Jocks gone bad part 2 loves redemptions_(1)


So after my experience with jack I was very happy to be at school. Now that we were an item I was the biggest gossip at school. But that made jack upset so two weeks later he asked to meet me at this cute diner in town. Now on arrival he seemed fine but after we ate he said we were threw. I would like to say I took it well but I ran out with tears in my eyes. I am in track and water polo (but those happen later ). So I was running and I didn’t notice this person. Then boom right in front of me was Jared and I must say he gave me the perfect idea. He got up and saw me tear stricken and told me to come with him. He drove me to my house. Lucky me my mom was not home. As he walked in he said I had a nice place. I set my stuff down and put the tv on and went to a music channel. I was happy because they had a black veil brides marathon now I only got into them because of eve the pushy bitch but I mean that with love. So there I told him about jack and i and our breakup. He nodded and listened inching closer he had a boner I could tell he really did turn me on so I went in for it. As our lips crushed together he imeadiatly took our clothes off. I never could resist athlete bodies. So there we were grinding buck naked I was overcome with desire. The the door opened and my mom walked in she took Sex hikayeleri in the view

Fifteen minutes later

After she cleared her throat she asked if this was my boy friend as I tried to answer Jared said we were a couple. My mom just went with it and said my room would be alot more appropriate than her couch. She then went to bed. Up in my room we both were back into it but he had flipped me over his pulsing 10″ dick at my entrance. He and I both wanted it so he inched in while we both moaned in pleasure. Soon he was pounding my ass I was jacking off but he flipped me and re entered. He was hitting spots jack never even tried to and eventually it was to much he pulled out and shot my face. That sent me over the edge and I shot all over my chest. We then collapsed and were spooning we fell asleep. I woke up alone and went down stairs my mom had gone to work. I ate and put on a pair of black skinny jeans and a band shirt I never let eve do my wardrobe again. As I got to school I went to my locker people stared and whispered. The when I just got my stuff jack came up and slapped me. What the he’ll I shouted. How dare you let him do that he spat out. Have you forgotten you dumped me asshole I countered. He rose his hand again but just then eve walked up and surveyed Sikiş hikayeleri the scene. She went right up and landed a really good hit to his face. How dare you she said. He looked stunned then marched off. Are you ok she asked. Yeah I am fine I answered. Ok well text me in class ok. Sure. Then the bell rang and we went to class.

Eve:so what Happened out there

Chris: well jack broke up with me so I ran into Jared and he took me home and we had sex

Eve:so he is pissed why

Chris: guess he is not over me

Eve: he is a douche

Chris: well I have to go bye see ya at lunch

So as I went to get my I – pad Jared came up and saw my swollen face he looked so upset. Who the hell did that he said. No one ok. Did jack do that he asked. You no what yes happy and I stormed off. I met eve at the library. We talked about random stuff then went back to class. School breezed byso as I walked home a truck pulled up beside me. You need a ride asked jack. Go to hell I said completely pissed. Come on babe I am sorry he said. No you jackass you broke up with me I spat at him. You know what you will never find someone like me he said. That’s the point asshole I answered. He drove off and I shortly arrived home. No sooner had I sat down when someone called

Chris}leave Erotik hikaye me alone jack

Jared} calm down it is only me

Chris}Jared I know it’s late butplease come over

Jared}I am on my way

Ten minutes later

As I greeted him with a feverish kiss I knew he was there for me. I pulled him to my room and was thrown on my bed we were grinding and I could feel every contour of his hot body I licked down as I came to his dick. I started bobbing up and down and all you could hear were the moans of ecstasy coming from him. Soon he came in my mouth and I was impressed to be able to get every last drop. I was happy when he just layer there and fell asleep. I lay there happy as could be when my phone got a text

Jack: where the hell are you

Chris: none of your business

Jack: if your with him

Chris: what we are threw I am done with you and your shit just go to hell

Jack: what do you see in him he just wants to say he has banged my ex he doesn’t love you so I see no need

Chris:your wrong

And I shut my phone off. As he began to stir I asked him do you love me. Yes he responded more than you know. Why. Because you do your thing you don’t have to impress all the shit heads to be happy he answered. By why me you can get anybody. Because none of them are you since I met you I was in love if you could see threw my eyes you would understand he responded. And that was that I was in love for now

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