Hubby Leaves, She’s Forced


Goodbye dear see you in 10 days,” John Pruitt said to Lisa, his wife of 18 years, as he handed the skyhop his bags. Lisa, a 35 year old redhead who was still proud that she could always turn a head in a crowd, blew a kiss and watched her husband disappear in the hustle and bustle of the airport. Tammi, be good and dont give mom a hard time. Tammi was their 16 year old daughter, who just got her driver’s license and like any typical teen, was feeling her oats!

Lisa was dressed conservatively, a long black skirt, red satin blouse with a black scarf. She wore red hi heels, she loved the way they made her legs look, and her hair was pulled back in a bun. As she watched John leave, she quietly wondered to herself, what had gone wrong. She was a woman with an incredbibly high libido, and John was as well all through their courtship. With his new promotion at work, suddenly he didn’t have time to satisfy her needs, and although she would never dream of cheating she wanted, no, needed him to make her feel needed.

Lisa had been so engulfed in her thoughts she had no idea that she was even being watched. Tyric, the sky hop who had taken her husband’s bags had been eyeing her and salivating over her, then when Tammi blew the horn, he defiantly knew, this was the one. Lisa scampered back to the car, and Tyric quickly wrote down the license plate number for later. Lisa and Tammi, headed home and ultimately for 10 days that would change to course of their life.

Tyric, placed a call to his main man Butch who worked at the DMV. “Hey bro, what would you say, if I told you, a sweet as white woman and her hot teen daughter were going be alone for TEN DAYS, he emphasized the period of time,” Butch started laughing, “ what’s the catch he asked” “No catch, just need you to run this plate for me, and after work, Ill swing by pick you up and have some fun”

Tyric gave Butch the license plate, and instantly he had Lisa’s address 1309 Delaware Ave. Easy as that. “See you in two hours” Tyric said, as he hung up the phone. Just the thought of that hot red head got his blood stirring and his “cunt wrecker” as he called his 10 inch black cock started to stiffen. He always did have a thing for white women, especially redheaded ones, and this one was soon to be his.

At 630 Tyric was waiting for Butch as he exited the DMV. Butch had arranged for someone to cover his shift for tomorrow, meaning he would have 4 days off in a row. Tyric had already worked 7 straight and would be off for 4 as well. They drove across town, they knew the Delaware Ave area well. It was a very ritzy part of town, very uppity class people. They drove by the Pruitt house just about 7pm, was perfect, as it was winter, the sun was setting and darkness was setting in.

As luck would have it, Lisa’s house was at the end of a cul de sac, the back yard was surrounded by woods. The yards in this subdivision were huge, the homes according to the covenant couldn’t be closer than 75 feet from the property line, meaning 150 feet at least between homes. “Ready my brother,” Tyric said with an evil grin, “Always” said Butch, his grin revealed his two gold capped front teeth.

The men found the phone line and cut it, and were careful to stay in the shadows as they approached the patio door. Sikiş hikayeleri They pushed at the door, and it slid open, Tyric looked at Butch and they both shook their heads and snook in. They could hear Televisions upstairs, and the sound of a lady singing in the room to the left. It was Lisa, she was in the Den typing on the computer with headphones on, totally oblivious to what was about to happen.

Lisa was still on the computer when the men rushed her. Totally oblivious to what was going on, she was knocked out of the chair onto the floor. As she gained her bearings she saw for the first time these two huge black men. “OHhhh my gawwd, please, I don’t have money here, but I have silver, jewelry, collectables, take what you want.” Bruce smiled, those two huge gold teeth sparked in the room light, “Im looking at what Im gonna take bitch and if you dont cooperate we gonna hurt your pretty young daughter upstairs” with that he reached down and grabbed her blouse, with one savage tug, the $200 garment was reduced to a rag. Both men grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her feet.

“Be a good little slut, and we wont have to kill you” Tyric told her. Lisa’s mind began racing, oh my gawd, surely these beasts wouldn’t kill her. Butch walked around behind her and yanked off her skirt as well. Now she was standing there, black lace bra, matching lace thong, and stockings. “Ummmm you sure is a hot thang, take that bra off lemme see them jugs” Tyric said.

Knowing she had no choice, she complied, removing the bra, as she did her large mams dipped down slightly. She possessed long thick nipples on a smallish very pink aerola. Both men began mauling her tits, kneading them roughly and squishing the nipples between their fingers. Oddly enough they began to stiffen, was her libido letting her down. Lisa thought to herself, surely she cant be enjoying this.

The men began sucking on her neck, making sure to leave hickies and bite marks to mark their new territory. Lisa was now visibly shaking and wanting to be able to just die. Tyric whispered in her ear “I want you tell us how much you like black cock, and if you aren’t convincing and nasty, we will just slit your throat and go fuck your sweet young daughter.” Lisa looked at Butch and told him..”give me that big black cock….i love sucking black cock…..ive been black don’t wanta go back…fuck my face with that black fuck pole, and I want the other one buried in my asshole…I have never let my husband or anyone else fuck me there “(which wasn’t a lie, but she figured if she gave them everything she would spare Tammi).

Butch removed his pants, and Lisa’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.

In her whole life she had seen three cocks, her boyfriend in college, Tammi’s dad, and John’s. None could compare with the length or girth of this one, it looked like a mini arm. Butch held the 11 inch monster in his hands stroking it, this what you want white girl he asked. Oh yes, give it to me please, let me have that black fuck pole, stick it in my mouth she begged. Tyric ripped off her thong and tossed it over his shoulder, well bro give the whore what she wants, and he pushed her toward Butch, who caught her and forced her to her knees in one motion, SUCK IT, he shouted and not one to Sex hikaye need a second command she slurped on the huge almost purple head. “THAT aint no fucking blow job bitch suck it, stick it down your mouth like this, as he rammed have of the 11 inches into her throat, she gagged and gagged all air was cut off she tried breathing out of her nose, but in the panic couldn’t.

