I turned my girlfriend into my slave


Zzzzzzzt…. Zzzzzzt…. Zzzzzt…
I lazily reached out and picked up the phone. It was my friend, Will.
“Hey listen, Mike, I need to tell you something urgently, can I come over?”
“Yeah, come round any time man, I’m home tonight”

I sat back and carelessly wondered what he wanted. Probably found another dirt cheap, amazing car that he just had to buy.
It doesn’t take long until I see headlights shining through the front window of my home and hear the door burst open. Will rushes in looking flustered.
“Woah, calm down, do you need a drink?”
“Look, you aren’t going to like this but you have to know. It’s Michelle, I just saw her with my neighbour”
Will lives in an city centre flat, so I get to hear all the nasty stories about his neighbour. There’s a reason he keeps earmuffs next to his bed. This doesn’t bode well for me, as Michelle is my girlfriend of nearly two years and everything had seemed to be going great.
Will pulls his phone out and begins tapping at the screen.
“When I saw them go into his flat, I crept out on the balcony and took this from outside. I’m so sorry.”

In the video, there’s Michelle. She’s on her knees in front of this guy, sucking his dick. She’s really going for it, right down her throat and back with saliva dripping off her chin and down into her cleavage in thick ropes. I stare at the video in disbelief as the guy starts to spasm, evidently ejaculating right into her mouth.
Will nervously stands up, apologising again and backing out of the room. He leaves quickly before I think of anything to say.
That night I go to bed early, sleeping a shallow, restless sleep and waking up covered in sweat with the sheets tangled all around me. But Porno hikayeleri I wake up with the beginnings of a plan in my head.

Fast forward one week and it’s our two year anniversary. I haven’t said anything to Michelle about what I know, but she’s been acting very nicely towards me recently, as though she’s feeling guilty about it. She’s coming over for a nice, romantic evening together. I live alone and she shares a rented house, so we always ended up here anyway. Tonight I need the privacy.
I wait for her to come over and as usual, she’s late. Eventually, I hear the door open and she strolls into my living room wearing a short, black dress and heeled shoes that are slightly too high for her. She’s 5′ 3″, so always tries to get that little extra height. The dress is hugging her body in all the right places and showing just the right amount of D-cup cleavage. She hands me a small package and presents it with a big kiss.
“Happy anniversary gorgeous!”
“Happy anniversary… Do you want to see your present?”
I’m worried that I’ve said this too quickly and sounded scripted, but she doesn’t notice and allows me to lead her upstairs.

On my bed is the latest and greatest home bondage kit, complete with a selection of dildos, butt plugs and lubricants. As we’ve never done anal before, I’ve carefully positioned the butt plugs where they’re least obvious.
I’m not sure how well this will go down with her, seeing as she’s never mentioned any fetishes to me, but just as the silence starts to stretch out, she turns, looks up at me and says with a mischievous look
“All this on the day that I forgot to wear underwear too… Should we try it out before dinner?”

I throw her Sex hikayeleri on to the bed, diving on top of her. I kiss her deeply as I unzip the dress, throwing it aside as quickly as possible. I take one nipple between my teeth and begin to suck as I tie first one wrist, then the other to the bedstead. She gives an exasperated moan as I sit back, but her eyes light up as she sees me grabbing one of the dildos and beginning to lube it up. I didn’t need to bother, her hairless little hole is already glistening with moisture. I work it into her, back and forth until it’s buried as deep as it can go. Then I turn on the vibration to the highest setting and watch the electrifying effect that it has. I tear off my own clothes and allow my dick to spring out, hard and ready. It wouldn’t win any records, but I think 8″ is just about enough and it’s certainly thick enough.
I crawl up the bed and position myself in front of her mouth, which she obediently opens and begins to suck. As she does so, I lean back for some handcuffs and secure each of her ankles to her wrists.
I can feel her beginning to buck underneath me, trying and failing to get the vibrating dildo further into herself. I decide to allow her to cum and reach behind me, pushing the thing right into her.
I go down the bed, where her pussy is exposed nicely with her being bent double in this position.
“Michelle… I want to try something new tonight”
“Mmmm… Anything!”
“I want to try anal.”
She stops, looking fearfully towards my rock hard member.
“I… I… Well… If it hurts, promise you’ll stop?”
“Of course I will!”
“Well, ok?”

I waste no time in covering my dick in lube and positioning myself. I push Sikiş hikayeleri forward and ease my way in, to a loud gasp from Michelle. I ignore it and push the rest of the way in. This causes a whimper from Michelle, who begins to give me a pleading look.
“Mike, it’s too much, you’ll have to stop!”
“Just give it a few moments to adjust, you’ll be fine”

I gently thrust in small motions until she emits a small squeak.
“Mike, no I can’t. Take it out!”
“Alright, listen to me you slut. I know you’ve been going around sucking dick and who knows what else behind my back, so if you ever want to see my again then this is going to happen and it’s the only place I’m going to fuck from now on until I say so!”

She’s shocked. Speechless. The only sound is the low humming of the dildo, still stuffed inside her.
“But Mike… I love you and…”
“So I’ll carry on then?”
“No! Please!”
“I either carry on and let you make up for what you’ve done, or I’m throwing you out like this and never seeing you again. What’s it to be?”

A tear runs down her pretty cheek as she nods and squeezes her eyes closed.
I continue to thrust, going faster and harder until she’s screaming out loud, but never once does she ask me to stop. I can feel the vibrations of the dildo inside her and it’s bringing me closer and closer to a climax, so I slow down a little. She looks relieved, not realising it was almost over. I hold off for another few minutes until I simply can’t contain myself and I explode inside her anus. I cum harder than I’ve ever cum before, the ejaculations coming in wave after wave. I’m paralysing for a few moments and my vision blurs, until reality snaps back into place. Without pulling out, I untie Michelle and give her a peck on the forehead.
I walk towards the bathroom to clean myself off and turn to her.
“Better put your dress back on whore, we’ve got dinner to go to still”

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