It had been one long day. My best friend Annette and I had gone to the beach to watch our friends Mike and John surf. The sun came up hot and the wind was blowing an offshore breeze. John was one of the hottest local surfers and Mike was his cousin from Oceanside. Annette and I spent all day at the beach watching Mike, John and several other surfers on The Wedge near the Huntington Pier. We sunbathed, swam in the ocean and made several trips for food and beers, but generally just had a great time hanging out, and listening to music.

I had known Annette all through Middle School and High school. We had been members of the school marching band together and had joined several popular girl’s clubs together. I have long brown hair, and I’m about 5 foot, 5 inches tall. Annette’s taller than me, about 5 foot 8, and had long blonde hair and big blue eyes, but she’s not as curvy as I am. I had been an “early bloomer”. You know, I was the one girl in the 7th grade with boobs already.

By the time of my 18th birthday last Christmas, I had a well-developed body, thin waist with a tight butt and large breasts; 34C to be exact. Annette is considered “flat-chested” by most boys. And she often joked about it herself being the “carpenter’s friend”; flat as a board. But Annette’s face is truly beautiful. Beautiful like the Swedish blood that ran in her family. She had the face of a model and I; while not ugly by any means, felt I couldn’t stand up to Annette’s beauty. My face is “school girl” cute, but not like Annette’s. I have very pronounced cheekbones, green eyes, and full lips. My nose is just a ridiculous button nose, though. Not perfect, like Annette’s.

By the time the sun went down, everyone was pretty tired out. Annette asked me if I needed anything before heading back to her place for the evening. “Sleeping over, huh?” said John.

“Yeah, so?” I said. John was always trying to infer the worst possible scenarios and you couldn’t let him get away with anything. Otherwise, the next week, his rumor would be all over town.

“Aw nothing. Are you girls having a slumber party or something?” said John.

“No,” said Annette, “We’re just getting up early to go running on the beach and head down to the border for some shopping. So, we wanted to get an early start.” Mike and John said their good-byes as they dropped us off in front of Annette’s apartment near the pier.

“See you! Drive safe,” said Annette.

I had never stayed over at Annette’s new apartment. She got it just last month for her job near the beach, and also because she would be going to the local community college this Summer. I grabbed my stuff off the sidewalk and followed Annette up the stairs to the third floor. Annette was wearing a simple wrap-around skirt to keep the chill of the evening off of her wet suit. I, on the other hand, was chilled-to-the-bone as soon as the Sun vanished over the horizon.

“C’mon, let’s move it! I’m freezin’,” I said. We trotted upstairs as fast as we could. I got there first and started jumping up and down to try and keep warm.

“C’mon! Open it! Brrrrr!” I yelled. I wrapped my arms around me. I had goose bumps all over my breasts and arms. Annette reached into her purse find her keys.

“Geez, you really are cold, aren’t you?” she said, looking me over.

“How could you tell?” I said, still jumping up and down. She laughed her high chuckle at this, and I couldn’t help noticing her eyes glance at my tits as they bounced up and down in my little top.

Annette opened the door and turned on a light. I picked my stuff up and threw it inside. I helped her with her stuff, too. I was cold! I shut the door quickly. “Can I have the shower first?” I said. “Sure, it’s right through there!” Annette said. I ran for the bathroom and closed the door. I flicked on the wall heater, and started the shower with nothing but hot water. I closed the shower curtain and pulled my suit off. I stepped in the shower.

That shower felt amazing. The warm water cascading over my shoulders and down my butt…ahhhhhh. I picked up the soap and spread the lather over my face and breasts. My nipples were as hard as steel in the hot spray. I thought they were going to freeze off outside, now they were thawing out. The heat of the water felt great on them. I lightly pinched them and ran my fingers around the outside.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned and threw my head back rubbing my nipples. It had been several busy days since I had gotten myself off, much too long. I could feel myself warming up. I dropped a hand to my pussy and pressed a finger along my labia. I took a deep breath. Mmmmmmm, that felt so good. I put one foot up in the corner of the shower for better access. I used my other hand and pulled open my lips; exposing my clit to the hot spray.

“Oh yeahhhh…,” I whimpered. Just as I started to work on my clit in earnest, Annette banged on the door. “Hey! Don’t use up all the hot water in there!” I snapped out of my finger fuck and grabbed the shampoo. “Just a sec! I’m almost out!”