When he pulled it out he started stabbing her throat with rapid fire succession, she had saliva and drool coming out of her mouth, and her eyes were tearing.

For about five minutes this continued as she was just about to get used to it, she felt something she had never felt before. Tyric who had taken the time to go to the kitchen had smeared butter all over his fat cock, he had it wedged between her ass cheeks, and almost in unison was slapping her cheeks as Butch fucked her face. Then as both cheeks reddened, he put both hands on her shoulders, and without any remorse or concern, rammed the entire length of his cock up her virginal ass.

She tried to scream, this only enhanced Butch’s pleasure as her throat opened more, and he could feel the vibrations on his cock. Lisa could feel the tender flesh of her ass tearing and could even feel the blood from the torn tissues oozing down into her shitter. Tyric didn’t care, he never slowed down and fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked in her pussy. She felt Butch’s legs start to shake, and before she knew it, a river of black semen flooded her mouth. He pinched her nose and said if you want to breath you better swallow it all, and I mean all of it whore.

Meanwhile the anal assault continued, Tyric looked down, and laughed as he witnessed the mixture of shit and blood on his cock, “I got the slut’s ass cherry bro” with that he shot a load of cum up her as that burned so bad. The saline in his semen found its way into the tears of her flesh and burned like she had never felt before, even child birth wasn’t this hellish she recalled. He pulled his cock out with a loud, audible popping sound, and her asshole appeared to be breathing, almost as if it had been choked and was trying to get air. The once tight closed bud was now a gapping cave dripping with fluids.

Hoping her ordeal was over, with both men cumming, she relaxed mentally for half a second. The slapping of a cock to her face brought her back to her senses, it was Tryric, “Clean my cock whore” he was actually hard again, she had never been with a man who could got more than once in a hour, this black bastard just raped her ass and was already hard and wanted her to suck the cum, blood and shit off his cock. She shook her head, and Tyric slapped her in the face, “BITCH, you ever tell me no again, and the next blood you will suck off my cock is your daughter’s cherry” Oh my gawd her mind raced, and she made a huge “O” with her mouth and started sucking the cock that not five minutes ago had brought her so much agony in the ass.

“Yeah suck it, suck that shitty cock, you’re a real nasty bitch aint you , aint you bitch” “Yes Im a nasty slut, I love black cock up my ass and in my mouth, but you guys for got my cunt, fuck my cunt with those huge pussy wreckers you have” Butch looked at her asshole and told Tyric “damn Bro, you did some damage Erotik Hikaye here, don’t know if this hole will be any good any more” “Fuck it” Tyric said, “She loved it, wait til you fuck her with that telephone pole you have” Lisa was still sucking the cock when she felt a fullness in her pussy, she thought Butch had stuck his cock in, but noooo it was only a finger, omygawd she thought, if his finger is that big, whhhhhhhhhh , is all she could manage to think, because just then Butch had placed the head of his cock against her vulva and shove it in, “BRO, shes soaked, shes a nasty little whore alright, she is enjoying this”

The words rang in her ears, low and behold he was right, she WAS enjoying it, oh what a slut she must be, but anything to save her daughter, and put out that fire burning in her pussy through John’s neglect. Bored with her ability to suck cock, Tyric yanked his cock out, and watched Butch fucking her, he pushed her to her back and told Tyric to hold her legs high in the air. From this angle, he was able to get deeper inside, “Sweetie you husband must have the littlest cock in the world, cause Im plowing fields never touched before”

Lisa was now fucking him back wildly, and Tyric was laughing, “we got us a freak here” and he started raising her legs off the floor to meet Butch’s thrusts, driving him even deeper yet into her. Ohhhhmmmmmmmyyygawwddddddd im cummmmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnngg she yelled as both rapists erupted with laughter FUCK MY CUNT, GIVE IT TO ME..>FUCK ME…DEEPEER, HARDE, COME ON BLACK MOTHER FUCKER FUCK MEEEEE…………….sweat was dripping off Butch’s face and landing on Lisa’s.

She lapped at it eager to get any fluid she could. As his body tensed and she knew he was about to come, a chill ran down her spine, she was ovulating, as she tried to plead for him no to cum in her, Butch let out a primal yell and deposited what seemed like a gallon of black baby juice in her womb, and as soon as he pulled out, Tyric was in there, Lisa was beside her self now, mind flip flopping between the shear pleasure burning in her loins and the terror knowing she would wind up with a black baby. Butch having cum twice, was now semi limp, “you know what time it is know , bro”, as he presented his semi limp cock to Lisa, as she opened her mouth to suck it, he let out a strong stream of piss.

Before she could close her mouth, she had digested and swallowed a good deal of his piss, the rest wound up on her face and hair. Both men high fived each other and laughed as the slut tried to get the piss out of her mouth and eyes.

Tyric was a biter, he left bite marks and hickies all over her as he fucked her. His cock was shorter than Butch’s but fatter. After what seemed like an eternity, Tyric announced he was cumming and shot another load in her cunt. Lisa lay on the floor, emotionally and physically drained. Tyric looked at Butch and asked, you hungry Bro, to which Butch responded Hell yea. “Get up bitch and go cook us something to eat “ Tyric ordered as he kicked Lisa in the ass. Cum dripping from her ass and cunt, she walked with sea legs to the kitchen to prepare a meal for her new lovers.

After fixing dinner, Lisa was continually fucked back and forth between the two gigantic cocks. Her cunt was hot, wet and sore, but she begged for more all night long. She was now absolutely in heaven, they had made her a whore and there was nothing she wouldnt do to appease them, NOTHING, oh how she would learn this in the morning….

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