I spy


I was at Uni and the minute I saw Cindy across the room I knew she was the one. Dark hair, sweet smile, slim, attractive, I could go on. Two weeks later we went on a date. I was stoked. On our third date I put my arms around here and I touched her breasts. She slapped me, got out of my car and ran inside her house. I tried to patch things up but she ignored me. It took two months of apologies and grovelling before she would speak to me. “I am not a whore” she blurted out. I didn’t think she was but she made it quite clear that anything other than a goodnight kiss was off the table.

We got engaged and then married. We made love in a very conservative and standard way. Foreplay was me fondling her breasts and she stroking my cock. A couple of minutes and then missionary position. All this would take place in the bedroom only and with the light out. This continued for maybe two years. Actually sex had become spasmodic by then. Probably 3 times a week. Was I frustrated? Bloody oath I was. I am ashamed to admit it but I used to masturbate. I hadn’t done that since my high school days. I suggested counselling but Cindy didn’t see that anything was wrong.

I had a bugger of a day at work and got home to find Cindy happy and she hugged me. I was a bit surprised. She was working part-time as her hours had been cut some months before. She was angry but what could she do. She works 8am to noon. Money wasn’t a problem she just felt let down. But this night she seemed like nothing bothered her. She had cooked a lovely meal and when I sat on the couch she came and sat next to me and we kissed and cuddled. I didn’t know what triggered this transformation but I wasn’t going to complain.

She had a shower and came into the lounge “your turn” she said. I went, had a shower and put my PJs on. I walked back into the bedroom and Cindy was sitting on the edge of the bed naked. I was quite surprised. I was even more surprised when she pulled down my pants and began to stroke my cock. I had no idea what had gotten into her. Then she pulled me towards her and began to suck my cock. “Oh Cindy” I moaned “that feels so good”. Suddenly she stood up, kissed me and said “Fuck me Steven”. Seconds later I was on top of her, pounding away and she was moaning loudly. Not only that, the light was on. I was so glad I hadn’t wanked off in the shower.

Now I figured that our night of mad passion was a one off. But the same thing happened the next two nights. She even wanted me to go down on her. I was in heaven. Then Saturday afternoon she came on to me and this time wanted to be fucked doggy style. That was so “out there” compared to everything that had happened in our marriage so far. I smelled a rat. What was going on? I knew she didn’t drink or take drugs. I decided she must be Sex hikayeleri having an affair and her sudden sexual interest was some sort of guilt trip. If she made out with me she was saying sorry without actually saying it. I had to know. But I didn’t accuse her. I had to find out some other way.

The company I work for had installed a security system which allowed us to monitor the public area. We could view and hear what was going on. I decided that, to find out if my suspicions were correct, I could do the same at home and monitor the system at work via Wi-Fi. I contacted the firm that installed the company’s system and spoke to the agent, Simon. I explained I wanted the system to protect my home and it had to be portable. It cost a packet but I was determined to find out if something was going on. I got the system and kept it in my car. The following Saturday Cindy went shopping and I bought it inside and set it up in the bedroom. We had two suitcases on top of the wardroom and I hid it between them. Checking my laptop I adjusted it to focus on the bed. It was all set ready to trap Cindy and her lover.

At work on Monday I began my investigation. The signal from the camera went to my laptop at home and I was able to access my home laptop with my laptop at work. Monday nothing happened. I saw my wife a couple of times cleaning the bedroom but that was all. Sex that night was relatively subdued. On Tuesday she went into the bedroom at 2:30, undressed and had a shower. That was unusual. She came out of the bathroom wearing just a robe. It was almost an hour later she came back into the bedroom naked and carrying her robe. She went and had another shower. Then she dressed and left the bedroom. What was she doing naked? When I got home she was all smiles and hugged and kissed me. The sex that night was frantic. I deduced that the camera was in the wrong place. Whatever was happening was happening elsewhere. The same thing happened on Wednesday and Friday. I obviously had to change the camera position.

Saturday, with Cindy off shopping, I moved the camera into the lounge. We have a large display case in there with lots of bits and pieces in it. It was easy to hide the camera in amongst them. I checked the angle and made sure it concentrated on the couch as I figures if she was having sex with someone else it must be there. The weekend seemed to drag on. I was eager to get to work Monday and see what was going on. Monday arrived and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Cindy did her house work and nothing else. Again, sex that night was “normal”. On Tuesday my world came crashing down. I had suspected my wife was cheating on me but when I saw with whom I was totally shocked. I could not comprehend what I saw in my wildest dreams.