I bursa yabancı escort finished my hair and turned off the shower, then I realized in my haste I hadn’t grabbed a towel, and there were no towels in the bathroom. Dripping wet, I got out of the shower and went to the door. I opened the door a crack.

“Annette?” I said.

“Yeah? What is it?” she replied.

“Can you bring me a towel?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said. Annette came out of what I assumed was the bedroom to the right, reached in a cabinet across the hall and turned around.

“Here ya go,” she said and handed me the towel. She had a smile on her face. I started to dry off wrapping the big towel around my head. “I turned up the heat. Should be warmer in here in a few,” she said.

I finished drying my hair and started on my breasts. Annette was still standing in the door, and she wasn’t looking me in the eye. “What’s up?” I asked. “Oh, uh, what did you want to do about dinner?” she asked. I thought I would try something. I put the towel behind my back and started pulling it between my hands drying my back and shoulders; but also shaking my boobs back and forth. I looked up as I did this, but looked down at Annette. She was staring at my tits.

“Oh, I don’t know. Let’s just get a burger or something fast, Okay?”

Annette’s eyes were glued to my boobs, her mouth hanging open. “Okay! Sounds good to me,” she said slowly and disappeared around the corner.

I closed the door and finished drying off and getting my face on, but my mind was racing. I knew that Annette had always been very sensitive about her small breasts, but I’d never seen her ogling other girls; and certainly not me before tonight. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t sure what she wanted. Besides that, she been dating Dan from the Tennis Team at school for the past two years. I knew that they had done it and more, we told each other everything. I had dated around, but no one really special. We had always shared our triumphs in love and bed as well as our more depressing efforts. But this was something new.

The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful. We went out to a local burger shack, ate and went by Blockbuster to rent a movie. We picked up Gladiator and headed back to Annette’s. When we walked in the door, the apartment was warm, too warm. It was like a sauna. Annette had turned the thermostat all the way up and left it there. We opened windows and opened the door in an effort to right the temp, but we didn’t want to lose all the heat; so the apartment was going to be pretty warm for a while.

“You want to watch the video now?” I asked eyeing her huge TV and the big sofa in front of it. Her dad owned one of those big places that deals in high-tech entertainment systems and her family always had all the latest stuff. We had picked up the movie on DVD and I was really looking forward to watching it.

“Yeah, but it’s a long flick. I’m getting my jammies and robe on first,” she said. With that, we headed for Annette’s bedroom. I got out my PJs and threw them on the bed. I unzipped my jacket and took off my sweater. I sat on the bed to remove my socks and shoes. Annette took off her jacket and shoes and then stopped and stood there. Her hands were at the hem of her short shirt.

I looked up at her. She looked like she was thinking about something. “Hey!” I said. “Oh sorry, I…uh, spaced there for a minute” she chuckled. “Annette, is there something on your mind?” I asked. “Me? No…nothing,” and with that she pulled her T-shirt over her head. Her breasts were small, but definitely not flat. She had always been somewhere between an A cup and a B cup, but her nipples were like two pencil erasers. They had always been long, but now they looked so hard they must hurt. I looked up and Annette was watching me.

Busted. She smiled and pulled her jeans off. I went back to getting my PJs on. I pulled my jeans off and folder them up placing them in my gym bag at the foot of the bed. When I turned around, Annette was naked. She had always had the most gorgeous butt. She used to run track at school and her legs were exquisite, but her butt was awesome; round, firm just like a model. I watched her slip her bottoms on and went about my business.

Two hours, 6 beers and a bowl of popcorn later, Russell Crowe was getting his Roman Revenge. We were curled up on opposite ends of the couch as the credits started to roll. The movie was great! I lolled my head back against a couple of pillows and looked at the ceiling. I just laid there for a minute or so, I couldn’t really tell while relaxing. “Hey!” said Annette pointing.

“Yeah?” I asked, not moving. “Your…you fell out,” she said. I looked at Annette. She was looking at my chest. I looked down. I hadn’t buttoned the top two buttons of my flannel PJs and my left breast was completely exposed. I reached up with my left hand and squeezed it. “It just wants a little action…came out to say ‘hello,'” I joked. Annette didn’t bursa sınırsız escort laugh and licked her lips looking at my boob.

“I’ve always wanted tits like yours,” she said. “What? C’mon, yours are great…,” I started. “Oh, don’t give me that,” she said. She opened her robe and pulled up her top showing me hers. I must have looked a little startled.

