking across her hot, wet lips. Julie’s eyes widened with delight, her head tilting back as she shuddered at the feel of his tongue. She moaned loudly, one hand tightening in his hair as she licked her. She reached behind her with theo other hand, unfastening her bra and tossing it to the floor. Steve’s fingers trailed up the inside of her standing leg. Slowly, teasingly, he parted her lips so his tongue could dive deep inside her, savoring her taste. With animalistic urgency, he ripped her thong apart, kneading at her ass with his free hand, fingertips teasing her tight hole. Julie cried out in pleasure as his fingers and tongue teased her most sensitve areas. Her hips rolled eagerly against his mouth and she whimpered and moaned, gasping for breath as she watched him with hungry eyes.

“Mmmm. You taste so good,” Steve said agaist her wet pussy, his voice sending subtle vibrations up through her clit. “I can’t believe we waited so long for this.”

Gasping for breath, he returned for more, tongue parting her and circling her clit, causing Julie to shudder and pant with excitement. She writhed against his tongue and pulled him closer.

“Ohh … Oh, Steve … Please … Please! I need you inside me!”

Sucking lightly on her clit, he drew it between his lips, tongue flicking across it eagerly. Her lips parted easily as he slid two fingers inside her, driving in and out of her again and again. Her back arched and she cried out once again, hands tightening in his hair. Her slick pussy drenched his fingers as their motion continued inside her. She ground and bucked against his fingers and tongue, her entire body shuddering and trembling as she struggled to stay on her feet. Reveling in her pleasure, Steve moaned against her, the vibrations rolling up her swollen clit as his tongue flicked over it eagerly. He wanted to taste her fully. He was going to continue pushing her toward the edge until he could finally taste her cum. Her body began writhing and jerking spasmodically with every hard thrust of his fingers, and he knew it wouldn’t be long. She gripped his hair tightly, unable to hold back any longer as the pleasure crashed over her in waves, her pussy clenching around his fingers. Cum dribbled down his hand and wrist as she screamed out.

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