Cindy got home Sikiş hikayeleri at 1pm and straight away disappeared towards the bedroom. 15 minutes later she reappeared wearing her bathrobe and carrying a towel. She spread that on the floor in front of the couch. Very strange. About 10 minutes later the front door bell went. She went and came back with a woman I would learn was called Robin. Robin was occupied by a huge dog. When I say huge I mean HUGE. It disappeared out of view. Cindy and Robin hugged. I saw transfixed. Was my wife having an affair with this woman? “Are you ready?” asked Robin. “Always” my wife answered and she took off the robe and sat on the edge of the couch. She patted her crotch. The reaction blew my mind.

With Cindy sitting there patting her crotch the dog reappeared. “Good boy Tyson” my wife said and then squealed as the dog zeroed in on her crotch. “Oh God, that feels so good” she muttered. The same thing she would say when I licked her pussy. She spread her legs wider and began to moan. Robin sitting opposite was staring as was I. I wasn’t believing what I was seeing. My wife was engaging in oral sex with a dog. How could this happen? Cindy was fondling her breasts. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed. Then she squealed again. It was obvious that she had an orgasm. “Make me cum again you lovely beast” my wife wailed and about a minute later she did.

I sat at my desk gobsmacked. I was disgusted but to my shame I had an erection. My wife was being licked by a dog and I was getting turned on. But the show had only just started. After her second orgasm Cindy stood up and then turned and dropped to her knees in front of the couch with her body resting on it. She patted her bum and immediately this dog mounted her. Cindy squealed even louder as the dog began to hump her furiously. She yelped and moaned as he pounded her mercilessly. I sat open-mouthed as I watched the love of my life give herself to this animal. “Yes, give it to her Tyson” Robin yelled “you know she loves it boy”.

Now I had no idea about bestiality or the mechanics for a dog fucking a woman. But the feverish humping of that dog and the squeals and moans of my wife led me to believe that both were enjoying the experience. Obviously Robin was also enjoying it as she had begun rubbing herself as she watched her dog perform. Cindy made wailing noises and Tyson then stopped moving. But he was still on top of Cindy. “Yes good boy” shouted Robin “fill that bitch up with your juices”. I could only deduce that he was, in fact, cumming inside Cindy. For her part she was still moaning. It was several minutes before he climbed off her. My shoulders slumped. What a shock, but more was to come.

When Tyson withdrew I caught a glimpse of his cock. I Erotik hikaye gasped. It was must bigger than me. No wonder Cindy was squealing. I watched as she turned around, sitting on the floor with her back against the couch. “Come on boy” she said and within second Tyson had his front paws on the couch straddling Cindy who was now underneath him. I was in shock and horror she grabbed his still extended cock and began sucking it. Robin made moaning noises. Obviously masturbating had caused her to orgasm. Cindy was also masturbating as she licked and sucked the dog’s cock. The whole scene was both distressing and exciting. My cock was started to ache.

Cindy gave a muffled groan as she obviously orgasmed with her mouth full of dog cock. Tyson climbed down and Cindy stood up and disappeared, obviously to the bathroom. 10 minutes later she reappeared wearing her robe. She gave something to Robin, which I later found was money, and she left. Cindy again disappeared and returned 10 minutes later dressed normally. I could not help it. I rushed to the toilet and jerked off. I then sat at my desk trying to understand why my wife had felt it necessary to have sex with a dog. It was so not like her. My excitement was so not me.

I got home that night with mixed emotions. How could I look at Cindy in the same way? I walked into the house and she kissed passionately and cuddled me. I decided that after dinner I would question her. We sat in the lounge and then got up and retrieved the camera. “I saw you today” I said “I saw what you did with that dog”. Cindy looked shocked and then began to cry. “I am so sorry” she sobbed. Why?” was all I could muster. The story unfolded. She worked with Robin. There were stories going around about her and Cindy heard that she was into bestiality. Cindy had gone onto the internet and became obsessed with it. She struck up a friendship with Robin and it resulted in Cindy being “serviced” by Tyson. “Please don’t hate me” she sobbed “I am so evil”.

I looked at my wife and I barred up. I then admitted that after watching her with Tyson I had jerked off. She looked shocked. “You mean you were turned on?” she gasped. How could I lie? I had been. She hugged me again. “Steven, I will do anything darling. Just don’t leave me” she said. I had no intention of leaving her. But the “I will do anything” bit I concentrated on. “Cindy, from now on you can have your little trysts with Tyson but there will be things you can do for me. She stared at me. “Don’t worry honey” I said “you will enjoy our little games”.

So far I get a blowjob each day during her periods. We have had sex on a clothing optional beach, on a park bench midday Saturday and when we go out on Saturday nights underwear is banned. Yes, she is enjoying it. Oh yes, the camera went back in the display case and I get to watch her with Tyson. She knows I am watching and every now and then looks over and blows me a kiss. She is such a sexy bitch and I love her even more.

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