“Sorry…,” she said and started to lower her hands. “No, no! It’s okay. Really. Show me,” I said quickly. She smiled a little smile and raised her hands again. Her nipples were incredible. They hardened right before my eyes.

“My tits are so small. They don’t move like yours. They hardly jiggle at all. Wearing a bra is just for fashion for me,” she said, “They’re not sexy, like yours.” She demonstrated how her boobs moved, pushing them around with her hands; squeezing them while I watched.

“Yes, they are, but in their own way. Just look at your nipples!” I said.

“What about them?” she said looking down at her chest.

“They’re so firm, not soft like mine. And look how stiff they get, that’s so sexy-looking. And without a bra, the boys’ll be checking you out from across the room,” I said. Annette laughed and smiled at me. She reached down with her right hand and took her right nipple between her thumb and forefinger, and started twisting it.

“You know, sometimes I can make myself cum just by playing with my nipples,” she said. I just sat there, one hand on my boob and wide-eyed. She took her other nipple between her other thumb and forefinger and started twisting that one, too.

“Mmmmmmm…they have always been so sensitive. It’s almost like when I touch myself…when I touch my pussy…rubbing them like this.” I watched her, I was afraid to move. My heart was beating faster and I opened my mouth to breathe.

Annette slid down in the couch a little, still twisting her nipples in her fingers. They got even longer, if that’s possible. I licked my lips. I realized that I was squeezing my breast. She pulled her robe off and lifted her top over her head and went right back to pulling her nipples without ever looking in my direction. “God, I’m getting so horny. It’s like when Dan does this to me,” she gasped. She did look really sexy. “Dan and I were just here last Tuesday doing this together…mmmmm… ” she said.

“Doing this?” I asked.

“Yes, he sat right here next to me jacking his long, hard cock watching me get off,” she hissed.

I let the robe fall off my shoulders and opened the last two buttons on my top. I looked down at my tits. They were already getting that full feeling they get when I get excited. I cupped them in my hands. A little moan escaped my mouth. I touched my nipples with the palms of my hands, the warmth made my stomach tremble.

“Now that’s what I’ve been talking about,” said Annette. I looked up. Annette had one hand still tweaking her nipples but the other was in her bottoms. Her neck was a little flushed and her eyelids half-closed.

“Just look how beautiful your tits look! That’s what a real woman’s breasts should look like…very sexy!” she said. I looked down at them. They were at their fullest. My nipples just hard little nubbins at the ends of them. I continued milking my breasts with my hands cupped beneath them. Oh God, I was hot. I needed a release.

“Can I touch them?” said Annette.

My mind whirled. What did she say? “It’s just that your breasts look so, so sexy and perfect. I wonder what they would feel like,” she said.

Annette was looking right at me now. “Well, I guess so, I…,” I started. “If you don’t feel comfortable or anything, it’s okay,” she said.

“No, it’s okay I guess. If you can’t touch mine…I don’t know…” I stuttered.

Annette smiled and knee-walked along the sofa to where I was sitting. She sat down next to me. I dropped my hands down to my sides. She looked at my boobs, then looked at me. “Go ahead, they won’t bite,” I said and she laughed. She lifted her slim, long-fingered hand and placed it under my right breast. She lifted it. Mmmmm, the softness of her palm felt good. She squeezed it.

“God, they’re so beautiful…so soft, yet firm. Look how they stand up by themselves,” she said slowly. She took her other hand and placed it on my other breast and started squeezing it, too. Then she ran her hands over my nipples. Shivers went up and down my spine. I looked at her tits. The nipples stood up three-quarters of an inch! They were hard and red…swollen. She pinched by nipples lightly and pressed my boobs together, giving them an aching massage. I squeezed my thighs together and looked at Annette’s face. Her mouth was open and her eyes were locked on my tits. She raised her glazed look to mine, leaned in and said, “I know just what we need.”

She let go of me, put the robe on her shoulders and ran into her room. I was puzzled and not a little embarrassed. I pulled my top closed and buttoned it; crossing my arms in front of me. I heard görükle escort her rummaging around in her room and saw the closet light come on. What was she doing? Two seconds later she came out and went to the DVD player. She fished out a disc and loaded then, ran excitedly over to the sofa and jumped onto it beside me with the remote in her hand.

“What’s up? What have you got?” I asked.

“You’re not going to believe this. I just ordered this last week off the Net,” she said working a few buttons on the remote. Then a video started. A title came up “A Day with Gary Roddmann”.

A young Italian- looking guy was asleep in a bed. Sunlight streamed in through the window behind him. An alarm rang and he hit it twice trying to silence it. He rolled over rubbing his eyes. He pushed the covers off of him. Whoa! Was this guy handsome or what? He had a chest that made my mouth water. He sat up on his elbows and looked around the room, then he reached under the mattress he was sleeping on, pulled out a porno mag, leaned back and started leafing through the pages. “What movie is this?” I asked. “It’s not a movie. It’s an interactive DVD. Check it out!” she answered.

The guy turns to a page of two beautiful women kissing and smiles real big. He pushes his covers the rest of the way off. A large tentpole sticks up inside his boxers. “Jesus Christ! He’s huge!” I said and Annette giggled. Then, the image froze and a menu came up with choices: 1) Gary jacks off 2) Gary goes to the shower 3) The doorbell rings. “You’re kidding me,” I exclaimed.

“Nope. Isn’t this the coolest thing ever?” she laughs. “You mean, he’ll really do whatever we want?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “What do you want him to do?”

I thought for a second and said, “Well, I’ve never seen a guy do it…I mean, by himself, before.” Annette push a button, “Then choice number one it is.”

On the screen, the guy keeps looking at the magazine, but reaches down and starts rubbing his cock through his boxers. He stroked it on the outside a couple of times and the head pushed through the waistband. What a plum! It was bright red and about the size of a ripe tomato. His hand started to tickle the underside of his penis.

“Mmmmmm, oh yeah baby!” came out of the video speakers surrounding us. He laid the magazine down for a second and took his boxers off. Wow! No wonder this guy made porn videos! What a massive cock! He got up on one elbow to look at the magazine, flipping the pages with one hand and stroking the length of his cock with the other. I stole a glance at Annette. Her eyes were half closed and she was licking her lips. She said,

“Look at how he’s fuckin his hand. Oh shit!” With that, she dropped her robe off her shoulders and started rolling her hard nipples between her fingers again. I looked back at the screen. Gary’s cock looked even bigger. He was stroking it pretty fast now; obviously getting ready to let some cum fly. My breasts ached. I looked at Annette again. Her eyes glued to the video, she was rubbing her breasts with the palms of her hands. Her nipples were really hard and long like before. She alternated between pinch-rolling them and milking the undersides of her tits. She didn’t look at me for a second. I let my left hand drift down to my thigh and put it inside my robe. I checked Annette again. She was in sexual oblivion.

I put my hand in my bottoms and lightly stoked my slit with my finger. Ooooo, that was nice. I was so wet. My PJs were damp between my legs. I took a look at Gary on the screen. A blob of precum oozed out the end of his cock, he was turning red and breathing harder. Any second now, he would shoot. I touched my clit. “Oh,” came out of my lips before I could stop. I cleared my throat for cover, but Annette never looked or moved. I circled my finger around my clit.

Oooo, God, I thought. I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath. I slid my finger deep into my pussy and almost screamed. I looked; Annette was still watching the screen only, not me. I started slowly sliding my index finger in-and-out of my pussy while rubbing my clit with my thumb; always a sure fire way for me to get off. I lay back in the cushions behind me and watched Gary jack off.

He stopped for a second, reached in a drawer by the bed and pulled out a bottle of clear lotion, which he liberally applied to his cock and balls. He sat on the edge of the bed and started using both hands jacking himself; one hand jacking his pole and the other massaging his kiwi-sized balls. His beautiful blue eyes looked up at the camera and right into my eyes. It was as if he and I were masturbating together. I reached up and squeezed my right breast with my other hand. I pinched my nipple and moved my hand to my other breast.

“This is so hot! Ohhh…,” Annette said. I froze. I’d almost forgotten about her. I looked over. She was still looking at the video, but somehow she had removed her PJ bottoms and had two fingers inside her pussy sliding in-and-out. Her pussy was red and puffy and had almost no hair at all. She had those pretty butterfly lips open and covered with her cream. Between her breasts, a little sheen of sweat glistened in the lamplight.. She took her other hand off her nipples and put it in her mouth; getting it wet. She took the wet finger and put it on her clit; making little circles with it.

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